File Title
1 In Easton, archaeologists hope to uncover earliest free African-American settlement
2 Medieval Mansion Found at U.K. Construction Site
3 Western Australia's archaeology beneath the waves
4 News in Brief: Mummified Incan teen drank, did drugs
5 2 6,000-year-old 'halls of the dead' unearthed, in UK first
6 Ancient campsite discovered along Minnesota River in Chanhassen
7 Stone Tools in India Have Implications for Early Dispersal of Modern Humans Out of Africa, Say Researchers
8 Polish archaeologists and restorers returned from Marina el-Alamein
9 Severed head offering found in Aztec temple
10 Walrus Bones Found in Old London Burial Ground
11 Edirne Palace restorations reveal Ottoman era culture
12 Find helps scientists map waves of migration across the continents
13 Mystery deepens in coffin-within-a-coffin found at Richard III site
14 Traces of 'lost village' found in Nottinghamshire
15 Kooskia Internment Camp Discovered In Mountains Of Idaho
16 Archaeology: The milk revolution
17 Pike's Cantonment dig unveils new evidence
18 Roman skeletons discovered in Gloucester
19 Mexican archaeologists find the bow of a 210-year-old canoe in the State of Baja California
20 Archaeologists in Morelos find a Pre-Hispanic oven meant for ceramic production
21 Archaeologists Uncover Pre-Contact Inupiat Village Near Kiana
22 Honduras Opens Mayan Fortress to Public
23 Mystery shipwreck discovered and explored off Galveston
24 Researchers Shed New Light on Genetic Adam and Eve
25 The village people: An early history of neighbourly disputes
26 Neolithic engraved stone discovered at the Ness of Brodgar
27 Moche Mural in Peru Revealed in Stunning Detail
28 Mercyhurst team headed to storm-damaged Meadowcroft
29 Ancient Feathered Shield Discovered in Peru Temple
30 AP settles copyright suit with PR firm after winning fair use ruling
31 Asus chairman, stating the obvious, calls Windows RT "not very promising"
32 Google: We can ban servers on Fiber without violating net neutrality
33 Again, federal court finds cops don't need a warrant for cellphone location data
34 Samsung allegedly boosting benchmark performance
35 Wii U hardware and software sales continue to go nowhere fast
36 SkyDrive follows Metro into oblivion as Microsoft abandons trademark case
37 Samsung defends benchmark boosting, saying it boosts other apps, too
38 Zynga sues "Bang With Friends" for trademark infringement
39 Yelp inches slowly toward profitability, losing just $878,000 in one quarter
40 Edward Snowden leaves airport, gets one-year asylum in Russia
41 Sources confirm that next iPad mini will or will not have Retina display
42 Applying science to communicate science
43 Xbox One built for 10 years of silent running
44 USB 3.1 spec finalized, horns in on Thunderbolt's turf with 10Gbps speeds
45 NSA paid $152M over 3 years to British spy agency, new Snowden docs show
46 Curiosity's first year on Mars
47 NSA's Internet taps can find systems to hack, track VPNs and Word docs
48 Final Fantasy VII Kickstarter removed after copyright complaint
49 Microsoft patent for Xbox One AR glasses pops up
50 Microsoft boosts the GPU clock speed in Xbox One dev kits
51 No easy way to stop BREACH from plucking secrets from HTTPS pages, feds say
52 Yahoo acquires Rockmelt--2010's hottest browser--for "$60M to $70M"
53 Raspberry Pi and Arduino to get cellular access with SIM card add-on
54 Concerns over NSA prompt Wikimedia to speed up using HTTPS by default
55 Android gets a native phone finder service, finally
56 If you're a Time Warner customer in LA, NYC, or Dallas--forget about "Dexter"
57 Android 4.3 begins hitting Google Play edition Galaxy S 4 and HTC One
58 Science education vs. high-profile ignorance
59 Pterodactyl-like bot "Daler" uses its wings for walking
60 The Nokia Lumia 1020: The smartphone to render point-and-shoots obsolete
61 In wake of leaks, US intelligence pulls back the curtain on metadata collection
62 Enceladus' icy jets pulse to the rhythm of its orbit
63 Hands-on with Microsoft's Office Mobile for Android
64 NSA director addresses Black Hat, says there have been "zero abuses" of data
65 Senators take intelligence officials to the mat over secret courts, phone metadata
66 Ahead of its big reveal, here's everything we know about the Moto X
67 Trusting iPhones plugged into bogus chargers get a dose of malware
68 Got an account on a site like Github? Hackers may know your e-mail address
69 How to do scientific research without even trying (much)
70 Gone in 30 seconds: New attack plucks secrets from HTTPS-protected pages
71 Fast magma refills suggest some volcanoes connect straight to the mantle
72 Motorola's big move: Hands-on with the Moto X
73 Performance preview: The Moto X sports a great GPU, respectable CPU
74 You get the dongle you pay for in Google's Chromecast
75 Windows 8 passes Vista at last, as IE10 growth slows
76 Crypto experts issue a call to arms to avert the cryptopocalypse
77 Genetic Adam and Eve may have walked on Earth at the same time
78 TiVo, media center PC makers alarmed by CableCard-cutting bill
79 Apple's e-book punishment may be good news for Kindle and Nook customers
80 When decisions are tough, it pays to think as a colony
81 Seven telcos named as providing fiber optic cable access to UK spies
82 John Carmack's $8M pipe dream meets reality: Armadillo Aerospace on life support
83 Internet companies vs. content providers vs. customers: Ars readers react
84 Most Mutations in the Human Genome are Recent and Probably Harmful
85 Doorway to a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis
86 New Electronics Can Stretch, Flex and Even Dissolve in the Body
87 Circumcision rates: averages which deceive
88 The End of Antibiotics?
89 Toxin Found in Most U.S. Rice Causes Genetic Damage
90 Faroe Islands Aim to Sequence Genes of Entire Country
91 Headset Gives Doctors Virtual X-Ray Vision
92 Fake Angelina Jolie CNN Story Contains Malware
93 Smart Homes Open Doors to Hackers
94 Tiny Graphene Sheets Make For Big Energy Storage
95 Sweet Structure Engineered from Chocolate
96 Limbo Bot Raises Bar By Going Lower
97 Hydrogels Make Soft Squishy Robots
98 Broad Coalition Supports Recovery of the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
99 Fish stocks ready to recolonise the NE Atlantic?
100 Tigers on a forest corridor
101 Biggest climate change since dinosaurs
102 Bullied kids more likely to go to prison
103 Social exclusion tied to risky gambling
104 Climate strongly affects violence worldwide
105 An app for night blindness
106 Partners' sexual highs and lows after childbirth
107 Fitter patients likelier to survive bypass
108 Plastic surgery won't improve your looks
109 Overworked nurses cause serious errors
110 Indian baby goes home with smaller head
111 Is America becoming the new Russia?
112 Is Continuum really the story of two brothers who take dark paths?
113 Promising compound could offer new treatment for heart failure
114 US consumers don't understand health insurance, Carnegie Mellon research shows
115 Climate change occurring 10 times faster than at any time in past 65 million years
116 Does the UK ambulance service need more training in mental health issues?
117 Stem cells in urine easy to isolate and have potential for numerous therapies
118 Southerners are less trusting, but people who trust are more likely to cooperate to save the environment, baylor study shows
119 One size doesn't fit all: Ethnic birth weight chart better for infant care
120 Keeping a proper distance between "vehicles" along a gene "track" results in more efficient production of small RNA molecules
121 Test strips bearing gold nano-particles as sensor elements can detect numerous proteins simultaneously
122 The flexible tail of the prion protein poisons brain cells
123 New microfluidic system allows hundreds of different bacteria cultures to be maintained simultaneously
124 Computer model allows highly variable jumping between very different cell types without taking a detour via stem cells
125 Scientists solve structure of infection tool used by Yersinia bacterium
126 Ceramide-1 phosphate transport protein discovered with vast potential for treatment of cancer and other diseases
127 New acetaminophen warning: rare, potentially fatal skin reactions
128 Curbing breast cancer's craving for sugar
129 Invasive bladder cancer: new finding raises treatment hope
130 Camping could help reset your internal body clock