File Title
1 Apple toying with larger iPhone screen and 13" iPad--report
2 Researcher admits to hacking Apple's developer site, says he meant no 'harm or damage'
3 Canary motion detector uses iPhone for affordable home security
4 Apple iOS 6 Maps vs. Google Maps 2.0 for iOS: labels & local search
5 iPhone 5 accounts for half of Apple's smartphone sales, iPhone 4S takes 30%
6 Sony sounds call for pro audio editors with SpectraLayers Pro 2
7 After acquisition by Apple, HopStop drops support for Windows Phone
8 Samsung launches its own "WWDC" as an alternative to Google IO
9 Apple's iOS maintains dominance over Android with 63% mobile browsing share
10 AT&T expands Mobile Share plans, adds 2GB for $50
11 US Mac sales down 5% year over year in Apple's June quarter, NPD says
12 Federal court to hear Apple and Google cross-appeal on Sept. 11
13 Delays reportedly push 'iPhone 5S' launch to late Sept.; 'iPhone Lite,' 'iPad 5' & Haswell Macs expected earlier
14 SF DA initially pleased in antitheft testing of Apple's iOS 7 Activation Lock, Samsung's LoJack
15 Apple's iTunes Store racks up 1B podcast subscriptions
16 Apple refunds $6,131 iTunes bill for 8-year-old's unauthorized in-app purchases
17 Apple's dual-sensor imaging patent promises higher quality iPhone pictures
18 Apple patent lets iPhone users share photos, music with on hold callers
19 Apple reportedly drops LCD supplier AUO for second-gen iPad mini, may turn to Samsung
20 'iPhone Lite' on track for early Sept., but 'iPhone 5S' production more challenging
21 New low-cost iPad mini expected to debut alongside Retina model in 2014
22 Haswell-powered iMacs could hit in late Aug., followed by new MacBook Pros in mid-Sept.
23 Earnings preview: Modest expectations for Apple's June 2013 quarter
24 Apple's iPad holds on to massive tablet usage lead, now at 84%
25 Opera says iPad takes 91% of tablet ads, iPhone ad share leads all Android phones
26 Apple's reports earnings of $6.9 billion on sales of 31.2M iPhones, 14.6M iPads, 3.8M Macs
27 Notes of interest from Apple's Q3 2013 conference call
28 iPhone 5 'by far the most popular iPhone,' Apple says
29 Strong sales of MacBook Airs with all-day battery life give Apple its best launch yet
30 AT&T activates at least 3.7M iPhones in Q2, more than half of 6.8M total smartphone sales
31 80% of reduced iPad shipments attributable to channel inventory decline
32 Apple's iTunes brings in $3.9B in Q3, up 25% from 2012
33 Cook cool on China troubles: still 'a huge opportunity for Apple'
34 Apple's iPhone cements its position as the 'smartphone of choice for business'
35 Sprint's Wireless CapTel app brings caption calling to iPhones and iPads
36 iPhone named 'Most Social Device,' leads mobile and desktop in Web content sharing
37 Wall Street encouraged by Apple's strong iPhone sales & positive guidance, still awaiting new products
38 New video again shows off supposed plastic Apple iPhone case
39 EA making more money through Apple's iOS App Store than its own Origin service
40 Google refreshes Nexus 7 with twice iPad mini's pixel count, for $100 less
41 FTC, Google finalize antitrust settlement over Motorola's standard-essential patents
42 Google to take on Apple TV with $35 Chromecast streaming device for iOS & Android
43 Rumor: Apple to drop iPhone 5 in favor of 'iPhone 5S' and 'iPhone lite'
44 Google Drive iOS app updated with clickable Web links, new spreadsheet functions
45 Apple issues developer site status update via Dev Portal homepage, launches system status tool
46 Google likely to miss with next-gen Nexus 7, may set new Android standard with 'Moto X'
47 Why Tim Cook described Apple's iOS in the Car strategy as 'very important'
48 Apple invention uses location, usage patterns to save iPhone battery life
49 Apple spent $16 billion last quarter to repurchase 36 million shares
50 Apple warns Chinese customers to stick with official chargers
51 Djay 2 launches for iPad, Nike+ Running gains fitness challenges
52 Still struggling, BlackBerry lays off 250 more employees
53 Verizon asks Obama to intervene in Apple v. Samsung case, prevent impending iPhone ban
54 Apple releases Logic Pro X 10.0.1 with fixes for Track Stacks, 24-bit audio files
55 Penguin appeases EU regulators by ditching e-book deal with Apple
56 First malware in the wild found exploiting Bluebox's Android app signing flaw
57 Yahoo's updated Fantasy Sports app brings mobile drafting to iOS
58 Apple repeats as Harris Poll's 'Brand of the Year' in three categories
59 Phishing scam takes advantage of Apple Dev Center downtime
60 IDC: iPhone shipment growth slows as smartphone market expansion accelerates in Q2
61 Google's Chromecast is a Roku alternative, not a cheaper Apple TV AirPlay option
62 Why Apple is revving iOS in the Car for an aggressive 2014 launch
63 Rumor: Apple to ship Haswell-powered Retina MacBook Pros in October
64 Supposed 'iPhone Lite' shows up with FCC & other legal notices in new picture
65 LA public schools to deploy 31K Apple iPads this year, supply all 640K students in 2014
66 US government proposes new rules for transparency in app data collection
67 Apple assembling speech recognition tech team in Boston to improve Siri
68 Apple taps academics to advise Supplier Responsibility program
69 Apple's Dev Center back online after 8-day downtime
70 Apple claims Motorola discriminated on tech licensing, charged 12 times going rate
71 Briefly: Apple CFO Oppenheimer nets $16.4M in stock selloff
72 Deals: Best Buy knocks $200 off all Retina MacBook Pros; others discount by up to $900
73 Editorial: Why iOS in the Car is a very big deal for Apple
74 Made in America: Behind Apple and other U.S. companies' sudden patriotism
75 Electronic Arts' biggest games seller is now Apple
76 MacBook shipments to hit 4 million in September quarter, sources say
77 Market saturation is not the reason behind Apple's iPad sales blip
78 Apple investors banking on new products this autumn
79 Google unveils updated tiny screen 'Nexus 7' tablet, iOS-compatible 'Chromecast' Web TV device
80 QuarkXPress 10 to gain Xenon graphics engine, Retina display support, revised user interface
81 Apple to discontinue iPhone 5 with launch of iPhone 5S and low-cost polycarbonate models, report claims
82 Six years later, how Apple keeps the iPhone revolution rolling
83 U.S. House rejects effort to curb NSA surveillance powers, 205-217
84 Analyst: Apple about to get Steve Jobs' ghost out of the boardroom or something
85 Why Tim Cook described Apple's iOS in the Car strategy as 'very important'
86 Apple's biggest acquisition
87 Apple patent application reveals methods of forming 3D structures with Liquidmetal
88 Verizon calls on Obama to veto coming iPhone ban by U.S. ITC
89 Using Apple's Mac mini as your Media Center
90 How Apple will reinvent TV while Google plays catch-up
91 U.S.A. v. Apple: Cupertino could get smacked with $500 million bill in ebook case
92 Ars Technica reviews Belkin's $299 Thunderbolt Express Dock: Works well, costs lots
93 Apple's iPhone activation servers experiencing extended outage
94 Beleaguered BlackBerry lays off 250 employees in wake of poor earnings
95 First malware found in wild that exploits Android app signing flaw
96 Analyst: iPhone 5S 'could be first iPhone launch that doesn't generate lines on launch day'
97 Apple warns Chinese customers to stick with official iOS device chargers
98 Amazon misses, slips back into the red with $7 million Q2 loss
99 Is iTunes becoming more important for Apple than China?
100 Microsoft drove the bus off the cliff, now it tries to speed up
101 Apple wins Brand of the Year in three Harris Poll EquiTrend categories
102 Google's updated Nexus 7 fails to attract iPad owners
103 Obama administration demands Web firms turn over user account passwords
104 OS X Mavericks Preview: Safari Power Saver cuts Adobe Flash off at the knees
105 Apple to ship Haswell-powered MacBook Pro with Retina display in October, sources say
106 The irrelevance of beleaguered Microsoft
107 The details about the huge 640,000 iPad rollout in Los Angeles schools
108 Why Apple is planning aggressive 2014 launch for 'iOS in the Car'
109 Apple CEO Cook may not subscribe to 'peak smartphone' theory, but Citi analysts sure do
110 Purported low-cost iPhone image appears with FCC certification on polycarbonate case
111 The mounting disappointments of Google's Chromecast
112 Don't expect the sale on Apple shares to last forever
113 Laurene Powell Jobs backs media site startup; may contribute content
114 Samsung overtakes Apple as world's most profitable phone maker
115 Apple's 'Find My iPhone' app catches would-be rapist in less than an hour
116 Apple holds Beer Bash as iPhone market share shrinks to three-year low, company loses worldwide phone profit crown to Samsung
117 The Apple double-standard
118 Apple says Motorola demanded more than 12 times the rate it charged others for the same patents
119 Samsung knocks Apple off the handset profit throne
120 Einhorn dumps stake in beleaguered Microsoft, says 'decade of mismanagement' may make for a 'shrinking company'
121 Apple's developer website partially back online after 8 day outage
122 What Wall Street missed in Apple's Q313 earnings
123 Google's Hugo Barra: Android tablets have 'been lagging,' but change is coming