File Title
1 Researchers grow teeth from urine
2 Flat landers get NASA's tick of approval
3 Artificial human ear grown in lab
4 Early female bonds boost male birds' mating success
5 Stimulating environment 'boosts brainpower' of fish
6 'Licence to trash' offsetting scheme set back until Autumn
7 Pill linked to long life in mice
8 Egypt's cabinet orders police to end pro-Morsi sit-ins
9 US economic growth at 1.7% in second quarter
10 US man 'abandoned' in US jail gets $4m in compensation
11 Wikileaks source Manning faces sentencing hearing
12 Snowden's father says FBI asked him to visit his son
13 The village where half the population are sex offenders
14 The decline of privacy in open-plan offices
15 Neolithic 'halls of the dead' found in Herefordshire
16 Samsung denies Galaxy S4 is designed to trick tests
17 Zynga sues sex app maker over Bang With Friends name
18 Anglesey Show visit for Prince William after son's birth
19 Soldier deaths: Third SAS training reservist dies
20 JK Rowling law firm pays damages over pseudonym leak
21 Facebook share price passes $38 flotation level
22 Skip the hotel, stay in a horse
23 Helping the deaf to 'see' and 'feel' sound
24 Zynga sues sex app maker over Bang With Friends name
25 Microsoft reveals Surface tablet sales figures
26 HTC warns of first ever operating loss
27 UK completes 4G airwave clearance for mobile networks
28 Honduras declares state of emergency over dengue fever
29 Right-to-die campaigners Nicklinson and Lamb lose battle
30 Feed Finder app rates places to breastfeed
31 China issues heat alert as 'hottest July' hits Shanghai
32 Showdown over NASA funding likely
33 NASA turns 55: An Ars Technica tribute to space flight
34 Runaway Greenhouse More Likely to Occur on Earth than Previously Believed
35 Will Earth's Ocean Boil Away?
36 When would global warming destroy life on Earth? Study hazards a guess.
37 The ultra-violent origins of monogamy
38 Monogamy May Have Evolved to Prevent Infanticide
39 Studies offer insight into evolution of monogamy in mammals
40 New Image of Two of Saturn's Moons a Reminder of Their Differences
41 NASA X-ray spots amazing exoplanet eclipse
42 Researchers hope to tag 20 sharks off Cape Cod
43 Shark attacks are uncommon but not unheard of
44 Oregon Zoo Polar Bears Help Climate Change Researchers
45 Lakeland man shot viral video of stuck Sea World whale
46 SeaWorld responds to viral video showing pilot whale out of water
47 Increase in Black Bear Sightings in Florida Panhandle
48 Black bear sightings increase in Florida Panhandle
49 More than 1,400 cities could be underwater by century's end, according to climate-change model
50 Study: Sea-level rise threatens 1,400 U.S. cities
51 Scientists Discover Connecticut-Sized Dead Zone Smaller Than Expected
52 NOAA-supported scientists find large Gulf dead zone, but smaller than predicted
53 Gulf Dead Zone Of 2013 Is Smaller Than Predicted, But Still Nearly Size Of Connecticut
54 Giant honey mushroom? It weighs 33 pounds
55 Giant mushroom found in China (+video)
56 Michigan delays sale of wolf hunting licenses to prepare for huge demand
57 State needs more money to attack Emerald Ash Borer
58 Speed limit set for ultrafast electrical switch
59 New Fastest-Possible Electrical Switch Could Herald Speedy Computing Devices
60 Speedy Magnetite Switch Makes Blink of an Eye Seem Poky
61 NOAA's National Weather Service more than doubles computing capacity
62 MASTER GARDENER: Controlling Japanese beetles
63 Food-conditioned bear killed in Glacier Park
64 3 in 4 New Moms Try Breastfeeding
65 Breast-Feeding Rates Continue to Rise, CDC Says
66 Bagged salad possible cause of cyclospora outbreak; illness may last weeks
67 Bagged salad eyed as source of cyclospora outbreak
68 Q&A: Some cases of stomach bug outbreak linked to pre-packaged salad mix. Are you at risk?
69 Salad pegged in Iowa, Neb. cyclospora outbreak
70 Review explores HPV link to esophageal cancer
71 HPV tied to higher esophageal cancer risk
72 'Top' hospitals aren't always tops, new report finds
73 For surgery, big and famous hospitals aren't always the best
74 More people using prescription narcotics for back pain, study finds
75 Back pain: Doctors increasingly ignore clinical guidelines
76 Excessive use of cellphone may cause cancer: Study
77 West Nile, EEE viruses show up in Amherst and Northampton: people over 50 and under 15 at highest risk
78 Mosquitoes with EEE found in Amherst
79 Peanut allergy kills teen despite epinephrine injections
80 Food Allergies 101: Peanuts, EpiPens, and Medical Emergencies
81 Years of caution about peanut allergy fails to save teen who died at Camp Sacramento
82 Girl, 13, dies from severe allergic reaction at Calif. camp
83 PBS' Powerful Assisted Living Expose
84 Life and Death in Assisted Living, Part 1: "The Emerald City"
85 Life and Death in Assisted Living, Part 2: "They're Not Treating Mom Well"
86 Dad Dies After Drinking Poison in Assisted Living
87 Human urine stem cells used to grow teeth
88 Severe Hypoglycemia Ups Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes
89 Oh baby! Mother gives birth to 13-pound girl in Germany
90 Jasleen the giant baby: Mother gives birth to a girl weighing 13lb4oz WITHOUT a C-section
91 House Passes Bill Promoting Schools to Carry Anti-Allergy Drugs
92 Arkansas girl battles brain-eating amoeba
93 Health officials: Girl likely got "brain-eating" amoeba from water park
94 Girl sickened after lake swim: What is a brain-eating amoeba?
95 Puppy Born Without Ability to Stand Or Walk Continues To Amaze
96 Many Low-Income Moms Struggle to Afford Diapers: Study
97 Diaper crisis among poor families endangers children, study finds
98 No Money for Diapers Means Fewer Changes
99 LUNGevity Applauds US Preventive Services Task Force for Lung Cancer Screening Recommendation
100 Megha Garg: Overdiagnosis poses risks
101 High-risk smokers advised to get imaging scans for lung cancer
102 Specialist Pay Based on Inflated AMA Numbers, Wash Post Says
103 When doctors set their own pay: Our view
104 AIDS/HIV Fast Facts
105 Sex And The Cardiac Patient Should Not Be A Taboo Subject
106 Docs Should Counsel Heart Attack Survivors on Resuming Sex, Experts Say
107 Final Moments of Incan Child Mummies' Lives Revealed
108 33 Pounds! Mother of All Mushrooms Discovered
109 Man Kills and Eats Rare Six-Legged Octopus
110 Be Mine! Why Monogamy Evolved in Mammals
111 Sex After a Heart Attack? Here's How and When
112 Einstein's Cosmic Speed Limit Still Reigns, for Now
113 New Dwarf Lemur Species Found
114 Breast-Feeding Brings Cognitive Benefits, Study Suggests
115 Storms Aplenty, But Hurricanes Rare in Hawaii
116 Giant Panda Cub Celebrates 1st Birthday
117 Nearly 100 Animals Rescued from Squalor at Rural Homestead (Op-Ed)
118 Have We Learned the Lessons from Deepwater Horizon? (Op-Ed)
119 HFCs? Curbing Them Is Key to Climate-Change Strategy (Op-Ed)
120 Do Indoor Plants Really Clean the Air?
121 What Is Pink Noise?
122 Employers Taking Fewer Chances On Young Workers
123 How Gay Marriage Ruling Affects Businesses
124 Toddler Tech: How Young Is Too Young For a Smartphone?
125 Favorite Tastes Change with Age, Rat Study Shows
126 Artificial Ear Grown on Rat's Back
127 Not Too Bright: Dashboard Lights Baffle Drivers
128 'Highway from Hell' Fed Deadly Volcano
129 Long Before Birds, Dinosaur Brains Wired for Flight
130 Geysers on Icy Saturn Moon Enceladus Tied to Orbit
131 Eating Fish During Pregnancy Not Linked to Autism
132 Owl Hoots Hush the Song of a Thrush
133 Tiny Wandering Spider Discovered in Laos