File Title
1 Microbial duo boost biofuel production
2 Plankton may spread oyster herpes virus
3 Egyptian artifacts came from outer space
4 Sight dominates sound in music competition judging
5 Fukushima nuclear plant: Radioactive water leak found
6 High-speed in-flight internet possible by 2014
7 Peru's isolated Mashco-Piro tribe 'asks for food'
8 De-extinction: Mammoth prospect, or just woolly?
9 Climate leaks are 'misleading' says IPCC ahead of major
10 The rebirth of Istanbul's Bosphorus
11 Egypt Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie held
12 Elmore Leonard, crime novelist, dies aged 87
13 Senator Ted Cruz to renounce Canadian citizenship
14 Al Jazeera launches US television news service
15 How do people forgive a crime like murder?
16 Prince George: 10 steps to take a reasonably decent photo of a new baby
17 Joost van der Westhuizen: Still fighting on his deathbed
18 Copper linked to Alzheimer's disease
19 CIA documents acknowledge its role in Iran's 1953 coup
20 David Miranda Heathrow detention: No 10 'kept abreast of operation'
21 Egyptian media hail arrest of Muslim Brotherhood's Badie
22 Disney child star Lee Thompson Young found dead at 29
23 Prince George: First official photographs released
24 Cyber Pearl Harbor: Why hasn't a mega attack happened?
25 Should you put butter on a burn?
26 Microsoft's Xbox One team courts indie developers
27 Children to have Linkedin profiles
28 website goes offline
29 Google wants UK privacy case tried abroad, lawyer claims
30 Patent trolls: Tracking down the litigious invention owners
31 Patents: A beginner's guide to intellectual property
32 The technology to free your inner shopaholic
33 Rob Auton's chocolate joke is Fringe 'funniest'
34 Boston bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 'shot multiple times'
35 Can baking make you happier?
36 The law that empowered Ecuador's disabled
37 Woman dislocates jaw eating triple-decker burger
38 Swedish women don headscarves after assault on Muslim
39 Pakistan ex-leader Musharraf charged over Bhutto murder
40 Cattle can be a source of MRSA in people
41 Spicing up your fish fillets with science
42 Successful deployment of an autonomous deep-sea explorer to search for new forms of microbial life
43 Extreme weather, climate and the carbon cycle
44 How will crops fare under climate change? Depends on how you ask (Global Change Biology)
45 New possibilities for efficient biofuel production
46 Researchers discover beneficial jumping gene
47 Trio of fires in Northern California
48 University of East Anglia research shows how females choose the 'right' sperm
49 Tiny fish make 'eyes' at their killer
50 Native Californians followed the greenery
51 Important step forward for gait analysis of horses
52 Newly discovered ocean plume could be major source of iron
53 Artificial Reef in Red Sea Teems with Life
54 Dams destabilize river food webs: Lessons from the Grand Canyon
55 Passing on the right antibodies: protecting piglets from diarrhoea
56 Unscrambling the genetics of the chicken's 'blue' egg
57 Traffic pollution and wood smoke increases asthma in adults
58 Study finds PHS gene that prevents wheat from sprouting
59 Scientists uncover the secret life of frozen soils
60 Neandertals made the first specialized bone tools in Europe
61 Scientists have found new evidence to show how early humans migrated into Europe
62 Research on Which Gender Pays for a Date Shows Changing--but also Resistance to Changing--Conventional Gender Norms
63 New CU-Boulder led research effort dates oldest known petroglyphs in North America
64 Unearthed: Fossil of history's most successful mammal
65 Earliest known iron artifacts come from outer space
66 Handaxe design reveals distinct Neanderthal cultures
67 TAU Archaeologists Find Massive Fortifications from the Iron Age
68 First colonisers of the Faroe Islands were not the Vikings
69 Around the World in Four Days: NASA Tracks Chelyabinsk Meteor Plume
70 Researchers identify genetic root of mountain sickness
71 Antarctic ice core sheds new light on how the last ice age ended
72 How shale fracking led to an Ohio town's first 100 earthquakes
73 Study finds cost of future flood losses in major coastal cities could be over $50 billion by 2050
74 Global sea level rise dampened by Australia floods
75 Sea Levels, Kea vs. Loa Volcanoes, Sierra Nevada Faulting, and Carbonado Diamond Features
76 NASA Scientists Relate Urban Population to Air Pollution
77 Altruism or manipulated helping? Altruism may have origins in manipulation
78 New models advance the study of deadly human prion diseases
79 Novel Chinese herbal medicine JSK improves spinal cord injury outcomes in rats
80 UCSB anthropologists study the genesis of reciprocity in food sharing
81 NEETs are prime suspects in breast cancer proliferation
82 New findings on how the ear hears could lead to better hearing aids
83 Bacterial toxins cause deadly heart disease
84 Target 2 forms of iron to control cystic fibrosis lung infection
85 Researchers identify biomarkers for possible blood test to predict suicide risk
86 Building better brain implants: The challenge of longevity
87 How brain microcircuits integrate information from different senses
88 Citizens in Greater Bilbao regard the services of the Green Belt ecosystems as highly beneficial
89 HB-EGF protects intestines from a variety of injuries, pair of studies suggests
90 Landfill nation: What makes consumers less likely to recycle?
91 Hitting the gym may help men avoid diet-induced erectile dysfunction
92 Ingredient in turmeric spice when combined with anti-nausea drug kills cancer cells
93 NTU-led research shows Burmese long-tailed macaques' ability to use stone tools threatened by human activity in Thailand
94 E-Health services ill-prepared for epidemics
95 2 left feet? Study looks to demystify why we lose our balance
96 Making the brain take notice of faces in autism
97 New model helps universities map their nitrogen footprint
98 Try clapping your wet hands; a physics lesson from Virginia Tech engineers
99 Far from being harmless, the effects of bullying last long into adulthood
100 Giving preschoolers choice increases sharing behavior
101 New research reveals long-term benefits of emergency safe spaces for children
102 Unemployment restricts access to kidney transplants, UNH research finds
103 When do consumers think a freebie is more valuable than a discounted product?
104 The blushing shopper: Does it matter what else you put in the basket with the anti-gas medication?
105 When is controversy (not) good for building product buzz?
106 Ironic outcomes: Being specific, not flexible, helps consumers achieve their goals
107 Low self-esteem consumers: When does standing out help you fit in?
108 Harmony: How do Vietnamese wedding planners manage to please everyone?
109 Areas of high unemployment bear the brunt of bank closures
110 Preventive antibiotics for tuberculosis reduce deaths among people with HIV disease
111 Shining stem cells reveals how our skin is maintained
112 UM Scientists Use New Approach to Reveal Function of Greenland's Ice Sheet
113 New flow battery could enable cheaper, more efficient energy storage
114 Nanosensors could aid drug manufacturing
115 Effects of Parkinson's-disease mutation reversed in cells
116 Calving Sand Dunes, Stress Fields in Southern California, and Devonian Black Shale [et al.]
117 'Poisoning' corrosion brings stainless magnesium closer
118 The concussed brain at work: fMRI study documents brain activation during concussion recovery
119 Therapeutic Eye Injections May Be Needed Less Often
120 An Organized Approach to 3D Tissue Engineering
121 ALMA takes close look at drama of starbirth
122 Mobius strip ties liquid crystal in knots to produce tomorrow's materials and photonic devices
123 Starbirth Surprisingly Energetic: ALMA observations give new insights into protostars
124 'Groovy' hologram creates strange state of light at visible and invisible wavelengths
125 Magma can survive in upper crust for hundreds of millennia
126 NASA Accepts Third Generation TDRS Into Network
127 Children who overestimate their popularity less likely to be bullies
128 Research shows negative effects of half-siblings
129 Why does the American middle class continue to struggle financially?
130 Smart enough to know better: Intelligence is not a remedy for racism
131 Better-performing elementary students receive disproportionate attention from parents
132 African-American females have good odds of getting a loan
133 Study finds better-performing elementary students receive disproportionate attention from parents
134 Changes to symptom structure in DSM-5 support diagnosis of toddlers with autism spectrum disorder
135 Tell Me a Story--Research Examines How Parents Can Use Books to Have a Positive Impact on Their Child's Social Struggles
136 Latino families in study eat more fruits and veggies, drink less soda
137 Study finds that some depressed adolescents are at higher risk for developing anxiety
138 Study challenges popular perception of new 'hookup culture' on college campuses
139 Children with allergy, asthma may be at higher risk for ADHD
140 Ecosystems change long before species are lost
141 Preschoolers Inability to Estimate Quantity Relates to Later Math Difficulty, says MU Researcher
142 UT Arlington researcher finds that money motivates employees to lose weight
143 Children exposed to lead more likely to be suspended from school
144 The How-to Parenting Program improves the mental health of children
145 Study finds more tweets mean more votes for political candidates
146 Opertech Bio researchers develop method for high-throughput taste evaluation
147 Climate benefit for cutting soot, methane smaller than previous estimates
148 Cosmology in the lab using laser-cooled ions
149 Carnegie Mellon researchers say readers' identities can reveal much about content of articles
150 Simulating flow from volcanoes and oil spills
151 Computer model predicts red blood cell flow
152 Wireless devices go battery-free with new communication technique
153 Scientists Find Asymmetry in Topological Insulators
154 Cancer's origins revealed
155 Research Shows Precisely Which Strategies Help Players Win Team-oriented Video Games
156 First time: NJIT researchers examine dynamics of liquid metal particles at nanoscale
157 Stabilizing aircraft during takeoff and landing using math
158 New risk score predicts 10-year dementia risk for type 2 diabetes patients
159 Multicenter trial finds BI-RADS 3 breast lesions have low cancer rate
160 Complications associated with continuous CSF drainage in patients with SAH
161 Appetite hormone misfires in obese people
162 Gestational diabetes tied to 7-fold increase in sleep apnea risk
163 Emergency rooms failing to meet seniors' needs
164 Loyola Neurologists Report Unique Form of Musical Hallucinations
165 A new role for sodium in the brain
166 Combined liposuction/tummy tuck offers best of both procedures
167 Johns Hopkins researchers identify conditions most likely to kill encephalitis patients
168 UCLA study suggests iron is at core of Alzheimer's disease
169 Multiple genes manage how people taste sweeteners
170 Chromosome 21 abnormality tells oncologists to treat pediatric ALL more aggressively
171 Forensic familial search methods carry risk of certain false matches
172 Growing use of MRIs leading to more invasive breast cancer surgery
173 University of East Anglia research could contain infectious disease outbreaks
174 Advancing resistive memory to improve portable electronics
175 Pilot Study Finds ER Patients Drinking High-Octane Beer
176 Chemophobia shouldn't be on the menu
177 Can solar energy help save Greece?
178 UW geographer devises a way for China to resolve its 'immigration' dilemma
179 Researchers study selenium's effects on horses
180 Study shows feral cat control could benefit from different approach
181 Special Issue: The minimum age of criminal responsibility
182 Community intervention program reduces repeat intimate-partner violence
183 Holocaust Journeys Can Cause Mental Health Problems
184 Social giving makes us happier
185 Redesign for Sudden Autopilot Disconnection Needed, Say Flight Safety Experts
186 Newly found pulsar helps astronomers explore Milky Way's mysterious core
187 A magnetar at the heart of our Milky Way
188 Hubble explores the origins of modern galaxies
189 Cosmic turbulences result in star and black hole formation
190 Voyager 1 Has Left the Solar System, Says New Study
191 Equipping a construction helmet with a sensor can detect the onset of carbon monoxide poisoning
192 High-flying pilots at increased risk of brain lesions
193 3D Graphene: Solar Power's Next Platinum?
194 Epic ocean voyages of coral larvae revealed
195 New explanation for key step in anthrax infection proposed by NIST and USAMRIID