File Title
1 Panoramic snapshots help ants find home
2 Tableware color influences food flavour
3 Bumpy-faced beasts dominated before dinos
4 Cambodian tailorbird: A new species seen in Phnom Penh
5 New Cambodian tailorbird is an unlikely bird, in an unlikely place
6 Cambodian tailorbird: new species discovered in Phnom Penh
7 New flame-headed bird species found in Cambodia capital
8 Birdwatchers twitching with excitement over new species in Cambodia
9 New redheaded bird species discovered in Cambodian capital
10 UK science spending to remain 'flat'
11 Study confirms social brain theory
12 Big EU farm subsidies under scrutiny at key reform talks
13 Nerve cells 're-grown' in rats after spinal injury
14 Global rise in new 'legal highs'--UN World Drug Report
15 UK given carbon emissions warning
16 China's Shenzhou-10 astronauts return to Earth
17 Obama lays out climate action plan
18 Australia-Japan whaling case in international court
19 Viewpoint: Did our brains evolve to foolishly follow celebrities?
20 Wounded seal on coast had TB from badger bite, vet says
21 Cutlery 'can influence food taste'
22 Drayson Racing electric car sets new world speed record
23 US Supreme Court overturns gay marriage provision
24 Texas abortion bill blocked by Senator Wendy Davis filibuster
25 Edward Snowden's Ecuador asylum bid 'may take weeks'
26 Brazil Congress rejects controversial amendment
27 Marc Rich, Glencore founder pardoned by Clinton, dies
28 Denver's hot housing market burns first-time buyers
29 Edward Snowden: Futile flight from Moscow to Caracas via Havana
30 Iain Lawrence jailed for murdering wife Sally Lawrence
31 Texas teen dies after being impaled on bull statue horn
32 Mandela's health: Archbishop in 'peaceful end' prayer
33 Kevin Rudd ousts Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard
34 A smarter way to stop hunger
35 British Airways to relax rules on electronic devices
36 From hard copy to e-book
37 Digital bar flies: Pub where everybody knows your game
38 Voucher scheme would 'water down' ultra-fast net speed plan
39 US bloggers banned from entering UK
40 Breast cancer: NHS to offer tamoxifen to at-risk women
41 Pistil leads pollen in life-and-death dance
42 Ups-and-downs of Indian monsoon rainfall likely to increase under warming
43 Lab reproduction of a marine compound with antibiotic properties
44 Does your salad know what time it is?
45 American Chemical Society global program tackles safe drinking water in Colombia
46 Study finds climate change to shrink bison, profit
47 Airborne gut action primes wild chili pepper seeds
48 When green algae run out of air
49 Plants do sums to get through the night
50 Rotation-resistant rootworms owe their success to gut microbes
51 Farming carbon: Study reveals potent carbon-storage potential of manmade wetlands
52 Surprise species at risk from climate change
53 Ailanthus tree's status as invasive species offers lesson in human interaction
54 It's all in the genes--including the tracking device
55 Genetic survey sheds light on Oceans' lean, mean microbial machines: UBC research
56 Migrating animals add new depth to how the ocean "breathes" (Nature Geoscience)
57 Resourceful Microbes Reign in World's Oceans
58 How Size-related Food Labels Impact How Much We Eat
59 Research team discovers new kind of signalling mechanism in plant cells
60 Clearing up confusion on future of Colorado River flows
61 Transporting Diluted Bitumen Through Pipelines Does Not Increase Likelihood of Release, New Report Says
62 Climate tug of war disrupting Australian atmospheric circulation patterns
63 Sea level along Maryland's shorelines could rise 2 feet by 2050, according to new
64 Study: Wolf Lake Ancient Forest Is Endangered Ecosystem
65 Crabgrass' secret: The despised weed makes herbicide to kill neighboring plants
66 Stone Age technological and cultural innovation accelerated by climate
67 University of Tennessee professor finds prehistoric rock art connected; maps cosmological belief
68 Oddest couple ever found
69 Dam construction to reduce greenhouse gases causes ecosystem disruption
70 NOAA, partners predict possible record-setting deadzone for Gulf of Mexico
71 Tracking Thrushes
72 Detour ahead: Cities, farms reroute animals seeking cooler climes
73 The contribution of particulate matter to forest decline
74 Natural Underwater Springs Show How Coral Reefs Respond to Ocean Acidification
75 Too green to be true? Researchers develop highly effective method for converting CO2 into methanol
76 How did a third radiation belt appear in the Earth's upper atmosphere?
77 Geology: The Deeper the Rock the Colder? Lava Flow over Snow? Plus Other Conundrums
78 Changing Minds about Climate Policy Can Be Done--Sometimes
79 Astronomers spy on galaxies in the raw
80 Major rethink needed if chemical industry is to meet greenhouse gas targets
81 A 700,000 year old horse gets its genome sequenced
82 21% of homes account for 50% of greenhouse gas emissions
83 Doubts cast on the molecular mechanism of 'read-through' drug PTC124/Ataluren
84 Overweight causes heart failure--large study with new method clarifies the association
85 Problem-solving governs how we process sensory stimuli
86 Fishing for chips
87 Efficacy of acupressure to relieve migraine nausea presented at International Headache Congress
88 Calcium and vitamin D help hormones help bones
89 How visual attention affects the brain
90 Quantum engines must break down
91 The evolution of throwing
92 Research shows Vitamin D levels drop after pediatric heart surgery, increasing sickness
93 Complex genetic architectures: Some common symptoms of trisomy 21
94 First-Ever Therapeutic Offers Hope for Improving Blood Transfusions
95 Songbirds turn on and tune up
96 Virtual skin model reveals secrets of skin aging
97 Toward broad-spectrum antiviral drugs for common cold and other infections
98 New Data Support Community-Wide Approach to Addressing Child Obesity
99 A circuitous route to therapy resistance
100 Hold the medicinal lettuce
101 Giving children non-verbal clues about words boosts vocabularies
102 Lowering costs for higher-cost medicare patients through better outpatient care may be limited
103 Rates of infection in intensive care units in England show impressive fall
104 Massive Online Open Courses could revolutionize university education cuadrito
105 New study says a person's physical environment affects their likelihood of dishonest behavior
106 Nerdy mold needs breaking to recruit women into computer science
107 Penn Psychologists Show that Quality Matters More Than Quantity for Word Learning
108 Death rates from heart disease continue to decline in most of the EU
109 Averting worse economic collapses
110 MS researchers determine that brain reserve independently protects against cognitive decline in MS
111 Policy issues plague hydropower as wind power backup
112 Kids' Reading Success Boosted by Long-Term Individualized Instruction
113 One in five students in Grades 7-12 say they have had a traumatic brain injury in their lifetime
114 Asian neighborhoods: Separate but equal
115 Exaggeration, exaggeration, exaggeration: Parties over-egg claims on education
116 Impact of iPad on radiology residents' daily clinical duties is limited, study suggests
117 Can home-culture images impair second-language skills?
118 Feeling stressed?
119 New palm-sized microarray technique grows 1,200 individual cultures of microbes
120 Researchers strike gold with nanotech vaccine
121 3 planets in habitable zone of nearby star
122 Past Brain Activation Revealed in Scans
123 Efficient Production Process for Coveted Nanocrystals
124 Hunger affects decision making and perception of risk
125 Issue III registry defines best syncope candidates for cardiac pacing
126 Socioeconomic Status Plays Major Role in Opioid Pain Control
127 Los Alamos/Tribogenics create highly portable imaging system
128 Getting the carbon out of emissions
129 UCSB research points to a potential therapeutic approach to Alzheimer's disease
130 Rutgers-Camden Professor Examines Social Capabilities of Performing Multiple-Action Sequences
131 Ingested nanoparticle toxicity
132 Bumpy beast was a desert dweller
133 Stray gases found in water wells near shale gas sites
134 How Fish Swim: McCormick Researchers Examine Mechanical Bases for the Emergence of Undulatory Swimmers
135 2 mutations triggered an evolutionary leap 500 million years ago
136 From minute to massive--mammal size evolution explained
137 NREL Reports 31.1% Efficiency for III-V Solar Cell
138 Location of upwelling in Earth's mantle discovered to be stable
139 Yukon gold mine yields ancient horse fossil
140 Mindfulness can increase wellbeing and reduce stress in school children
141 Maturitas publishes 2013 update on diagnosis and management of osteoporosis
142 Scientists use DNA from a museum specimen to study rarely observed type of killer whale
143 Why are some college students more likely to 'hook up'?
144 U of M researchers identify risk and protective factors for youth involved in bullying
145 Group-based child care is linked to reduced emotional problems in children of depressed mothers
146 Black-white education gap is worsened by unresponsive state policymakers, Baylor study shows
147 Student Engagement More Complex, Changeable Than Thought
148 Immunohistochemistry effectively detects ALK rearrangement
149 Continued research needed on treatment for women with lung cancer who are never smokers
150 PET-CT improves care of limited-stage small-cell lung cancer patients
151 Making memories: Practical quantum computing moves closer to reality
152 New research backs theory that genetic 'switches' play big role in human evolution
153 Biological Fitness Trumps Other Traits in Mating Game
154 Cities are a new kind of complex system: Part social reactor, part network
155 Computer models shed new light on sickle cell crisis
156 Study ranks social contacts by job and social group in bid to fight infectious diseases
157 New dispatch system could save money for trucking industry, make life easier for drivers
158 DNA 'reverse' vaccine reduces levels of immune cells believed responsible for Type 1 diabetes
159 Patient suicide and homicide risk often missed say researchers
160 Huge falls in diabetes mortality in UK and Canada since mid-1990s
161 Teenage physical fitness reduces the risk of suicidal behavior later in life
162 Sailors most often injure their knees--on land
163 Having a job helps women with HIV manage their illness, according to new research
164 Race apparently a factor in sleep apnea, Wayne State University researcher finds
165 1 in 5 grade 7-12 students report having a traumatic brain injury in their lifetime
166 People Prefer 'Carrots' to 'Sticks' When It Comes to Healthcare Incentives
167 DNA found outside genes plays largely unknown, potentially vital roles
168 Can new FDA graphic warning labels for tobacco pass a first amendment legal challenge?
169 Male on male consensual sex and sexual assault common in South Africa
170 Research shows moves to ban pay-to-delay deals are justified
171 Feline behavior experts release guidelines to improve the welfare of cats
172 Free perks and upgrades: Could they actually embarrass consumers?
173 The geometry of persuasion: How do seating layouts influence consumers?
174 Why do appetizers matter more when you're dining out with friends?
175 Gel or whitening? Consumer choice and product organization
176 Sexual Minority Youth Need Specialized Treatment from Therapists, Says MU Researcher
177 CAMH policy study outlines ways to reduce alcohol harms
178 Researchers Propose New Method for Achieving Nonlinear Optical Effects
179 Beyond Silicon: Transistors without Semiconductors
180 CalPERS program helps lower costs of member hip and knee replacement surgeries
181 Malawi trial saves newborn lives
182 Action needed to help tobacco users quit across the globe
183 Practical approach makes new ESC cardiac pacing and resynchronization guidelines accessible to all
184 Using serial neuroimaging studies to identify timing of abusive head trauma in infants
185 Directed police patrols reduce gun crime
186 Study identifies protein that contributes to cognitive decline in Alzheimer's
187 Chimps or humans--Who's the better baseball pitcher?
188 Unraveling the largest outbreak of fungal infections associated with contaminated steroid injections
189 Tired and edgy? Sleep deprivation boosts anticipatory anxiety
190 How does pedestrian head-loading affect the health of women and children in sub-Saharan Africa?
191 Study: Christians tweet more happily, less analytically than atheists
192 Mars had oxygen-rich atmosphere 4,000 million years ago
193 Unusual supernova is doubly unusual for being perfectly normal
194 Metamorphosis of moon's water ice explained
195 Dusty surprise around giant black hole
196 Hubble spots galaxies in close encounter
197 Solar Splashdown
198 Colliding Galaxy Pair Takes Flight
199 Five Years of Stereo Imaging for NASA's TWINS
200 Messier 61 Looks Straight Into Hubble's Camera
201 Revealed--the mystery of the gigantic storm on Saturn
202 Astronomers find three 'super-Earths' in nearby star's habitable zone
203 1 star, 3 habitable planets
204 Modified immune cells seek and destroy melanoma
205 NMR advance brings proteins into the open
206 Published research shows promise of new device to detect disease with drop of blood
207 Researchers Use Video Game Tech to Steer Roaches on Autopilot
208 New laser shows what substances are made of; could be new eyes for military
209 High-octane bacteria could ease pain at the pump
210 Laser guided codes advance single pixel terahertz imaging
211 More women pick computer science if media nix outdated 'nerd' stereotype
212 Solar power heads in a new direction: Thinner