File Title
1 Dolphins have a lifelong memory
2 Pregnancy due date still a guessing game
3 'Critical phase' for ITER fusion dream
4 New trap and lure design to catch bed bugs
5 Dolphins have 'longest social memory' among non-humans
6 Bird flu strain in China 'passed between humans'
7 Boulby mine: Underground life gives alien clues
8 Can cognitive behavioural therapy really change our brains?
9 Jumping spiders' silk dragline trick revealed
10 Where to eat when Rome shuts down
11 Obama cancels Putin meeting over Snowden asylum
12 Nairobi airport closes as fire crews tackle blaze
13 Africa travel hit after fire ravages Nairobi airport
14 Walt Disney to lose millions on Lone Ranger film
15 Yemen says it has foiled an al-Qaeda plot
16 WWI tourism: Looking for your family hero
17 What is life like as a 'strongman'?
18 Romania's costly passion for building churches
19 Pregnancy length 'varies naturally by up to five weeks'
20 Porn company sues Lovelace producers over Deep Throat footage
21 Ariel Castro 'hell house' demolished in Cleveland
22 Is age the cause of receding gums?
23 Egypt says foreign mediation has failed to resolve crisis
24 Why are Britons buying?
25 Tricked: Paul Verhoeven's crowdsourced script
26 The pleasure of reading recipes
27 South Korean road wirelessly recharges OLEV buses
28 Whatsapp upgrade adds voice messages to chat app
29 UK teen crowned world Microsoft Word 2007 champion
30 Bug hunters: Big bucks paid to keep ahead of hackers
31 Six ideas for making social media safe--could they work?
32 Twitter abuse: Man arrested in Bristol
33 Hannah Smith death: Expert warns over anonymous question sites
34 Stephen Fry calls for Olympics ban over Russia's anti-gay laws
35 Indonesian plane crashes into cow and skids off runway
36 Backdoor in popular ad-serving software opens websites to remote hijacking
37 D-Wave's black box starts to open up
38 OS X apps run on Linux with Wine-like emulator for Mac software
39 Prenda officially dissolves as Steele agrees to pay $5,400 penalty
40 Twitter rolls out two-factor authentication that's simpler, more secure
41 Firefox 23 lands with a new logo and mixed content blocking
42 Himalayan water supply gets an improved outlook
43 If Bruce Schneier ran the NSA, he'd ask a basic question: "Does it do any good?"
44 Ambry hits back at Myriad's "bad faith enforcement" of breast cancer gene patents
45 John Carmack joins Oculus VR as chief technology officer [updated]
46 X-Ray pulsars boil "nuclear pasta" to keep spinning
47 N/A
48 Energy Efficiency Making Good on its Promise (Op-Ed)
49 The Price of Anarchy: How Contagion Spreads
50 Why Whistle-Blowers Should Watch Out for New Loophole (Op-Ed)
51 Conserving Life Along China's Yangtze River (Op-Ed)
52 Dangers Lurking in Supplements Prove Need for Oversight (Op-Ed)
53 Channeling & Spirit Guides: Voices From Within, Not Beyond
54 The Internet of Things: A Seamless Network of Everyday Objects
55 Why Video Job Interviews Don't Work
56 What Makes a Brand Legendary
57 33 Bizarre New Ant Species Discovered
58 The New Social Media Mantra: Don't Be Boring
59 Unusual Sexual Fixation: Man Aroused by Farts
60 Prince William: Why Paternity Leave Is Good for the Whole Family
61 US Weather Service Beefs Up Computing Power for Better Forecasts
62 More Than Half of Stranded Bottlenose Dolphins May Be Deaf
63 Can Generation Y Improve the Response After Snowstorms, Tornadoes?
64 Oxygen Brought Earliest Carnivores to Life
65 Einstein's Cosmic Speed Limit Passes New Test
66 Giant Water Bug Stalks and Devours Fish
67 Breast-Feeding Rates Continue to Rise, CDC Says
68 Artificial Ear Grown on Rat's Back
69 Sweet Success: Chocolate Structure Whets Appetite for Innovation
70 Not Too Bright: Dashboard Lights Baffle Drivers
71 'Highway from Hell' Fed Deadly Volcano
72 Long Before Birds, Dinosaur Brains Wired for Flight
73 What Is Blue Noise?
74 Eating Fish During Pregnancy Not Linked to Autism
75 Owl Hoots Hush the Song of a Thrush
76 Tiny Wandering Spider Discovered in Laos
77 North Pole 'Lake' Vanishes
78 Fossil of Dinosaur Death Match Headed for Auction
79 Facts About Hafnium
80 Dealing with Drought: Reaping the Benefits of Cover Crops (Op-Ed)
81 EPA Must Come Clean on Fracking Contamination (Op-Ed)
82 Jamestown: Facts & History
83 Mesozoic Era: The Age of Reptiles
84 Need a Job? Volunteer
85 Sex After Childbirth: Both Parents Have Changes in Desire
86 Ancient Feathered Shield Discovered in Peru Temple
87 Real-Life Barbie? Model Created Look to Spread Beliefs
88 Girl's Brown Recluse Spider Bite Turns Into Open Wound
89 Coffin-Within-a-Coffin Biggest Find of Richard III Dig
90 How Many Kids Are Up-to-Date With Vaccines?
91 Deaths from Guns: Homicide Rates Drop, But Suicide Rises
92 Wish You Were a Morning Person? Try a Camping Trip
93 New Antarctic Iceberg Staying Put
94 Masked Melanoma: Cancerous Mole Hidden Behind Tattoo
95 Hubble Telescope Helps Solve Galaxy-Evolution Mystery
96 Polar Bear's Collar Cam to Reveal Species' Secrets
97 Genetic 'Adam' and 'Eve' Uncovered
98 Bullied Kids More Likely to Commit Crimes As Adults
99 Did Archaeologists Find a Piece of Jesus' Cross?
100 How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy Without Breaking the Bank
101 Greenland Icebergs May Have Triggered 'Big Freeze'
102 Electric Light Bulbs Toy With Our Internal Clocks
103 Orca Spotted with Plastic Bag in Mouth
104 Cosmetic Surgery Subtracts Years, Doesn't Add Beauty
105 Acetaminophen Must Now Carry Warning of Skin Reactions, FDA Says
106 Mysterious Pentagram on Google Maps Explained
107 NASA Finds Blinking Baby Stars with Cosmic 'Hula Hoop'
108 Why Anti-Drug Campaigns May Need to Change
109 Why States Must Protect Those Who Uncover Animal Abuse (Op-Ed)
110 Step-by-Step Progress Protecting Tennessee Walking Horses (Op-Ed)
111 3D Printing at Home: Small Savings Will Add Up
112 Asperger's and Autism: Brain Differences Found
113 Sun Finally Sets in Barrow, Alaska
114 75 New Animal Welfare Laws, and Counting (Op-Ed)
115 Dazzling New Coral Species Discovered
116 Is It Really 'Gluten-Free'? FDA Sets New Limits
117 Faster & Higher: Extreme Athletes Can Track Feats with Tech
118 Rare Dinosaur Find: Abandoned Nests with Eggshells
119 Liquid Droplets Reveal Clues To Quantum Behavior
120 Digging Up the Truth: 1906 Earthquake Mystery Solved
121 Does Happiness Increase As We Get Older?
122 Last Wild Horse Sees First Artificial Insemination Success
123 Mexican Culture: Customs & Traditions
124 Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser Roars to Life
125 Rethinking National Flood Insurance as Toll Rises (Op-Ed)
126 Scientists Have a Responsibility to Engage (Op-Ed)
127 Can You Hear a Meteor?
128 What is Lake Vostok?
129 Can You Calculate the Impact of Cheating in Sports? (Op-Ed)
130 Did Woman's 'Visions' Locate Missing Boy?
131 Startup Connects Java Lovers With Coffee Farmers
132 8 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change the Way We Work
133 Does Taking Lunch Hurt Your Career?
134 As Antarctic Sea Ice Melts, Seaweed Smothers Seafloor
135 NASA's Curiosity Rover Celebrates One Year on Mars
136 Strange Ancient Ape Walked on All Fours
137 Bizarre Liquid More Stable Than Solid Crystal
138 Incredible Technology: How Companies Use Your Online Data
139 Heat and Ash Melt Alaska Volcano's Snowy Blanket
140 First Test-Tube Burger Eaten in London
141 Huge Glowing Sea Creature Captured on Video
142 Crusader Hospital Reconstructed in Jerusalem
143 How the Recession Made Mom a Harsher Parent
144 NYC, Miami Expand Hurricane Evacuation Zones for 2013 Season
145 Bizarre 'Meteotsunami' Stirred Waves in UK
146 Trove of Ancient Marsupial Fossils Discovered in Australia
147 Some Blood Pressure Drugs May Raise Breast Cancer Risk
148 Squee! Octopus Hatchling Spotted by Deep-Sea Explorer
149 Fossil of Ancient Hairy Creature Reveals Clues About Mammal Ancestors
150 Who Ya Gonna Call? Mobile App Conjures Spirit World
151 Training A Fish To Survive
152 Will Keystone XL Pipeline Create Many Construction Jobs? (Op-Ed)
153 Belief in Precognition Rises When People Feel Helpless
154 Bush Heart Procedure Highlights Need for Prevention (Op-Ed)
155 Junk Food Subsidies Threaten American Health (Op-Ed)
156 Termite Distress Signal: Head-Banging
157 Tiny Chinese Island Sets Example for Sustainable Fishing (Op-Ed)
158 Baby Boom: Religious Women Having More Kids