File Title
1 Bird brains appeared before birds
2 Violent volcanoes fuelled by 'highway from hell'
3 New star clusters tie family together
4 Desert 'carbon farming' to curb CO2
5 New antibiotic that attacks MRSA found in ocean microbe
6 Feathered dinosaurs had 'flight-ready' brains
7 Gravity controls icy moon Enceladus's spew
8 'Oil threat' to DR Congo's Virunga National Park
9 Most adults don't exercise enough, research finds
10 Escaped chimps cause Twycross Zoo closure
11 Clean water and soap 'boost growth' in young children
12 UK deployed Falklands 'dazzle' laser, documents show
13 Crossrail: Where is it in the list of 'big digs'?
14 Cleveland abductor Ariel Castro to be sentenced
15 Sentencing under way for Cleveland kidnapper
16 Ariel Castro: kidnapped women's diaries reveal extent of abuse
17 Ohio kidnapping: three women kept diaries documenting abuse
18 Kidnapped Ohio women kept diaries: prosecutor
19 NSA spy leaks: Edward Snowden leaves Moscow airport
20 'WWIII Queen's speech' script revealed
21 Iraq death toll 'tops 1,000' in July, highest in years
22 Uruguay MPs back marijuana legalisation bill
23 The US Navy Seal who went from Chris to Kristin
24 Why did Breaking Bad use Ozymandias?
25 Why are some prison sentences so long?
26 Radley Balko: Rise of America's warrior cop
27 Zimbabwe election was 'huge farce'--Morgan Tsvangirai
28 San Diego Mayor Filner blames city for no harassment training
29 Japan Deputy PM Taro Aso retracts Nazi comments
30 Iran sanctions bill on oil passed by US House
31 Microsoft made to rename Skydrive after BSkyB victory
32 Apple update to tackle charger hack attack
33 Zynga sues sex app maker over Bang With Friends name
34 How the computer changed the office forever
35 Russia's anti-internet piracy law faces backlash
36 Living room TV is 'making a comeback,' says Ofcom
37 Sony earnings boosted by weak yen and smartphone sales
38 Chinese online game targets Japanese-held islands
39 Hate open floor office spaces? There's a better way.
40 Carry on camping--can a week under canvas reset our body clocks?
41 New Chip Knows the Dirty Deeds Your Mouth Has Done
42 Electronic 'Skin' Responds to Your Fingertips
43 Google Chairman: Wearable Gadgets Coming, But Didn't Wear Glass in NKorea
44 Medical Tattoo Looks to Replace Bulky Devices
45 Thumbells, Thumb Dumbbells, to Build Stronger Texting Thumbs
46 Google Allows Glass Owners to 'Invite a Friend' Into the Glass Program
47 Scientists Make Teeth Using Urine
48 Facebook's 'On This Day' to Let You Relive What You and Your Friends Were Doing a Year Ago Today
49 Pinterest Now Sends Alerts When Price Drops on Pinned Items
50 Motorola's Made-in-America Moto X Smartphone to Be Announced Today
51 Polar Bear's Collar Captures Video, Clues About Climate Change
52 Starbucks, Google Parnter to Offer Faster Wi-Fi in Coffee Shops
53 Mark Zuckerberg Makes Unauthorized Cameo in Online Privacy Film
54 Should You Take a Break From Social Media on Your Vacation?
55 Smartphone Cradle, App Detect Toxins, Bacteria
56 Sony Returns to Quarterly Profit on Cheap Yen
57 Netflix Rolls out New Tool to Profile Viewers
58 German News Sites Opt for Google Exposure for Now
59 Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser Sees Rare Eruption
60 Starved Kidnap Victim Michelle Knight Like 'Little Girl' When Rescued
61 George Zimmerman Stopped for Speeding, Has Gun
62 3 in 4 New Moms Try Breastfeeding
63 Everything You Need to Know to Go Vegetarian
64 Top Hospitals Fall Flat in Contested New Report
65 6 Summer Diet Traps That Pile on the Pounds
66 13-Pound Baby Jasleen Born Naturally, but World Record Stands
67 Law Protects Maker of Salad Mix Tied to Stomach Bug
68 Under Leaden Skies: Where Heavy Metal Clouds the Stars
69 Spitzer Discovers Young Stars With a 'Hula Hoop'
70 Bird Brains Predate Birds Themselves: 'Flight-Ready' Brain Was Present in Some Non-Avian Dinosaurs, CT Scans Indicate
71 Digest This: Cure for Cancer May Live in Our Intestines
72 Robots Strike Fear in the Hearts of Fish: Anxious Zebrafish Help Researchers Understand How Alcohol Affects Fear
73 Stem Cells in Urine Easy to Isolate and Have Potential for Numerous Therapies
74 Dawn of Carnivores Explains Animal Boom in Distant Past
75 Planetary 'Runaway Greenhouse' More Easily Triggered, Research Shows
76 Capturing Black Hole Spin Could Further Understanding of Galaxy Growth
77 Social Amoebae Travel With a Posse: Tiny Single-Celled Organisms Have Amazingly Complicated Social Lives
78 When Galaxies Switch Off: Hubble's COSMOS Survey Solves 'Quenched' Galaxy Mystery
79 'Evolution Will Punish You If You're Selfish and Mean'
80 By Tracking Maggots' Food Choices, Scientists Open Significant New Window Into Human Learning
81 NASA's Cassini Sees Forces Controlling Enceladus Jets
82 New Protein Discovered With Vast Potential for Treatment of Cancer and Other Diseases
83 'Highway from Hell' Fueled Costa Rican Volcano
84 Guided Growth of Nanowires Leads to Self-Integrated Circuits
85 Physicists Discover Theoretical Possibility of Large, Hollow Magnetic Cage Molecules
86 Polar Ecosystems Acutely Vulnerable to Sunlight-Driven Tipping Points
87 Could Planting Trees in the Desert Mitigate Climate Change?
88 How Did Earth's Primitive Chemistry Get Kick Started?
89 Controlling Contagion by Restricting Mobility: In the Face of an Epidemic, Even Moderate Travel Restrictions Would Slow Contagion
90 New Model for Staph Bone Infections Outlined
91 Antibiotic Resistance Among Hospital-Acquired Infections Is Much Greater Than Prior CDC Estimates
92 A New Tool for Brain Research
93 Both Parents Experience Highs and Lows in Sexuality After Childbirth
94 The Rise of Deadly Insect Sting Allergies: Is There a Cure?
95 Scientists Discover Mineral-Making Secrets Potentially Useful for New Materials
96 New Explorer Mission Chooses the 'Just-Right' Orbit
97 NASA Technologist Makes Traveling to Hard-To-Reach Destinations Easier
98 Figuring out Flow Dynamics
99 Nanomaterials: Sized-Up for Strength
100 Fly Study Finds Two New Drivers of RNA Editing
101 Aerial Pictures Reveal Climate Change
102 Progress in Using Ethanol to Make Key Raw Material Now Produced from Oil
103 Gene Decoding Obeys Road Traffic Rules
104 3-D Molecular Syringes: Scientists Solve Structure of Infection Tool Used by Yersinia Bacterium
105 What Causes a Small, Benign Polyp to Develop Into Severe Invasive Bladder Cancer?
106 Novel Molecules to Target the Cytoskeleton
107 Against All Odds: Male Holocaust Survivors Have a Longer Life-Expectancy
108 Ultrasound Patch Heals Venous Ulcers in Human Trial
109 Breast Cancer Cells' Sugar Craving Is Target for New Type of Treatment
110 Cardiovascular Risk in Type 2 Diabetics With Dangerously Low Blood Sugar Levels
111 Reprogramming Patients' Cells Offers Powerful New Tool for Studying, Treating Blood Diseases
112 Number One Source for New Teeth
113 Genetic Mutation Linked to Congenital Heart Disease Identified
114 Saliva Samples Can Reveal Serious Illnesses
115 Increased Fluctuation in Blood Pressure Linked to Impaired Cognitive Function in Older People
116 Combination Stroke Therapy Safe and Effective, Study Suggests
117 Evidence of Nerve Damage in About Half of Fibromyalgia Patients
118 Shocking: Surgical Anesthetic Appears to Treat Drug-Resistant Depression
119 Injuries from Teen Fighting Deal a Blow to IQ
120 'Love Hormone' Oxytocin: Difference in Social Perception Between Men and Women
121 Are You Hiring the Wrong Person?
122 Head Hits Can Be Reduced in Youth Football
123 Sharing the Wealth With Loyal Workers
124 Topical Analgesic May Provide Pain-Free 'Skin Glue' Repair of Cuts in Children
125 Chanel, UCSB's Corpse Flower, Blooms and Causes a Big Stink
126 Environmental Impact On Mouse Strains Used for Disease Models
127 Learning from a Virus: Keeping Genes Under Wraps
128 New Understanding of Actin Filament Growth in Cells
129 New Primate Species Native of Madagascar, Lavasoa Dwarf Lemur, Discovered
130 Airborne Campaign Preparing to Probe Pollution-Climate Link
131 Catching Aerosols in a CATS Eye
132 North Pole Not Flooded--But Lots of Melting in the Arctic
133 Simulations Aiding Study of Earthquake Dampers for Structures
134 Myanmar at the Crossroads: Conservationists See Opportunities and Challenges in Biodiversity Hotspot
135 Two 6,000-Year-Old 'Halls of the Dead' Unearthed
136 Evolution of Diverse Sex-Determining Mechanisms in Mammals
137 Evolution of Monogamy in Humans the Result of Infanticide Risk, New Study Suggests
138 Natural Affinities--Unrecognized Until Now--May Have Set Stage for Life to Ignite
139 Mystery Deepens in Coffin-Within-A-Coffin Found at Richard III Site
140 Station Astronauts Remotely Control Planetary Rover from Space
141 Beam Me Up, Scotty! Would Teleporting Humans Into Space Be Possible?
142 How Does Hydrogen Metallize?
143 Pulsating Star Sheds Light On Exoplanet
144 Experimental Quest to Test Einstein's Speed Limit
145 Catching Cancer Early by Chasing It: Portable Diagnostic Device That Can Travel to the Patient
146 Artificial Earthquakes Could Lead to Safer, Sturdier Buildings
147 Microfluidic Breakthrough in Biotechnology
148 Printing Silver Onto Fibers Could Pave the Way for Flexible, Wearable Electronics
149 Sequestration and Fuel Reserves: Storing Carbon Dioxide to Release Liquid Fuels
150 Full Body Illusion Is Associated With a Drop in Skin Temperature
151 Novel Technology for Producing 'Electronic Ink' May Lead to Inexpensive, Durable Electronics and Solar Cells
152 Psychotherapy Via Internet as Good as If Not Better Than Face-To-Face Consultations
153 Computer Scientists Develop 'Mathematical Jigsaw Puzzles' to Encrypt Software
154 Make It Yourself With a 3-D Printer and Save Big Time