File Title
1 Microchips can now mimic the brain
2 Arctic methane release would cost planet $60 trillion, scientists warn
3 Chemists develop 'fresh, new' approach to making alloy nanomaterials
4 Chemists design 'smart' nanoparticles to improve drug delivery, DNA self-assembly
5 Bubbles are the new lenses for nanoscale light beams
6 Raman pixel by pixel
7 Bio-assisted nanophotocatalyst for hydrogen production
8 Pass the salt: Common condiment could enable new high-tech industry
9 Molecules form 2-D patterns never before observed: Experiments produce elusive 5-vertex tilings
10 DNA nanorobots find and tag cellular targets
11 Magnetic switching simplified
12 Self-healing solar cells 'channel' natural processes
13 Gold 'nanoprobes' hold the key to treating killer diseases
14 Battery design gets boost from aligned carbon nanotubes
15 Size matters in nanocrystals' ability to adsorb, release gases
16 Making a mini Mona Lisa
17 Understanding interface properties of graphene paves way for new applications
18 Heterogeneous nanoblocks give polymers an edge
19 Researchers develop nanodiamond thermometer to take temperature of individual cells
20 'Soft' approach leads to revolutionary energy storage
21 Eucalyptus macrocarpa is giving nano-medicine a boost
22 Saws made of carbon
23 Sulfide and iron work together to reveal a new path for radionuclide sequestration
24 Researchers discover universal law for light absorption in 2D semiconductors
25 Using gold and light to study molecules in water
26 Tiny, brightly shining silicon crystals could be safe for deep-tissue imaging
27 Wonders of nature inspire exotic man-made materials
28 Physicists propose Higgs boson 'portal' as the source of this elusive entity
29 Researchers discover midair collisions enhance the strength of sandstorms
30 Disorder creates rust protection
31 Following Higgs discovery, physicists offer vision to unravel mysteries of universe
32 Controlling skyrmions for better electronics
33 Theorist helps sharpen tests of fundamental theory in high energy experiments
34 Physicists discover atomic clock can simulate quantum magnetism
35 New physics in a copper-iridium compound
36 A new tool to split X-ray laser pulses
37 Crackling noise during growth
38 Fast detector for a wide wavelength range
39 Terahertz technology fights fashion fraud
40 New insights into the one-in-a-million lightning called 'ball lightning'
41 Unruly plasmas: Researchers challenge Bohr-van Leeuwen theorem
42 Squeezed light produced using silicon micromechanical system
43 Regulating electron 'spin' may be key to making organic solar cells competitive
44 Simulation shows colloids can form into non-crystalline state at below freezing temperatures
45 What's the matter? Q-glasses could be a new class of solids
46 New high-tech laser method allows DNA to be inserted 'gently' into living cells
47 Diamonds are a laser scientist's new best friend
48 Novel beams made of twisted atoms
49 Getting to the core of Fukushima
50 Physicists freeze motion of light for a minute
51 Altering organic molecules' interaction with light
52 High-speed camera captures dancing droplets for scientific 'photo album,' study (w/ Video)
53 NASA 'fire towers' in space watch for wildfires on the rise
54 Meteor shower will be visible from Chicago suburbs
55 Seasonal carbon dioxide range expanding as more is added to Earth's atmosphere
56 Oil exploration threatens Africa's billion dollar World Heritage Site
57 Constructing a 3-D map of the large-scale structure of the universe
58 Researchers devise a way to measure volatile organic compound exchange in the atmosphere
59 Perseids promise spectacular shooting star show
60 Bird eggs reveal urban pollution
61 Deep Earth heat surprise
62 Heliophysics nugget: Mapping tons of meteoric dust in the sky
63 NASA paints a panorama of Pacific tropical cyclones
64 NASA sees some strength in developing Tropical Depression 11W headed for Luzon
65 Astronomers celebrate 'celestial pollution' from Perseid Meteor Shower
66 Philippine oil spill turns Manila Bay red
67 North Atlantic atmospheric circulation increases mountainous weather systems and river flow in upland Britain
68 Enhanced oil recovery research lab targets stranded reserves
69 Innovative project gives South American communities a voice in protecting their own environments
70 Researchers constrain the sources of climate- and health-afflicting air pollution from China
71 Hubble finds source of Magellanic Stream
72 New NASA mission to help us learn how to mine asteroids
73 Climate change is impacting California, report says
74 Three-decade decline in reflectivity of Arctic sea ice
75 Ozone hole might slightly warm planet
76 ArduSat-1 and ArduSat-X CubeSats launched into space
77 Poised for discovery: Gemini's much-anticipated infrared instrument goes on-sky
78 Finland team has bed sensor to measure sleep
79 Researchers inaugurate ultra-fast satellite computer
80 LG unveils large G2 phone free of side buttons
81 Researches build robot to sniff out methane at landfills
82 SkySweeper robot makes inspecting power lines easy and inexpensive (w/ Video)
83 Robots: How long before they're part of the family?
84 Third party charger trouble sparks Apple trade-in plan
85 Microsoft cuts price of high end Surface tablets
86 DALER project shows a walking flying robot (w/ Video)
87 3D printer-built robot has insect moves (w/ Video)
88 Review: Motorola phone notable for customization
89 Moto X: Motorola unveils its first Google smartphone
90 Robot turning Japanese children into calligraphers
91 Speculation about new Apple products kicks into overdrive
92 Australia's new supercomputer a boon for climate scientists
93 Review: Chromecast streams media at a nice price
94 UCSC acquires powerful new astrophysics supercomputer system
95 Will robots take over the world?
96 Will smart watches find many buyers?
97 Samsung now mass producing industry's fastest embedded memory
98 Hacker group finds a way to gain root access to Chromecast
99 Smart home security device gets even smarter over time
100 Japan's IBIS keyhole surgery robot demonstrated (w/ Video)
101 Review: Nexus 7 good value, even with higher price
102 A robot that jumps, flips, and does pull-ups
103 PayPal keen on collaboration for cash-free future
104 Sheryl Sandberg sells $91 million of Facebook stock
105 Fukushima operator pumps out toxic groundwater
106 Some Samsung imports banned in US patent case
107 Duel over Apple's punishment for e-book price-fixing
108 Researchers speed up transistors by embedding tunneling field-effect transistor
109 German companies to automatically encrypt emails (Update)
110 MakerBot printers come to more Microsoft stores
111 Carlos Slim in $9.6BN bid for Dutch telecom KPN
112 Obama met IT, telecoms chiefs on surveillance (Update)
113 More than ninety percent of newspaper reading still with print editions
114 Tumblr founder to get $81M to remain at Yahoo
115 Judge blocks NJ state law on online sex ads
116 Radar exposing water leaks
117 Ghanaian farmers get customized farming information via SMS messages
118 US man faces fine for disrupting airport satellite (Update)
119 Innovative environmental technology to identify pipeline damage in muddy water
120 S. Korea tests 'electric road' for public buses
121 IBM creates new foundation to program SyNAPSE chips inspired by human brain
122 Software developer questions why Google Chrome allows for display of saved passwords in plain text
123 Leasing solar a cost-saving option for homeowners
124 Review: First peek through Google Glass impresses
125 Email service linked to Edward Snowden shuts down (Update)
126 Use digital signal processing engineering to prevent a flash crash on Wall Street, prof says
127 Drone delivers beer not bombs at S. Africa music festival
128 Five times less platinum: Fuel cells could become economically more attractive thanks to novel aerogel catalyst
129 New insights into the polymer mystique for conducting charges
130 New analysis shows how proteins shift into working mode
131 Laser pulses reveal DNA repair mechanisms
132 A better trigger for targeted drug delivery
133 Predictive models of environmental reaction kinetics made more accurate, scalable
134 Could naturally dyed clothes stop you feeling blue?
135 A path to better multivariate metal organic frameworks
136 Scientists seek silicon's successor
137 Chemists' work will aid drug design to target cancer and inflammatory disease
138 Scientific breakthrough reveals how vitamin B12 is made
139 Researchers hope better catalysts lead to better ways of converting biomass to fuel
140 Using X-ray vision to detect unseen gold
141 New forensic technique for analysing lipstick traces
142 Scientists fight antibiotic-resistant diseases with technology
143 Development of new heat insulating paint using irregular silica
144 New method makes milk safer and tastier
145 Researchers remove oil from water using copper cones inspired by cactus spines (w/ Video)
146 The temperature tastes just right: Scientists discover new insect temperature sensor
147 Synthetic polymers enable cheap, efficient, durable alkaline fuel cells
148 Caffeine 'traffic light': Do you want to know how much caffeine is in your drink?
149 Artificial photosynthesis to make plants green with envy
150 A greener, more sustainable source of ingredients for widely used plastics
151 Welcome to the new era of University, Inc.
152 New microchip sorts white blood cells from whole blood
153 Do fish feel pain?
154 The 'genetics of sand' may shed new light on evolutionary process over millions of years
155 Cells eat themselves into shape
156 Helper cells aptly named in battle with invading pathogens
157 Genomic and computational tools provide window to distant past
158 Study: Dolphins can problem solve like humans
159 US probes spike in dolphin deaths off East Coast (Update)
160 Whole-genome sequencing uncovers the mysteries of the endangered Chinese alligator
161 Tahiti: A very hot biodiversity hot spot in the Pacific
162 Enzyme that unravels RNA molecules has crucial role in plant development
163 Pilbara gecko genetics shaped by geographical processes
164 Green sea turtles eating more plastic than ever
165 Scientist names new fly species after the professor who has supported his work
166 Indian tiger reserve on path to revival with discovery of three additional species
167 Study reveals top traits of different sheep breeds
168 Togo police seize 700 kilos of ivory
169 Britain's lone female giant panda 'may be pregnant'
170 Researcher uses DNA to demonstrate just how closely everyone on Earth is related to everyone else
171 Atomic insights into how plant steroid hormone makes plants grow
172 'Digging up' 4-billion-year-old fossil protein structures to reveal how they evolved
173 Scientists devise innovative method to profile and predict the behavior of proteins
174 Little Elongation Complex: Study reveals key piece of RNA-splicing machinery
175 Headbanging termites send out smoke signals
176 Researchers synthesize asymmetrical glycans
177 Preventing the spread of repression
178 Study examines beliefs about who should pay for dates
179 Wealthier minorities more likely than white counterparts to receive subprime loans, study finds
180 Smart enough to know better: Intelligence is not a remedy for racism
181 Why does the American middle class continue to struggle financially?
182 Study finds more tweets means more votes for political candidates
183 Research shows negative effects of half-siblings
184 Research explores evolution of hip-hop from party music to political platform
185 People have more empathy for battered dogs than human adult, but not child, victims
186 Fresh analysis of dinosaur skulls finds three species are one
187 Study: Loan debt can shape students' college years, experiences
188 Cultural mythologies strongly influence women's expectations about being pregnant
189 Immigration reform should consider families, social ties, prof says
190 The world according to Itskov: Futurists convene at GF2045 (Part 2)
191 The day before death: A new archaeological technique gives insight into the day before death
192 Longer term view needed of aging migrants
193 Mapping the changing nature of employment
194 Research shows cellphone use may not cause more car crashes
195 Cities with high racial economic inequality and widespread poverty increase police force size
196 Views you can use? How online ratings affect your judgment
197 Work on new railway line digs up London history (Update)
198 Guatemala: 'Extraordinary' Mayan frieze found
199 Facebook photos damage relationships, study finds
200 NYC becomes archaeological site covering centuries
201 Research finds narcissistic CEOs more likely to adopt disruptive technologies
202 Women separating risk poverty in old age to retain family home
203 Japanese supercomputer takes big byte out of the brain
204 What color is your night light? It may affect your mood
205 Why don't we all get Alzheimer's disease?
206 Making connections in the eye: Wiring diagram of retinal neurons is first step toward mapping the human brain
207 Neurobiologists discover elementary motion detectors in the fruit fly
208 Nanodrug targeting breast cancer cells from the inside adds weapon: Immune system attack
209 Study monitors DNA breaks and chromosome translocations in real time
210 Muscle health depends on sugar superstructure
211 Researchers find caffeine during pregnancy negatively impacts mice brains
212 How parents see themselves may affect their child's brain and stress level
213 Ultrasound device might be a mood booster
214 New study suggests chronic cocaine use causes profound metabolic changes, reducing the body's ability to store fat
215 How players strike keys depends on how muscles are used for keystrokes that occur before and after
216 Low childhood conscientiousness predicts adult obesity
217 New inhibitor blocks the oncogenic protein KRAS
218 Researchers show how brain's micro-environment fuels metastatic tumor growth
219 Study finds that some depressed adolescents are at higher risk for developing anxiety
220 Formula-fed babies may be more susceptible to chronic disease, study finds
221 Scientists find key signal that guides brain development
222 Researchers propose new experiments on mutant bird flu (Update)
223 Genetic evidence shows recent population mixture in India
224 Autism affects different parts of the brain in women and men
225 Researchers extend human epigenomic map
226 With early, obvious benefit of a targeted cancer drug, should expensive clinical testing continue?
227 Latino genomes point way to hidden DNA: 20 million missing base pairs mapped
228 Scientists watch live brain cell circuits spark and fire (w/ Video)
229 Robot treats brain clots with steerable needles (w/ Video)
230 Study shows microRNAs can trigger lymphomas
231 Study suggests way to fight therapy resistant leukemia by blocking DNA repair
232 Gene regulator is key to healthy retinal development and good vision in adulthood