File Title
1 iPad illustration app Procreate gets canvas recording with 'Full HD' video playback in update
2 Apple patents 3D gesture UI for iOS based on proximity sensor input
3 Survey finds China's 'sweet spot' for Apple 'iPhone 5C' priced at $486
4 Waze realtime incident reports now appear in Google Maps for Apple's iOS
5 Logitech debuts Ultrathin Keyboard Folio, Folio Cover for Apple's iPad mini
6 TiVo's new Roamio DVRs stream content directly to Apple's iPhones, iPads
7 Shift in Chinese color preference occurring as Apple readies new gold option for 'iPhone 5S'
8 Apple's iTunes Radio attracts ads from major brands like McDonald's, Nissan & Pepsi
9 Institutional ownership of AAPL stock dropped 4% in Q2 2013
10 Apple's iPad suffers drastic decline in share of Chinese tablet market while cheap competitors grow
11 YouTube for iOS gets multitasking, Radical. FM takes on Pandora with pay-what-you-can model
12 OtterBox secures $2M court victory over counterfeiters
13 Apple's Logic Pro X updated with bug fixes and stability improvements
14 Apple's Dev Center outage attributed to remote code execution issue
15 Vevo reportedly inks music video content deals with Apple and Samsung, Apple TV app could launch this week
16 Apple's 'iPhone 5S' and 'iPhone 5C' to launch in Japan on Sept. 20
17 Apple launches iTunes Festival channel for Apple TV alongside refreshed iOS app
18 First 7 'Steve JobsSchools' open in Netherlands, tout education through iPad
19 Popularity of Apple's iPhone provides a financial lift for China Telecom
20 Microsoft now giving away Surface RT tablets to boost Bing use in schools
21 Plastic shell purportedly for Apple's 'iPhone 5C' shines in durability test
22 UBS sees 'iPhone 5C' becoming big in China, boosts AAPL target to $560
23 Ten One Design's new Magnus stand provides minimalist support for Apple's iPad mini
24 Three Apple patents being reexamined by USPTO on anonymous requests
25 Apple appears to have hired Levi Strauss senior VP for unknown retail position
26 Google Play gaming revenue moves ahead of Sony and Nintendo portables, still trails Apple
27 Apple seeds OS X 10.9 Mavericks Developer Preview 6 to developers
28 Doctor completes liver surgery with aid of iPad augmented reality app
29 Photos claim to show purported gold 'iPhone 5S' next to iPhone 5
30 Apple looks to patent iPhone status sharing system similar to instant messaging apps
31 Multiple iCloud services down, iMessage and Photo Stream among affected
32 Apple CEO Tim Cook profiled as a 'methodical, no-nonsense' leader who isn't afraid to make tough decisions
33 Iowa high school equips students with 1,425 MacBook Airs in $1.4 million initiative
34 Apple negotiating directly with content providers for new TV product--report
35 Kindle Fire sales continue at Amazon as hype builds for Apple's next iPads
36 Update to Apple's Find My iPhone has flat icon, breaks functionality
37 Haswell-based MacBook Pros expected to ship in September--report
38 Carl Icahn and Apple CEO Tim Cook to discuss buyback proposal over dinner in Sept.
39 Apple's Embark acquisition could bring transit information to Apple Maps
40 Apple trimming iMac inventory ahead of Haswell models while resellers cut prices
41 Pandora to lift monthly free listening limit ahead of Apple's launch of iTunes Radio
42 Court denies Verizon, Ford participation in Apple v. Motorola appeals
43 Apple's iWork for beta now available to all users
44 Judge denies Samsung a retrial over contentious Apple 'rubber-banding' patent
45 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer calls it quits, to retire within a year
46 Rumor: Apple's 'iPhone 5S,' '5C' to see Chinese release Nov. 28
47 DOJ claims Apple's changes to in-app purchase rules were aimed at Amazon
48 Apple, Samsung do not have to publicly disclose profits, court rules
49 Photo claims to show dozens of 'iPhone 5C 'units passing through QA testing
50 Apple's polycarbonate iPhone 5C casing is very durable
51 Apple's iTunes Radio to debut in September with McDonald's, Nissan, P&G, Pepsi sponsorships
52 iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iOS 7 could help Apple win back smartphone market share
53 Steve Jobs as entertainment
54 Ames High School in Iowa equips students with 1,425 11-inch MacBook Air units
55 Apple finalizing lease for newest retail store in Paris
56 Microsoft now dumping non-selling Surface RT tablets into schools
57 At Apple, CEO Tim Cook leads a quiet cultural revolution
58 Beleaguered Nokia to launch large-screen phablet smartphone next month, sources say
59 Photos show purported champagne gold 'iPhone 5S' between black and white iPhone 5 units (with photos)
60 Why Microsoft's Skype still can't compete with Apple's iMessage
61 Brain drain: Does Apple have an employee morale problem?
62 Apple patent application reveals revolutionary flex material for MacBooks and beyond
63 Apple, closer to its vision for a TV set, wants ESPN, HBO, Viacom, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and others to come along
64 Apple hires Levi Strauss senior VP for U.S. retail job as search for chief continues
65 Some Apple services down, affecting less than 1% of customers
66 Nasdaq trading halted due to 'technical issue'
67 Android phones 3 times more likely than Apple iPhones to have been bought at discount store
68 Apple's iPad still number 1 in China unit share, but its lead is shrinking
69 Morgan Stanley, UBS estimates concur: Apple's iPhone 5C to be priced at $399
70 Palestine High School in Texas puts 850 iPads and iPad minis into students hands
71 Selling your old iPhone? Do it now
72 Full Nasdaq trading resumes; Icahn to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook in September
73 Samsung: The surprise leader in design patents
74 Apple may work with China Mobile; iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C to launch in China on November 28
75 Apple buys public transit mapping company Embark
76 Apple releases updated 'Find My iPhone' app with iOS 7 icons
77 Carl Icahn to dine, discuss buybacks with Apple CEO Cook in September
78 Nasdaq outage resembles political hacker attacks
79 iPhone dominates Android in smartphone loyalty
80 German government: Windows 8 contains U.S. NSA snooping back doors; too dangerous to use
81 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire within 12 months as BoD initiates succession process
82 Apple has mojo, Google does not
83 Microsoft stock surges on Ballmer retirement news
84 Apple's iWork for beta now available to all users
85 The Apple Maps fiasco paved the way for Jony Ive's iOS 7
86 Judge Lucy Koh denies Samsung motions to delay Apple's November retrial on damages
87 Haswell-powered MacBook Pros reportedly to ship in September
88 Apple had better hurry, because...
89 Alleged Apple retail packaging leak confirms iPhone 5S name and 128GB model
90 Citing Steve Jobs email, U.S. DOJ claims Apple changed in-app purchase rules to retaliate against Amazon
91 Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's $16 billion albatross
92 3 Apple surprises you'll see before year's end
93 Marissa Mayer's Yahoo passed Google in U.S. Web visitors in July
94 How Apple could lead the next big tech trend: Security as a service
95 Apple changes iTunes App Store rankings algorithm
96 The star of Apple's new--and old--iPhones and iPads: Jony Ive's iOS 7
97 Leak reveals Apple's iPhone 5S to come in three colors, iPhone 5C to offer five choices (with photos)
98 A tale of two Steves: Apple's Jobs vs. Microsoft's Ballmer
99 Apple battles U.S. government over scope of e-books injunction
100 Implanted defibrillators precision-guided in children with heart disease
101 Researchers support disclosure of results of Alzheimer's test study results to participants; suggest guidance and counseling
102 Investigators discover new gene-expression mechanism--a minor thing of major importance
103 Outbreak in Panama brought Latin America's first human cases of eastern equine encephalitis
104 Surprise finding may change how virulent, painful infections are viewed
105 Some primates protected from Ebola, even after disease symptoms appear
106 New findings from South Africa lead researchers to call for worldwide recording of smoking in death registries
107 'Diabetes dogs' can alert owners to sugar levels
108 Diet drug controversy as US approves meds rejected by Europe
109 Personality affects fertility rates, study shows
110 Immune response to stress 'has effect on mood'
111 DNA from our mothers 'influences aging process'
112 Cost effective prison education programs
113 Patterns of genetic diversity portray secrets of tuberculosis' success
114 Model reveals specific risk factors associated with heart attack
115 Generic and therapeutic drug substitutions can help lower Medicare costs
116 In young African-American women, vigorous physical activity linked to lower incidence of obesity
117 Scientists describe genesis, evolution of H7N9 influenza virus
118 Researchers discover new way to improve internal clock function, put sleep disorders to bed
119 A step toward better targets for anxiety treatments
120 New interaction discovered between bitter and sweet in fruit flies has implications for control of insects that spread disease
121 Red meat may raise Alzheimer's risk
122 Why BMI is inaccurate and misleading
123 Brain scans to diagnose bipolar disorder
124 Female smokers at higher risk for hemorrhagic stroke
125 Scientists uncover secrets of sleep effect on tasks