File Title
1 Apple and Motorola dismiss 14 patents from upcoming Florida suit
2 Sprint sold 1.4M iPhones in Q2, lost 2M customers with termination of Nextel
3 Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly visited China to meet with China Telecom
4 Apple patents three-sensor, three-lens iPhone camera for enhanced color photos
5 iOS 7 beta 4 clarifies phone buttons with icons, takes FaceTime full screen
6 TSMC holds job fair in NY, fueling rumors of new US chip fab for Apple
7 HTC warns of its first-ever operating loss, will reduce focus on high-end smartphones
8 Galaxy S 4 on steroids: Samsung caught doping in benchmarks
9 iOS 7 Control Center-like Android app draws complaints from Apple, but returns to Google Play
10 Google caught using misleading report to claim Nexus 7 outsold iPad in Japan
11 Amazon updates Kindle iOS app with book searches, slides by App Store purchasing rules
12 Apple fixes minor issues with latest Final Cut Pro X update
13 Briefly: Apple set to open 13th Apple Store in Italy on Aug. 3
14 Microsoft Surface revenue at $853M, less than write-down and associated ad-spend
15 Apple outlines iMessage spam reporting in new support document
16 Apple's iOS 7 3D Maps leave Google Earth, Nokia Maps 3D looking old fashioned
17 Apple CEO Tim Cook met with head of China Mobile to again discuss potential deal
18 XCOM publisher touts success with premium price point on Apple's iOS App Store
19 FileMaker discontinuing Bento, will remain available to buy through Sept. 30
20 Apple now offering refurbished Apple TV for $75
21 Strategy Analytics finds millions of Android tablets, rewrites iPad history
22 Apple takes 53% of smartphone profits, Samsung at 50%, remainder lose money
23 Adobe Ideas gains stylus support, Camera+ adds combined effects options
24 'Jobs' featurette offers closer glimpse at the upcoming movie
25 Google Play takes top spot in downloads, but Apple's App Store still tops revenue
26 Senators allude support for Presidential veto of imminent ITC iPhone and iPad ban
27 Apple touts tax holiday savings for customers in 10 states
28 Apple board members exercise options, sell off AAPL stock worth combined $19M
29 Imgur for iOS brings viral images to iPhone and iPad
30 Apple's iOS 7 to patch 'power adapter' security flaw demonstrated at Black Hat convention
31 WSJ: iPad mini with Samsung-sourced Retina display likely coming in Q4
32 Apple patent filing details iPhone-controlled car and home environments
33 Apple's OLED display patent uses embedded sensors to adjust for shadows, diode age
34 Focused on apps, Apple's iOS 7 provides a sneak peak at new sharing icons
35 Netflix launches multi-user accounts on iOS, Apple TV, other platforms
36 Leaked photos show off mini-like rear case of Apple's supposed next-gen iPad
37 Flex cable claimed to be from Apple's 6th-gen iPod touch hints at 2013 update
38 Apple Inc. retakes title as world's most valuable company following strong July
39 Google to become official Starbucks ISP as critics claim net neutrality backpedal
40 Apple acquires power-efficient chipmaker Passif Semiconductor
41 Android tablets outshipped Apple's iPad for first time in Q2 2013, study claims
42 Part leak suggests Apple's low-cost iPhone will have same 8MP camera as iPhone 5
43 Fllu offers cash to "organically" promote Samsung's push for proprietary Android apps
44 Report: Apple won't hire internally to replace retail chief
45 Best Buy giving away free Apple TV with 15" Retina MacBook Pro purchase
46 ITC delays ruling on possible Samsung product ban
47 Piper Jaffray: New Moto X won't draw consumers from iPhone
48 Apple notifies former MobileMe users complimentary storage soon to expire
49 'BioShock Infinite' for Mac gets release date, to hit Mac App Store on Aug. 29
50 Photos claim to show next-gen iPad mini case with embedded Apple logo
51 OpenTable will enable diners to pay for meals through its iPhone app
52 DOJ settlement would require Apple to allow links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble e-book stores
53 Apple Store app for iOS now giving away paid apps for free
54 Android gets Find My iPhone-like feature 3 years after Apple
55 Apple's iPhone may have kept 400K customers from leaving T-Mobile
56 Apple dismisses DOJ's proposed e-book penalties as 'a draconian and punitive intrusion'
57 Apple hiring Maps experts, iOS 7 will recruit users to 'Help Improve Maps' with Frequent Locations
58 Ahead of iPad in education push, Apple activates pre-teen iTunes accounts for school purposes
59 Apple subsidiary FileMaker reportedly lays off 20 amid restructuring
60 Evidence suggests 'Infinity Blade 3' may already be in development
61 Apple, Inc. iPad is obliterating Samsung, Google's Android in tablet profits
62 Rumor: Video shows partially assembled next-gen iPad with translucent Apple logo
63 Review: Google's $35 Chromecast has promise, but plenty of room for improvement
64 Survey: 95% of developers working to support iOS 7, over half will require it
65 President Obama vetoes Samsung ban on Apple, Inc. iPhones, iPads
66 iOS 7 beta code shows Apple has A6-based iPad mini without Retina display in development
67 Apple patents three-sensor, three-lens iPhone camera for enhanced resolution color photos
68 Google Play passes Apple's iOS App Store in app downloads, but not app revenue
69 Beleaguered Dell's board rebuffs Michael Dell's proposed change on buyout vote, jeopardizing privatization deal
70 Finnish smartphone startup Jolla looks to take Apple and Samsung with Sailfish smartphone
71 iOS 7 beta code reveals Apple's upcoming A7 processor to contain Samsung components
72 Apple fixing bug that allows fake charging stations to hack iPhones
73 Apple v. Samsung: Three imminent events could alter balance in global smartphone patent war
74 Apple's next-gen iPad mini to feature Retina displays from Samsung, Sharp, and LG Display, sources say
75 Is Apple flying the pirate flag again? Mansfield move means something special is in works
76 Apple patent application details enterprise centric app sharing via FaceTime
77 Apple patent application reveals plans to take 'iOS in the Car' to whole new level
78 Next-gen iPad rear casing revealed in leaked photos
79 iPhone 5C: The scariest product Apple ever created?
80 10Gbps 'Superspeed USB' to threaten Thunderbolt?
81 Adobe goes crazy, gives its Creative Cloud apps to teams for a drop-dead low price
82 Reporter issued 3 free 'Obamaphones,' courtesy of U.S. taxpayers
83 Apple's Siri says: Keep your eyes on the road! (with video)
84 Apple acquires low-energy chip developer Passif Semiconductor
85 Apple regains 'World's Most Valuable Company' crown
86 Apple's low-cost 'iPhone '5C' may feature 8-megapixel camera
87 Google's 'Moto X' enters crowded smartphone market
88 Apple Retail Stores suffer from sameness with no head of retail for 10 months and counting
89 Wearables and e-payments: What Apple might get from purchase of Passif Semiconductor
90 Obama has less than 48 hours to save Apple's iPhone 4
91 Samsung blames ad agency for attempting to bribe developers
92 U.S. ITC delays decision in Apple's case against Samsung
93 Piper: New Moto X won't draw consumers from Apple's iPhone
94 15 U.S. states in which to buy Apple products without sales tax
95 Apple warns users that complimentary 20GB iCloud upgrade ends September 30th
96 Leaked 2nd-generation iPad mini rear panel hints at new Apple logo treatment
97 Michael Dell closes in new $24.8 billion deal to take beleaguered Dell private
98 Research firm claims Apple is 'too late and too limited' to tackle automotive market
99 Apple's bad week: A sign of decline or just a blip?
100 Forget Apple's SuperDrive and go for MCE's Super-BluDrive--especially if you're a Blu-ray movie fan
101 Google's Moto X pricing mistake
102 U.S.A. v. Apple: DOJ wants to force Apple to revamp e-book practices
103 Media ecosystems shootout: Apple vs. Amazon vs. Google vs. Microsoft
104 Apple shows signs of sales stress: Is the missing retail chief to blame?
105 Apple patent application details simplifying document scanning to computing devices
106 Apple rejects U.S. DOJ's proposed e-book penalties as 'a draconian and punitive intrusion'
107 Apple iPhone may have kept T-Mobile USA from losing nearly half a million customers last quarter
108 U.S.A. v. Apple: DOJ seeks wide-ranging oversight of iTunes Store
109 FBI can remotely activate microphones in Android smartphones, source says
110 Your Samsung TV might be watching you
111 Smashing Apple: Is Strategy Analytics in Samsung's pocket?
112 Bob Mansfield's new role at Apple is to focus on chips
113 E-Book case reminds Apple its biggest enemy isn't Samsung or Google
114 Apple's iPad is killing Samsung, Google's Android in tablet profits
115 Obama administration vetoes Apple iPhone sales ban in U.S.