File Title
1 Camping turns night owls into early birds
2 Men and women evolved at the same time
3 Graphene boosts energy storage potential
4 Selfish traits not favoured by evolution, study shows
5 Bat killing WNS fungus confirmed in Arkansas
6 Everest climbing rules 'to be tightened'
7 Rise in violence 'linked to climate change'
8 Ultrasound 'may stop kidney injury' from surgery
9 Clean water and soap 'boost growth' in young children
10 Mining firm desecrated Australia Aboriginal site
11 Ice core data supports ancient space impact idea
12 Who, what, why: How do you track a honey bee?
13 Viewpoint: Plug 'leaky pipeline' for women in science
14 How to: make a liquid that's also a solid
15 US employment up by 162,000 in July
16 US embassies to shut on Sunday over 'security threat'
17 Johnson & Johnson fined in China monopoly case
18 John Kerry pledges early end to Pakistan drone strikes
19 Zimbabwe poll 'free and peaceful' say Obasanjo and SADC
20 Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer and the death of shame
21 How Buck McKeon created a global drone enterprise
22 How German cars beat British motors--and kept going
23 Prince George's birth officially registered
24 New Doctor Who star to be unveiled
25 Avatar will get three sequels says James Cameron
26 Italy ex-PM Berlusconi in angry tirade at jail ruling
27 Secret life of the cat: What do our feline companions get up to?
28 Iran's Rouhani calls Israel occupation 'old wound' on Islamic world
29 Resisting the tax haven siren song
30 Working from home: the good, the bad and the inevitable
31 Why won't Robert Plant reform Led Zeppelin?
32 US in worldwide travel alert after 'al-Qaeda threat'
33 Zimbabwe election: Mugabe party wins huge majority in parliament
34 Egypt orders police to blockade pro-Morsi protest camps
35 Latvia resists US call to extradite 'virus maker'
36 Moto X 'always listening' phone launched by Google's Motorola
37 Traditional technology looms large for luxury companies
38 Texas 'running out' of execution drug pentobarbital
39 US regulators demand clamp down on Apple e-book contracts
40 Hacked iPhone chargers could let snoops spy on devices
41 Study: Hotter temps lead to hotter tempers, more violence
42 New Zealand's designer drug law draws global interest
43 FDA wants warnings on acetaminophen over rare risk for serious skin reactions
44 Motorola's flagship phone, the Moto X, has arrived
45 Eating out may hurt work performance, study shows
46 Edward Snowden cast as hero in smartphone video game "Snowden Run 3D"
47 Americans will watch more online and mobile media than television this year for the first time, says research firm eMarketer.
48 Giant water bug stalks and devours fish
49 Breaking and entering in the digital age
50 Geysers on icy Saturn moon Enceladus tied to orbit
51 NSA director heckled at Black Hat cybersecurity conference
52 Not a car, not a bike: They call it an ELF
53 Researchers developing communication app for children with autism
54 5 scariest cybersecurity threats at Black Hat, Defcon
55 MIT internal review says school didn't target Aaron Swartz
56 Rare horse twins thriving in Delaware
57 Woman on first date plunges 17 floors from NYC balcony
58 Boy, 10, calls 911, says father driving drunk, he might jump
59 Laws may stop identification of cyclospora source
60 Sources: Al Qaeda plot tied to embassy closings on Sunday
61 Logan Stevenson, baby boy dying of rare terminal illness, to serve as parents' best man
62 Shark found at door of Mass. pub
63 N.Y .couple gets scare over simple Google Search
64 Catholic school fires gay teacher after he weds: Lawyer
65 Facial plastic surgery won't make you more attractive to others, study suggests
66 Jury: $37.5M to family of smoker who died of lung cancer
67 FDA wants warnings on acetaminophen over rare risk for serious skin reactions
68 In fight against crystal meth, a focus on chemistry
69 Sarah Murnaghan, who underwent multiple adult lung transplants, to leave intensive care
70 Smartphone cradle and app may detect bacteria, allergens
71 Study: Brain chemistry in autistic kids differs from others with developmental delays
72 German baby Jasleen born 13.5 pounds without C-section
73 Doctors warn tattoos over moles, birthmarks may hide melanoma
74 CDC: Vaccination rates among kindergartners high, but exemptions worrisome
75 Norovirus outbreak reported on Qantas flight to Sydney
76 Gravitational tide the secret of Saturn's weird moon
77 Mystery of the Missing Waves on Titan
78 Quantum of sonics: Bonded, not stirred
79 Lifelike cooling for sunbaked windows
80 Ancient technology for metal coatings 2,000 years ago can't be matched even today
81 Laser communication system for spacecraft in successful test
82 Researchers Get Better Metrics on Laser Potential of Key Material
83 Taking the "Random" out of a Random Laser
84 New laser shows what substances are made of; could be new eyes for military
85 Laser guided codes advance single pixel terahertz imaging
86 Printing silver onto fibers could pave the way for flexible, wearable electronics
87 Ultra Smooth Mirrors for Demanding Applications
88 Direct nitrogen fixation for low cost energy conversion
89 FuelFX Brings Revolutionary Augmented Reality Mobile Apps to Energy and High-Tech Industries
90 Geothermal exploration causes quake in Switzerland
91 Ionic liquid breakthrough in thermal electrical energy
92 DuPont Adds New Energy and Electronics Capabilities to Silicon Valley Technology Center
93 Bhutan banks on 'white gold' hydropower
94 Exotic alloys for potential energy applications
95 21% of homes account for 50% of greenhouse gas emissions
96 International first with the energy consumer of the future
97 Stop hyperventilating, say energy efficiency researchers
98 Mexican satellite network bought by Eutelsat for $831 million
99 UAE buys two French surveillance satellites
100 NASA narrows list of possible culprits in spacesuit water leak
101 Support Fusion Propulsion Research
102 Simulations uncover obstacle to harnessing laser-driven fusion
103 NRL Nike Laser Focuses on Nuclear Fusion
104 Potential benefits of inertial fusion energy justify continued R and D
105 Previewing the next steps on the path to a magnetic fusion power plant
106 NSBRI Wants Ideas To Support Space Crew Health and Performance
107 Dawn's Arrays Keep It Powering Along
108 NASA Sees Enthusiastic Response to Asteroid Call for Ideas
109 Researcher Seeks New Way to Study Asteroid and Comet Interiors
110 Space Code Debate and the Right to Self Defense under Article Fifty Five
111 Boeing Receives Contract to Support Australia's Vigilare System
112 Shields to Maximum, Mr. Scott
113 China to put second spacelab in orbit by 2015
114 More proof of drone danger
115 SpaceX Awarded Launch Reservation Contract for Largest Canadian Space Program
116 SpaceX Testing Complete at NASA Glenn's Renovated Facility
117 SpaceX Will Launch Turkmenistan Satellite For Thales Alenia Space
118 SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft Carrying NASA Cargo Ready for Return to Earth
119 EU's response to NSA? Drones, spy satellites could fly over Europe
120 First Upgraded MQ-8C Fire Scout Delivered to U.S. Navy
121 Northrop Grumman, U.S. Navy Complete First Arrested Landing of a Tailless Unmanned Aircraft Aboard an Aircraft Carrier
122 Report reveals Pakistan-US 'understanding' on drones
123 France seeks $1.5B MQ-9 Reaper deal
124 Researchers Use Video Game Tech to Steer Roaches on Autopilot
125 UAV interest grows in Middle East, but suppliers few
126 A new trophallactic strategy for multiple unmanned aerial vehicles flying in formation
127 Raytheon delivers mini transponders for Identification Friend or Foe on Korean Air UAV
128 FBI director says surveillance drones used in US
129 Defense giants call for European drone program
130 France keen to buy 12 US Reaper drones: minister
131 MiG Signs Attack Drone Research and Development Contract
132 NASA Completes First Internal Review of Concepts for Asteroid Redirect Mission
133 'Spoofing' attack test takes over ship's GPS navigation at sea
134 Orbcomm Globaltrak Completes Shipment Of Fuel Monitoring Solution In Afghanistan
135 Lockheed Martin GPS III Satellite Prototype To Help Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Prep For Launch
136 GPS System Improved as New Boeing Satellite Enters Service
137 Tests advance U.S. program for new GPS satellites
138 New knowledge about permafrost improving climate models
139 University of Alberta scientists get dirty at the Robson Glacier
140 Scientists cast doubt on theory of what triggered Antarctic glaciation
141 Global cooling as significant as global warming
142 Study finds atmospheric conditions led to record Greenland ice melting
143 Ancient trapped water explains Earth's first ice age
144 Ancient trapped water could explain timing of Earth's first ice age
145 Arctic current flowed under deep freeze of last ice age
146 Russian scientists make rare find of 'blood' in mammoth
147 The Antarctic polar icecap is 33.6 million years old
148 World's biggest ice sheets likely more stable than previously believed
149 What can plants reveal about global climate change?
150 Cost of Arctic methane release could be 'size of global economy'
151 eWarming of deep oceans said holding climate change steady
152 How Did Earth's Primitive Chemistry Get Kick Started?
153 Geochemical 'fingerprints' leave evidence that megafloods eroded steep gorge
154 Earth's Gold Came from Colliding Dead Stars
155 Dinosaurs, diets and ecological niches
156 Evolution's toolkit seen in developing hands and arms
157 Study reveals ancient jigsaw puzzle of past supercontinent
158 Exploring dinosaur growth
159 A tandem-horned rhino from the Late Miocene of China reveals origin of the unicorn elasmothere
160 Natural affinities may have set stage for life to ignite
161 First Liquid Hydrogen Tank Barrel Segment for SLS Core Completed
162 Final Frontier Design Unveils New Space Suit on Capitol Hill
163 Boeing Unveils CST-100 Mock-up, Astronauts Climb Aboard
164 NASA starts building faster-than-light warp engine
165 NASA announces funding for far-out space research