File Title
1 Giant viruses raise questions about life
2 Snow lines reveal birthplace of planets
3 Cassini to capture Earth's smile
4 Neutrino 'flavour' flip confirmed
5 South Asia disunity 'hampers flood warnings'
6 Smile! Cassini sets up photo of Earth
7 Primitive human society 'not driven by war'
8 Tax cut for shale gas firms planned
9 Puffin census on Farne Islands shows numbers rising
10 Chimpanzees and orangutans remember distant past events
11 Neutron starbursts can forge gold
12 Five heavenly country house hotels
13 Can you spend a week without cash?
14 Detroit becomes largest US city to file for bankruptcy
15 Boston suspect Tsarnaev 'manhunt photos' leaked
16 Australia to send asylum-seekers to PNG
17 Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny freed on bail
18 Kerry to meet Palestinian president in peace talks bid
19 Life in transit: What is it like to live in an airport?
20 Why baseball is a metaphor for life in America
21 Luxor struggles as turmoil keeps Egypt tourists away
22 Liam Gallagher takes legal action against US paper
23 Apple, Google and other tech giants demand spying openness
24 Why global bosses should give away some power
25 India students beat Bihar teachers over school lunches
26 Phone anti-theft put through paces in New York and San Francisco
27 Virtual valets, or how to look good online
28 Brazil World Cup ticket prices revealed by FIFA
29 Pioneering adult stem cell trial approved by Japan
30 Bain Capital buys stake in UK government blood company
31 Rick Perry signs Texas abortion bill into law
32 CJD alert at Dublin hospital for up to 20 surgery patients
33 Bees under threat from disease-carrying bumblebee imports, research reveals
34 80% of Malaysian Borneo degraded by logging
35 Spot on chemical contaminants in our food
36 Maize trade disruption could have global ramifications
37 How rice twice became a crop and twice became a weed--and what it means for the future
38 Conflict threatens global nutrition progress, new report warns
39 Stanford researchers reveal great white sharks' fuel for oceanic voyages: liver oil
40 The best defense against catastrophic storms: Mother Nature, say Stanford researchers
41 Monitoring Nutrient Intake Can Help Vegetarian Athletes Stay Competitive
42 Compound Discovered at Sea Shows Potency against Anthrax
43 New technologies and ingredients provide better options for gluten-free eating
44 Personality May Predict If You Like Spicy Foods
45 European fish stocks poised for recovery
46 Why crop rotation works
47 Widely used pesticide toxic to honeybees
48 First atlas on oceanic plankton
49 Bacteriophages battle superbugs
50 Irish Potato Famine-Causing Pathogen Even More Virulent Now
51 Avocado farmers face unique foe in fungal-farming beetle
52 PNAS: Evolutionary changes could aid fisheries
53 Climate change could deprive Volta Basin of water needed to boost energy and food production
54 Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Widespread in Hudson River, Study Finds
55 Scientists discover new variability in iron supply to the oceans with climate implications
56 Inscription from time of David & Solomon found near Temple Mount in Hebrew University excavation
57 Discovery of stone monument at El Peru-Waka' adds new chapter to ancient Maya history
58 Free market is best way to combat climate change, study suggests
59 Distorted GPS signals reveal hurricane wind speeds
60 RI Hospital study: Lunar cycle affects cardiac patients undergoing acute aortic dissection
61 New study addresses trade-offs between food security and climate change mitigation
62 Each degree of global warming might ultimately raise global sea levels by more than 2 meters
63 New mode of cellular communication discovered in the brain
64 Revealed the keys to reducing the impact of agriculture on climate change
65 Long-forgotten seawall protected New Jersey homes from Hurricane Sandy's powerful storm surges
66 Study Identifies Deepwater Horizon Debris as Likely Source of Gulf of Mexico Oil Sheens
67 Researchers Shed New Light on Supraglacial Lake Drainage
68 Changing Atmosphere Affects How Much Water Trees Need
69 Computing toxic chemicals
70 Stanford scientists break record for thinnest light-absorber
71 It's not just the heat--it's the ozone: Study highlights hidden dangers
72 Penn researchers help show new way to study and improve catalytic reactions
73 Optimal irradiation dose and time window of local X-ray for spinal cord injury
74 Research leads to successful restoration of hearing and balance
75 Researchers report a complete description of gene expression in the human retina
76 New approach to protecting prion protein from altering shape
77 Scientists develop new way to measure cumulative effect of head hits in football
78 Emerging importance of computerized cognitive testing--new therapies for dementia
79 New treatment offers hope for short-bowel syndrome patients
80 Obesity and asthma: Study finds a link in the genes
81 Subdiaphragmatic vagotomy reduces intake of sweet-tasting solutions in rats
82 Drinking alcohol during pregnancy affects learning and memory function in offspring?
83 Ketamine as anesthetics can damage children's learning and memory ability
84 The hair of the dog
85 Haste and waste on neuronal pathways
86 Alternative target for breast cancer drugs
87 If you're not looking for it, you probably won't see it
88 Calcium linked to increased risk of heart disease and death in patients with kidney disease
89 First global atlas of marine plankton reveals remarkable underwater world
90 The genetic key to conquering cholera
91 Black Bears Return to Missouri Indicates Healthy Forests, say MU Biologists
92 Affordable Care Act could cause people to leave their jobs
93 Electronic health records slow the rise of healthcare costs
94 Is workplace flexibility failing to give parents time with their children?
95 Study Finds Clues on How to Keep Kids Engaged with Educational Games
96 Study: Young children with autism benefit regardless of high-quality treatment model
97 Study suggests STD clinics could reduce obstacles to much needed cervical cancer screenings
98 Educators Explore Innovative "Theater" as a Way to Learn Physics
99 Health Affairs July issue contains global innovation studies from India And Brazil
100 Earth's Gold Came from Colliding Dead Stars
101 Unattractive people more likely to be bullied at work, new Notre Dame study shows
102 TGen-TD2-Scottsdale Healthcare breast cancer pilot study shows value of proteomic mapping
103 Singing helps students tune into a foreign language, study shows
104 Graphene 'onion rings' have delicious potential
105 A constitutional right to health care
106 All-male physics departments are not proof of bias against hiring women, suggests new AIP study
107 Stanford expert says Internet's backbone can readily be made more sustainable
108 Disney researchers use encoded audio signals to provide 'second screen' experiences at most venues
109 Another beautiful helix for biology, this time reminiscent of a parking garage
110 Antiepileptic drug use while pregnant impacts early child development
111 Stars' orbital dance reveals a generation gap
112 Milikelvins drive droplet evaporation
113 New Methods to Visualize Bacterial Cell-to-Cell Communication
114 Biochemical mapping helps explain who will respond to antidepressants
115 Americans continue to use more renewable energy sources
116 NUS researchers developed world's first water treatment techniques using apple and tomato peels
117 Desktop printing at the nano level
118 Disney Research develops method to provide tactile feedback in free air
119 Controlling friction by tuning van der Waals forces
120 New plan of attack in cancer fight
121 Rice researchers part of new LHC discovery
122 Plant-eating dinosaurs replaced teeth often, carried spares
123 Big-nosed, long-horned dinosaur discovered in Utah
124 Newly discovered flux in the Earth may solve missing-mantle mystery
125 Southern California crustacean sand-dwellers suffering localized extinctions
126 GEOSPHERE Presents New Studies on the Nature and Structure of North America and Taiwan
127 Microbes can influence evolution of their hosts
128 New evidence for warm-blooded dinosaurs
129 Lizards show evolution is predictable
130 Microorganisms found in salt flats could offer new path to green hydrogen fuel
131 Brain structural deficits may contribute to increased functional connections
132 Nurse practitioners provide more primary care in states with least restrictive regulations
133 Are the 'U.S. News' medical school rankings for primary care education relevant?
134 LSUHSC research identifies new risk factors for parasitic infection
135 School policies reduce student drinking--if they're perceived to be enforced
136 Note to teens: Just breathe
137 Infants' food linked to higher, lower Type 1 diabetes risk
138 'Wasted' and 'hammered' versus 'buzzed' and 'tipsy' is more than just semantics
139 Cool it, quick: Rapid cooling leads to stronger alloys
140 Calculating the value of effortful behavior: A clue to schizophrenia-related disability?
141 Cyberbullying on college campuses bringing new ethical and legal issues, UT Arlington researcher says
142 Hidden strains of HPV found in 'virus-negative' genital warts
143 First estrogen receptor mutation found in a young woman
144 Boldly illuminating biology's 'dark matter'
145 Early spatial reasoning predicts later creativity and innovation, especially in STEM fields
146 Distinctive brain blood flow patterns associated with sexual dysfunction
147 A new way to trap light
148 ID got you, under the skin
149 Link between quantum physics and game theory found
150 Sculpting Flow
151 Archimedes new study shows health checks may lead to cost effective improvements in health
152 New Model to Improve Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication for 'Intelligent Transportation'
153 Mathematical models target disease with drugs chosen by your DNA
154 Eye-tracking could outshine passwords if made user-friendly
155 Disney researchers reconstruct detailed 3D scenes from hundreds of high-resolution 2D images
156 Disney researchers create computer models that capture style and process of portrait artists
157 Most people with moderate kidney disease have medication-resistant hypertension
158 Ovarian cancer metastases influenced by factors in target tissues
159 Movement without muscles study in insects could inspire robot and prosthetic limb developments
160 Eczema may play a key role in the development of food allergy in infants, study suggests
161 An important discovery at the Montreal Heart Institute: A new approach to treat the most common heart valve disease in Western countries
162 Deadliest cancers may respond to new drug treatment strategy
163 Is sexual addiction the real deal?
164 COPD increases risk of developing cerebral microbleeds
165 Cheaper anti-cancer drug as effective as expensive drug in treating wet AMD
166 Overnights Away From Home Affect Children's Attachments, Study Shows
167 Tuberculosis genomes recovered from 200-year old Hungarian mummy
168 Regenstrief, IU study: Caregivers open to stopping cancer screening as dementia progresses
169 U of M researchers identify new functions for autoimmune disease 'risk' gene
170 Improving systematic reviews of animal studies will help translational medicine
171 Bias pervades the scientific reporting of animal studies
172 Recommended calorie information on menus does not improve consumer choices, Carnegie Mellon study shows
173 How mice teach us about disease
174 Childhood abuse raises drug users' suicide risk
175 Chimpanzees and orangutans remember distant past events
176 Study reveals how smoking increases vulnerability to alcohol abuse
177 For women with hysterectomies, estrogen may be a lifesaver after all
178 Study finds boys more likely to receive HPV vaccine when their mothers receive preventive care
179 NIH-funded study suggests that moving more may lower stroke risk
180 Marriage rate lowest in a century
181 Weight loss drug helps curb cocaine addictions, Penn study finds
182 Good vibrations: Mediating mood through brain ultrasound
183 RI Hospital: Caregivers of those with dementia may benefit from tailored interventions
184 CU study illuminates mortality differences between nondrinkers and light drinkers
185 Gene mutation in dogs offers clues for neural tube defects in humans
186 Is the ice in Greenland in growing decline?
187 NASA Hubble Finds New Neptune Moon
188 The Heart of Space Weather Observed in Action
189 CME To Pass Earth, Messenger and Juno
190 Ripped apart by a black hole
191 NASA Engineer Achieves Another Milestone in Emerging Nanotechnology
192 Snow falling around infant solar system
193 Snow in an Infant Planetary System
194 How Mars' atmosphere got so thin: New insights from Curiosity
195 A snow line in an infant solar system: Astronomers take first images
196 A warmer planetary haven around cool stars, as ice warms rather than cools
197 Facebook for molecules
198 Unusual material expands dramatically under pressure
199 NASA's Hubble Shows Link Between Stars' Ages and Their Orbits
200 Disney Researchers develop software tools to create physical versions of virtual characters
201 All in the eyes: Disney Research demos technology for richly expressive 3D printed eyes