File Title
1 Shoulder is key to evolutionary success
2 'Tornado' fibre discovery to boost bandwidth
3 Space telescope funded by public donations meets $1 million goal
4 Whale of a win: Environmental victory protects whales from noise pollution
5 Lost Maya city found in Mexican jungle
6 UFO: Britain releases documents explaining closure of military UFO desk
7 Kardashian baby name: the science of how names shape us
8 'Sheep-eating' plant towers over English countryside. Oh my!
9 Rare giant catfish faces new threat in Southeast Asia's Mekong
10 Giant panda gives birth to twin cubs in China
11 Why plants are smarter than us
12 Dogs are somewhat like young human children, study finds
13 Red panda missing: Rusty the panda is found
14 Grand Canyon tightrope walk: What was that huge pole for?
15 Ancient, cow-sized knobby lizard discovered in Africa
16 Four habitable planets orbiting three tiny suns? New first in planet-hunting.
17 'Don't touch my junk DNA!' says gene signal sequence
18 Judge bars Obamacare contraceptive requirement for a Christian-owned business
19 Asian tiger mosquitoes: What you need to know
20 New Cambodian tailorbird is an unlikely bird, in an unlikely place
21 Planet of the mechanical apes: Scientists give us new ape-like robot
22 How a remote-controlled cockroach might come to your rescue
23 Alaska volcano spews five-mile-high ash plume
24 Why gorillas can't throw fastballs
25 Galactic miracle babies? Smallish planets survived birth in stellar maelstrom.
26 Straight from the horse's toe: the world's oldest genome
27 Social lemurs make better larcenists, scientists say
28 Pacifica shark attack: why we don't need to be afraid
29 Gorilla taunting: If you want to go to Hogwarts, be nice to zoo animals
30 Levitating magician: How magicians use science to deceive
31 Voyager 1 comes closer to leaving the solar system...again
32 NASA launching IRIS, a new eye on poorly understood region of sun
33 The ultimate video game: Teams compete in DARPA Robotics Challenge
34 A space shuttle's final mission: Atlantis opens to the public (+video)
35 'Parrot dinosaur' walked on all fours, then graduated to two (+video)
36 Why don't spiral galaxies run out of gas? Look to the (extended) halo.
37 New low-cost, transparent electrodes
38 Exotic alloys for potential energy applications
39 Researchers discover global warming may affect microbe survival
40 When cloning mice, a little drop of blood'll do ya
41 Researchers track facial expressions to improve teaching software
42 Influenza infection increases likelihood of bacterial pneumonia 100-fold, U-Michigan-led study finds
43 UCSF researchers discover species-recognition system in fruit flies
44 Making hydrogenation greener
45 First transiting planets in a star cluster discovered
46 A 700,000 year old horse gets its genome sequenced
47 Complex activity patterns emerge from simple underlying laws
48 Scripps Florida scientists turn muscular dystrophy defect on and off in cells
49 Large-scale quantum chip validated
50 Climate change threatens forest survival on drier, low-elevation sites
51 Cattle grazing and clean water are compatible on public lands
52 Study reveals key step in protein synthesis
53 Rice U. releases findings from national Portraits of American Life Study
54 Could a diet high in fish and flax help prevent broken hips?
55 Tiny nanocubes help scientists tell left from right
56 Is it alive or dead?
57 Major changes needed for coral reef survival
58 Low-power Wi-Fi signal tracks movement--even behind walls
59 U.S. management of wild horses flawed, scientific report finds
60 ANALYSIS-After tech success, Israel seeks life sciences growth
61 Second rover finds hint of a life-friendly ancient Mars
62 Restrictive drug laws censor science, researchers say
63 Chinese man gets 12 years in U.S. prison for selling $100 mln in stolen software
64 Japan mulls hosting global collider project--Nikkei
65 REFILE--UPDATE 1--AstraZeneca picks site for new global home in Cambridge
66 NASA wants backyard astronomers to help track asteroids
67 Was first curveball thrown 2 million years ago?
68 N/A
69 NASA telescope to probe long-standing solar mystery
70 Discovery could boost Internet bandwidth
71 Scientists make wire of carbon, may sometime rival copper
72 NASA probe finds new zone at doorstep to interstellar space
73 NASA picks Florida agency to take over shuttle landing strip
74 Disgraced Dutch social psychologist punished
75 Italian astrophysicist Margherita Hack dies at 91
76 Facebook adds video sharing to Instagram
77 Scientists make detailed 3-D map of human brain
78 PayPal launches quest for intergalactic currency
79 Discovery could boost Internet bandwidth
80 Israel-Chicago Partnership Targets Water Innovations
81 New Book Rewrites How Evolution Was Discovered
82 Farming Carbon: Study Reveals Potent Carbon-Storage Potential of Man-Made Wetlands
83 Shedding Light on Down Syndrome
84 Beyond Silicon: Transistors Without Semiconductors
85 N/A
86 Clearing Up Confusion on Future of Colorado River Flows
87 Astronomers Find Three 'Super-Earths' in Nearby Star's Habitable Zone
88 Hiding in Plain Sight: New Species of Bird Discovered in Capital City
89 Team Creates Realistic Robot Carp, First Robot Fish with Autonomous 3-D Movement in Asia
90 Garlic Oil May Ease Adverse Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation
91 New Raisin Research Shows Several Health Benefits
92 Biochemists Identify Protease Substrates Important to Bacterial Growth
93 Chimps or Humans--Who's the Better Baseball Pitcher?
94 Influenza Infection Increases Likelihood of Bacterial Pneumonia 100-Fold
95 UA Archaeologists Unearth Tuscaloosa's Early History
96 NRDC Annual Beach Report: Water Pollution Ruins Over 20,000 Days at the Beach for Third Straight Year
97 Dining Outdoors? Tips for Keeping Food Safe and Delicious
98 Salmonella Infection Is a Battle Between Good and Bad Bacteria in the Gut
99 N/A
100 Algae Shows Promise as Pollution-Fighter, Fuel-Maker
101 Researchers Discover Global Warming May Affect Microbe Survival
102 Large Dead Zone Forming In The Gulf
103 Electronic Health Record Adoption Uneven Across U.S.
104 Radiation from Airport Scanners--How Much Dose We Get
105 Could a Diet High in Fish and Flax Help Prevent Broken Hips?
106 Eating Right, Exercise May Help Prostate Cancer Patients Reduce Risk of Aggressive Tumors
107 Emergency Gallbladder Surgery Associated with Increased Complication Risk
108 Chemical in Antibacterial Soaps May Harm Nursing Babies
109 Strengthened Standards Ensuring Healthy Food in Schools
110 Take the Sting Out of Summer: Combat the Perils of Mother Nature
111 Fireworks or Firearms For America's Birthday?
112 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Supports USDA's Call for Healthier Standards for All Foods Served in Schools
113 Registered Dietitians Help Critically Ill Children Get Necessary Nutrition for Recovery
114 Thin-Film Diamonds
115 Is it Alive or Dead?
116 Survey Shows Increase in Resistance to Drug Therapies Among Bovine Respiratory Disease Cases
117 Researchers' Epigenetics Study Discovers Cancer Risks Double When Two Carcinogens Present at 'Safe' Levels
118 Pre-Existing Insomnia Linked to PTSD and Other Mental Disorders After Military Deployment
119 Clearing Up Confusion on Future of Colorado River Flows
120 Algae Shows Promise as Pollution-Fighter, Fuel-Maker
121 N/A
122 Exotic Alloys for Potential Energy Applications
123 At the Solar System's Edge, More Surprises From NASA's Voyager
124 Tiny Nanocubes Help Scientists Tell Left From Right
125 Trusted Voice of Doctors is Key to Viability of Health Care Cost-Control Reforms
126 Teaching and Safety-Net Hospitals Show Variations in Quality and Outcomes of Care, Suggests Study in Medical Care
127 Improving Overall Employee Wellness Could Yield Multiple Benefits
128 Hospital, Doctor Shopping Isn't Easy for Patients Looking to Compare Prices of Health Care Services
129 Review: Composition of Care Team Critical to Improved Outcomes for Nursing Home Patients
130 Distracted Walking: Injuries Soar for Pedestrians on Phones
131 A New Wrinkle in Smoking Research
132 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Virus Investigation Reported by Johns Hopkins Experts
133 Negative Public Health Campaigns May Undermine Weight Loss Goals
134 How to Boost Hispanics' Participation in Clinical Trials? Relate To Them
135 Making Hydrogenation Greener
136 Social Impact of Social Media When School's Out for Summer
137 Hold the Medicinal Lettuce
138 Pride, Prejudice and Patriotism: Researcher Says Showing Patriotism Can Be Psychologically Rewarding
139 Five Ways to Keep Your Cool When Exercising in Summer Heat
140 Scientists Turn Muscular Dystrophy Defect On and Off in Cells
141 Researchers Tap Into Body's Natural Antioxidant System to Protect Lungs of Premature Infants
142 What Makes a Video Go Viral? More Than Just Good Content
143 Casting a Cultural Spotlight on History of Internet
144 Facebook Profiles Raise Users' Self-Esteem and Affect Behavior
145 Making Sense of Patterns in the Twitterverse
146 The Facebook Effect: Social Media Dramatically Boosts Organ Donor Registration
147 Consider a Text for Teen Suicide Prevention and Intervention, Research Suggests
148 Tiny RNA Molecules Could Have Medical Applications
149 Developing a New Laser to Detect Methane Leaks
150 Power for Seaports May Be the Next Job for Hydrogen Fuel Cells
151 Music Professor Creates Device for Speech, Cognitive Therapy
152 Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History Welcomes a T. rex
153 Research in Fruit Flies Provides New Insight Into Barrett's Esophagus
154 Mapping Out How to Save Species
155 IU to Take Lead in Defense Department Effort Securing Software-Defined Networks
156 UW Gas-, Electric-Powered Cars Claim 1st and 2nd in National Contest
157 Researchers Discover Global Warming May Affect Microbe Survival
158 Resistance Gene Found Against Ug99 Wheat Stem Rust Pathogen
159 Professor Finds Prehistoric Rock Art Connected; Maps Cosmological Belief
160 High-Resolution Mapping Technique Uncovers Underlying Circuit Architecture of the Brain
161 Researchers Discover Molecule That Drives Aggressive Breast Cancer
162 Detour Ahead: Cities, Farms Reroute Animals Seeking Cooler Climes
163 Airborne Gut Action Primes Wild Chili Pepper Seeds
164 UW Awarded $10 Million to Design Paper-Based Diagnostic Medical Device
165 More Women Pick Computer Science if Media Nix Outdated 'Nerd' Stereotype