File Title
1 Stress helps cane toads' desert invasion
2 Deep sea worms prefer whale bone over shipwrecks
3 Autism risk linked to induced labour
4 Invasive ants: 'Stowaway' insects spreading around world
5 Antarctic: Where 'zombies' thrive and shipwrecks are preserved
6 Chad suspends China firm CNPC over oil spill
7 Egypt protests: Bloodshed as Pro-Morsi camps cleared
8 'Pilots die' in UPS plane crash in Birmingham, Alabama
9 Hacker 'shouts abuse' via Foscam baby monitoring camera
10 Israel-Palestinian talks set to resume in Jerusalem
11 Is the New York mayor the most powerful in the world?
12 US concealed gun safety teacher shoots student
13 Sky News cameraman Mick Deane shot and killed in Egypt
14 Louisiana police kill bank hostage-taker
15 Lockheed's U-2: Spying on the world at the end of space
16 AK Antony laments 'tragedy' of India submarine blast
17 Grey's Anatomy star Sandra Oh to leave show
18 Berlin start-ups: Cool and commerce coming together?
19 Eurozone comes out of recession
20 Unauthorised YouTube adverts exposed by security firm
21 Peter Doig: A voyage into the unknown
22 Architects' homes: Biographies in solid materials
23 Vivien Leigh archive acquired by V&A
24 Hollywood studios reach deal with China over tax row
25 The dark side of the golden years
26 Egypt declares national emergency
27 Samsung Brazil violated labour laws, prosecutors allege
28 Bruce Willis Sky broadband advert banned
29 Investor Carl Icahn buys stake in 'undervalued' Apple
30 Anchorman Ron Burgundy writes 'tell all autobiography'
31 Dyslexia 'seen in brain scans' of pre-school children
32 Shortening Tails Enabled Early Birds To Develop Versatile Legs, Giving Them An Evolutionary Edge
33 Oldest Rock Art in North America Revealed
34 New CU-Boulder led research effort dates oldest petroglyphs known in North America
35 Mystery Over Pristine Shipwrecks, Dead Whales Solved
36 Bone-eating worms thrive in the Antarctic
37 Team of scientists create cloned glow-in-the-dark rabbits
38 Team of Hawaiian scientists produce a litter of cloned rabbits that glow green in the dark
39 Swedish men told to beware testicle-munching fish
40 Fears of 'Testicle-Eating' Fish Overblown
41 Toothy pacu fish caught in Swedish waters; skinny dippers are warned
42 Speedy Light Slowed to a Crawl in Liquid Crystal Matrix
43 Researchers levitate diamonds using only a beam of light
44 WeatherSignal hacks your phone's sensors to turn it into a weather station
45 Air pollution takes toll on tourism in China
46 The Physics Behind Schrodinger's Cat Paradox
47 What is it like to be Schrodinger's cat?
48 Ancient redwoods in growth spurt of a lifetime
49 Global warming can't slow growth of redwoods or sequoias, new study shows
50 More than 100,000 want to go to Mars and not return, project says
51 Best Video Applications for a One-Way Trip to Mars
52 Penn Researchers Strive for a More Athletic Robot
53 NASA to send 'Star Trek replicator' to space station
54 Can the International Space Station Really Last Beyond 2020?
55 Neanderthal tools present new challenges to archaeologists
56 Did Neanderthals Teach Humans How to Make Tools?
57 Neanderthals were more advanced, study suggests
58 Earth in crossfire on NASA hazardous asteroid map
59 New Class of "Easily Retrievable" Asteroids Discovered
60 Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, It's Off to the Asteroid Mines We Go?
61 NASA prepares $100 million in contract opportunities for planned 2020 mission to Mars
62 Have A Space Burial As Elysium Sends Your Ashes Into Orbit
63 Elysium Program Launches Loved One's Ashes Into Space, Comes Back As Shooting Star (VIDEO)
64 Not 'Elysium,' But Better 'Ringworld' Settlements Could Return Our Future to Its Past (Commentary)
65 Possible Hints of Consciousness After Death Found in Rats
66 Surge of brain activity may explain near-death experience, study says
67 Teen Added to Heart Transplant List After Hospital's Change of Heart, Family Says
68 Dying teen added to heart transplant list after family's plea
69 Infertility down slightly among married US women
70 Infertility data show no rise, despite marriage delays
71 Brain scans may help diagnose dyslexia
72 Brain Scans May ID Dyslexia Early On
73 Even recommended levels of sugar shown to be toxic to mice
74 Three-soda-a-day sugar habit could be toxic, Utah study finds
75 Scientists say sugar at levels considered safe is harmful
76 Preterm Birth Linked with Poor Heart Health in the Future
77 Preterm Birth Linked To Adult Heart Problems
78 Fast Surgery May Boost Survival for Leaky Heart Valves
79 Early surgery bests "watchful waiting" in severe MR patients without symptoms
80 Real-World Use Confirms Bigger CRT Benefits for Some
81 MannKind's inhaled insulin offers diabetics freedom from shots
82 Children of obese mothers face heart risk in midlife
83 Brain-eating amoebas: What you need to know
84 Boy infected with rare brain-eating amoeba in Florida
85 Induced labor may increase risk of autism in offspring
86 Autism linked to induced or augmented labor, study says
87 Having More Siblings Might Lower Your Divorce Risk
88 Sports-Related Sudden Death More Likely to Occur in Men: Study
89 Can you name these famous faces? If not, you could be developing early onset Alzheimer's disease
90 People with early dementia don't know some famous people
91 Inability to recognize famous faces may be sign of early-onset dementia
92 West Nile virus found in Saskatoon
93 Russian surgeon arrested for taking heroin from patient's stomach
94 48% of policyholders will get health-law subsidies, report says
95 Obamacare in California: A key test, and 'people will be watching'
96 Researchers Link Childhood Stomachaches with Mental Health Issues
97 Kids' Abdominal Pain Tied to Mental Distress in Adulthood
98 College students more empathetic towards dogs than human adults
99 Abused Puppies Get More Sympathy Than Adult Crime Victims
100 Near-death experiences aren't figment of imagination, study shows
101 Neanderthals were more advanced, study suggests
102 Google: Gmail users have no expectation of privacy
103 Teens Quit Pot If Their Friends Are Smoke-Free
104 Near-Death Experiences May Be Triggered by Surging Brain Activity
105 Did Neanderthals Teach Modern Humans How to Make Tools?
106 Autism Linked with Induced Labor
107 New Cavefish Found in Sinkhole, Named for Fever
108 Dirt: Correcting a Climate-Model Missing Link (Op-Ed)
109 Baby Messiah: Why Court-Ordered Name Change Sparked Outrage
110 Horsemeat Trade Leaves Consumers Wondering What's on Their Plates (Op-Ed)
111 Hyperloop Unveiled: Billionaire Elon Musk Reveals Wild Idea for Superfast Travel
112 Before Hyperloop: 6 Futuristic Transit Ideas
113 Can Elon Musk's Superfast 'Hyperloop' Transit System Really Be Built?
114 How Men's Jobs May Affect Their Housework
115 Home Life Stresses Working Moms More Than Dads
116 Ex-Google Exec Believes In Crowdfunding Entrepreneurship
117 Google Glass Required? Wearable Tech Hits the Office
118 When Online Shoppers Are Likely to Overspend
119 The Truth About College Students and Casual Sex Revealed
120 Oldest Rock Art in North America Revealed
121 6 Ways Entrepreneur Elon Musk Is Changing the World
122 Taiwan's Coral Reefs and Other Hidden Gems
123 Tiny Diamonds Levitate in Wild Physics Experiment
124 NASA Maps Dangerous Asteroids That May Threaten Earth (Photos)
125 Sustainable Energy Breakthrough: Hydrogen Fuel from Sunlight
126 West Antarctica Warmed Quickly...20,000 Years Ago