File Title
1 Old formula teaching astronomers new tricks
2 Online likes can foster a herd mentality
3 Bug 'soup' serves up biodiversity bonanza
4 Bacteria give lessons in investment economics
5 Chernobyl's legacy recorded in trees
6 'Golden rice' GM trial vandalised in the Philippines
7 MERS coronavirus: Dromedary camels could be source
8 Edinburgh Zoo panda Tian Tian 'may be pregnant'
9 Hen harriers 'face extinction' in England as nests fail
10 Fears oldest osprey may never return to Dunkeld
11 Hen harriers are 'on brink of extinction in England,' says RSPB
12 Hen harrier close to extinction in England, says RSPB
13 Hen harriers on brink of extinction in England with NO chicks hatched this year
14 Autism 'affects male and female brains differently'
15 University of Manchester scientist names fly after colleague
16 Science and maths teacher shortage may loom for England
17 Goal-line technology: Premier League has one eye on the TV
18 The problem with panda pregnancies
19 The pill that texts the doctor--from inside your body
20 Snowden link to encrypted email service closes
21 Oprah Winfrey 'racism row' a 'misunderstanding'
22 Oprah Winfrey 'was victim of racism' in Switzerland
23 Vietnam pair coaxed out of jungle
24 Nine killed in gun attack in Pakistani city of Quetta
25 Rehtaeh Parsons: Child porn charges in cyber-bully death
26 How do you recover from being struck by lightning?
27 How many acid attacks are there?
28 Children taken from mafia families to try to stop cycle of violence
29 Lebanon kidnap: Turkish Airlines pilots seized
30 Florida teenager Israel Hernandez-Llach dies after stun gun shot
31 Resurrected protein's clue to origins of life
32 Karen Black, Easy Rider actress dies aged 74
33 CEO Guru: Taking decisions can be tough at the top
34 The right way to get noticed in your career
35 40 years on from the party where hip hop was born
36 Mobile phone drivers 'not linked' to accident figures
37 Publishers challenge Apple e-book restrictions
38 The Pirate Bay: BitTorrent site sails to its 10th birthday
39 The face machine that knows if you're happy or bored
40 John Kerry: US and Russia must talk despite 'collisions'
41 Zimbabwe's MDC challenges Robert Mugabe election victory
42 Fertility App Will Pay For Fertility Treatments If You Can't Get Pregnant
43 Detection Kit Displays Caffeine Concentrations Like a Traffic Light
44 Upvotes and Downvotes on Social Media Sites Not Created Equal
45 Social Media Makes for Better Student Writing, Not Worse, Teachers Say
46 Obama Does Reddit AMA: President Answers Questions and Crashes Site
47 Think Twice Before You Save Passwords in Your Chrome Browser
48 Re-'Capturing the Friedmans': Convicted Child Molester Still Fighting to Clear His Name
49 Florida Teenager Dies After Police Shock Him With Taser
50 Lady Gaga Goes Nude for Kickstarter Video
51 Mystery of Young Father's Death Spurs Push For Oversight, Uniformity in Coroner's System
52 Facebook Post Claims Miami Man Killed Wife, Shows Apparent Photo of Body
53 Why Drug Tests Can't Catch Doping Athletes
54 The Dark Side of Being a Night Owl
55 Fatal West Nile Infection Likely Caused by Blood Transfusion
56 DIY stalker boxes spy on Wi-Fi users cheaply and with maximum creep value
57 Papers, Please Review: Paper trail of tears
58 Building a panopticon: The evolution of the NSA's XKeyscore
59 New malaria vaccine the first to offer complete protection
60 Online comment systems reveal multiple layers of social bias
61 After Lavabit shutdown, another encrypted e-mail service closes
62 Silent Circle shuts down encrypted email service
63 Study: Dolphins can problem solve like humans
64 Experimental malaria vaccine "PfSPZ" impresses in early study
65 Lung on a chip tech set to revolutionize scientific drug testing
66 Tumblr founder to get $81M to stay at Yahoo
67 Email service linked to Edward Snowden shuts down
68 Extraordinary Mayan frieze found in Guatemala
69 Microsoft releases Xbox One unboxing video
70 NOAA forecasts above-normal hurricane season
71 YouTube founders launch MixBit video sharing app
72 Crash test finds only half of small cars studied receive acceptable rating
73 Pink alien planet is smallest photographed around sun-like star
74 Publishers object to U.S. remedy in Apple e-book case
75 2 Sumatran tiger cubs, a critically endangered species, born at National Zoo
76 Delta 4 rocket carrying communications satellite launched
77 Dogs yawn more often in response to owners' yawns
78 Android extends market share lead over iPhone
79 Samsung seeks smart watch trademarks
80 Oprah Winfrey says racism kept pricey bag out of her hands at Zurich, Switzerland shop
81 Derek Medina, Fla. man, posts picture of dead wife, confession to her murder on Facebook, report says
82 Fla. man accused of killing wife, posting photo
83 Ex-teacher charged with killing 2 in Dallas suburb
84 Karen Black, "Five Easy Pieces" star, dead at 74
85 New York photographer turns strangers into friends
86 Anti-Hillary Clinton super PAC re-launches "Slap Hillary" online game
87 3-year-old girl drowns as babysitter reads Facebook, police say
88 Campaign manager: I'm "holding my nose" working for McConnell
89 Sanjay Gupta backs medical marijuana, apologizes for previous views
90 Study: High blood sugar, but not necessarily diabetes, raises dementia risk
91 Outdoor smoking bans double in U.S. past 5 years
92 Cyclospora sickens more than 500, CDC calls for better technology
93 Two cups of hot cocoa a day sharpen seniors' brains, study suggests
94 James DiMaggio Manhunt: Suspected Calif. abductor may be armed with explosives, authorities say
95 James DiMaggio Manhunt: Suspected Calif. abductor may have abandoned car and rigged it with explosives, police say
96 Vicky Renee Miller, ex-stripper in Texas, goes on trial for attempted murder of fiance
97 Rehtaeh Parsons Update: Two arrests in case of Canadian teen who committed suicide after alleged rape, cyber-bullying
98 Millikin University stands behind James St. James, psych professor who allegedly killed family in 1967
99 McDonald's indoor playground in NYC site of alleged sexual assault by boy, 14, on girl, 4
100 Michael Bresnak, Calif. man, arrested after body of man missing two years is found in freezer
101 The Search for the Dead: Families of boys who died at shuttered Dozier juvenile detention facility seek answers
102 James DiMaggio Manhunt: Amber alerts expand after sightings of suspect's car are reported in Wash. and Ore.
103 Kathleen Dorsett, former N.J. teacher, and her parents sentenced in ex-husband's 2010 murder plot
104 The Search for the Dead: Former inmates at shuttered Dozier juvenile detention facility detail alleged abuse
105 Stand your ground law cited as Fla. prosecutors decline to charge 17-year-old with killing man, 40
106 Dad of missing Calif. kids asks suspect, James DiMaggio, to turn self in
107 James DiMaggio Manhunt: Suspected Calif. abductor had crush on girl, friend says
108 Sliders slipping into cars, stealing pursues, while women pump gas, says NY
109 Southern California's Silver wildfire one of state's fastest moving in 50 years
110 45-year-old engineer comes forward as Minn. winner of Powerball lottery
111 Ohio man badly beaten in dispute for 75 cents dies
112 Underwater homeowners find themselves stranded
113 Demand for bomb-sniffing dogs up after Boston Marathon attack
114 Phila. police chief asks DOJ to probe officers' use of force
115 One year after Curiosity landed on Mars, what comes next?
116 Researchers get green light to exhume bodies at Fla. reform school
117 Presidential vacations: How does Obama compare?
118 Obama likely to get grilled on U.S.-Russia relations
119 2016: The year of the presidential woman?
120 Is Congress getting a better deal than you on Obamacare?
121 Oprah, Bill Clinton to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom
122 Poll: Hispanics favor Democrats 2-to-1 over GOP
123 After Snowden, U.S., Russian officials seek common ground
124 Sandra Coke Missing Update: Parolee probed in federal investigator's disappearance, police say
125 Study: Smokers cost their employers an extra $5,816 a year
126 Shopping may make you more lonely--and shop more
127 Kids' emergency room visits due to magnet injuries on the rise
128 Christina Stephens' "Lego Leg" video inspires amputees