File Title
1 Seaweed quality could affect marine grazers
2 Human-made particles affect hurricane frequency
3 Brain switch may prevent alcohol relapse
4 O3b space constellation to launch
5 Plants 'do maths' to control overnight food supplies
6 Mysterious Voynich manuscript has 'genuine message'
7 Singapore haze hits record high from Indonesia fires
8 'Bigger and brighter supermoon' lights up night sky
9 Plants 'seen doing quantum physics'
10 India floods: Unusual weather systems clash was trigger
11 Bloodhound diary: 1,000mph wheels
12 New Mers-Coronavirus continues to smoulder
13 Kerry warns of Snowden consequences for Russia and China
14 Nelson Mandela's still critical in hospital, says Zuma
15 Affirmative action case sent back by US Supreme Court
16 Italian ex-PM Berlusconi sentenced in Ruby sex case
17 Brazilian President to meet governors and protesters
18 Dagestan and the Tsarnaev brothers: The radicalisation risk
19 New hope for US prisoner of Taliban Bowe Bergdahl
20 Rich Gelfond: Imax boss who started off shining shoes
21 Millions exposed by Facebook data glitch
22 What has happened to the French joie de vivre?
23 Jim Carrey withdraws support for Kick-Ass 2
24 French Alps murders: Brother arrested over Al-Hilli killings
25 Profile: Karima El Mahroug
26 Saudi Arabia switches start of weekend from Thursday to Friday
27 Monsters trounce zombies and Superman at US box office
28 Qatari emir Sheikh Hamad 'to hand power to son'
29 Zimmerman trial hears opening statements
30 Paul Giamatti to join Downton Abbey cast
31 Nanga Parbat attack: Taliban say new faction killed climbers
32 A world of Nelson Mandela
33 Jake Davis: Freed hacker faces strict tech rules
34 Rolling robot offers help to farmers
35 Hands-tied kit: Designer tests bluetooth glove phone
36 Snowden is 'not on plane' to Cuba in Ecuador asylum bid
37 Premier League seeks ISP site block in piracy swoop
38 Blanco Pro Cycling team to be sponsored by Belkin
39 Antidepressants 'could be risk to unborn babies'
40 Out-of-body virtual scenarios 'help social anxiety'
41 Samuel L. Jackson says men need to check for cancer
42 Migraine study 'opens door' to research into a cure
43 Female genital mutilation victim was 'aged just seven'
44 Beth's story: What is it like to be sectioned?
45 Utoeya: How does a country recover from mass murder?
46 A bad penny? New coins and nickel allergy
47 Taking a chance on gold star workers
48 College financial decisions when time is running out
49 What's for dinner? Go ask dad
50 Samsung launches new Galaxy Tab 3 series
51 Facebook working on Flipboard-like reader, report says
52 ADHD diagnosis less likely for minority kids, study claims
53 Bronx hospital offers cuddling service for preemie babies
54 Russian spacewalk begins
55 Bug exposes contacts of some on Facebook
56 U.S. wins gold in International Rocketry Challenge
57 Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has met Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's baby
58 New electronics can withstand bodily fluids
59 Egypt's army delivers an ominous warning
60 U.S. to Russia: Give us Snowden
61 Ecuador still "considering" Edward Snowden asylum request
62 Supreme Court holds off on major affirmative action decision
63 NSA leaker Snowden breeding rare alliances on Capitol Hill
64 Nik Wallenda completes tightrope walk across gorge near Grand Canyon
65 Berlusconi convicted in sex-for-hire case; sentenced to 7 years and barred from office
66 Twinkies returning around July 15
67 Edward Snowden lands in Moscow, likely bound for Ecuador
68 Obama promises renewed effort to combat climate change
69 Immigration reform foes count on House to kill the bill
70 Study: 30-somethings worse off than their parents' generation
71 American among 10 tourists killed by Pakistani militants
72 Chip Starnes, boss of U.S.-based Specialty Medical Supplies, held hostage by workers at company's China plant
73 Nelson Mandela now in critical condition, but South Africa gov't remains tight-lipped on circumstances
74 Pakistan to seek treason charges against Musharraf
75 Egypt's army delivers an ominous warning
76 Supreme Court will review Obama's recess appointments
77 Obama skipping Kenya on upcoming Africa trip
78 Ohio air show crash shows risks of wing walking
79 New Orleans girl, 5, home alone, shoots self to death: Police
80 Edison was wrong about sleep
81 Investors flee on China fears and bond yields
82 Top 10 professional life coaching myths
83 Google's new competitor duo: Firefox and Foxconn
84 6 reasons to stop fixating on the student loan rate hike
85 New advances in fighting hospital-acquired infections
86 Fewer meals may not mean fewer pounds for all, doctor warns of diabetic meal study
87 European Union wants tougher tobacco warnings
88 Cleveland cat raises week-old pit bull
89 Unattractive, mean people may be more likely to be bullied at work
90 Overuse of common painkiller may increase health risk
91 Susanna starring Anna Paquin sheds light on postpartum depression
92 James Gandolfini: How a heart attack can lead to sudden death
93 Artificial pancreas effective in study, could one day help diabetics
94 Computing: The quantum company
95 Seismology: Quake catcher
96 Space rovers in record race
97 Simple molecule prevents mole rats from getting cancer
98 Silver makes antibiotics thousands of times more effective
99 New record: 66 journals banned for boosting impact factor with self-citations
100 US lawmakers seek deep cuts to NASA climate research
101 Pin-sized battery printed in 3D packs a powerful punch
102 High-energy [gamma]-ray astronomy comes back to Earth
103 Violence against women at epidemic proportions
104 Whole human brain mapped in 3D
105 Canadian quake refines Pacific tsunami risk
106 Los Angeles unveils plans for ocean-research centre
107 Online games offer trove of brain data
108 Blocking boozy memories reduces risk of relapse
109 Plants perform molecular maths
110 Sharing information is preferable to patenting
111 Risk management
112 Science prevails
113 Brain blast