File Title
1 Debunking the 'gender brain' myth
2 Trained brains become more energy efficient
3 Crowd-sourced satellite heads into space
4 West Germany 'sponsored doping in sports'--study
5 World's first lab-grown burger is eaten in London
6 What does a stem cell burger taste like?
7 Alphasat: 'Space A380' to start in-orbit tests
8 Alpine glaciers 'protect mountain peaks from erosion'
9 Everest climbing rules 'to be tightened'
10 Balcombe oil drilling starts after fracking protests
11 Kirobo is world's first talking robot sent into space
12 Fukushima radioactive water leak an 'emergency'
13 Giant gas platform sinks below waves
14 Trekking Peru's Santa Cruz trail
15 US embassy closures extended over militant threat fears
16 Egypt crisis: Diplomats in fresh mediation efforts
17 Turkey Ergenekon case: Ex-army chief Basbug gets life
18 Meet Paulo Machado, the man who has lived in hospital for 45 years
19 Doctor Who: How many more times can the Doctor regenerate?
20 Luxury toilet users warned of hardware flaw
21 Your post-pregnancy tales: Stretch marks, scars and 'breasts like zeppelins'
22 Freed child rapist Daniel Galvan Vina arrested in Spain
23 Child abuse sites on Tor compromised by malware
24 Shaaliver Douse shot dead by New York City police
25 Misery loves company in New York's 'bad movie' scene
26 Social media, Doctor Who and the rise of the geeks
27 Apple iPhone and iPad patent ban overturned in US
28 Websites' servers hacked to host child abuse images
29 Tiny adrenal tumours 'cause high blood pressure'
30 Biting back: Taking the sting out of spider venom
31 Doctor Who unveiling attracts 6.2 million viewers
32 Press Release: Could planting trees in the desert mitigate climate change?
33 Ecosystem service mapping and modelling--new special issue shows big steps forward
34 The Pathway to Potato Poisons
35 Robots Strike Fear in the Hearts of Fish
36 Rubber slat mats could improve animal well-being
37 We each live in our own little world--smellwise
38 Arctic sea-ice loss has widespread effects on wildlife
39 Climate strongly affects human conflict and violence worldwide, says study
40 Scientists uncover secrets of starfish's bizarre feeding mechanism
41 Temperature alters population dynamics of common plant pests
42 As climate, disease links become clearer, study highlights need to forecast future shifts
43 Geoscientists gradually decipher nature's playbook, discover new mineral-making secrets
44 Existing cropland could feed 4 billion more
45 Climate science boost with tropical aerosols profile
46 Grape consumption associated with healthier eating patterns in US children and adults
47 Global investigation reveals true scale of ocean warming
48 UCSB study finds climate change is causing modifications to marine life behavior
49 Chronic harvesting threatens tropical tree
50 'Insect soup' holds DNA key for monitoring biodiversity
51 Looking to the past to predict the future of climate change
52 Researchers re-evaluate swine nutrition
53 Seafood Menus Reflect Long-term Ocean Changes
54 2 6,000-year-old 'halls of the dead' unearthed, in UK first
55 Southerners Are Less Trusting, but People Who Trust Are More Likely to Cooperate to Save the Environment, Baylor Study Shows
56 Sediment trapped behind dams makes them 'hot spots' for greenhouse gas emissions
57 Future warming: Issues of magnitude and pace
58 Climate change occurring 10 times faster than at any time in past 65 million years
59 Cool heads likely won't prevail in a hotter, wetter world
60 UCI-led team develops more accurate model of climate change's effect on soil
61 Seeing Which Way the Wind Blows: New Doppler Radar Takes Flight on This Summer's HS3 Mission
62 Decoding material fluxes in the tropical ocean
63 Disorder can improve the performance of plastic solar cells, Stanford scientists say
64 Carbon emissions to impact climate beyond the day after tomorrow
65 Ozone-protection treaty had climate benefits, too, study says
66 New Insight on Vulnerability of Public-Supply Wells to Contamination
67 Questions answered with the pupils of your eyes
68 More intestinal cells can absorb larger particles
69 How a cancer drug unties knots in the chromosome that causes Angelman and Prader-Willi syndromes
70 Great Recession onset spurs harsh parenting, researchers find
71 Discovery could lead to end of sunburn pain
72 Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease do not appear to share common genetic risk
73 Study reveals genes that drive brain cancer
74 Heterogeneous nanoblocks give polymers an edge
75 Depressed fish could help in the search for new drug treatments
76 Breastfeeding may protect against persistent stuttering
77 Percentage of cancers linked to viruses potentially overestimated
78 Researchers get close-up view of water pores needed in the eye's lens
79 Scientists learn how soy foods protect against colon cancer
80 3D IR Images Now in Full Color
81 Study: Centers throughout the brain work together to make reading possible
82 Stem Cells Found in Gum Tissue Can Fight Inflammatory Disease
83 Requiring some patients to get mental health treatment saves money
84 Environmental awareness develops at an early age
85 Preventing the 'Freshman 15' via the Web
86 Digest this: Cure for cancer may live in our intestines
87 How do student characteristics predict university graduation odds?
88 Sensitive parenting can boost premature children's school performance
89 New poll shows minority populations support clinical trials to improve health of others
90 A cross-country collaboration
91 Boomers hit hardest by 'Great Recession'
92 Trouble waking up? Camping could set your clock straight
93 Bacteria hold the clues to trade-offs in financial investments and evolution
94 Threat of arrest and punishment may not deter illegal immigration
95 Does the ambulance service need more training in mental health issues?
96 An app to lead the blind
97 When it comes to skin cancer, pictures are worth a thousand words
98 Why shopaholics overspend? Poor credit management, buying to boost mood, study says
99 ASTRO applauds new GAO report on physician self-referral abuse in prostate cancer treatment and urges swift passage of "Promoting Integrity in Medicare Act of 2013"
100 Why is orange the new black for female victims of trauma?
101 Why can't the snakes cross the road, secret lives of baby snakes and other New Jersey Pineland snake science
102 Both employees and companies benefit from flexible wage systems
103 Escape from Poverty Helps Explain Diabetes Epidemic in the American South
104 New drugs to find the right target to fight Alzheimer's disease
105 Researchers create 'soft robotic' devices using water-based gels
106 Cobalt Replacements Make Solar Cells More Sustainable
107 Bio-inspired design may lead to more energy efficient windows
108 A crystal of a different color
109 Researchers dismantle bacteria's war machinery
110 Materials break, then remake, bonds to build strength
111 Wistar scientists decipher structure of NatA, an enzyme complex that modifies most human proteins
112 Vanderbilt scientists discover potential new way to treat anxiety
113 Study reveals potential role of 'love hormone' oxytocin in brain function
114 An infallible quantum measurement
115 Understanding Interface Properties of Graphene Paves Way for New Applications
116 Seeing depth through a single lens
117 Making a Mini Mona Lisa
118 Proteins hoist the anchor
119 Big ice may explain Mars' double-layer craters
120 ORNL research reveals new challenges for mercury cleanup
121 The Molecule "Scanner"
122 Genetic background check may explain why mutations produce different results
123 The endemic species of remarkable Fulgoromorpha from Iran
124 Revised location of 1906 rupture of San Andreas Fault in Portola Valley
125 Disappearance of Coral Reefs, Drastically Altered Marine Food Web on the Horizon
126 Prison reform results in strain on welfare system
127 New technology allows scientists, school children to examine biological details
128 Children with disabilities in developing countries at risk for harsher punishment
129 Early school engagement helps youths avoid problem behaviors and eventual dropout
130 Las Cumbres Observatory 'Sinistro' Astronomy Imager Captures First Light
131 The arithmetic of gun control
132 When fluid dynamics mimic quantum mechanics
133 Unraveling genetic networks
134 Controlling contagion by restricting mobility
135 Lifelike cooling for sunbaked windows
136 Hardness, in depth
137 Simulations aiding study of earthquake dampers for structures
138 Nice organisms finish first: Why cooperators always win in the long run
139 NYU Langone researchers offer new model, helping clinicians prioritize recommended preventive
140 Tumor cell vaccination trial to promote anti-leukemia responses
141 Mindfulness meditation IBMT trims craving for tobacco
142 Obese black Americans half as likely as whites to have bariatric surgery
143 Mayo Clinic researchers decode origin of inflammation-driven pancreatic cancer
144 Improving teamwork in operating room can boost patient safety
145 No-smoking law in Colorado casinos led to fewer ambulance calls
146 Putting the brakes on pain
147 Working-life training and maternity spells are related to slower cognitive decline in later life
148 LA BioMed researchers find maternal smoking linked to asthma in the third generation
149 Eating a Big Breakfast Fights Obesity and Disease
150 Immune system molecule promotes tumor resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy
151 Trial Finds More Support for Universal HIV Screening in Emergency Departments
152 Intent to harm: Willful acts seem more damaging
153 Study predicts potential surge in medically-attended injuries
154 Fewer states holding alcohol retailers responsible for harms from illegal service
155 Making a change: Status quo bias in health decision making
156 Contemplation increases willingness to follow up with the doctor
157 HIV Answers, Ethical Questions
158 BMJ Editorial: India's Research Participant Protection Policy
159 Consumers don't understand health insurance, Carnegie Mellon research shows
160 New IOM Report Lays Out Plan to Determine Effectiveness of National, State, and Community Obesity Prevention Efforts and Policies
161 Reliable communication, unreliable networks
162 Conservation efforts might encourage some to hunt lions, CU-Boulder-led study finds
163 Helping horses come to term
164 Video games boost visual attention but reduce impulse control
165 Injuries from teen fighting deal a blow to IQ
166 Moms' high-fat, sugary diets may lead to offspring with a taste for alcohol, sensitivity to drugs
167 Do antioxidants improve a woman's chances of conceiving?
168 Distinct brain disorders biologically linked
169 MIT researchers reveal how the brain keeps eyes on the prize
170 Social status and power of action of speakers determine the way their statements are perceived
171 Study highlights need for more social responsibility by online gaming industry
172 Feelings for fetus may vary smoking amount
173 Abused children found to smoke more as teens and adults
174 Young Versus Old: Who Performs More Consistently?
175 Experimental quest to test Einstein's speed limit
176 Station Astronauts Remotely Control Planetary Rover From Space
177 Radio Waves Carry News of Climate Change
178 Cracking how life arose on earth may help clarify where else it might exist
179 Planetary 'runaway greenhouse' more easily triggered, research shows
180 Citizen scientists rival experts in analyzing land-cover data
181 New Explorer Mission Chooses the 'Just-Right' Orbit
182 NASA technologist makes traveling to hard-to-reach destinations easier
183 When galaxies switch off
184 Sounding Rocket to Study Active Regions on the Sun
185 Astronomers Image Lowest-mass Exoplanet Around a Sun-like Star
186 Largest neuronal network simulation achieved using K computer
187 New coating turns ordinary glass into super glass
188 Mechanism that allows bacteria to infect plants may inspire cure for eye disease
189 Shadows and light: Dartmouth researchers develop new software to detect forged photos