File Title
1 Tropical warming boosts carbon dioxide
2 High arsenic levels in rice linked to DNA damage
3 Cashmere trade threat to snow leopards
4 Cassini probe takes image of Earth from Saturn orbit
5 Dolphins 'call each other by name'
6 Breakfast linked to 'healthy heart'
7 Deforestation in Africa's Congo Basin rainforest slows
8 Wolf howl identification technology excites experts
9 Polynesian navigators revive a skill that was nearly lost
10 Creating new life--and other ways to feed the world
11 Alphasat: 'Space A380' ready for launch
12 Why has global warming stalled?
13 Jules Verne to Star Trek: Does sci-fi show the future?
14 Does sugar make children hyperactive?
15 Royal baby: America swoons for palace fairytale
16 Royal baby: Kate and William visited by Middletons
17 Royal baby: Family tree
18 Syria conflict: Top US general outlines military options
19 Trayvon Martin case: George Zimmerman helps family in car accident
20 Al-Qaeda claims Abu Ghraib and Taji mass jailbreaks
21 Who, what, why: Who was Emmett Till?
22 Student tracks US dialects across country using web
23 Five Canadian women attempt Lake Ontario swim relay
24 World Bank: Africa held back by land ownership confusion
25 Sacha Baron Cohen pulls out of Freddie Mercury biopic
26 Tango chat app hacked claims Syrian Electronic Army
27 US court rules web patent claim invalid
28 Amazon scraps free delivery on some purchases under 10 pounds
29 Call to ban smoking on beaches stirs French
30 ColaLife: Turning profits into healthy babies
31 Alcohol deaths in young women show 'worrying rise'
32 Light-emitting nanotubes get brighter with zero-dimensional states
33 It's the fineness of the grind
34 Researchers use DNA origami technique to build nanoantennas with docking sites
35 Two in one solution for low cost polymer LEDs and solar cells
36 Paper-thin e-skin responds to touch by lighting up
37 Researchers make droplets dance (w/ Video)
38 Desktop printing at the nano level
39 Controlling friction by tuning van der Waals forces
40 Scientists break record for thinnest light-absorber
41 Graphene 'onion rings' have delicious potential
42 Impossible material with world record breaking surface area made by swedish researchers
43 NASA engineer achieves another milestone in emerging nanotechnology (w/ Video)
44 Elastic electronics: Stretchable gold conductor grows its own wires
45 Nanoparticles with protein 'passports' evade immune system, deliver more medication to tumors
46 Electronics: Graphene makes a magnetic switch
47 Ironing out the origins of wrinkles, creases and folds
48 Steering stem cells with magnets: Proof of concept for clinical applications
49 Artificial organelles transform free radicals into water and oxygen
50 New nanoscale imaging method finds application in plasmonics
51 Team uses carbon nanotubes for polarized-light detection
52 Large wave-vector phonon modes in silicon nanomembranes
53 Smart anticancer nanofibers: Setting treatments to work together
54 A new form of carbon: Grossly warped 'nanographene'
55 Nanoparticles help disrupt tumor blood supply, destroy tumors
56 One nanoparticle plus one antibody equals targeted drug delivery to tumors
57 Protons hop from one water molecule to another given suitable energy conditions
58 Shining a light on...light
59 Researchers demonstrate internal tagging technique for 3D-printed objects (w/ Video)
60 A scientific experiment is able to create a wave that is frozen in time
61 Scientists capture pitch drop on camera for first time (w/ Video)
62 Valleytronics--a new type of electronics in diamond
63 Elucidation of spin state of conduction electrons in graphene
64 Making big 'Schroedinger cats': Quantum research pushes boundary by testing micro theory for macro objects
65 Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the lowest noise of them all
66 Researchers make new discovery about neutrinos, bringing us one step closer to perhaps solving one of the biggest myster[ies]
67 Discovery of rare decay narrows space for new physics
68 Searching for quantum physics in all the right places
69 CERN experiments put Standard Model to stringent test
70 Ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic--at the same time
71 Researchers develop a way to cause static self-assembly using magnets and ferrofluids
72 Oxford Questions seek to pull back the curtain on the foundations of quantum physics
73 Milikelvins drive droplet evaporation
74 Unusual material expands dramatically under pressure
75 An easier way to make a topological insulator for advanced electronics
76 Playing with glass safely--and making it stronger
77 Giant electromagnet to conclude its 3,200-mile journey on July 26
78 News about ghost particles
79 Physicists publish solution to the quantum measurement problem
80 The key to ion beams' polarisability
81 What's next for particle physicists, post-Higgs?
82 Research project maps record numbers of cosmic X-ray sources
83 NASA launches new probe of spacesuit failure
84 British scientists offer explanations on global warming pause
85 Mystery of the missing waves on Titan
86 Devastating long-distance impact of earthquakes
87 Non-harmful flame retardants with no additional cost
88 Turning up the heat on our precious water resources
89 Rapid upper ocean warming linked to declining aerosols
90 Tropical ecosystems regulate variations in Earth's carbon dioxide levels
91 NASA releases images of earth by distant spacecraft
92 Gravity waves and sunglint, lake superior
93 Double trouble (w/ Video)
94 Major China coal plant drains lake, wells: Greenpeace
95 New York heat wave kills four
96 Pawsey powerhouse supercomputer crunches pre-SKA data torrent
97 Sea level rise: New iceberg theory points to areas at risk of rapid disintegration
98 Most flammable boreal forests in North America become more so
99 First high-resolution national carbon map--Panama
100 NASA wants spacesuit repair kit on Russian launch
101 Geochemical 'fingerprints' leave evidence that megafloods eroded steep gorge
102 CIA co-sponsoring geoengineering study to look at reversing global warming options
103 New study ignites debate over Indonesia's mud volcano
104 Apple developing iPhones and tablets with bigger screens: report
105 Delayed Shield game gadget to hit market on July 31
106 LG, Samsung start selling curved TVs in US
107 Google-owned Motorola Mobility on job hunt for wearables director
108 Survey finds women in Britain now own more tablet computers than men
109 Diesel vehicles save owners thousands
110 Tech review: HTC One ready to play with big boys
111 New underwater robot swims and senses like a fish
112 Intel's multimillion baby Omek is acquired for motion sensing
113 Review: Pebble watch is a great way to be bugged
114 A fix for the cracked-screen smartphone
115 Google appears poised to unveil new Nexus tablets
116 Older adults don't speak 'robot,' study finds
117 Cubelets: Small robots teach big science lessons (w/ Video)
118 Calculating art: Meet e-David, the painting machine (w/ Video)
119 Microsoft slashes price of Surface tablet
120 Robots to revolutionize US farms, ease labor woes (Update)
121 Swiss watchmakers keep cool in wait for Apple smartwatch
122 HUBO ready for DARPA's Robotics Challenge trials (w/ Video)
123 DARPA's ATLAS robot unveiled (w/ Video)
124 Lumia 1020: New Nokia smartphone has monster camera (Update)
125 Tablet wars intensify as prices tumble
126 LG introduces world's slimmest full HD LCD panel for smartphones
127 ARM chip makers set to reach 3GHz next year
128 Intel mobile chip strategy could prove costly
129 Putting more wind power on the grid
130 France's Orange to keep Dailymotion after uproar
131 Six months of computing time generates detailed portrait of cloth behavior
132 Moving towards electronically active threads
133 Researchers build self-assembling multi-copter distributed flight array (w/ Video)
134 Technology could be "aggravating" factor in sentencing
135 Could HYCCUPS boost phone battery life?
136 Google sits on Internet-traffic throne, says
137 We don't like unfamiliar music, even though we claim we do, study finds
138 New app puts idle smartphones to work for science
139 Internet powers cross-border shopping bonanza: PayPal
140 Netflix adds profit after prestige, but investors cool
141 Thin, flexible glass for energy storage
142 Solar-powered sterilization technology
143 Will Apple's latest results be latest letdown?
144 TV-over-Internet service Aereo will expand to Utah
145 Cybercrime costs up to $500bn: study
146 UK seeks automatic blocks on online porn
147 Netflix gains 630K subscribers as 2Q earnings soar
148 SIM sleuth finds security flaw that may affect 750M phones
149 British PM ups pressure on Internet firms over child porn
150 Underwater propulsion from a 3D printer
151 Scientists use game to generate database for analysis of drawing
152 NSA revelations reframe digital life for some
153 Facebook says 'simple' app used by 100 million
154 Researchers unravel secrets of mussels' clinginess
155 Chemical reaction could streamline manufacture of pharmaceuticals and other compounds
156 A new method for clicking molecules together
157 Discovery will help green technologies harness solar power
158 A tighter fit with artificial DNA
159 Discovery of the missing link in evolution of bioluminescence
160 Researchers help show new way to study and improve catalytic reactions
161 Microorganisms found in salt flats could offer new path to green hydrogen fuel
162 Next RSC president predicts that in 15 years no chemist will do bench experiments without computer-modelling them first
163 Using pressure to swell pores, not crush them
164 Tiny bubbles hold big promise for NMR/MRI
165 Novel bacterial 'language' discovered
166 Biochemists uphold law of physics (w/ Video)
167 Researchers discover simple coating technique using tannic acid and iron
168 Lab-on-a-chip technology gets a flexible upgrade
169 A roundabout route to protein production
170 Molecular discovery puts cancer treatment in a new perspective
171 Creating value and reducing waste by exploiting animal by-products
172 Researchers perform DNA computation in living cells
173 'Chemometer' offers easy way to test for dangerous pollutants
174 Rapid cooling leads to stronger alloys
175 Toward a safer form of acetaminophen
176 Breakthrough could lead to 'artificial skin' that senses touch, humidity and temperature
177 Bioengineers find method to strongly adhere hydrogels to hydrophobic silicone substrates
178 New analytical methodology can guide electrode optimization
179 New technology lets scientists identify wild wolves by their howls
180 Natural pest control protein effective against hookworm: A billion could benefit
181 Keeping centrioles in check to ensure proper cell division
182 Hunting pushing central African forests toward ecological collapse
183 Genome assembly in the spotlight
184 Light can change flavor, scent volatiles in plants and fruits, study finds
185 Biologists discover highly complex communication system in aquatic cyanobacteria
186 Largest bony fish ever lived during the age of dinosaurs
187 Controlling genes with light
188 European grassland butterflies in decline
189 Environmental toxins enter the brain tissue of polar bears
190 Researcher proposes adding scientific measures to boost financial support for higher education
191 Researcher targeting voracious Kudzu bug
192 100K genome project unveils 20 more foodborne pathogen genomes
193 Grad researcher studies impacts of Marcellus Shale development on wildlife
194 Scientists put citrus in "deep freeze" to preserve it
195 Scientists explore use of invasive trees to develop jet fuel
196 Climate forecasts shown to warn of crop failures
197 In nature, dolphins 'whistle' by name
198 Bees 'betray' their flowers when pollinator species decline
199 Stinky corpse flower blooms in Washington
200 Declining sea ice strands baby harp seals
201 Research update: Genome editing becomes more accurate
202 How to survive without sex: Rotifer genome reveals its strategies
203 Whale meat ship returns to Iceland
204 Oldest European fort in the inland US discovered in Appalachians
205 A woman's work is never done?
206 University researchers discover "lost" Elizabethan craftsmanship to match 21st century technology
207 Employees carrying out an insider attack at work can be identified from the language they use in emails according to Lancaster psychologists.
208 Tiny fossils link 'old bastard' marsupials to South America and Africa
209 Full dinosaur tail excavated in northern Mexico
210 Greening of the Earth pushed way back in time
211 New research reveals that people who migrate to wealthier countries aren't any happier
212 Linguistic puzzler
213 NUrchaeologists discovering rare glimpse into prehistoric times
214 Why superstition-rich baseball playoff fans aren't loyal to a brand
215 Researcher's proposal touts savings accounts to ease student debt crisis
216 When college diversity delivers benefits
217 Retirement incomes policy needs to link to older worker sustainability policy
218 More automation could mean fewer jobs in mining communities
219 King David's palace found, says Israeli team
220 Anne likes Alex but not Bob: what your name really says about you
221 All-male physics departments are not proof of bias against hiring women, study suggests
222 Archaeology uncovers amazing finds in West Sussex
223 The long history of 'Eurasian' identity
224 Using bioinformatics to trace a president's thoughts
225 Mystery free women of color unraveled
226 Online reviewers: Yes, they're compensating for something (w/ Video)
227 Pope OKs indulgences for the tweeting classes
228 Economic survey reveals obstacles to small business growth
229 A new weapon against stroke: Stem cell study uncovers the brain-protective powers of astrocytes
230 Researchers identify vulnerabilities of the deadly Ebola virus
231 Pain of artificial legs could be eased by real-time monitoring
232 Bolstering your brain against dementia
233 Researchers develop new approach for studying deadly brain cancer
234 Cannabis constituent has no effect on MS progression, study shows
235 Between B cells and T cells
236 US: Menthol cigarettes likely pose health risk
237 Lung model makes headway for aerosol drug delivery
238 New clues illuminate Alzheimer's roots
239 Worms reveal link between dementia gene and aging
240 Understanding a global epidemic: Why Africans with HIV are more susceptible to TB
241 Brain picks out salient sounds from background noise by tracking frequency and time
242 'Dead' gene comes to life, puts chill on inflammation, researchers find
243 N/A
244 Evolution picks up hitchhikers
245 Chips that mimic the brain
246 Studies suggest new key to 'switching off' hypertension
247 Novel 'top-down' mechanism repatterns developing brain regions
248 Learning a language depends on good connection between regions of the left hemisphere of the brain
249 Scientists identify key brain circuits that control compulsive drinking in rats
250 Breastfed children are less likely to develop ADHD later in life, research finds
251 Myelin exploits phase transitions to drive it's assembly
252 Recycling in the eye promotes good vision
253 Herpes research turns up genetic combatant
254 Surprise finding shows oxytocin strengthens bad memories and can increase fear and anxiety
255 Integrative medicine interventions found to significantly reduce pain, improve quality of life
256 Could turning on a gene prevent diabetes?
257 Coherence activity in neuronal cultures from noise focusing
258 Socioeconomic disparities linked to use of eye care
259 Plain packaging reduces allure of cigarettes: study