File Title
1 Genetic 'signature' highlights autism risk
2 Sun's magnetic field about to flip
3 Scientists to create bird flu strains to assess risk
4 Resurrected protein's clue to origins of life
5 North Atlantic Oscillation 'amplifies' uplands rainfall
6 Crossrail unearths evidence humans lived on Thames in 7,000 BC
7 Henrietta Lacks: Family win recognition for immortal cells
8 UK bats may be immune to killer fungus
9 Mayan sculpture discovered in Guatemalan pyramid
10 Shark found on New York subway
11 Telescope's close-up of star nursery
12 Bloodhound Diary: Taking stock
13 Viewpoint: Why doping in baseball is punished so severely
14 How to: make a microscope from a webcam
15 The Cronut spawns in London
16 Pakistan Quetta suicide bomber kills at least 28 people
17 Syria conflict: Officials deny Assad motorcade attacked
18 Yemen drone strike: Six al-Qaeda 'militants' die
19 More UK births than any year since 1972, says ONS
20 Rehtaeh Parsons case: Two men arrested over death
21 Viewpoint: Zawahri's bid for al-Qaeda comeback presses Obama
22 Why is cycling so popular in the Netherlands?
23 Cocoa 'might prevent memory decline'
24 British women attacked with acid in Zanzibar
25 Gamers to pay for key Xbox One features
26 Wanted mafia boss Domenico Rancadore arrested in London
27 Hundreds flee uncontained Banning California wildfire
28 Lovelace biopic given green light for release
29 advertisers to quit site in cyberbullying row
30 Newport shooting: Woman dies and man seriously injured
31 Four unusual blue-sky ideas to solve airport capacity
32 Do slimming clubs work?
33 Have pub beer gardens now become smoking gardens?
34 Colombia coca area down by 25%--UN
35 'How I learned to love The Ring Cycle'
36 Boob Jam: Games to depict 'unsexy reality' of breasts
37 Xerox to update scan software after switched number outcry
38 Games pioneer John Carmack joins virtual reality headset firm
39 The family firm at the forefront of selling via Facebook
40 LG puts buttons on back of G2 smartphone
41 Fronczak missing Chicago boy case: FBI reopens probe
42 Eilat airport: Israeli military orders shutdown
43 Why cable companies deserve our scorn
44 When he speaks, global markets shudder
45 Malaria vaccine shows early promise in clinical trials
46 Dustin Hoffman 'successfully treated for cancer'
47 British woman's weighty baby breaks Spanish record
48 Robotic exoskeleton aids hand movement after stroke
49 Xerox Machines Change Documents After Scanning
50 Fertility App Will Pay For Fertility Treatments If You Can't Get Pregnant
51 Turner Syndrome Tot Wins Life's Lottery
52 Why Surprise Looks the Same in Every Country
53 Sarah Murnaghan Celebrates 11th Birthday After Double-Lung Transplant
54 High-Intensity Workouts Carry Risks, Rewards
55 Hands-on with LG's G2 smartphone (and the buttons on the back)
56 Hand of Thief banking trojan doesn't do Windows--but it does Linux
57 The smallest and best new Android phones you can buy aren't small at all
58 Moore's Law could stay on track with extreme UV progress
59 NSA captures Americans' Internet content if it mentions overseas suspects
60 Living, 3D-printed cyborg ear: Promising, but eww
61 Data wants to be free, but somebody has to pay for it
62 NSA captures Americans' Internet content if it mentions overseas suspects
63 Ozone Hole Might Slightly Warm Planet, Computer Model Suggests
64 Hubble Finds Source of Magellanic Stream: Astronomers Explore Origin of Gas Ribbon Wrapped Around Our Galaxy
65 Maya Pyramid Decorated With Rare Polychrome-Painted Stucco Frieze
66 New Proto-Mammal Fossil Sheds Light On Evolution of Earliest Mammals
67 The Temperature Tastes Just Right: Scientists Discover Previously Unknown Thermal Sensor in Insects Linked to Taste, Smell
68 Regulating Electron 'Spin' May Be Key to Making Organic Solar Cells Competitive
69 Q-Glasses Could Be a New Class of Solids
70 First Hundred Thousand Years of Our Universe
71 Strangers Invade the Homes of Giant Bacteria
72 Hormone Receptors May Regulate Effect of Nutrition On Life Expectancy Not Only in Roundworms, but Perhaps Also in Humans
73 Atomic Clock Can Simulate Quantum Magnetism
74 Investigational Malaria Vaccine Found Safe and Protective
75 Pass the Salt: Common Condiment Could Enable New High-Tech Industry--Silicon Nanostructures
76 Dogs Yawn More Often in Response to Owners' Yawns Than Strangers
77 Eavesdropping Plants Prepare to Be Attacked
78 Simple Math Sheds New Light On a Long-Studied Biological Process
79 Motional Layers Found in the Brain: Neurobiologists Discover Elementary Motion Detectors in the Fruit Fly
80 Monarch Butterflies Migration Path Tracked by Generations for First Time
81 Inca Children Were Drugged With Coca and Alcohol Before Sacrifice
82 Type 1 Diabetes Drug Strikingly Effective in Clinical Trial
83 Making Connections in the Eye: Wiring Diagram of Retinal Neurons Is First Step Toward Mapping the Human Brain
84 NIH, Lacks Family Reach Understanding to Share Genomic Data of HeLa Cells
85 Robot Treats Brain Clots With Steerable Needles
86 Views You Can Use? How Online Ratings Affect Your Judgment
87 Muscle Health Depends On Sugar Superstructure
88 Gene Regulator Is Key to Healthy Retinal Development and Good Vision in Adulthood
89 Study Shows Who Survives Burkitt Lymphoma
90 Terahertz Technology Fights Fashion Fraud
91 Molecules Form 2-D Patterns Never Before Observed: Nanoscience Experiments Produce Elusive 5-Vertex Tilings
92 An Infallible Quantum Measurement
93 Carbon Under Pressure Exhibits Interesting Traits
94 Scientists Create Tiny Bendy Power Supply for Even Smaller Portable Electronics
95 Scientists Watch Live Brain Cell Circuits Spark and Fire
96 Increase in Woodpecker Populations Linked to Feasting On Emerald Ash Borer
97 'Digging Up' 4-Billion-Year-Old Fossil Protein Structures to Reveal How They Evolved
98 Key Protein That Modulates Organismal Aging Identified
99 Climate Change Threatens U.S. Estuaries
100 Cesareans Weaken Gut Microbiota and Increase Risk of Allergies
101 Our Brains Can (Unconsciously) Save Us from Temptation
102 Way to Fight Therapy Resistant Leukemia by Blocking DNA Repair
103 Angry Opponents Seem Bigger to Tied Up Men
104 Belief in Precognition Increases Sense of Control Over Life
105 Scientists Identify Biomarker to Predict Immune Response Risk After Stem Cell Transplants
106 First U.S. Implantation of Fully Resorbable Antibacterial Envelope for Cardiac Devices
107 Psoriasis Patients at Increasing Risk for Range of Serious Medical Conditions
108 Treadmill Training After Spinal Cord Injury Promotes Recovery When Inflammation Is Controlled
109 Is Sous Vide Cooking Safe?
110 Protein Involved in Nerve-Cell Migration Implicated in Spread of Brain Cancer
111 Material in Dissolvable Sutures Could Treat Brain Infections, Reducing Hospital Stays
112 Endovascular Treatment Should Still Be an Option for Some Stroke Patients.
113 Study Highlights Need for More Social Responsibility by Online Gaming Industry
114 Brain Molecule Regulating Human Emotion, Mood Uncovered
115 Tracking Twitter May Enhance Monitoring of Food Safety at Restaurants
116 Why Kids Should Not Be Allowed On Trampolines
117 Trust Thy Neighbor: During Times of Community Change, Familiar Sources of Information Feel More Trustworthy
118 Often Misidentified, Multiracial People Value Accurate Perceptions
119 What Color Is Your Night Light? It May Affect Your Mood
120 First Probable Person to Person Transmission of New Bird Flu Virus in China; But H7N9 Is Not Able to Spread Efficiently Between Humans
121 Soil Carbon 'Blowing in the Wind'
122 New Design May Produce Heartier, More Effective Salmonella-Based Vaccines
123 From Harmless Colonizers to Virulent Pathogens: Microbiologists Identify What Triggers Disease
124 'Beetle in Spider's Clothing:' Quaint New Species from Philippine Rainforest Creeks
125 Study Questions Nature's Ability to 'Self-Correct' Climate Change
126 Dolphins Keep Lifelong Social Memories, Longest in a Non-Human Species
127 One Tree's Architecture Reveals Secrets of a Forest
128 Evolutionary Relationships Among Species of 'Magic' Mushrooms Shed Light On Fungi
129 How Plants Avoid Sunburn: Findings Could Lead to Crops With Increased Protection from Bright Light and Enhanced Photosynthesis
130 Rapid Diversification Despite Morphological Stasis: A Snail's Pace in a Snail's Place?
131 Carbon Emissions to Impact Climate Beyond the Day After Tomorrow
132 Looking to the Past to Predict the Future of Climate Change
133 The When and Where of the Y: Research On Y Chromosomes Uncovers New Clues About Human Ancestry
134 Bacteria Hold the Clues to Trade-Offs in Financial Investments and Evolution
135 New and Remarkable Details of the Sun Now Available from Big Bear Observatory
136 The Sun's Magnetic Field Is About to Flip
137 Explosion Illuminates Invisible Galaxy in the Dark Ages
138 Stunning Image of Nearby Galaxy M31
139 Astronomers Image Lowest-Mass Exoplanet Around a Sun-Like Star
140 Large-Area Picosecond Photodetectors Push Timing Envelope
141 Size Matters in Nanocrystals' Ability to Adsorb/Release Gases
142 High-Speed Camera Captures Dancing Droplets for Scientific 'Photo Album'
143 Altering Organic Molecules' Interaction With Light
144 Unruly Plasmas
145 Battery Design Gets Boost from Aligned Carbon Nanotubes
146 A Layer of Tiny Grains Can Slow Sound Waves
147 Quantum Communication Controlled by Resonance in 'Artificial Atoms'
148 Reliable Communication, Unreliable Networks
149 Questions Answered With the Pupils of Your Eyes