File Title
1 How snakes move on a plane
2 Fossil find solves Australian marine mystery
3 T cell discovery tops Eureka Prize list
4 'Uncrackable' codes set for step up
5 African fish is fastest-maturing vertebrate
6 New timeline for origin of ancient Egypt
7 Radiation levels hit new high near Fukushima water tanks
8 Soil samples show Richard III suffered from roundworm
9 Sleep 'boosts brain cell numbers'
10 MS damage repair treatment looked at by Edinburgh researchers
11 Multiple sclerosis patients are missing out on drugs
12 Schools' tricks to inflate science grades revealed
13 Labs to start Syria chemical weapons analysis
14 'Brain window' implant devised
15 Salamander threatened by skin-eating fungus
16 Mammals harbour 'at least 320,000 new viruses'
17 Second badger cull 'has begun in Gloucestershire'
18 Glasgow University team aims to help develop 'formula milk' for pandas
19 Peat bogs and fenlands 'hugely important' in conflicts
20 Snakehead fish: Can invasive species be eaten out of existence?
21 Bloodhound Diary: Talking big engines
22 Syria crisis: How could US target chemical weapons?
23 Who, what, why: How does a skyscraper melt a car?
24 The great Cold War potato beetle battle
25 European rhinoceros beetle found in Worcestershire garden
26 Fukushima leaks: Japan pledges $470m for 'ice wall'
27 Study reveals 'true' material cost of development say researchers
28 Tiny Gardiner's frog listens with its mouth
29 Fukushima nuclear plant still 'unstable,' regulator says
30 Badger cull: Environment secretary reports pleasure at progress
31 The perfect trip: Norway
32 Syria crisis: US Senate panel backs use of force
33 Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro found hanged in cell
34 German president visits France WWII massacre site
35 Chinese official Yu Qiyi 'drowned by investigators'
36 Power cut leaves most of Venezuela without electricity
37 How bad is it to be caught playing games on your phone in a meeting?
38 Six ways the president will try to convince Congress
39 News from Elsewhere: Russia: Gas debts douse eternal flame [et al.]
40 Amazon Matchbook offer bundles print and ebooks
41 Xbox One console release date set by Microsoft
42 Germany may charge 30 Auschwitz Nazi guards
43 Samsung unveils Galaxy Gear smartwatch accessory
44 Syria crisis: Obama says world's credibility on the line
45 Does milk settle an upset stomach?
46 Boston: The start-up revolution reviving its tech cred
47 China eye-gouge case: Boy's late aunt named as suspect
48 Sony launches lens accessories and Z1 handset at Ifa
49 Android KitKat unveiled in Google surprise move
50 Panasonic bows out of Japanese smartphone market
51 Ministry of Sound sues Spotify
52 Parliamentary porn consumption laid bare in official figures
53 Microsoft to buy Nokia's mobile phone unit
54 Promoted tweet used to complain about British Airways
55 Transformed Kodak emerges from bankruptcy
56 Mobile phone network launched by remote town
57 Bangalore: India's IT hub readies for the digital future
58 Jonathon Fletcher: forgotten father of the search engine
59 Nokia and Microsoft--winners and losers
60 Laser-guided surgery finds brain cancer's boundary
61 Graphic images 'don't deter young smokers'
62 Ten-fold rise in new cases of malaria in Chad
63 Gambian women fleeing female genital mutilation threat
64 South Africa grapples with dilemma of pregnant students
65 Nurses warned about nail extensions
66 Blueberries, not fruit juice, cut type-2 diabetes risk
67 Chile's judges apologise for their actions after coup
68 NATO general John Lorimer says Afghan forces effective
69 Who, What, Why: Can a prison cell be suicide-proof?
70 Santiago's red light jugglers
71 Viewpoint: After Gillard, is gender an Australian election issue?
72 Fort Hood gunman Nidal Hasan is forcibly shaven
73 The British WWI prisoner of war who returned to captivity
74 Warmer nights mean less carbon uptake
75 Iron molecule helps chemists imitate nature
76 Mystery of the 'butterfly' nebulae alignment
77 Understanding trypophobia: Why some people fear holes
78 Google argues for right to continue scanning Gmail
79 Study: Video games sharpen seniors' multi-tasking, memory skills
80 Morning Rounds: Lowering your odds of dying from heart disease, stroke
81 Google argues for right to continue scanning Gmail
82 FTC settles complaint over hacked security cameras
83 Samsung unveils Galaxy Note III, Note tablet, Galaxy Gear smartwatch
84 Hidden similarity found between bats and dolphins
85 Tsunami would swamp California's economy, report says
86 Yahoo unveils new logo
87 Promiscuous birds produce genetically stronger offspring, study shows
88 Deep-sea squids' tentacle tips swim on their own
89 Apple schedules media event for September 11 in China
90 For birds, looks just ain't enough
91 Xbox One hits stores on November 22
92 Hunchback King Richard III infected with worms
93 Can the Nokia deal save Microsoft?
94 Katie Beers' kidnapper found dead in jail cell
95 Putin calls Kerry a liar on Syria
96 Obama, Putin in battle over purported Syria chemical weapons evidence at G-20 summit in Russia
97 Ariel Castro: Inmate suicide expert says "It was only a matter of time"
98 Texas Guard refuses to process same-sex benefits
99 Senate committee approves military action in Syria
100 Putin: Russia might let U.N. OK strike against Syria
101 Stumbles and discord greet Obama at G-20 summit
102 Google Chrome browser turns 5
103 Morning Rounds: Lowering your odds of dying from heart disease, stroke
104 Half of those with high blood pressure don't realize it, study says
105 8 N.H. patients told surgical equipment may have exposed them to brain disease
106 New U.S. drug survey: Marijuana and heroin increasing
107 Shouting at teenagers may make their behavior worse
108 CDC: 200,000 heart disease deaths could be prevented each year
109 Fla. congressman hears it from constituents about Syria
110 Making a push to get people to join "Obamacare"
111 NYC concert deaths put spotlight on new drug "molly"
112 Navy medic shot in Afghanistan becomes U.S. Open ball boy
113 Sandusky prosecutors: Penn State put school's prestige above abuse
114 Neighbors react to death of Ariel Castro
115 Officials at troubled VA hospitals received big bonuses
116 Egypt interior minister Mohammed Ibrahim survives apparent assassination attempt
117 A Rich Retirement: Are you saving enough?
118 Student charged in fatal Texas high school stabbing
119 Katie Beers: Kidnapping allowed me to escape abuse
120 Man videotapes neighbor's barking dog for 45 minutes
121 Colts cut rookie who told police "You can't arrest me, I'm a Colts player"
122 Judge blocks bid to force Amish girl to have chemo
123 Ariel Castro found hanging in prison cell by a bedsheet
124 Okla. gov. signs order for Cherokee girl's dad
125 China mogul's villa in the clouds coming down
126 New non-surgical procedure "Zeutering" offers alternative to neutering for dogs
127 Medical marijuana looks to 'color inside the lines'
128 New flu shot broadens protection against four strains of virus
129 Even brief bouts of exercise can prevent weight gain, researchers show
130 Study: Older women living longer but gap between rich, poor countries growing