File Title
1 Star Wars home of Anakin Skywalker threatened by dune
2 Key to ocean life shows large regional variations
3 Under-the-radar India
4 Japan election: Abe 'wins key upper house vote'
5 Syria conflict in stalemate, David Cameron says
6 Philippe becomes new Belgian king as Albert II abdicates
7 France veil row sparks Trappes unrest
8 US jets dropped bombs on Great Barrier Reef
9 Detroit: Six ways 'shrinking' cities try to survive
10 Would you trust a doctor in a T-shirt?
11 A Point of View: Bert, Ernie and the power of cartoons
12 Will the real Detroit city please get up off its knees?
13 Dubai sentences Norwegian woman who reported rape
14 HPV virus 'linked to third of throat cancer cases'
15 Batman and Superman to team up in new film
16 Russell Brand: Sachsgate was down to bias against BBC
17 Can you spend a week without cash?
18 Rolls-Royce at the drive-in
19 Utah's astonishing wild side
20 Five tips for getting rest on a red-eye
21 Energy firm warns bills to rise by more than government forecasts
22 New Zealand earthquake damages Wellington parliament
23 Should you invest in smartphone stocks?
24 Smart strategies to avoid a bad hire
25 Can 360-degree video have all angles covered?
26 Huawei denies spying allegations by former CIA chief
27 Music piracy 'rises' after festivals, says Spotify study
28 HPV virus 'linked to third of throat cancer cases'
29 Strange new dinosaur discovered in Utah
30 King Midas in space? Rare star collision produces gold.
31 Giant gas cloud 'resembles spaghetti' as it plunges toward a black hole
32 Great white shark packs its lunch in its liver before a big trip
33 Comet ISON: Will the 'Comet of the Century' live up to the hype?
34 Humongous viruses could be new form of life, say scientists
35 Mars heist: Red Planet was robbed of most of its atmosphere billions of years ago
36 Do Asian readers know about the anti-Semitism in 'Mein Kampf'?
37 Political world reacts to Obama's 'Trayvon' moment
38 Trayvon Martin rallies, organized by Al Sharpton, show his evolution
39 With Detroit bankrupt, is 'blue model' to blame?
40 Unusual material expands dramatically under pressure
41 Facebook for molecules
42 Computer system automatically generates TCP congestion-control algorithms
43 U of M researchers identify new functions for autoimmune disease 'risk' gene
44 'Intelligent knife' tells surgeon which tissue is cancerous
45 UMMS scientists show proof-of-principal for silencing extra chromosome responsible for Down syndrome
46 Desktop printing at the nano level
47 Salk scientists discover more versatile approach to creating stem cells
48 CU study illuminates mortality differences between nondrinkers and light drinkers
49 Chimpanzees and orangutans remember distant past events
50 Purple sunlight eaters
51 Why crop rotation works
52 Lizards show evolution is predictable
53 Marriage rate lowest in a century
54 A warmer planetary haven around cool stars, as ice warms rather than cools
55 Stanford scientists break record for thinnest light-absorber
56 Cheaper anti-cancer drug as effective as expensive drug in treating wet AMD
57 Scientists discover new variability in iron supply to the oceans with climate implications
58 All-male physics departments are not proof of bias against hiring women, suggests new AIP study
59 Black bears return to Missouri indicates healthy forests
60 NASA's Hubble shows link between stars' ages and their orbits
61 Large coronal hole near the sun's north pole
62 Sex chromosome shocker: The 'female' X a key contributor to sperm production
63 Driverless tractors till German high-tech farm
64 Purple sunlight eaters
65 U of M researchers identify new functions for autoimmune disease 'risk' gene
66 Archaeologists claim to have found King David's palace in Israel
67 World's slowest-moving drop caught on camera at last
68 Neuroscience: Solving the brain
69 Education online: The virtual lab
70 Gut microbes keep species apart
71 Stem cells reprogrammed using chemicals alone
72 Triceratops-like dinosaur reveals regional diversity
73 How honeycombs can build themselves
74 Giant black hole stretches gas cloud to the limit
75 NIH gambles on recycled drugs
76 Lasers boost space communications
77 Hunt for mystery GM wheat hots up
78 Researchers turn off Down's syndrome genes
79 Italian universities get report cards
80 Eco-label seafood body attempts to convince critics
81 UK medical research regulators spared the axe
82 Monsanto drops bid to have GM crops approved in Europe
83 Gut microbes keep species apart
84 Don't market stem-cell products ahead of proof
85 The benefits of brain mapping
86 Active protection
87 Light show
88 Evolution makes the grade
89 A slippery slope to human germline modification
90 Cosmologist claims Universe may not be expanding
91 Tissue engineering: How to build a heart
92 Insight: Science for hire--Trial over plastic exposes disclosure deficit
93 Curiosity rover confirms Martian air is mostly CO2
94 Physicists unveil results helping explain universe
95 Return of long-absent bumblebee near Seattle stirs scientific buzz
96 U.N. warns on mobile cybersecurity bugs in bid to prevent attacks
97 Scientists report newly discovered horned dinosaur unearthed in Utah
98 N/A
99 Rocket blasts off from Florida with military communications satellite
100 Physicists unveil results helping explain universe
101 UAE identifies 4 new cases of SARS-like virus
102 US study: Fracking chemicals didn't taint water
103 King David's palace found, says Israeli team
104 Discovery could boost Internet bandwidth
105 Internet health searches not private: US researcher
106 Scientists power mobile phone using urine
107 Nissan's ZEOD-RC is the fastest electric racing car
108 This wooden ship has 21st century green technology
109 Gas-giant exoplanets cling close to their parent stars
110 Report: El Nino unusually active in the late 20th century
111 Large-scale quantum chip validated
112 Low-power Wi-Fi signal tracks movement--behind walls
113 UCSB astronomer uncovers the hidden identity of an exoplanet
114 A floating office made of reclaimed wood!?
115 Plasma outflow from plasmasphere to magnetosphere
116 Yes, this really is a flying electric bicycle
117 Teaching a computer to play 'concentration' advances security, understanding of the human mind
118 An electric unicycle!?
119 Apple constructs Nevada solar farm
120 New catalyst could cut cost of making hydrogen fuel
121 Physicists develop rationale for the next-gen particle collider
122 NASA's Mars rover Opportunity passes half-way point to next destination
123 Solar car hits 661 miles on clean energy
124 A 300,000 mile fuel cell for hydrogen vehicles?
125 Feeding galaxy caught in distant searchlight
126 Evolution's toolkit seen in developing hands and arms
127 Turning forest residues to biofuel
128 Scientists spy on lithium ions
129 Life goes on in subglacial lake
130 Solar robot gets an optimized makeover
131 This portable micro (green) house is made out of plywood
132 100,000 plug-in electric vehicles sold in over the last two years
133 How to make "dumb" homes smart
134 Could geo-engineered clouds protect coral reefs?
135 This UK tower could harvest pollution as fuel
136 Analyzing the earthquake-energy connection
137 Booty mining medical devices market to be worth $9.7 billion by 2016
138 5D optical memory in glass could record the last evidence of civilization
139 Claim: Nanomaterial can help reduce CO2 emissions
140 A new way to trap light
141 What triggered Antarctic glaciation?
142 Daydreaming simulated by computer model
143 Scientists solve a 14,000-year-old ocean mystery
144 Scientists outline long-term sea-level rise in response to warming of planet
145 Eindhoven University of Technology designs a family solar car
146 At the foot of the Red Planet's giant volcano
147 GM and Honda team up on fuel cell tech
148 Report: Robot mom would beat robot butler in popularity contest
149 Designing a solar AIR house
150 This solar car is shaped like a teardrop
151 Graphene wants to conquer Silicon Valley
152 OnBeat solar headphones keep your smartphone charged
153 Bluebird DC50 is one slick electric car
154 NASA's polar robotic ranger passes first Greenland test
155 Scientists build 3-D structures out of liquid metal
156 Beyond Planck's equations
157 Claim: Nanomaterial can help reduce CO2 emissions
158 A new way to trap light
159 Astronomers witness birth of Milky Way's most massive star
160 NASA's IBEX provides first view of the solar system's tail
161 This net-zero FluxHome adapts to the weather
162 BMW details i3 electric car
163 Natcore Technology Demonstrates First Flexible Solar Cell Made With Its Proprietary LPD Process
164 What triggered Antarctic glaciation?
165 No, stellar monsters do not collide
166 Solar robot gets an optimized makeover
167 Daydreaming simulated by computer model
168 NASA study shows disks don't need planets to make patterns
169 Do mobile phones lead to 'digital dementia'?
170 Using DNA to get guns off the streets of Portland
171 Is Sugar the devil's excrement?
172 NASA Hubble locates new Neptune moon
173 Dinosuars and sex: you know you want to know the details
174 Ionic liquid breakthrough in thermal electrical energy
175 Inner speech speaks volumes about the brain
176 Analyzing the earthquake-energy connection
177 Siemens shows off electric hybrid aircraft in Paris
178 Video: Tracking Comet ISON's dangerous journey
179 A new approach to wireless tech for implants and sensors
180 Does wind power beat natural gas?
181 Newly discovered flux in the Earth may solve missing-mantle mystery
182 Ford ramps up hybrid effort
183 How scientists search for habitable planets
184 NASA's Curiosity Mars rover passes one kilometer mark
185 Self-aiming rifle outshoots human sniper
186 Stanford scientists break record for thinnest light-absorber
187 Desktop printing at the nano level
188 Be.e is a more natural electric scooter
189 NASA's interplanetary probes to snap images of Earth from space
190 Transforming your old smartphone into a security system
191 The delicious potential of graphene "onion rings"
192 MAVEN Spectrometer opens window to Red Planet's past
193 Disney Research develops method to provide tactile feedback in free air
194 Harvard researchers showcase mind-controlled rodents
195 Scientists develop ultracold atoms
196 Wirelss bionic eye being developed at university
197 Moving closer to low-cost, implantable electronics
198 Measuring the narcissism of Facebook and Twitter users
199 Synthetic bones printed in the lab