File Title
1 Extreme heat waves to become more common
2 Window coating blocks heat and light
3 Singing helps you learn a new language
4 Milestone study probes cancer origin
5 Criminologists identify family killer characteristics
6 Ostrich necks give clues to dinosaur flexibility
7 Reading skill linked to differences in brain structure
8 Optician's clinic that fits a pocket
9 Is there any such thing as 'road tax'?
10 Could hairy wood ants change the way we communicate?
11 The art of slowing down in southern Italy
12 Cairo offices torched as Egypt death toll mounts
13 Japan ministers in Yasukuni visit as PM Abe sends offering
14 New Zealand marks dedication of Christchurch cardboard cathedral
15 Bradley Manning 'sorry' for hurting US at Wikileaks trial
16 Badar Azim: Does the Queen's ex-footman live in a slum?
17 Online porn boom: Liberating minds or damaging brains?
18 Hassan Rouhani and Iran's nuclear opportunity
19 Mouth bacteria may trigger bowel cancer
20 Olympic Bond parachutist Mark Sutton killed
21 Facebook use 'makes people feel worse about themselves'
22 Smartphones outsell basic feature handsets
23 Canadian 'send drugs' Twitter user fired from job
24 Michael Jackson's ex-wife recalls star's fear of pain
25 Blake's 7 cult BBC classic 'to be remade for Xbox Live'
26 Last reel: The death of the drive-in cinema?
27 New York Times website returns online
28 Few Experts Want to Talk About Hyperloop
29 Rats and Machines Enlisted to Test Sweeteners
30 Windows 8.1 Coming as Free Download on October 17
31 Facebook Testing an App for Celebrities Only
32 Google Adds Personalized Search Results for Your Flight Info, Reservations and More
33 New Zealand Flight Authority Grants Permit for Piloting Jetpacks
34 'Hey Girl' Browser Extension Replaces Website Images with Ryan Gosling
35 New $100 Bills to Be Released On Time Despite Printing Mistake
36 Grandma Gives Birth to Twin Granddaughters
37 Chipotle Considering Change to Allow Antibiotics
38 Hospital Employee Pleads Guilty to Infecting Patients With Hepatitis C
39 New Diet Coke Ad Reassures Consumers About Aspartame Safety
40 10 Surprising Antidepressant Facts
41 Four American Bulldog Puppies Home After Kidnapping
42 Welcome to the "Internet of Things," where even lights aren't hacker safe
43 Lavabit founder, under gag order, speaks out about shutdown decision
44 Earth's inner heat helps control Greenland's ice
45 Supernova lights up galaxy at the end of the Universe's dark ages
46 Mapping the magnetic field of our galaxy's supermassive black hole
47 Bill Gates still helping known patent trolls obtain more patents
48 Once the province of Windows XP, Web servers are hackers' target of choice
49 Raspberry Fly? Airware's Linux and ARM developer platform for drones
50 public beta gets the iOS 7 treatment as new OS nears release
51 Google confirms critical Android crypto flaw used in $5,700 Bitcoin heist
52 SpaceX's Grasshopper rocket leaps sideways in amazing test flight
53 British cat DNA database helps convict killer
54 CVS no longer to require ID for nail polish remover purchase
55 U.S. infertility rates falling, says CDC
56 Living, breathing, glowing rabbits successfully born
57 Outages hit Microsoft's, SkyDrive
58 New species of fly identified in Caribbean
59 Samsung faces Brazil lawsuit over labor conditions
60 Oracle CEO Ellison on America's Cup racing: "It has to be a little bit risky"
61 Why Samsung's curved-screen TV might be a "game changer"
62 College students more empathetic towards dogs than human adults
63 Carl Icahn's Apple support sends tech giant's stock soaring
64 Tech tycoon Larry Ellison on NSA surveillance
65 Baby monitor hacked, spies on Texas child
66 Researchers create robot that jumps
67 New species of cave fish identified
68 Secret Service releases first 100 pages of Aaron Swartz's file
69 Warrants reveal shocking details about Calif. teen's kidnapping
70 UPS plane crash: Birmingham residents describe "balls of fire"
71 More Fast and Furious guns surface at crimes in Mexico
72 Calif. teen Hannah Anderson: Captor got what he deserved
73 Obama rodeo clown not one of Missouri's "finer moments," W.H. says
74 CBS News checks out controversial villa on top of Beijing building
75 Did she really just say that? Xin on democracy
76 Jodi Arias Update: Judge denies motion to vacate death penalty option
77 Key consumer protection in Obamacare delayed
78 Baby Veronica adoptive parents Matt, Melanie Capobianco seek deal over custody
79 Fake mountain villa in China: How did illegal construction go up on high-rise?
80 Clinton camp fires back after Weiner's 2016 comments
81 UPS cargo plane's "black boxes" still in wreckage
82 Paralyzed Ohio woman walks down aisle on wedding day
83 At Seattle's annual Hempfest, police to hand out Doritos
84 With or without Congress, immigration reform moves along
85 Despite focusing on the economy, Obama's approval slides
86 Aide: Obama played cards to pass time during bin Laden raid
87 Obama: Violence in Egypt "needs to stop"
88 Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. to serve 30 months in prison
89 Democrats test 2016 waters, even as Clinton looms
90 Newark Mayor Cory Booker wins Democratic primary for U.S. Senate seat
91 California law allows transgender students to pick bathrooms, sports teams they identify with
92 Funeral director says Chicago gun violence destroying city
93 CVS no longer to require ID for nail polish remover purchase
94 An "expensive blessing": Raising a kid costs $241k
95 A mother's dilemma: Stay at home or not?
96 Bill Gates on Steve Jobs: We grew up together
97 Mortgage mess: Who really owns your mortgage?
98 Roger Waters: Why I left Pink Floyd
99 Bezos bets on Wash Post--what exactly did he buy?
100 Whistleblower facing foreclosure wins $18 million
101 Bulger's love of killing
102 Hannah Anderson Update: Slain kidnap suspect James DiMaggio had multiple bullet wounds, family says
103 Summer Michelle Hansen, Calif. high school teacher, accused of having sex with 5 students
104 Israel Keyes Update: Remains of at least 5 victims of Alaska serial killer are in Washington, FBI interviews indicate
105 Hannah Anderson Update: DiMaggio tortured mother and son, 8, before killing them and kidnapping teen, warrant says
106 Victoria Glover, Md. woman, fatally shot while putting 3-year-old boy in car, cops say
107 Alexis Murphy Update: Search for missing teenager renews interest in disappearance of another Va. teen
108 Cassidy Wolf, Miss Teen USA, claims she was extorted by an online hacker, report says
109 Miami corrections officers investigated after jail cells open unexpectedly, inmate ambushed
110 Chicago restaurant owner tells would-be robbers he's too busy, come back in an they did
111 Hannah Anderson Update: California teen was a "victim in every sense of the word," sheriff says
112 Texas man fatally shoots himself at hospital hours after wife gives birth, police say
113 Diner profits from waitress error, steals away with credit card, report says
114 Young "brain-eating" amoeba victims fight for survival
115 New technology can measure conciousness, scientists say
116 Morgellons disease exists "only in patients' minds," study shows
117 Lab tech pleads guilty to causing N.H. hepatitis C outbreak
118 $9M bond for doc accused of misdiagnosing cancer