File Title
1 Super-Earths discovered in stellar cluster
2 Throwing a key evolutionary step for humans
3 Carbon wires may soon rival copper
4 UK shale gas resources 'greater than thought'
5 Ancient horse bone yields oldest DNA sequence
6 'Vampire' sea lampreys heat up for sex
7 Only four people sign up for flagship Green Deal
8 Mouse cloned from drop of blood
9 Call for re-think on wildlife funds
10 Spending Review: Energy and transport to get share of 100bn pounds
11 Origins of human throwing unlocked
12 Obama refuses to barter for Edward Snowden
13 Nelson Mandela much better today--Jacob Zuma
14 Japan's NHK sued over use of English words
15 Obama urges gay rights in Africa during trip to Senegal
16 China resettles two million Tibetans, says Human Rights Watch
17 Goodyear Amiens: The factory that refuses to die
18 10 things about extradition
19 US farmers look to Congress for immigration reform
20 Type 1 diabetes vaccine hailed as 'significant step'
21 Missing yacht Nina: 'No sign' of Australia-bound vessel
22 Texas executes 500th person since resuming death penalty
23 Robot subs beam the oceans to your homes
24 Kevin Rudd sworn in as new Australian prime minister
25 Oxford grooming sex case: Brothers jailed for life
26 Turkey seeks to tighten control over Twitter
27 European internet 'running 25% slower than advertised'
28 Demo shows off first parts of Edsac rebuild
29 Cracking crime with Twitter in Spain
30 Amazon advances with Autorip--who can compete?
31 LTE-Advanced 4G network launches in South Korea
32 Ian Brady: How easy is it to fake mental illness?
33 Spinning up antibacterial silver on glass
34 Tiny nanocubes help scientists tell left from right
35 Carbon 'candy floss' could help prevent energy blackouts
36 Ingested nanoparticle toxicity
37 Solar power heads in a new direction: thinner
38 Researchers strike gold with nanotech vaccine
39 Efficient production process for coveted nanocrystals
40 Gold probes may offer valuable insight into cancer
41 Scientists use electron 'ink' to write on graphene 'paper'
42 Researchers use nanoparticles to speed up or slow down angiogenesis
43 Extreme insulating-to-conducting nanowires promise novel applications
44 Research shows promise of new device to detect disease with drop of blood
45 Development of nonvolatile liquid anthracenes for facile full-color luminescence tuning
46 Enhancing RNA interference
47 Harnessing the potential of quantum tunneling: Transistors without semiconductors
48 Two-dimensional atomically-flat transistors show promise for next generation green electronics
49 Ferroelectric-graphene-based system could lead to improved information processing
50 Light and nanoprobes detect early signs of infection
51 Danish chemists in molecular chip breakthrough
52 New product features with metallic nanoparticles
53 Improving measurements by reducing quantum noise
54 All systems go: A new high-energy record for LCLS
55 New tool to measure X-ray pulses borrows from SLAC history (w/ Video)
56 High-efficiency photon source brings day of reckoning closer for a famous quantum test
57 Bell Labs improves lensless camera with additional pixel on sensor
58 On the hunt for neutrinos: Physicist seeks new ways to detect and measure the elusive particles
59 Microscopy technique could help computer industry develop 3-D components
60 Quantum engines must break down
61 Physicists create tabletop antimatter 'gun'
62 New laser shows what substances are made of, could be new eyes for military (w/ video)
63 New scheme for quantum computing
64 Laser guided codes advance single pixel terahertz imaging
65 Water droplets prefer the soft touch
66 Computer models shed new light on sickle cell crisis (w/ video)
67 Better droplet condensation could boost power efficiency
68 Precise thickness measurement of soft materials by means of contact stylus instruments
69 Muscles act as metamaterials due to collective behavior, physicists show
70 Researchers discover way to allow 80% of sound to pass through walls
71 Scientists solve riddle of strangely behaving magnetic material
72 Particle accelerator that can fit on a tabletop opens new chapter for science research
73 Physicists develop flexible multicell Zn-MnO2 battery for printed electronics
74 More data storage? Here's how to fit 1,000 terabytes on a DVD
75 Uncovering quantum secret in photosynthesis
76 Researchers propose new method for achieving nonlinear optical effects
77 CERN's ISOLTRAP reveals new magic in the atomic nucleus
78 Research trio claim landslides key to mountain longevity
79 Spiral galaxies like Milky Way bigger than thought, study finds
80 Planning in the near term for climate change
81 The violent birth of neutron stars
82 Researchers call for rethinking efforts to prevent interplanetary contamination
83 Earth's northern biomass mapped and measured
84 International attention focuses on a climate change 'trigger'
85 Flood: Rerouted levee stands the test
86 Location of upwelling in Earth's mantle discovered to be stable
87 First transiting planets in a star cluster discovered
88 A stepping-stone for oxygen on Earth: Researchers find evidence of an early manganese-oxidizing photosystem
89 The remarkable remains of a recent supernova
90 Gulf of Mexico could see record 'dead zone'
91 Croatian pupils mark EU entry with astronaut chat
92 CU-Boulder joins Sloan Digital Sky Survey to map stars, galaxies and quasars in 3-D
93 EU reaches deal to overhaul farm subsidies: Ireland
94 Rising seas washing away Pacific leader's home island
95 21% of homes account for 50% of greenhouse gas emissions
96 China's Shenzhou-10 spacecraft returns to Earth (Update)
97 Scientists use X-rays to connect mantle chemistry with carbon cycle
98 El Nino, La Nina 'unlikely to make an appearance in 2013'
99 Developing a new laser to detect methane leaks
100 Wolf Lake ancient forest is endangered ecosystem
101 Samsung puts curve in OLED televisions
102 Review: Ouya brings indie games to your TV
103 Team creates realistic Robot Carp, first robot fish with autonomous 3-D movement in Asia
104 Japan conversation robot ready for outer space (Update)
105 German team creates robot ape (w/ Video)
106 RAPIRO wants to spread joy of robots with Raspberry Pi
107 Crowd-funded videogame console selling fast
108 New Samsung tablets mimic Galaxy phones
109 Robots learn how to arrange objects by 'hallucinating' humans into their environment (w/ video)
110 ROSPHERE: A spherical robot for exploration missions
111 First Apple computer could fetch $500,000 or more (Update)
112 Stanford students' robots play golf, stack dominoes, swat balloons (w/ video)
113 Review: Cadillac's CUE system part entertainment, part security blanket
114 Gadgets: Going on vacation? Here's what to take with you
115 LA to give every student an iPad; $30M order
116 Best Buy recalls batteries over fire risk
117 China's Huawei to offer smartphone for high-end market
118 Future magazine focuses on interacting and experiencing
119 Bioeconomy as a solution for South Australia's declining forest industry
120 No more leakage of explosive electrolytes in batteries
121 EV racing car named Lola breaks world speed record
122 Telenor, Ooredoo win Myanmar telecom licenses
123 Power for seaports may be the next job for hydrogen fuel cells
124 New online tool to educate consumers on the cost of their credit cards
125 New approach can control large complex networks, from cells to power grids
126 PayPal launches quest for intergalactic currency
127 In the mood for music
128 Wearable computers a smart fashion trend
129 Feature stops apps from stealing phone users' passwords
130 Ultra-wired South Korea battles smartphone addiction
131 Wireless revolution reaches Brazil's favelas
132 Microsoft wants to disclose US government data queries
133 UN Africa commanders call for better technology
134 Microsoft tweaks Windows 8, blamed for PC slump
135 IEA: Global renewable energy growing fast
136 New dispatch system could save money for trucking industry, make life easier for drivers
137 US-EU fraud crackdown seizes 328 websites
138 White House joins Instagram, posts Africa departure
139 Microsoft woos developers with 're-blended' Windows
140 Twitter CEO defends 'principled' data request policy
141 Renewable energy use gaining worldwide: IEA
142 Myanmar moves to delay foreign telecom deals
143 Making hydrogenation greener
144 Aquatic microbe oxidizes iron minerals from the surface inward
145 Drinking water from the sea: Electrochemically mediated seawater desalination in microfluidic systems
146 Computational chemistry draws for the first time the 'interactive cartographic map' of enzymes during chemical reactions
147 New scaffold reference material for tissue engineering research
148 A better route to hydrocarbazoles
149 Excited, but cold: Scientists unveil the secret of a reaction for prebiotic synthesis of organic matter
150 Getting the carbon out of emissions
151 Plant compounds studied for food safety chores
152 Researchers release massive database of molecules that might be useful in organic solar cells
153 Chemists moving forward with tool to detect hydrogen sulfide
154 NMR advance brings proteins into the open
155 Novel testing device for detecting toxic blue-green algae
156 GM silkworms bred to spin fluorescent
157 A cheaper drive to 'cool' fuels: Scientists pioneer inexpensive catalyst to drive synthetic fuel production
158 A designer enzyme for alternative energy
159 Discovery could lead to new way of cleaning up oil spills
160 Creating life-saving drugs from deadly venom
161 Too green to be true? Researchers develop highly effective method for converting CO2 into methanol
162 Wearable Electronics: Highly conductive textiles and paper with aluminum
163 Scientists design a potential drug compound that attacks Parkinson's disease on two fronts
164 Lab reproduction of a marine compound with antibiotic properties
165 Researcher working to test rape kit dye that will work on all skin colors
166 Study finds chemical behind cancer resistance in naked mole rats
167 DNA constructs antenna for solar energy
168 Researchers discover species-recognition system in fruit flies
169 A new bizarrely shaped spoon worm, Arhynchite hayaoi, from Japan
170 Beautiful but hiding unpleasant surprise: 3 new species of fetid fungi from New Zealand
171 Resistance gene found against Ug99 wheat stem rust pathogen
172 Biochemists identify protease substrates important for bacterial growth and development
173 Sea lampreys turning up the heat
174 Scientists model human disease in stem cells
175 Decoding the oceans (w/ Video)
176 Hunting for new genes by sequencing seas samples
177 Scientist discovers evidence in animal habitat selection that counters current convention
178 Illegal marijuana grows threaten fishers in the southern Sierra Nevada
179 Japan OKs world's first iPS stemcell clinical trial
180 Researchers find human activities threaten Sumatran tiger population
181 Poultry 'enzyme cocktail' saves more than just chicken feed
182 Beetle-kill trees pose increasing risk to recreationists, landowners
183 Increased selenium dosage boosts growth and immunity in lambs
184 A slimy marine organism fit for biofuel and salmon feed
185 Israelis brand selves in solidarity with animals
186 Social animals have more social smarts
187 Comparing genomes of wild and domestic tomato
188 For the first time, a donor mouse has been cloned using a drop of peripheral blood from its tail
189 DNA found outside genes plays largely unknown, potentially vital roles
190 Fear of Komodo dragon bacteria wrapped in myth
191 DNA analysis of a horseracing legend
192 700,000 year old horse genome sequenced
193 What is the fastest articulated motion a human can execute?
194 'Big givers' get punished for being nonconformists, study shows
195 Researchers track facial expressions to improve teaching software
196 Archaeologists unearth Tuscaloosa's early history
197 Affirmative action doesn't hurt less-prepared students, researchers say
198 Language fuels the Balkans' ethnic tensions, linguist says
199 Successful remigration is a myth
200 Digital tablets improve classroom learning
201 Study: Christians tweet more happily, less analytically than atheists
202 Researchers say ability to throw played a key role in human evolution
203 Tracking a cultural shift: Analysts examine rising support for legalizing same-sex marriage
204 Helping many people boosts social standing more than helping many times
205 Elephant tooth evolution rooted in grass
206 Newly revealed Maya farming hotspots hold key to ancient culture
207 Exaggeration, exaggeration, exaggeration: Parties over-egg claims on education
208 Earliest known microtoid cricetid found from the Junggar Basin of China
209 Immigration law not created equally according to study
210 A new species of the hornless rhino found from the Late Miocene of Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
211 Unsettled immigrant workers find themselves in precarious work five years after mass layoffs
212 US tourism ads entice foreign tourists
213 Asian neighborhoods: Separate but equal
214 Averting worse economic collapses
215 Study ranks social contacts by job and social group in bid to fight infectious diseases
216 New mosaics discovered in synagogue excavations in Galilee
217 Kids' reading success boosted by long-term individualized instruction