File Title
1 Rumor: New iPhones to debut as 'iPhone 5S' and 'iPhone 5C'
2 Rumor: Fingerprint sensor production could limit Apple to 4M 'iPhone 5S' units this quarter
3 Apple's fifth-gen iPad reaffirmed to use same thin touch sensor as iPad mini
4 Leaked parts may show pill-shaped dual-LED flash for Apple's 'iPhone 5S'
5 BlackBerry convenes special committee to decide company's future
6 iPhone Patent Wars: Apple's $1.1 billion ARM injection ignites a mobile patent race
7 Skype for iPad adds HD video calling, CBS Sports gains live video
8 Citing 'increasingly hostile' competition, Needham cuts Apple Inc. price target to $595
9 Apple, Inc. market cap up $11.7 billion after news of Samsung ITC import ban
10 Sony preps Bluetooth lens attachments for iPhones, Android phones
11 Apple's request to conduct 3D mapping of Oslo denied by Norwegian government
12 Rumor: Photos claim to show 'iPhone 5C' mute switch, volume and power buttons
13 Bloomberg: Apple to debut iPad mini with Retina display, thinner iPad in 2013
14 Larry Ellison sees dismal future for Apple without Steve Jobs
15 Piper Jaffray: 'iPhone 5C' may not include Siri, could replace iPhone 4S at bottom of lineup
16 Low-cost iPhone predicted to boost both Apple's margins & international sales
17 BlackBerry officially puts itself up for sale, but potential buyers are limited
18 'Harry Potter,' 'Matrix,' many other movie series on sale in new iTunes bundles
19 Samsung points to anti-Apple ads as 'tipping point' for company
20 Oracle's Larry Ellison slams Google's Larry Page as person behind 'evil' decisions
21 Strong sales of Apple's iPhone boost Foxconn profits by 41%
22 Apple, Inc. shares cross above 200 day moving average
23 Investor Carl Icahn reveals 'large position' in Apple, advises Tim Cook to buy back more stock
24 American components in Apple's iPhone supply chain graphically detailed
25 Audi debuts augmented reality iOS app, Yelp gets in-app reviews, Vevo now supports AirPlay
26 Apple reportedly buys second-screen startup, hints at new Apple TV capabilities [update: confirmed]
27 Exclusive Deals: $799 MacBook Air, $1799 fully-loaded 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina
28 Large institutional investors due to disclose their holdings in Apple, Inc. August 15
29 Google's new Nexus 7 gets stellar reviews despite faults, jitters, lagging apps
30 Purported 'iPhone 5S' back panel hints at redesigned home button component
31 Smartphones outsell feature phones for first time, while Apple's iPhone loses market share--Gartner
32 Apple Inc. stock recaptures $500 as Carl Icahn shows support, hype for new iPhones builds
33 Samsung socked with $108M Brazilian suit over alleged labor issues
34 Apple's new iOS 7 design comes to beta testers
35 Microsoft faces lawsuit over Surface RT struggles as company preps Oct. 17 launch of Windows 8.1
36 Steve Jobs's $1.1 billion AAPL windfall & Steve Ballmer's $11 billion MSFT blunder
37 WebKit adds support for high-resolution displays, paves the way for Retina-friendly Web
38 Samsung posts bonds with ITC, suggests continued infringement of Apple patents
39 Roku beats Apple TV in owner engagement as video streaming device market picks up
40 Samsung to reportedly debut 'Galaxy Gear' smart watch on Sept. 4
41 Apple ordered to prepare for May 2014 trial on e-book antitrust damages
42 Apple, Inc. to distribute another $2.77 billion in dividends to shareholders Thursday
43 Production of next-gen iPad mini's Retina display reportedly near 2012 launch levels
44 Long awaited 'Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time' for iOS now available
45 Apple updates App Review Guidelines with focus on apps for children
46 Apple researching flexible headphone connectors to stop potential breakage
47 Apple looks to patent NFC-based 'gifting' for iTunes, currently owned media
48 Structures getting demolished as Apple Campus 2 guts the remains of HP
49 RBC believes Apple Inc. could double $60B share buyback, ups price target to $525
50 Canalys: Android lacks the 'rigorously managed, high-quality, optimized' apps seen on Apple's iPad
51 Final iOS 7 beta rumored to arrive next week, GM build to select partners Sept. 5
52 Best Buy back with iPhone trade-in deal, $200 off iPhone 5 over weekend
53 Matcha's status as best among video content aggregators led Apple to buy
54 Antitrust suit alleging App Store monopoly tossed due to procedural blunder
55 Apple seeds iOS 7 beta 6 to developers with iTunes in the Cloud bug fixes
56 WatchESPN on iPad gets dual-stream viewing, Digg app gets 'Unread' mode
57 Apple to offer 'iPhone 5S' in new gold color and 128GB storage option, insider says
58 Apple's A7 SoC expected to be 20% more efficient, debut in 'iPhone 5S'
59 Battle of the billion dollar buybacks: Apple, Inc. vs. Microsoft Corporation
60 Apple strengthening environmental affairs, retail & security in China with new hires
61 Leaked manual reveals features of Sony's upcoming iPhone-compatible wireless camera lenses
62 Latest version of Geekbench adds new tests, scoring, iOS interface
63 Rumor: Apple may announce 'some sort of television product' as soon as November
64 Early Apple employees Kottke, Fernandez comment on new film 'Jobs'
65 Comparison of iOS users finds Apple's iPad most popular among businesses, pet owners & moms
66 Supposed gold color variant of next iPhone shown off in pictures
67 New Apple, Inc. ads again add ink on iPad apps
68 Apple fixes iTunes in the Cloud issue with iTunes 11.0.5 update
69 Apple's approval of 'Jekyll' malware app reveal flaws in App Store review process
70 Apple's Phil Schiller sells $18.6M in AAPL stock, SVP Dan Riccio sells $1.9M
71 Apple now allowing up to 200 test devices per iOS developer account
72 Google+ iOS app removes Messenger, adds Hangouts and Google Drive support
73 Apple opens video card replacement program for certain mid-2011 iMacs
74 Apple asks developers to classify apps by age range for new 'Kids' App Store category
75 Apple's Developer Center to undergo scheduled downtime on Saturday
76 Best Buy & Amazon holding Back To School sale on MacBook Airs through midnight
77 Exclusive: First data center buildings up at Apple, Inc. Reno iCloud facility
78 Unlucky-Goldstar: Twenty hurt at LG event as promotional stunt goes wrong
79 Samsung to try to upstage iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C with 'iWatch killer' and yet another giant phone on September 4
80 Intel's 12-Core Xeon with 30MB of L3 cache: Apple's new Mac Pro CPU?
81 George Soros boosts stake in Apple
82 China Mobile chairman handles Apple question delicately
83 U.S.A. v. Apple: Apple faces possible May 2014 trial on e-book damages
84 Gmail users have no reasonable expectation of privacy, Google says in filing
85 RBC Capital ups Apple target to $525 from $475
86 Samsung posts bond with U.S. ITC, confirming its continued infringement of Apple's patents
87 Walter Isaacson on Apple after Steve Jobs (with video)
88 Apple patent application reveals redesigns MagSafe and new flexible audio connector
89 Rush Limbaugh: Steve Jobs has greatly influenced Ashton Kutcher (with video)
90 Canalys: Unlike Apple's iPad, Android tablets lack high-quality, tablet-optimized apps
91 Apple gears up for the video discovery wars
92 Structures demolished as Apple guts HP campus for 'Mothership' landing area
93 The tiny changes make you fall in love with Apple's iOS 7
94 Apple's forthcoming Mac Pro powerhouse could break 30,000 in Geekbench
95 Apple e-book judge Cote makes short work of Apple's list of nine evidentiary 'errors'
96 Apple patent application details camera design for thinner iOS devices using GRIN Technology
97 Apple to release iOS 7 gold master to partners September 5th; public release expected by September 17th
98 Is Apple stock targeting $580?
99 RBC sees room for Apple to take on another $55 billion in debt
100 Apple acquired Matcha for its proprietary recommendation algorithm
101 Beleaguered Dell's quarterly profit plummets 72% as PC sales shrink
102 Apple may have missed the boat on buying Twitter
103 Apple seeds iOS 7 beta 6
104 New iPhone, 4G technology may mean Apple, China Mobile tie-up closer
105 Apple App Store antitrust complaint dismissed on procedural grounds by U.S. judge
106 The Boston Globe reviews Ashton Kutcher's 'Jobs' biopic: 'More like the Cube than the iPod'
107 How Steve Jobs got AT&T's Cingular Wireless to share revenue
108 Apple's A7 processor expected to be 20% more efficient than A6; debut in 'iPhone 5S'
109 Ashton Kutcher responds to Woz's criticism of 'Jobs' biopic (with video)
110 iPhone 5S to offer 'champagne gold' color, 128GB storage options, move up to 64-bit computing, analyst predicts
111 Battle of the billion-dollar buybacks: Apple vs. Microsoft
112 Can Carl Icahn shape the future of Apple?
113 Apple's day of reckoning: Will iPhone 5S and iOS 7 be enough to attract new and upgrading customers?
114 Tim Bajarin: Why Larry Ellison is wrong about the post-Steve Jobs Apple
115 Analyst: Apple to kill iPhone 5 in September
116 Apple could unveil TV-focused product this November
117 NY Times reviews 'Jobs' bioflick: 'All the sex appeal of a PowerPoint presentation'
118 iPhone roadkill: Beleaguered BlackBerry is dead company walking
119 Sony's upcoming iPhone-compatible wireless camera lenses revealed in leak
120 Why hedge fund rock star David Einhorn picked Apple over Microsoft
121 Photos of champagne gold-colored iPhone 5S surface
122 Apple asks iOS developers to classify apps by age range for new 'Kids' App Store category
123 Apple's iPhone 5C is all about building share for 16:9 screen
124 Apple: Inside Carl Icahn's indecent proposal
125 Apple debuts Mac Pro teaser trailer in movie theaters with 'fall 2013' tagline
126 Apple releases iTunes 11.0.5
127 New fingerprint sensor patent from Apple revealed in Europe
128 Treating post-stroke depression with Xingnao Jieyu capsules or fluoxetine
129 Rescue workers who participated in relief for the Wenchuan earthquake suffer PTSD
130 Intestinal failure-associated liver disease reversed in 6 months by fish oil
131 Reducing prostate cancer risk safely with finasteride
132 Surgical Safety Checklist is no magic bullet to prevent unsafe surgery, say researchers
133 Study helps to explain why we lose our balance
134 Improved access to youth services likely following mental health youth
135 The development of BRAF inhibitors is a major milestone in treating patients with BRAF-mutant melanoma
136 Neutron studies of HIV inhibitors reveal new areas for improvement
137 Post-exercise muscle soreness may be relieved by watermelon juice
138 Study shows feasibility of collecting alcohol brand consumption data in the ER
139 Researchers seek a genetic answer to the Alzheimer's riddle
140 Many people unnecessarily fear low amounts of chemicals in their food
141 With a little help from their Virtual friend, older Latino adults get more exercise
142 Invasive breast cancer surgery increasing with growing use of MRIs
143 No evidence that impaired blood flow or blockage in veins of neck or head is involved in MS
144 Mortality risk in COPD and sleep apnea reduced by CPAP
145 Targeting aggressive prostate cancer--collaborative study shows how non-coding RNAs fuel cancer growth
146 Characteristics of family killers revealed by first taxonomy study
147 Siemens introduces the future of molecular imaging
148 Malaria DNA vaccine demonstrates robust immune responses in animal models
149 NICE does not recommend Xalkoriq (crizotinib)--a new advance in 'personalised medicine' for lung cancer patients
150 New study puts a price on drug-resistant TB cases in EU
151 Trends in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis treatments
152 International team reveals 21 'signatures' in 30 common cancers
153 Expanded role of paramedics shows promise for closing California's health-care gaps
154 Purdue innovation could improve personalized cancer-care outcomes
155 The Lancet: UK government is treating NHS like a failing bank or business
156 Reprogrammed treatment-resistant lymphomas respond to cancer drugs
157 Brain injuries: measuring consciousness by 'perturbing the brain'
158 Could Facebook be making you miserable?
159 ADHD more likely in children with asthma or allergies
160 Big breakfast diet could 'boost fertility for PCOS women'
161 Four cups of coffee a day linked to risk of early death
162 Portable eye clinic in a smartphone
163 Research 'backs watchful waiting' in prostate cancer
164 MRSA traced back to cattle infections
165 Prevention strategies the focus of first animal model for sexual transmission of HIV
166 Newly discovered safety risks related to anti-epileptic drugs not passed to neurologists
167 Body's defense system against infection shut down by potent mechanism in viruses
168 School suspension an increased risk for children exposed to lead
169 Fighting cancer with nanoparticles
170 Consumer choices may be adversely affected by irrelevant information in medical testimonials
171 Study of melittin-based pore formation has implications for fighting cancer and bacteria
172 Preventing lung injuries in very premature babies: Current therapies less effective than expected
173 Money motivates employees to lose weight
174 New brain drugs could follow 'rocking receptor' discovery
175 Safer heart surgery from humble blood pressure cuff
176 Spouse in pain? Love affects sleep, study shows
177 Stem cell spine injections for MS--trial approved