File Title
1 New computational approaches speed up the exploration of the universe
2 Powerful jets blowing material out of galaxy
3 No evidence of planetary influence on solar activity
4 Study reveals new insight into how cheetahs catch their prey
5 Engineers make golden breakthrough to improve electronic devices based on molybdenum disulfide
6 New recommendations for standardizing studies of thyroid hormone and disease from ATA taskforce
7 Interstellar winds buffeting our solar system have shifted direction
8 Coldest Brown Dwarfs Blur Lines between Stars and Planets
9 IBEX spacecraft measures changes in the direction of interstellar winds buffeting our solar system
10 Made-to-Order Materials
11 Eleven Spacecraft Show Interstellar Wind Changed Direction Over 40 Years
12 New Connection between Stacked Solar Cells Can Handle Energy of 70,000 Suns
13 Stanford Scientists Use DNA to Assemble a Transistor From Graphene
14 New model of Earth's interior reveals clues to hotspot volcanoes
15 Wide range of differences, mostly unseen, among humans
16 Beneath Earth's surface, scientists find long 'fingers' of heat
17 Scientists confirm existence of largest single volcano on earth
18 Researchers find new opportunites for waste heat
19 Using harsh verbal discipline with teens found to be harmful
20 Yelling doesn't help, may harm adolescents, Pitt-Led study finds
21 Canadian group gives guideline recommendations for lung cancer screening
22 Accelerated radiotherapy more efficient than current practice
23 Chemotherapy helps elderly patients with small cell lung cancer
24 New study informs blueberry flavor selection
25 Toward an early diagnostic tool for Alzheimer's disease
26 How vegetation competes for rainfall in dry regions
27 Researchers create tool to predict kidney failure or death after injury
28 Penn biologists show that generosity leads to evolutionary success
29 Mouse Groups Reveal Complex Relationships
30 Authentic brain waves improve driver security
31 Arresting model stops cars
32 Research findings point to new therapeutic approach for common cause of kidney failure
33 Study expands use of biomarker for early diagnosis of acute kidney injury
34 What is the brain telling us about the diagnoses of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder?
35 Sleep deprivation increases food purchasing the next day
36 Why Do Black Women Have A Higher Risk of Death from Heart Disease Than White Women?
37 Programmed cell death activates latent herpesviruses
38 Hydrolyzed or non-hydrolyzed collagen: which one is suitable for nerve cell culture?
39 Basic fibroblast growth factor protects injured spinal cord motor endplates
40 Pornography reinforces sexist attitudes among a subgroup of heterosexuals
41 Good asthma control during pregnancy is vital says new review
42 Bone growth factor may increase benign tumors but not malignant cancer
43 Case study reveals genetic discrimination in life insurance
44 The true raw material footprint of nations
45 Red cedar tree study shows that Clean Air Act is reducing pollution, improving forests
46 Exploitation of Indian workers on 457 visas
47 Recommendations for removing copyright hurdles to scientific research
48 Recommendations on how to move the naming of organisms from paper and on to the Internet
49 Tattoos reduce chances of getting a job, new research says
50 Degree is no protection against under-employment, research shows
51 Facebook Use By Organizations During Crises Helps Public Image, MU Study Finds
52 Study finds poor blacks likely to get worse nursing home care
53 Twitter and privacy: 1-in-5 tweets divulge user location
54 Ashtray availability, signage may determine success of smoke-free legislation
55 Keep stricter audit committee standards flexible, argues new study from the University of Toronto.
56 Training the older brain in 3-D: Video game enhances cognitive control
57 Young adults on the autism spectrum face tough prospects for jobs and independent living
58 Space around others perceived just as our own
59 Inner-ear disorders may cause hyperactivity
60 Dishonest deeds lead to 'cheater's high,' as long as no one gets hurt, study finds
61 People who lie while texting take longer to respond
62 Social media + behavior psychology leads to HIV testing, better health behaviors
63 Hibernating lemurs hint at the secrets of sleep
64 Bizarre alignment of planetary nebulae
65 New groundbreaking research may expose new aspects of the universe
66 A Danish experiment suggests unexpected magic by cosmic rays in cloud formation
67 Terramechanics research aims to keep Mars rovers rolling
68 SwRI study suggests debris flows on frozen arctic sand dunes are similar to dark dune spot-seepage flows on Mars
69 NASA launches spacecraft to study Moon atmosphere
70 Moon landing mission to use "secret weapons"
71 NASA Prepares for First Virginia Coast Launch to Moon
72 NASA Selects Launch Services Contract for OSIRIS-REx Mission
73 Environmental Controls Move Beyond Earth
74 Bad night's sleep? The moon could be to blame
75 Moon Base and Beyond
76 First-ever lunar south pole mission could be attempted by 2016
77 NASA spacecraft to study Moon's atmosphere
78 Japan's robo-astronaut takes 'one small step...'
79 Brain interface allows researcher to control another's hand movements
80 Computer scientists envision computer chip working like a human brain
81 Proposed Russian spacecraft to have a modern convenience--a toilet
82 NASA Tests Limits of 3-D Printing with Powerful Rocket Engine Check
83 Japan suspends satellite rocket launch at last minute
84 NASA Partner Completes Second Dream Chaser Captive-Carry Test
85 Flights of Fancy
86 Japan space agency unveils new rocket Epsilon
87 Scientists track a change in the weather--cosmic weather, that is
88 Milky Way Gas Cloud Causes Multiple Images of Distant Quasar
89 Newly found pulsar helps astronomers explore Milky Way's mysterious core
90 Astronomers find 'failed stars' no hotter than a home oven
91 MOND predicts dwarf galaxy feature prior to observations
92 Starbirth Surprisingly Energetic: ALMA observations give new insights into protostars
93 A brighter method for measuring the surface gravity of distant stars
94 New theory points to 'zombie vortices' as key step in star formation
95 Observations tie colliding neutron stars to 'kilonova' phenomenon
96 When galaxies switch off
97 Shedding New Light on the Brightest Objects in the Universe
98 SpaceShipTwo commercial space liner breaks sound barrier in test
99 Space to become tourist destination in the future
100 Black-hole-hunting spacecraft bags its first catch
101 Why super massive black holes consume less material than expected
102 Cosmic turbulences result in star and black hole formation
103 Major construction at N. Korea's rocket test site: website
104 US nuclear missile unit deemed 'unsatisfactory'
105 Northrop Grumman Supports Propulsion System Rocket Engine Test
106 Israel deploys Iron Dome defense system: Netanyahu
107 Modernized Patriot system aces PAC-3 test
108 US missile shield safeguards not enough for compromise
109 Rafael gears up for Israel's new defense era
110 Russian cosmonaut set for space station mission resigns
111 Russian cosmonauts to start searching for bacterium corroding ISS body
112 Tiniest autopilot unit created for small micro aerial vehicles
113 Israel says missile tested in joint exercise with US
114 Why Earth's greatest mass extinction was the making of modern mammals
115 Study offers insight into the origin of the genetic code
116 The 'genetics of sand' may shed new light on evolutionary process over millions of years
117 Reconstructed proteins give clues to first life on Earth--or Mars
118 Natural affinities may have set stage for life to ignite
119 A completely new atomic crystal dynamic of the white pigment titanium dioxide discovered
120 New superheavy elements can be uniquely identified
121 World's First Full Color 3D Desktop Printer Destined For High Schools
122 Computer Simulations Indicate Calcium Carbonate Has a Dense Liquid Phase
123 Existence of new element confirmed
124 New low-temperature chemical reaction explained
125 Control scheme dynamically maintains unstable quantum system
126 Quantum teleportation: Transfer of flying quantum bits at the touch of a button