File Title
1 Jumping caterpillar stays out of the Sun
2 Hellish 'Earth' whips round star
3 Japan nuclear agency upgrades Fukushima alert level
4 Caterpillar does not look where it leaps
5 Italian astronaut recalls spacewalk 'drowning' scare
6 Rural impact of electricity infrastructure to be reviewed
7 Reintroduced white-tailed eagle pair raise chick
8 Can we restore the world's coral reefs?
9 Q&A: Fukushima leak problems
10 Should pig swill from waste food be back on the menu?
11 Israel's forgotten tribe
12 Syria conflict: 'Chemical attacks' kill hundreds
13 Egypt court orders Hosni Mubarak freed
14 Bradley Manning Wikileaks sentence expected
15 Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years in Wikileaks case
16 Edward Snowden files: No 10 contacted Guardian
17 Ted Cruz: Could a Canadian run for president?
18 Will Col. Inocente Orlando Montano face criminal trial?
19 New York taxi crash: Leicester woman Sian Green badly injured
20 Peru drugs: UK pair charged with drug offences
21 Can Japan's reboot its anti-innovation startup culture?
22 UK mulls ban on mobile phones which resemble car key fobs
23 LG Display phone screen offers 'highest resolution'
24 Facebook's aims to get billions online
25 Sony names PlayStation 4 launch dates
26 Groklaw news website abandoned over US surveillance
27 Microsoft's Xbox One team courts indie developers
28 Eastman Kodak gains approval to come out of bankruptcy
29 How mobile technology created a workforce that never stops working
30 Greater than the sum of its specs: Google's Moto X reviewed
31 Review: Garmin HUD is sharp, functional, pricey
32 Crypto experts issue a call to arms to avert the cryptopocalypse
33 In China, Big Data Is Becoming Big Business
34 Beyond counting cars: Transportation planners embrace big data
35 Kill cloud zombies before it's too late
36 Taking down "the largest child pornography conspiracy ever prosecuted"
37 NASA gives up on resurrecting Kepler telescope
38 New species is first carnivore found in the Americas in 35 years
39 Half-Life 3 is not in the works, says Valve voice actor
40 US gov't: Snowden also took secret docs while working at Dell in April 2012
41 Comcast letter said to confirm that Prenda, Steele planted porn torrents
42 Latest test of SpaceX Grasshopper adds a twist
43 Navy commissions new designs on armed, carrier-launched drones
44 Judge says Chubby Checker can pursue lawsuit against HP over penis-measuring app
45 Teaching 150 teenagers the basics of technology in six weeks
46 Tweets contribute to charging driver with murder in fatal bike accident
47 Germany recognizes Bitcoin as a "private money," subject to capital gains tax
48 Partner of The Guardian's NSA leaks reporter is detained for 9 hours at airport
49 Amid layoffs and lower earnings, once red-hot tech sector cools off a bit
50 Report: iOS 7 may come to iPhones and iPod touches first, iPads later
51 Draft IPCC report has increased confidence in human influence on climate
52 Asus is first to the party with a Thunderbolt 2-certified motherboard
53 Storage tank for radioactive water at Fukushima springs a leak
54 Google Maps and Waze start swapping data
55 Google's "Project Loon" flying Internet coming to homes in California
56 Judge approves Kodak's plan to emerge from bankruptcy as a slimmed-down firm
57 Be prepared to litigate: Boy Scouts pressures Hacker Scouts to drop "Scouts"
58 What might have been: Visiting Mars and Venus with Apollo-era hardware
59 Growing shoes and furniture: A design-led biomaterial revolution
60 Almost orbital, solar-powered drone offered as "atmospheric satellite"
61 Online media and science make for awkward partners
62 Changing IP address to access public website ruled violation of US law
63 Fungus and bacteria play game theory to make biofuels
64 Seemingly benign "Jekyll" app passes Apple review, then becomes "evil"
65 UK agents, seeking to stop leaks, destroyed The Guardian's hard drives
66 EA begins offering refunds for its digital game sales on Origin
67 Microsoft: Xbox One to be "as inclusive as possible" for indie developers
68 Groklaw shuts down rather than risk feds snooping through
69 Barnes & Noble not giving up on Nook tablets after all
70 UK Home Office defends nine-hour interrogation of journalist's partner
71 Motorola Skip: Password security without the hassle (key restrictions apply)
72 The sound of irrelevant
73 Bradley Manning gets 35 years in prison
74 The Next iPhone Will Likely Come in Gold
75 Canadian Government Developing a Stealth Snowmobile
76 U.S. Carriers Make Room for Gigantic Samsung Galaxy Mega Phone
77 iPhone 5S and 5C: Everything You Need to Know About the Next iPhone
78 Tesla Model S Scores Better Than Perfect On Safety Tests
79 Earliest Remains of Jurassic Rat Relative Found in Chinese Hillside
80 Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Plans to Bring the Internet to the Rest of the World
81 8-Year-Old Never Ages, Could Reveal 'Biological Immortality'
82 Bad Bounces: The Risky Side of Trampolines
83 Boy Cuts Knee, Sea Snail Emerges 3 Weeks Later
84 Surfing Turns Autistic Kids Into Rock Stars
85 Obesity May Be More Than One Disease, Experts Say
86 Chat Wrap-Up: The Big Picture on Obesity
87 Texas Issues Measles Alert After 9 People Sickened
88 6 Lyme Disease Myths Debunked
89 Astronaut Luca Parmitano describes near-drowning experience in space
90 UNOS may change liver transplant maps to allow fairer access
91 Facebook aims to get more people online
92 Japanese fishermen face new setback with latest Fukushima leak
93 Humanity in ecological deficit for rest of 2013, group says
94 ALMA captures close-up of newborn star
95 Gamescom 2013: Xbox One launch games
96 PlayStation 4 coming Nov.15
97 NASA introduces new astronaut class
98 Female frogs prefer multitasking mates, study finds
99 The Sims 4 adds emotional, multitasking Sims
100 Swedish museum to recover lost scientific artifact
101 Instagram blocks third-party use of "Insta," "Gram" or "IG"
102 Shark swallowed whole by...another shark
103 Apple's new iPhones may come in gold, have lower price tag
104 Russian meteor explosion's dust cloud lingered in atmosphere for months
105 Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg hacked to expose security flaw
106 3 Okla. teens charged in thrill kill of Aussie baseball player
107 Christopher Lane, Australian baseball player, killed by "bored" Okla. teens, police say
108 Hannah Anderson update: Family of kidnapper James Lee DiMaggio wants DNA test
109 Syria opposition group claims 1,300 killed in chemical attack in Damascus suburbs
110 Frantic search for Missouri girl, 12
111 Kerry clears 4 State staffers put on leave over Benghazi attack to return to work
112 School shooting tragedy averted in Ga.
113 Ted Cruz releases his birth certificate: A harbinger of debates to come?
114 40 men sue Chicago hospital because frozen sperm destroyed
115 UNOS may change liver transplant maps to allow fairer access
116 Fruit-heavy diet may prevent against dangerous aneurysm
117 Copper in foods linked to Alzheimer's disease risk
118 Childhood bullying may lead to social, health issues in adulthood
119 CDC: Poultry sold at N.M. hatchery linked to 37-state salmonella outbreak
120 Study: 29% of high school girls indoor tan despite risks
121 Autism diagnosis more difficult to make in Hispanic children, say pediatricians
122 Death cafes gaining popularity
123 New book claims sushi, wine okay for pregnant women
124 CDC: Lyme disease rates 10 times higher than previously reported
125 Gov't report: Doctors with financial interests order more radiation
126 BPA, phthalates linked to teen health woes in study
127 The model and the mastectomy: Baring scars then and now