File Title
1 Cool brown dwarfs test stellar definition
2 'Unpacking' enzyme lets boys be boys
3 Monster volcano discovered under Pacific Ocean
4 NASA's LADEE Moon probe ready for lift-off
5 Water voles 'decline by a fifth'
6 Silver trumps gold in nano advance
7 Volcanic sleeping giant opens North Korean co-operation
8 Art made from what?
9 Syria crisis: Russia and US no closer
10 US employment rises again in August
11 Last Hitler bodyguard Rochus Misch dies
12 Iran foreign minister Zarif tweets happy Jewish new year
13 Ohio man confesses to drink-driving death in online video
14 Viewpoint: The invisible plague of concussion
15 Will China ever be a wine superpower?
16 English wine: Is sparkling wine better in England than France?
17 Why the snobbery over corks?
18 Brunello di Montalcino: How a Tuscan wine kept growing
19 Weird things people are asked to do in interviews
20 Benedict Cumberbatch: Assange 'won't like' Fifth Estate
21 Remote control helicopter kills teenager in NYC park
22 Beijing says 400 million Chinese cannot speak Mandarin
23 Diana film slammed by British press
24 US drone 'kills Haqqani commander Sangeen Zadran'
25 Syria crisis: US orders non-emergency personnel out of Lebanon
26 Zimbabwe elephants poisoned by poachers in Hwange
27 Snowden leaks: US and UK 'crack online encryption'
28 Investors see bargains in Brazil, Russia, India, China
29 The downside of being nice at work
30 Poems offer glimpse into dementia patients' inner lives
31 Cyber-thieves blamed for leap in Tor dark net use
32 Boat's voyage a shining example of solar potential
33 CERN staff 'accelerate' arrival of baby Lorenzo
34 Star Trek fan Anthony Alleyne jailed for child porn offences
35 Lung diseases cause one in 10 deaths across Europe
36 Inner ear disorders 'linked to hyperactivity '
37 Our misguided perception of risk
38 Outside mentoring support for science faculty at minority-serving institutions pays off
39 Northeastern US forests transformed by human activity over 400 years
40 IRB and PharmaMar invent a method to reproduce marine substances of pharmacological interest
41 Knowing exposure risks important to saving structures from wildfires
42 Almost 20% of grain in China lost or wasted from field to fork
43 Sharing the risks/costs of biomass crops
44 Juniper essential oil characteristics determined
45 More land needs protection to satisfy treaties, study shows
46 UN: Rising reuse of wastewater in forecast but world lacks data on 'massive potential resource'
47 Clues in coral bleaching mystery
48 Certification of aquaculture: 1 of the strategies to sustainable seafood production
49 Protecting 17% of Earth's land could save two-thirds of plant species
50 Risk to consumers from fungal toxins in shellfish should be monitored
51 Global warming has increased risk of record heat, say Stanford scientists
52 Report reveals missed opportunities to save water and energy
53 Is that a testes or an iridescent stripe? A female squid's male-like true colors
54 400-year study finds Northeast forests resilient, changing
55 Female tiger sharks migrate from Northwestern to Main Hawaiian Islands during fall pupping season
56 Overgrazing turning parts of Mongolian Steppe into desert
57 Researchers determine digestibility of blood products as feed in weanling pigs
58 Deep-ocean carbon sinks
59 UCSB researcher explores relationship between landscape simplification and insecticide use
60 UF: Newly discovered tiger shark migration pattern might explain attacks near Hawaii
61 Education protects women from the obesity associated with urban living
62 Hidden shell middens reveal ancient human presence in Bolivian Amazon
63 Evidence of Production of Luxury Textiles and Extraction of Copper from Unknown Part of Cypriote Bronze Age City
64 Language and tool-making skills evolved at same time
65 360 million year old fossilised scorpion
66 Proof of Solomon's Mines Found in Israel
67 Researchers discover rare fossil ape cranium in China
68 Indiana Jones meets George Jetson
69 Pacific flights create most amount of ozone
70 West Antarctica ice sheet existed 20 million years earlier than previously thought
71 Cheaper Chinese solar panels are not due to low-cost labor
72 Biodiversity where you least expect it: A new beetle species from a busy megacity
73 Relocation, relocation
74 New technique to assess the cost of major flood damage to be unveiled at international conference
75 Blue-green algae a 5-tool player in converting waste to fuel
76 Pico-world of molecular bioscavengers, mops and sponges being designed
77 University of Tennessee professor and student develop device to detect biodiesel contamination
78 Using digital SLRs to measure the height of Northern Lights
79 Disease-causing genes spread easily in emerging lethal fungus infection
80 Body's 'safety procedure' could explain autoimmune disease
81 Cell death protein could offer new anti-inflammatory drug target
82 Smoking + asthma + pregnant = a dangerous combination
83 Drug resistance-associated genes: A cornerstone for the control and protection against tuberculosis
84 Neuronal-like cell differentiation of non-adherent BMSCs
85 Peering into genetic defects, CU scientists discover a new metabolic disease
86 LSUHSC researchers develop new system to better study behavior, cell function
87 Molecular beacons light path to cardiac muscle repair
88 1 baby in every 46 born with a congenital anomaly says new report
89 Static killers?
90 ISFM takes a stand on welfare of unowned cats
91 Research yields first detailed view of morphing Parkinson's protein
92 Growing thin films of germanium
93 Mother chimps crucial for offspring's social skills
94 Drug patch treatment sees new breakthrough
95 Biology texts geared toward pre-med students, analysis finds
96 Clinical tool accurately classifies benign and malignant spots on lung scans of smokers
97 Study: Simian foamy viruses readily occur between humans and macaques in urban Bangladesh
98 Researchers study survival in African American versus Caucasian lung cancer patients
99 Wetlands could be key in revitalizing acid streams, UT Arlington researchers say
100 Pest-eating birds mean money for coffee growers, Stanford biologists find
101 Scientific reproducibility is hampered by a lack of specificity of the material resources
102 Human gut microbes alter mouse metabolism, depending on diet
103 Job dissatisfaction encourages workers to choose temping
104 Young adults with autism found to have difficulty transitioning into employment
105 Religious leaders can be key to biological diversity
106 Sudoku saves photographers from copyright theft
107 What are the risks of student cyberbullying?
108 Health information laws can be coordinated with health system delivery improvements under EPSDT