File Title
1 Secrets of trail-blazing bacteria revealed
2 Early talkers benefit from non-verbal clues
3 Raw gas found in faraway galaxy
4 Star is crowded by super-Earths
5 Obama to limit power plant emissions
6 Knobbly reptile roamed vast ancient desert
7 Mick Aston, ex-Time Team expert, dies aged 66
8 I Am Legend author Richard Matheson dies
9 US whistleblower Snowden 'still in Moscow airport'
10 US Supreme Court strikes down Voting Rights Act clause
11 Afghan Taliban assault in Kabul secure zone
12 Who, what, why: When can you legally travel without a passport?
13 Obesity is a disease in the US. Should it be?
14 Syria sides head for neither victory nor defeat
15 Moors Murderer Ian Brady says insanity was 'method acting'
16 Germany motorway shooter 'motivated by bad driving'
17 Edward Snowden: Futile flight from Moscow to Caracas via Havana
18 Edward Snowden has not entered Russia--Sergei Lavrov
19 Buying art online: A click away from a masterpiece?
20 Are 'feminine' looks the future of men's fashion?
21 Will America's love of dance music go the distance?
22 Five years on, Georgia makes up with Russia
23 Google not obliged to delete data, rules EU lawyer
24 Sony launches giant waterproof Xperia Z Ultra phone
25 Cyber attack hits South Korea websites
26 New designs to breathe life back into our cities
27 Germany's car-to-x communication system readies for launch
28 'Patent trolls' could meet their match in the crowd
29 India floods: Uttarakhand helicopter crash kills eight
30 Curious reaction to honey 'can cause heart arrhythmia'
31 Amnesty International condemns 'homophobia' in Africa
32 Alert over petting farm sickness
33 Do we know whether pornography harms people?
34 Statistics and Magnetic Socks Shape Modern Taekwondo
35 10 Amazing 3D-Printing Startups
36 Who Wants to Be an Entrepreneur? 48% of Americans, That's Who
37 Legend of Lost City Spurs Exploration, Debate
38 Common Virus Linked to Alzheimer's Disease, Study Suggests
39 Why Is Africa Ripping Apart? Seismic Scan May Tell
40 Obesity Is a Disease, Docs Group Says
41 Mystery on Venus: 'Super-Hurricane' Force Winds Inexplicably Get Stronger
42 New 'Charmed' Particle Represents Rare State of Matter
43 What Causes Obesity? Answer May Affect Your Waistline
44 Empathy and Disgust Do Battle in the Brain
45 Will Climate Change Destroy New York City?
46 How PRISM Sends Your Private Data Overseas
47 Post-Sandy, NYC Issues New Hurricane Evacuation Zones
48 Film Brings Science Home, Highlights Remarkable Backyard Bird
49 Belief in Global Warming Drops After Cold Winter
50 Robotic Arm Will Kick Your Butt at Air Hockey
51 New Earth Explorer Satellite to Map Global Forests
52 HPV Vaccine Slashes Rate of Infected Teen Girls
53 Immune to Cancer: Naked Mole Rats Reveal Their Secret
54 How Does Billion-Year-Old Water Taste? 'Terrible'
55 Visionary Energy Plan Key to New York's Storm Strategy (Op-Ed)
56 How Estrogen Fights Urinary Tract Infections
57 3D-Printed Microbattery Could Power Tomorrow's Electronics
58 The Government Is Watching You: 8 Ways to Disappear Online
59 Science of Scandal: Why Politicians Bounce Back
60 Yes, Obesity Is a Disease (Op-Ed)
61 Captive Kids Forced to Act in Shakespeare's Day
62 Day Care May Be Good for Kids' Mental Health
63 World's Clearest Lake Yields Stunning Photos
64 Illegal Drone Business Thrives in US
65 Do Sleep Apnea Patients Need Special Care After Surgery?
66 It's True: Some Parents Want to Live Through Their Kids
67 Flu Vaccine Prevented 13 Million Illnesses Over 6 Years
68 Why the Bering Strait Is Under Siege (Op-Ed)
69 1 in 4 Stroke Survivors Develops PTSD, Study Finds
70 Ocean Feast Lures Whales to California Coast
71 Reference: Facts About Cesium
72 What Are the Marfa Lights?
73 DNA Sheds Light on Rare Killer Whale Type
74 Reference: Facts About Barium
75 Six Degrees of Francis Bacon Links Early Modern Ideas
76 Sexual Images Sway Conservative Guys Toward Risk
77 Reference: Paleozoic Era: Facts & Information
78 Gay Marriage Rulings May Raise New Questions for Couples
79 American Businesses Embrace Chinese Marketing Secret
80 The Number One Reason Most Entrepreneurs Start Businesses
81 Cellphone Distractions: Pedestrian Injuries Rise
82 Whooping Cough: Experts Unsure on Extra Vaccine Dose
83 Eternal Sunshine of the Bionic Mind: Prosthesis Could Restore Memory
84 New Clues Into Mystery of Mars Meteorites & Rocks Revealed
85 How Support from Parents Affects Young Adults
86 Giant Black Hole's Dust Oddity Surprises Scientists
87 Are Ugly People Treated Badly at Work?
88 Are Snakes Smart Enough to Open Doors?
89 Silicon or Silicone: What's the Difference?
90 Bacteria Nest Like Russian Dolls Inside Bugs
91 Newly Magnetic Graphene Could Shrink Transistors
92 Virtual Reality Could Hone Brain Surgery Skills
93 Feeling Envious or Lustful? Brain Scans Can Tell
94 Fiber-Optic Pen May Help Scientists Understand Dyslexia
95 May 2013 Was World's 3rd Warmest on Record
96 Reference: Facts About Lanthanum
97 Source of Fungal Infection Outbreak a Mystery, CDC Says
98 Reference: Facts About Cerium
99 3D Map Reveals Human Brain in Greatest Detail Ever
100 James Gandolfini: Heart Problems Top Cause of Vacation Deaths
101 Expedition Abandons Antarctic Winter Crossing Attempt
102 What Is Honey?
103 Verizon Denies Plan to Spy on Customers
104 Can Liquid Biopsy Remove the Colonoscopy Fear Factor? (Op-Ed)
105 Pinholes And Plastic Wrap Send Sound Through Walls
106 The Foods, They Are a Changin': Know What You're Eating
107 Building Explosion Will Shed Light on Nearby Earthquake Fault
108 Ruins of Maya City Discovered in Remote Jungle
109 How Landmark Noise Settlement Protects Oceans and Industry (Op-Ed)
110 New Electronics Can Withstand Bodily Fluids
111 Frequent Fires? New Tool Reveals Climate Impact by ZIP Code (Op-Ed)
112 Reference: Leprechauns: Facts About the Irish Trickster Fairy
113 Reverse the Doctor Shortage by Restoring Primary-Care Prestige (Op-Ed)
114 Math Improves Grasp of Storm Surge Effects
115 5 Words That Get Results Business Meetings
116 Mapping Puerto Rican Heritage with Spit and Genomics
117 Summer Solstice Marks Changing Seasons on Earth Today
118 Air Pollution Hits Record Levels in Singapore
119 One of Earth's Most Active Volcanoes Named World Heritage Site
120 Chlamydia Infections May Increase Cancer Risk
121 Last UFO Files from UK Gov't Released
122 Gay Conversion Ministry Shuts Down
123 Chicken in Teen Diet May Ward Off Colon Cancer
124 Is a Ghost Lurking in a Factory Toilet?
125 Pebble Mine: A Threat to Alaska's Salmon, People and Economy (Op-Ed)
126 FDA Approves Teen Use of Plan B Without Prescription
127 Thirdhand Smoke Damages Human Cells
128 Why Does Rain Smell Good?
129 Why Do People Drink Milk?
130 Midwinter's Day Gets Big Bash in Antarctica
131 Stalagmites & Hieroglyphs: Investigating the Maya Demise
132 Reference: Facts About Praseodymium
133 Reference: Facts About Neodymium
134 Why We Love...Naked Mole-Rats
135 Which Comes First--Optimism Or Good Health?
136 How Do You...Extract a Brontothere Skull?
137 Whale Bones 'Audition' for Place in Smithsonian Exhibit
138 Five Reasons Why You Love Sustainable Architecture
139 Pee a Rainbow: Scientist Snaps Shot of Colorful Urine
140 Michael Jackson: How Long Can You Survive Without Sleep?
141 Icelandic Fin Whale Hunt Resumes, Stirs Debate
142 Reference: Alan Turing Biography: Computer Pioneer, Gay Icon
143 Photos Could Prove Amelia Earhart Lived as Castaway
144 Reference: What is Plate Tectonics?
145 3D-Printed Toy, Bug Poo Take Research Art Awards
146 Incredible Technology: How to Do Brain Surgery
147 Site of Earliest Known Urban Warfare Threatened by Syrian War
148 Another New Bird Flu, This Time in Taiwan
149 Why Egyptian Statue Moves On its Own
150 Chronic Cannabis Use May Cause Brain Inflammation
151 New 'Assassin Bug' Species Discovered in Arizona Cave
152 Juvenile Dinosaur Found in Alaskan Arctic
153 Narcissists' Lack of Empathy Detected in Brain Scans
154 Small Problem: Bison Shrink as Planet Warms
155 Rare Whale Spotted for First Time in 61 Years
156 Fishing Tops List of Lightning Death Causes
157 Knobby-Headed Beast Roamed Ancient Desert
158 Tornado In A Tube: Electric Power May Flow From 'Atmospheric Vortex Generator'
159 Inventor of LCD Wins Tech Award
160 Talking Weight with Teens May Lead to Unhealthy Eating
161 Menopause Hormone Use Not Linked with Cognitive Problems
162 Ancient Odd Couple Discovered in Fossilized Burrow
163 Weight Loss Doesn't Reduce Heart Problems for Some
164 Breast-Fed Children More Likely to Climb the Social Ladder
165 Reference: Epigenetics: Definition & Examples
166 Reference: What is the Golden Ratio?