File Title
1 Excavations Uncover Earliest Middle Paleolithic Stone Tools in India
2 Phnomenal archaeology
3 Ancient Jewish tombstones found in Vienna
4 Inscriptions found in Shanghai pre-date 'oldest Chinese language by 1,400 years'
5 2,000-Year Old Pyramid and Multiple Pre-Columbian Burial Sites Found in Veracruz, Mexico
6 Drunken thugs attack ancient Donegal fort--defecate in holy well
7 Remains of pony found at historic theatre site
8 Excavations at Yoros Castle to move to military zone
9 Roman mosaics discovered in Amasya
10 Unique medieval harness found at Cork castle
11 Vampire graveyard found in Poland?
12 Cuba Cataloging Its Pre-Columbian Archaeological Sites, Over 3,000 Identified
13 Found after 10,000 years: the world's first calendar
14 Ancient Graves, Pyramid Ruins Found in Mexico
15 Experts row over 'earliest' Chinese inscriptions find at the Zhuangqiaofen archaeological site
16 Romanian mum 'destroyed' stolen Picasso, Monet paintings valued at over $130 million
17 Israel Antiquities Authority: King David's Palace was uncovered in the Judean Shephelah
18 Once taboo Japanese erotic prints exhibited at Sotheby's Hong Kong Gallery
19 Fire ravages Paris mansion once home to Voltaire; Murals, paintings and frescoes succumbed to the flames
20 Archaeologists find remains of sacrificed woman in Peruvian ruins
21 Rare Artifact Found on San Clemente Island
22 3100 Year Old City Could Date Back to David and Solomon
23 Polish archaeologists discovered an intact pre-Inca tomb in Peru
24 Ice Age Figurine's Head Found: Archaeologists Put New and Old Finds Together to Reassemble Ancient Work of Art
25 Discovery of stone monument at El Peru-Waka' adds new chapter to ancient Maya history
26 Archeologists dig up King David's palace
27 6,000-year-old decorative wood carving unearthed on Welsh mountainside
28 Mummy Teeth Tell of Ancient Egypt's Drought
29 Stone Monument Adds Chapter of Maya History
30 Gold Coins from Sunken 1715 Spanish Galleon Found at Ocean's Bottom near Florida
31 D-REAMS can shed new light on the distant past
32 When Lettuce Was a Sacred Sex Symbol
33 One More Homo Species? 3D-Comparative Analysis Confirms Status of Homo Floresiensis as Fossil Human Species
34 Manure used by Europe's first farmers 8,000 years ago
35 Researchers Find Early Foraging Societies Were Not Warlike
36 Rare two faced 3000 year old bronze head dup up in China
37 Hemerdon tungsten mine: Bronze Age axe and pottery found
38 Corinium's dead--Excavating Cirencester's Tetbury Road Roman cemetery
39 Fossilized Elephant Tusk Found on Seafloor
40 Israeli archaeologists say they have discovered King David's palace, drawing skepticism
41 History in the making: a Roman map...and an 18th-century hoax
42 Mammoth ivory figurine's head found in cave
43 Shipwreck excavation begins
44 Church in St.'bark--possible burial place of the knights of Grunwald
45 GOOD NEWS: Archaeological excavations reveal ancient Trans-Pecos life
46 Evidence of Pre-Pottery Neolithic in Saudi Arabia
47 Archaeologists Uncover Classical Temple on Northwestern Fringe of Roman Empire
48 Hellenic mosaic discovered in massive Italian find
49 Ancient coffin found near Richard III site to be opened
50 German Subs: Sunken WWI U-Boats a Bonanza for Historians
51 Fourth pillar revealed at Sagalassos old city
52 Cradle of Humankind Brings Early Human Fossils Closer to Home
53 Polish archaeologists return to Bornholm
54 Archaeological experts uncover Roman temple
55 Viking Jewelry Unearthed in Denmark
56 Oldest European fort in the inland US discovered in Appalachians
57 Oldest European fort in inland USA discovered in Great Smoky Mountains, 450 YEARS after it was destroyed by Native American tribesmen
58 Remains of Duck-Billed Dinosaur Found in Coahuila, Mexico, Lived 72 Million Years Ago
59 Archaeologists Continue Searching for "First Humans" in Europe at Atapuerca Site in Spain
60 Archaeologists uncover English ship remains in Md. (Photos)
61 Artifact Trove on Deepest Shipwreck Explored off U.S.
62 Archaeological finds reveal prehistoric civilization along Silk Road
63 Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Roman Capital in Macedonia
64 Ancient Technology for Metal Coatings 2,000 Years Ago Can't Be Matched Even Today
65 Archaeologists dig up backyard of living museum at Hull House
66 In Easton, archaeologists hope to uncover earliest free African-American settlement
67 Medieval Mansion Found at U.K. Construction Site
68 Replica of 10,000 year old mesolithic dwelling built by UCD experimental archaeologists on campus
69 Western Australia's archaeology beneath the waves
70 Study features practical solution for MRI-ultrasound fusion to enable tumor-targeted, tissue-preserving prostate HIFU treatment
71 Studies show Rosehip powder can reduce arthritis inflammation and pain and help protect the joints of active people
72 Injectafer receives US FDA approval for the treatment of Iron Deficiency Anaemia
73 Researchers reveal monoclonal antibody effective against norovirus
74 Enzyme in airway lining cells could hold key for asthma sufferers
75 Children with cancer receiving home care at greater risk for central line infections
76 Study finds druggable target for pulmonary hypertension
77 Potential cause of Parkinson's disease discovered that points to a new therapeutic strategy
78 Potential for new, less invasive ways to detect and treat bladder cancer
79 Modern dentistry may benefit from discovery of an evolutionary compromise for long tooth preservation
80 Now proof of minor added benefit from Fidaxomicin in severe cases or recurrences of C. difficile infections
81 Easy and accurate identification of the Black Death
82 Importers to audit food safety, says FDA
83 Doctors say HPV vaccine is safe and "grossly underutilized"
84 'Motion sensor' may aid autism diagnosis and treatment
85 People likely to safeguard common goods when they trust in leaders, have a sense of belonging
86 Clues to Dravet syndrome's origins and possible treatment offered by technique called "epilepsy in a dish"
87 In China over 90% of dementia cases go undetected
88 Accidental ingestion of liquid medications by young children may be reduced by flow restrictors
89 45% of older adults suffer delirium in recovery room after surgery
90 Ventilation in OR may be affected by patient warming systems, with possible impact on infection risk
91 Study Clarifies Surgical Options for Kidney Cancer
92 The Holy Grail in label-free cancer marker detection: Single molecules
93 Improving drug acceptance and compliance in pediatric populations
94 'Shocking bullying culture' at UK health regulator
95 Criminal psychopaths flip a switch to 'turn on' empathy
96 Drinking coffee linked to lower suicide risk in adults
97 How Botox works could reveal diabetes secrets
98 The taller the woman, the higher her cancer risk
99 New mosquito patch in fight against malaria and West Nile virus
100 Common blood pressure drugs may slow dementia decline
101 Eat breakfast to improve your heart health
102 Virus discovery: 'blast' mechanism used to infect host
103 Future blindness cure? Stem cell success in lab
104 Hope that nerve damage in MS could be repaired
105 More harm than good from red grape antioxidant
106 Could your 3D printer make you ill?
107 Cure For Gray Hair And Vitiligo Found
108 Anti-Cancer Drug Reverses Alzheimer's Disease In Mice
109 Emergency Visits Due To Ambien Skyrocket
110 Eyeball Licking (Oculolinctus) Can Be Dangerous, Doctors Warn
111 Can Oral Sex Cause Throat Cancer?
112 Possibility Of First Head Transplant Fraught With Ethical And Medical Dilemmas
113 Omega 3 fish oils linked to prostate cancer risk
114 US life expectancy varies from state to state
115 Two-Year-Old Girl Born Without A Windpipe Receives Artificial Trachea Grown From Stem Cells
116 Lifestyle Changes Reduce Risk Of Prostate Cancer
117 Bee Venom Destroys HIV And Spares Surrounding Cells
118 Bras Make Breasts Sag, 15-Year Study Concludes
119 Modern Diet Is Rotting Our Teeth
120 Surgeons Save Teen's Sight Using Pioneering Laser Surgery
121 Vision-Related Diseases Costing $139 Billion Each Year
122 First Drug To Help Melanoma Of The Eye
123 Visual Test Associated With High IQ
124 New Layer In Human Eye Discovered
125 24 Genes Responsible For Short-Sightedness Identified
126 Near Vision Restored By Wearing Contact Lens Overnight
127 AMD Blindness May Be Avoidable With Anti-Cholesterol Drugs
128 State Battles Federal Government for Independence in Medical Marijuana Case
129 MS Treatment That Resets Immune System Shows Promise In Safety Trial
130 Salt May Play Role In Autoimmune Disease
131 Excellent Results For MS Drug "Plegridy"
132 Pomegranate, Green Tea, Turmeric And Broccoli May Help Fight Prostate Cancer
133 Soy And Tomato Combination May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer
134 Men With Enlarged Prostate Get Symptom Relief From Minimally-Invasive Shrinking Treatment
135 Calcium Supplements Lead To Heart Disease
136 Study Assesses Outcomes Of Prostate-Specific Antigen Screening Among Older Men
137 Pesticide Exposure Tied To Parkinson's Risk
138 A Staggering 6 Out Of Every 10 People On Earth Still Lack Access To Flush Toilets, Adequate Sanitation
139 Much Of American Meat Contaminated With Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
140 Antibiotic Resistance Can Be Starved Out Of Bacteria
141 Nearly 6,000 Dead Pigs Removed From Huangpu River, China
142 Vampire Treatment For Baldness
143 Alzheimer's May Protect From Cancer And Vice Versa
144 Being Mentally Active Helps Preserve Memory
145 Dementia patients in Scotland share their homes with robots
146 Mediterranean Diet Helps Preserve Memory And Thinking Abilities
147 Aging Brains May Benefit More From Mediterranean Than Low Fat Diet
148 How Does Alzheimer's Disease Develop? New Pathway Found
149 Alzheimer's Amyloid Plaque Removal May Be Aided By Vitamin D And Omega 3
150 General Anesthesia Raises Dementia Risk Among Elderly Patients
151 Late Bedtimes Linked To Weight Gain In Healthy People
152 Sleep May Play Important Role in Heart Health
153 Sleep Could Be Key To Preventing Type 2 Diabetes
154 Light From Electronic Devices Prevents Proper Night's Sleep
155 Healthy Sleep, Healthy Diet: Sleep Pattern Linked To Variety Of Food Intake
156 Sleep Problems Double Men's Risk Of Prostate Cancer
157 HPV linked to a third of throat cancers
158 Researchers Create Inner Ear Using Stem Cells
159 Frequent Heartburn Increases Risk Of Throat Cancer By 78%
160 New Mechanism Of Inner-Ear Repair Discovered
161 Acupuncture Relieves Hay Fever Symptoms
162 Type 2 Diabetes Patients Benefit From Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplants
163 Patient Presumed Dead Wakes Up Moments Before Organ Donation Surgery
164 Human Liver Kept Alive Outside A Human Being--World First
165 Breakthrough prostate cancer treatment
166 Deaths From Prostate Cancer Lower Among Statin Users
167 Vegetable Fats Reduce Prostate Cancer Death Risk
168 Virus That Kills Prostate Cancer Cells Shows Treatment Potential
169 Protein Rejuvenates Hearts In Mice
170 Greek Coffee Could Be Key To Long Life
171 Red Wine Pill Could Lead The Way For Anti-Aging Process
172 Scientists develop safe and easy way to make stem cells
173 Stroke Patients Show Signs Of Recovery Following Stem Cell Trial
174 Scientists Grow Teeth From Gum Cells
175 Broken Bones Mended With Stem Cells And Plastic
176 Stem Cells Harvested From Human Gut For First Time
177 Two Men HIV-Free After Bone Marrow Transplants
178 Experimental drug tackles both HIV and genital herpes
179 Natural Antiviral Protein Stops HIV, Deadly Viruses Entering Cells
180 Researchers A Step Closer To Making HIV Vaccine
181 Anti-Cancer Effects Found In Women Taking Every-Other-Day Aspirin
182 Only 25% Of Sunscreens Offer Strong Protection
183 Melanoma Detected In Skin Odor
184 Daily Sunscreen Use Prevents Skin Aging
185 Melanoma Succumbs To Natural Plant Substance Gossypin In Lab Tests
186 Virus-Based Melanoma Drug Shows Promise In Trial
187 Skin Cancer: One Tumor Surprisingly More Deadly Than Multiple Melanomas
188 Drinking water boosts your brain's reaction time
189 Rare amnesia made American man speak Swedish
190 Brain Stimulation Can Boost Math Skills
191 Clenching Your Fist Can Improve Your Memory
192 Potential Lyme Disease Vaccine Shows Promise
193 Music Benefits Both Mental And Physical Health
194 A New Vaccine To Protect Against Multiple Strains of H7N9 Bird Flu Virus
195 High Vitamin D Helps Healthy People Stay That Way
196 Cardiovascular Genetic Research Reveals Why Not Everyone Benefits From Aspirin
197 Doctors Increasingly Unclog Heart Arteries Via The Wrist
198 Food Supplement CoQ10 Cuts Death Rates Among Heart Failure Patients
199 Walking Reduces Heart Risk As Much As Running
200 Eating Foods With Nicotine Could Help Prevent Parkinson's Disease
201 Drug Compound Attacks Parkinson's Disease On Two Fronts
202 Fruit And Veg "5 A Day" Advice Backed By New Findings
203 Norovirus Dies Rapidly On Copper Surfaces
204 Good Bacteria To Treat Drug Resistant Infections
205 Nanosponge Mops Up MRSA Toxin In Bloodstream
206 Visit gym or take a pill? Drug mimics exercise
207 Walnuts And Walnut Oil Benefit Heart Health Beyond Lowering Cholesterol
208 Nanokicking Stem Cells Offers Cheaper And Easier Way To Grow New Bone
209 Human Cloning Produces Embryonic Stem Cells
210 Beetroot Juice Can Help Lower Blood Pressure
211 Eat More Nuts To Cut Risk Of Cancer And Heart Disease
212 12 Minutes Of Exercise A Week Could Be Enough To Stay Fit
213 Only 20% Of U.S. Adults Get Enough Exercise
214 Artificial Sweeteners Affect Metabolism And Insulin Levels
215 How Safe Is Splenda (Sucralose)?
216 Energy Drinks' Health Hazards For Adolescents