File Title
1 Early galaxies sported a modern look
2 Forests reaching carbon saturation point
3 Qubits teleported at kilobits per second
4 New insights into creating ball lightning in the lab
5 European forests near 'carbon saturation point'
6 Scots red deer 'breeding earlier due to climate change'
7 Beetles eat greedy offspring Edinburgh University research finds
8 Fracking: RSPB objects to Cuadrilla plans for two sites
9 India puts off re-launch of failed satellite
10 Kepler: NASA retires prolific telescope from planet-hunting duties
11 Illegal palm oil developments force monkeys to down tools
12 Can 'powdered rain' make drought a thing of the past?
13 Egyptian police killed in Sinai ambush at Rafah
14 David Miranda detention: MP asks police for explanation
15 Mexico Gulf Cartel leader Mario Ramirez Trevino captured
16 Oscar Pistorius South Africa murder trial set for March
17 India express train in Bihar kills people crossing track
18 Exploring Los Angeles' forgotten stairways to the stars
19 How does a polyamorous relationship between four people work?
20 How near-death accident at sea launched cider success
21 Snoring 'cured by singing exercise'
22 Prince George is a little bit of a rascal--William
23 Russia battles huge far east flood--20,000 evacuated
24 The rising threat from the oceans
25 unveils changes to safety policy
26 Minecraft maker shelves 0x10c video game
27 Tomorrow's cities: Do you want to live in a smart city?
28 Ubuntu sets crowdfund pledge record for Edge smartphone
29 News from Elsewhere: Russia: South Park spoof 'attacks opposition leader' [et al.]
30 'Noisy' Cramlington library knitters no longer welcome
31 Artificial food: Incredible or inedible?
32 Immune system boost 'fights cancer'
33 Writing--for health and happiness?
34 Dancing and reading 'good for health' of Scots
35 German organ donor scandal doctor goes on trial
36 HIV patients told by Pentecostal pastors 'to rely on God'
37 Polio in Somalia: UN warns of 'explosive' outbreak
38 Germany: Man holds hostages at Ingolstadt town hall
39 Scores dead as floods and rainfall hit China
40 The Opposite of "Protection": A Fetish for Used Condoms
41 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Names
42 Doomsday Fear: Could an EMP Throw World into Chaos?
43 Three Dinosaur Species Become One
44 Sweet Disguise: Chocolate-Covered Elephant Ivory Seized in Macau
45 College Sex: Yes at Parties, No on First Dates
46 First Fossil Whale Poop Pops Up in Italy
47 Policing New York: From Broken Windows to Stop-and-Frisk
48 Explore an Underwater Volcano Live in HD
49 Monarch Butterfly's Birthplaces Pinpointed
50 Why Some Remember Dreams, Others Don't
51 Boas, Chimps or Tigers: Wild Animals Are Not Pets (Op-Ed)
52 Your Jetpack Is Ready--Almost
53 As Furs Fade in the West, Popularity Grows in the East (Op-Ed)
54 Carrots & Eye Health: How the Myth Began
55 What is Selective Laser Sintering?
56 India Sparkles with Promise of Diamonds, Study Finds
57 Lightning-Sparked Idaho Fire Burns More Than 90,000 Acres
58 Is BMI Best? 8 Steps to Your Healthiest Weight (Op-Ed)
59 Trove of Pristine Shipwrecks May Be Buried Around Antarctica
60 What Is Peak Oil?
61 Hearing A Word Can Help You See The Invisible
62 Mokele-Mbembe: The Search for a Living Dinosaur
63 Alien Life on Europa? Funding Gap Means We May Never Know (Op-Ed)
64 Small Volcanic Floods Packed Biggest Punch in Iceland
65 10 Worst Tech Predictions of All Time
66 US Infertility Rates Drop Over Last 3 Decades
67 Oldest Rock Art in North America Revealed
68 Viral Videos May Harm Cute, Threatened Animals
69 Taiwan's Coral Reefs and Other Hidden Gems
70 West Antarctica Warmed Quickly...20,000 Years Ago
71 God's Tears? Nah, Just Aphid Excrement
72 Coke Runs Ad Defending Safety of Aspartame
73 Tahiti Abounds in New Beetle Species
74 Universal Flu Vaccine: Pandemic Viruses May Give Clues
75 New 'Consciousness Meter' Could Aid Brain-Injury Treatments
76 Brain-Eating Amoeba: How One Girl Survived
77 New Technique Analyzes Shadows to Spot Photo Fakes
78 Baldness Drug May Protect Men from Prostate Cancer
79 Family DNA Searches Hold Potential for Racial Bias
80 300-Year Drought Was Downfall of Ancient Greece
81 Vodka, Aspirin or 7Up: What Keeps Flowers Fresh?
82 Palace of Versailles: Facts & History
83 New Approach Curbs Childhood Deaths in the Developing World (Op-Ed)
84 10 Years After Record Blackout, is U.S. Any Better Prepared? (Op-Ed)
85 Wolves at Risk? Michigan Allows Hunting of Protected Species (Op-Ed)
86 Marie Curie: Facts & Biography
87 Why 'Fat' is Becoming the Other F-Word (Op-Ed)
88 3 Organic Super-Vegetables that Cost Less than $2
89 Climate Change Has Arrived in California (Op-Ed)
90 'I Do' Becomes 'I Don't' For Working Class
91 Murderers Who Kill Their Families May Share Some Traits, Study Suggests
92 Source of Boy's Mysterious Lead Poisoning Was in an Unlikely Place
93 'Cannibal' Monster Galaxies Lose Appetite In Old Age
94 Odd Star Reveals Magnetic Field Around Milky Way's Monster Black Hole
95 Early Humans Lived in China 1.7 Million Years Ago
96 Ouch! Long-Necked Dinosaurs Had Stiff Necks
97 Dig This: Badger Unearths Medieval Treasure
98 Furry Little Carnivore, Once Shown in Zoos, Is a New Species
99 Altitude Sickness: Genetics May Explain Why Only Some Fall Ill
100 Woman's Death from Rabies Highlights 'Missed Opportunity' in Public Health
101 Mysterious 'UFO' Turns Out to Be...Google?
102 New Implant No Longer Dangerous in MRI
103 Restaurant Menus May Reveal Changing Fish Populations
104 Ancient Rodentlike Creature Once Dominated Earth
105 New Clues to Greenland's Hidden Plumbing
106 One-Shot Volcanoes Can Be Explosively Dangerous
107 Why Insects Have Gay Sex
108 King Richard III: Facts & Biography
109 What is Mathematics?
110 Ecosystems on the Move: Why Climate Change Is So Complicated (Op-Ed)
111 Sluggish Surprise Found Deep Inside Earth
112 Underwater Avalanche! Melting Ice Caps Could Trigger Tsunamis
113 Teen Health Problems Linked with Food Chemicals BPA, Phthalates
114 Boston Marathon Bombing: X-Rays and CT Scans Reveal Injuries, Lessons
115 Incredible Technology: How to Bring Extinct Animals Back to Life
116 Syria Civil War Scars Seen from Space
117 It's a Shark-Eat-Shark World
118 Owlets Sleep Like Human Babies
119 New Jersey Bans Gay Conversion Therapy