File Title
1 Brain imaging shows how prolonged treatment of a behavioral disorder restores a normal response to rewards
2 Scientists explore stress, weight loss and our brain
3 MEND researchers are ready for human trials of an obesity drug showing dramatic results in mice
4 Lab team makes unique contributions to the first bionic eye
5 Paradis' research could impact seizure treatment
6 Natural, edible treatment offers promise for diabetics
7 High lipid levels call for concern, study finds
8 Identifying Alzheimer's using space software
9 Lithium reduces risk of suicide in people with mood disorders
10 Scientists turn muscular dystrophy defect on and off in cells
11 Breaking habits before they start
12 A second amyloid may play a role in Alzheimer's disease, researchers find
13 Study appears to overturn prevailing view of how the brain is wired
14 Early brain stimulation may help stroke survivors recover language function
15 A look inside children's minds: New study shows how 3- and 4-year-olds retain what they see around them
16 Brain's 'garbage truck' may hold key to treating Alzheimer's and other disorders
17 Researchers reformulate the model of mitochondrial function
18 A telescope for the eye: New contact lenses may improve sight for macular degeneration patients
19 Study sheds new light on a classic question in psychology and neuroscience
20 Type 1 diabetes: Can insulin-producing cells be regenerated?
21 Insulin differs between ethnicities, study finds
22 High-resolution mapping technique uncovers underlying circuit architecture of the brain
23 New red blood cell simulator invented
24 Link shown between Crohn's disease and virus
25 Outdoor activities, day length tied to myopia onset, progress
26 Study finds link between liver cancer and gut bacteria in obese mice
27 Hyperconnectivity found in brains of children with autism, study says
28 How visual attention affects the brain
29 Re-thinking ethnic favoritism in politics
30 Babies can read each other's moods, study finds (w/ Video)
31 Study finds link between liver cancer and gut bacteria in obese mice
32 Study shows expectation important component of rubber-hand illusion
33 Nitric oxide could make blood transfusions safer
34 The CORE of the matter: Identifying recurrent genomic regions to determine tumor phylogeny
35 Efficient signal transmission at sensory system synapses
36 Hispanic and black kids less likely to use medication to control asthma
37 New study looks at unintended costs of mandated infertility coverage
38 Pancreatic cancer: Tackling the tumour by targeting its surroundings
39 Using computer models to predict more effective therapies
40 Tackling the complications of childhood cancer treatment
41 Dramatic rise in hearing aid app downloads
42 Artist explores how research is fighting malaria in a new digital artwork (w/ Video)
43 Fatty acids found in fish linked to lower risk of breast cancer
44 Time is of the essence for reducing the long-term effects of iron deficiency
45 Registered dietitians help critically ill children get necessary nutrition for recovery
46 UK may OK creating babies with DNA from 3 people
47 Higher genetic risk tied to lifetime asthma suffering
48 Study reveals potential of genetic testing to predict which children will grow out of asthma
49 Telomere length influences cancer cell differentiation
50 IHC: stigma towards migraine sufferers high
51 Could a diet high in fish and flax help prevent broken hips?
52 Speed a factor in one-third of deadly crashes involving teen drivers
53 Chemical in antibacterial soaps may harm nursing babies
54 Migraine sufferers face significant stigma, study finds
55 South Asians need more exercise than white Europeans to reduce diabetes risk, say scientists
56 Long-term satisfaction for open carpal tunnel release
57 Why is pulmonary hypertension at high altitude so common and dangerous?
58 Protein is involved with colon cancer cell's ability to invade other cells
59 Low self-control promotes selfless behavior in close relationships
60 IHC: united states has shortage of headache specialists
61 How cancer spreads: Metastatic tumor a hybrid of cancer cell and white blood cell
62 Fathers can help sons avoid trouble, even if they aren't under the same roof
63 Specialist care helps develop relationship between mothers with severe mental illness and their newborn children
64 Preventative measures in mom's third trimester may avert anemia in newborns
65 Study reveals genetic cause of high-arched palate
66 Sleep apnea and pre-eclampsia share a common warning sign
67 New study into impact on women who lose a baby
68 Researchers discover novel DNA variants that influence risk of blood cancer
69 Research raises concerns over smoke detectors' effectiveness in waking children
70 Study evaluates factors that affect patients' ability to recall their sexual function and activity
71 Whole genome or exome sequencing: An individual insight
72 People's perception of the effect of stress on their health is linked to risk of heart attacks
73 Drilling study finds faults after earthquakes heal faster than previously thought
74 Lionfish found following the current trend
75 Avoiding the digital 'flock': Author sees need for connectivity in a Web world that courts the narrow
76 Physicists tease out twisted torques of DNA
77 Researchers put chemistry lab on paper to detect low-quality medicine
78 Can silver promote the colonization of bacteria on medical devices?
79 Redefining adaptation, the study of how populations grow and survive
80 Complex activity patterns emerge from simple underlying laws
81 Apple proposes combined-input port for space-deprived devices
82 TouchCast introduces its interactive video iPad app
83 Wild genes block growing rust threat
84 Voyager 1 enters unknown territory
85 Twisted light may boost internet bandwidth
86 Voyager surfs Solar System's edge
87 Winged insects 'blasted' by unsettled spring weather
88 'Twisted light' idea makes for terabit rates in fibre
89 Russian meteor shockwave circled globe twice
90 UK government backs three-person IVF
91 Energy minister 'fully behind' National Grid
92 Euclid spacecraft to be built by Thales Alenia Space
93 Edward Snowden's father sets return conditions
94 Blackberry shares plunge after $84m first-quarter loss
95 Iran Stuxnet leak probe: US Gen. James Cartwright 'target'
96 Pro- and anti-government protests under way in Egypt
97 10 types of irritating advice for parents
98 Should political fundraisers become ambassadors?
99 Ancient Wari royal tomb unearthed in Peru
100 Cuba's amazing dancing identical triplets, aged 13
101 Pierre Borghi: How I gave the Taliban the slip
102 Monsignor Nunzio Scarano held in Vatican bank inquiry
103 Cautious leaders
104 Obama flies to S Africa ruling out Mandela 'photo op'
105 Executive priorities as important as the bottom line
106 Are you job hopping to nowhere?
107 For same-sex couples, a new financial picture
108 M&S and BSkyB threaten Facebook boycott over adverts
109 Twitter Vine users fall after Instagram video launch
110 Facebook gives UK man $20k for discovering security flaw
111 Asthma genetic risk research could lead to future test
112 Surgeon data: 'Historic' move for NHS
113 Ballet and eating disorders: 'Unspoken competitiveness' adds pressure to be thin