File Title
1 'Comet of the Century' may fizzle out
2 'Infanticide breeds monogamy' in primates
3 Precious helium is 'just being let go'
4 Warm weather sees boom in UK jellyfish blooms
5 Inca mummies: Child sacrifice victims fed drugs and alcohol
6 BBC tops list of 10 best science news websites
7 Horse chestnut leaf damage 'not linked' to canker risk
8 Happiness index shows 'small improvement' in 2013, ONS says
9 Bird hunters 'emptying Afghan skies'
10 The Alaskan village set to disappear under water in a decade
11 New teeth grown from urine--study
12 Yellowstone wolves spur recovery of bears' berries
13 A wild world off California's coast
14 Ousted Egypt leader Morsi in good health, says EU's Ashton
15 Military judge set to rule in Bradley Manning case
16 Israeli-Palestinian peace talks: Obama meets negotiators
17 Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe vows to step down if defeated
18 Pakistan jailbreak: Taliban free 248 in Dera Ismail Khan
19 News from Elsewhere: Cayman Islanders urged to eat venomous fish invader [et al.]
20 End of the road for Jeepneys in the Philippines?
21 Robin Williams to star in new US sitcom
22 'Telangana will help improve our lives'
23 India coalition approves new state of Telangana
24 'Hacker heroin frame plot' foiled by security blogger
25 How the ouija board really moves
26 Smart Water: Tech guarding our most precious resource
27 Tax evasion charge for Bayern Munich chief Uli Hoeness
28 Classic aircraft: Five golden rules for enduring design
29 Spain train driver 'on phone' at time of deadly crash
30 Bradley Manning guilty of espionage in Wikileaks case
31 Irish abortion bill becomes law
32 Thousands of abusive electronic message cases reach court
33 Targeted real-life adverts 'know who you are'
34 Asda removes Nintendo's Wii U from stores
35 UK 'losing fight' against internet crime, warn MPs
36 Blu-ray successor plan unveiled by Sony and Panasonic
37 Jurors jailed for contempt of court over internet use
38 Apple faces new China worker abuse claims
39 Regulator to investigate sale of online dating profiles
40 Funny business: Why humour on the job matters
41 A smart strategy borrowed from the Chinese
42 How revealing should your work clothing really be?
43 Living with OCD
44 Chipotle's Twitter Account Was Hacked...By Chipotle
45 Rosalind Franklin: Google Doodle Features Heroine of DNA Discovery
46 Legally Blind Man, 97, Makes Digital Masterpieces with Microsoft Paint
47 App of the Week: Runkeeper
48 Ahead of Obama's Visit, Amazon Announces 7,000 New Jobs
49 Supertoy Teddy: The Teddy Ruxpin for the Smartphone and Siri Generation
50 Google Chromecast Review: $35 Puts Internet Video on Your TV
51 New iPhone Rumors Point to a Fingerprint Reader, Plastic 'iPhone 5C' Model
52 Prison, Lashes for Liberal Saudi Web Forum Founder
53 Sprint Feels Pain of Nextel Close, Widens 2Q Loss
54 MIT Review: School Didn't Target Aaron Swartz
55 Plague-Infected Squirrel Closes California Campground
56 Rare Italian-born Baby Zonkey in Good Health
57 Neuroscientist Charged with Homicide in Wife's Cyanide Death
58 Aaron Hernandez's Own Cameras Capture Him With 'Gun' Minutes After Shooting
59 George Zimmerman Juror Says 'In Our Hearts, We Felt He Was Guilty'
60 Panel Backs Lung Cancer Screening for Smokers
61 Hospital Closures Stress Health System
62 Hold the Cow: Test Tube Burger Coming Soon
63 Breastfed Babies Are Smarter, Study finds
64 Court Strikes Down NYC's Big-Soda Ban
65 Chipotle Goes Vegan
66 FDA Slaps 'Black Box' Warning on Malaria Drug Linked to Killings
67 Polish Face Transplant Patient Goes Home
68 Device Uses Handwriting to Detect Neurological Disorders
69 Arctic Methane Claims Questioned
70 ROV Finishes First Leg of Expedition Off East Coast
71 What the Heck Is...Heat Stroke?
72 Understanding the Power of Omega-3s (Op-Ed)
73 Harnessing Dog Lovers: Crowdfunding Helping Canine Science
74 Cutting Costs by Cleaning Air (Op-Ed)
75 Conservation 3.0: Protecting Life on a Changing Planet (Op-Ed)
76 Nanoscale Sensor Probes Cell's Pulse
77 Moods and Booze: Alcohol's Effects Different in Men and Women
78 Are Generic Drugs as Good as Brand-Name Drugs?
79 Earthquakes Burp Up Methane Bubbles
80 Blood Cancer Lymphoma More Common Near Factories
81 Incredible Technology: How to Explore the Microscopic World
82 5 Surprising Things About Sunscreen
83 Diabetes Drug May Increase Life Span
84 Hawaii Ocean Debris Could Fill 18-Wheeler
85 13.5 Pound Baby Born in Germany: Do Large Newborns Face Risks?
86 Scientists to Discuss Universe's Strange Dense Spot Wednesday: Watch Live
87 How Giant Black Holes Spin: New Twist Revealed
88 Wobbly, Sunlike Star Being Pulled by Giant Alien Planet
89 NYC Soda Ban Struck Down Again
90 Smaller-Than-Expected Gulf Dead Zone Is Still Massive
91 Photons May Emit Faster-Than-Light Particles, Physicists Suggest
92 UK forensic science slammed by inquiry
93 Mystery of Earth's radiation belts solved
94 Asymmetrical glycans synthesized in lab
95 Gastric bypass makes gut burn sugar faster
96 Pharma industry moves towards greater openness
97 US panel calls for ambitious X-ray laser
98 Europe launches massive laser communications satellite
99 Women are more vulnerable to infections
100 Pilot projects bury carbon dioxide in basalt
101 Quantum boost for artificial intelligence
102 Conviction upheld for Turkish scientist opposing headscarves
103 Incan child mummies show evidence of sacrificial rituals
104 China needs workers more than academics
105 Cabinet reshuffle shakes up Canadian science
106 Europe launches massive laser communications satellite
107 Senate bill would boost NIH budget to $31 billion in 2014
108 Europe's politicians vote to resuscitate carbon market
109 Self-confessed liar publishes more dubious stem-cell work
110 Genome assembly contest prompts soul-searching
111 New record: 66 journals banned for boosting impact factor with self-citations
112 'Dieting monkeys live longer'
113 Monsanto drops bid to have GM crops approved in Europe
114 Cassini probe captures view of Earth from Saturn
115 Efforts to predict the near-term climate are taking off, but their record so far has been patchy
116 N/A
117 Stem cells reprogrammed using chemicals alone
118 Antibiotic resistance: The last resort
119 Conflicting studies rekindle monogamy debate
120 Labs vie for X-ray source
121 Big Bang light reveals minimum lifetime of photons
122 Microbiome research goes without a home
123 Europe's politicians vote to resuscitate carbon market