File Title
1 Archaeologists uncover 200-year-old Alaska village
2 Oldest Human Fossil in Western Europe Found in Spain
3 Dig reveals full extent of convicts' mass grave on Spike Island
4 Rich Thracian tomb with lion-goat ornament discovered in Sliven
5 Mycenaean artifacts found in Bodrum
6 Social Complexity and the Bow in Ancient Ohio
7 Bow and arrow forever changed ancient cultures
8 Neanderthals Found in Greece
9 One of the world's oldest breweries reconstructed
10 Secrets of the tiny, unspoilt Lesser Cyclades islands unveiled
11 Cambyses' Lost Army and the Physics of Sandstorms
12 Part of Enormous 1,000-Year-Old Jerusalem Hospital Shown to Public
13 Alabama Prof. Uncovers 2,000-Year-Old Village in Northern Israel
14 Bulgarian Archeologists Uncover Large Votive Relief of Zeus
15 An archaeologist's dream: Exploring Camp Asylum
16 Tomb of a Powerful Moche Priestess-Queen Found in Peru
17 London railway tunneling yields archaeological trove of ancient artifacts and long-dead Londoners
18 Idaho gets grant to study Bear River Massacre site
19 Herzliya Byzantine-era find sheds light on ancient Samaritans' lives
20 People of India Today a Mixture from the Pre-Caste Era, Say Scientists
21 Hoard of 1,500-Year-Old Coins Found in Ancient Garbage Dump
22 Stunning Maya sculpture unearthed from buried pyramid
23 Ancient art fills in Egypt's ecological history
24 Vikings 'ransacked Church gold for jewellery'
25 NYC becomes archaeological site covering centuries
26 The day before death: A new archaeological technique gives insight into the day before death
27 Head of a goddess statue discovered in Aegean province
28 Archaeological Census Reveals Human Presence in Cuba 8,000-10,000 Years Ago
29 Laois 'bog body' said to be world's oldest
30 Analysis of ancient glass beads from cult site in Germany
31 Mysterious Byzantine dump puzzles archaeologists
32 Ancient ship to set sail again to Egypt
33 Mystery dagger molds imply ancient links to northern China
34 Huge old columns found underground in ancient city of Laodicea
35 Mexican Experts to Reconstruct Face of Pre-Columbian Man
36 Archaeologist locates the real location of the Battle of Bosworth
37 Human occupation of Madagascar pushed back 2500 years
38 New CU-Boulder led research effort dates oldest known petroglyphs in North America
39 Badger digs up medieval warrior graves
40 Earliest Specialized Neanderthal Bone Tools Discovered
41 Meadowcroft revisited: Archaeologists to excavate storm damaged site
42 Mini-Colosseum of 'Gladiator' Emperor Found
43 DNA reveals details of the peopling of the Americas
44 Thousands of artifacts found in Silver Springs
45 Ancient ammunition found at Mingary Castle
46 Peru's Drones Used For Agriculture And Archaeology
47 Burren archaeological discovery of woman and two children 'very significant'
48 Ancient artifact gets a good bake
49 World's oldest temple built to worship the dog star
50 Kosovo Hails Discovery of Ancient Roman Site
51 Finding lost cities of the Maya
52 Roman temple clues found during dig in Conwy Valley
53 Archaeology: part of 14th Century Ottoman commander's armour found at Bulgaria's Perperikon
54 Macaque stone tool use under threat in Thailand
55 Climate change may have caused demise of Late Bronze Age civilizations
56 Oldest Gaming Tokens Found in Turkey
57 Assyrian Period Fortifications Unearthed in Ashdod
58 Exercise Generously: Share Your Elliptical
59 A rampant prescription, a hidden peril
60 Finding alternatives to potent sedatives
61 Assisted suicide measure narrowly defeated; supporters concede defeat
62 NH patients seek accountability in hepatitis case
63 Advocates rally around Pa. assisted suicide case
64 Sitting near the vines, glass in hand, to watch the sunset
65 Dementia care standards unveiled for Massachusetts nursing homes
66 Can brain images prove near-death experiences aren't real?
67 Gap in insurer payments to Partners and competitors surprises Mass. health official
68 Reflections from Residency: Can crowdsourcing find the right diagnosis?
69 Can drinking too much coffee really kill you? Not likely
70 Kepler telescope's planet-hunting days are most likely over
71 One patient's perspective
72 Slug Glue Eyed As Alternative For Sutures
73 Suicide Drones Blow Up With Their Target
74 Acrobatic Robot Jumps, Rolls, Flips
75 White House Goes Green with Solar Panels
76 Submarine Rescue: What Can Be Done
77 No Battery Required for This Wireless Device
78 Drones Launch Attack On Mosquitoes
79 Drones Monitor Crops, Study Ancient Ruins
80 Nano Coating Cools and Heats Windows
81 Teleported! Bits Vanish Here, Reappear There
82 Human vision highly adaptable
83 Prescription drug debacle in US
84 Tuberculosis 'time bomb' costing Europe billions
85 Brain hemisphere dominance theory challenged
86 Genes linked to chronic altitude sickness
87 Your pain may affect your spouse's sleep
88 Non-smoking programmes useful in psychiatric treatment
89 Fizzy drinks tied to kids' behaviour problems
90 Heavy coffee drinkers die earlier
91 High debt may have negative health consequences
92 The Sports Gene: why the '10,000 hour rule' doesn't always make winners
93 Spacewatch: Moon-dust explorer
94 Fruit flies: our ancestors of 800m years
95 We don't know if antidepressants work, so stop bashing them
96 A-level students: if you want to be a 'consumer,' go to the mall
97 The height of intelligence
98 Edinburgh international book festival 2013 takes a stroll down memory lane
99 What's behind the avalanche of performance metrics in our universities?
100 Falsifying memories
101 Is Voyager 1 really out of the solar system?
102 Why being a maths teacher is not adding up for new recruits
103 Have we literally broken the English language?
104 Scientists have a moral obligation to take action on climate change
105 Near-death experiences: the brain's last hurrah
106 The olinguito isn't new--it was with us all along. Let's hope it stays that way
107 Olinguito: the curation of the cute
108 'Teddy bear' carnivore emerges from the mists of Ecuador
109 Heavy coffee consumption increases death rates in under-55s, study suggests
110 Meteorite hunter takes 10,000 pounds rock to auction
111 Are you ready to embrace the apocalypse?
112 We need to get young people excited about farming
113 The day London defeated a fatberg
114 Squeezed households cut energy use by a quarter as prices soar
115 Fracking: 'blanket opposition' risks ignoring needs of fuel-poor, says CofE
116 Middle England and the eco-warriors say victory is theirs in the battle for Balcombe
117 'March of the incinerators' threatens drive to recycle more rubbish
118 Dolphins found to remember their friends at least 20 years
119 Higgs boson could explain facets of "dark energy," physicists say
120 Intelligent people as racist as others, study finds
121 Researchers measure consciousness through brain activity
122 High debt may harm your health, study finds
123 Will to win may form at about four years
124 Already-approved drug tied to longer, healthy life in mice
125 Studies may have overestimated our generosity
126 Study explores how power gets to the brain
127 A reputation sealed? Finding suggests T. rex hunted for real
128 Study explores how Inca kids were drugged for sacrifice