File Title
1 White sharks fatten up for long migration
2 'Jumbo-sized schnoz' dinosaur found
3 Scientists power phone using urine
4 Black hole-bound gas cloud 'stretched like spaghetti'
5 Nasutoceratops: 'Big-nose, horn-face' dinosaur described
6 Biomass fuel subsidies to be capped says energy secretary
7 Heathrow submits third runway options to Davies Commission
8 GCHQ use of Prism surveillance data was legal, says
9 Neolithic farmers used manure on crops
10 Valley fever: An incurable illness in the dust
11 The scientists who escaped the Nazis
12 New crystals yield solar power breakthrough
13 High-altitude dining in London
14 Violent protests in India over school meal deaths
15 Seized N Korean ship: Cuban weapons on board
16 Rolling Stone's Boston bomb suspect cover sparks outrage
17 Woman sues Japan Yamaguchi-gumi crime boss Shinoda
18 US ties outweigh intelligence 'squabbles'--Putin
19 How Scientology changed the internet
20 School meal kills 22 in India's Bihar state
21 Same-sex marriage becomes law in England and Wales
22 Queen would like royal baby born before her holiday
23 Pro-Assad Syrian official killed in Lebanon
24 What makes us extroverts and introverts?
25 The big business of turning trash into treasure
26 Barclays' $453m fine for US energy market-rigging upheld
27 Juicebox: Squeezing new life into old computers
28 Senior Pakistani Taliban leader 'shocked' by Malala attack
29 Google competition plan 'not good enough'--EU official
30 China smartphone owners swell number of internet users
31 Premier League wins piracy block of First Row Sports
32 First tests of '130mph' lawnmower
33 Microsoft calls for transparency over security requests
34 Tech firms target ads on pirate websites
35 Yahoo revenue falls on slow ad sales
36 Google Maps wipes out Scottish island of Jura
37 Genetic advance in Down's syndrome
38 MS hope from 'off-the-shelf' drugs
39 GlaxoSmithKline executive in China TV 'confession'
40 Woman finds flesh-eating bugs in ear after Peru trip
41 Why a white South African risked traditional circumcision
42 The children befriending terminally ill people to learn about death
43 Lobbyists puff and blow over new EU tobacco rules
44 Heatwave: Met Office upgrades warning for south-east England
45 Formula 1 boss Ecclestone indicted on bribery charge
46 Lobbyist register plan outlined by ministers
47 Maternity leave: How common is Yvette Cooper's experience?
48 How Northern Ireland police deal with lethal riot weapons
49 Big-Nosed, Long-Horned Dinosaur Discovered in Utah: Dinosaur in Same Family as Triceratops
50 Bird Brain? Birds and Humans Have Similar Brain Wiring
51 Ripped Apart by a Black Hole: Gas Cloud Makes Closest Approach to Monster at Center of Milky Way
52 Newly Discovered Flux in Earth May Solve Missing-Mantle Mystery
53 Tooth Is 'Smoking Gun' Evidence That Tyrannosaurus Rex Was Hunter, Killer
54 Levitation: Droplets Surfing On Sound Waves
55 Manure Used by Europe's First Farmers 8,000 Years Ago
56 Scientists Outline Long-Term Sea-Level Rise in Response to Warming of Planet
57 Heart of Space Weather Observed in Action
58 Computer as Smart as a 4-Year-Old? Researchers IQ Test New Artificial Intelligence System
59 Injectable 'Smart Sponge' Holds Promise for Controlled Drug Delivery
60 Outgoing People Lead Happier Lives
61 Family Tree of Fish Yields Surprises
62 Parasites Change Bees Brains, but Not Their Behavior
63 'Brown Ocean' Can Fuel Inland Tropical Cyclones
64 Rare Fossil of Late Cretaceous Plesiosaur Discovered
65 Step Closer to Custom-Building New Blood Vessels
66 Ecological Forces Structure Your Body's Personal Mix of Microbes
67 New Thermocell Could Harvest 'Waste Heat' from Power Stations and Even Vehicle Exhaust Pipes
68 Fear Factor: Missing Brain Enzyme Leads to Abnormal Levels of Fear in Mice, New Research Reveals
69 High Carbon Dioxide Spurs Wetlands to Absorb More Carbon
70 Nesting Gulf of Mexico Loggerhead Turtles Face Offshore Risks
71 Monitoring Nutrient Intake Can Help Vegetarian Athletes Stay Competitive
72 Cost of Treating Dizziness in the Emergency Room Soars
73 Chromosomal Abnormalities May Explain Increased Cancer Risk in Type 2 Diabetes
74 Single Dose of ADHD Drug Can Reduce Fall Risk in Older Adults, Study Suggests
75 Discovery of a New Class of White Blood Cells Uncovers Target for Better Vaccine Design
76 Ghost Particles: New Limits On Extremely Rare Decay
77 Deciphering Butterflies' Designer Colors: Findings Could Inspire New Hue-Changing Materials
78 The Key to Ion Beams' Polarizability
79 New Model to Improve Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication for 'Intelligent Transportation'
80 New Nanoscale Imaging Method Finds Application in Plasmonics
81 New Anagnorisma Moth Species from Beautiful Binaloud Mountain Iran
82 A Lost Frog in the Lost World?
83 Monkey Nation: Mainland Africa's Most Important Nation for Primates
84 Stop Marine Pollution to Protect Kelp Forests
85 Trade-Offs Between Food Security and Climate Change Mitigation Explored
86 What Are Fructooliogosaccharides and How Do They Provide Digestive, Immunity and Bone Health Benefits?
87 Self-Perpetuating Signals May Drive Tumor Cells to Spread
88 Weight Gain Early in Pregnancy Means Bigger, Fatter Babies
89 Research Supports Mosquito Indexing System That Identifies Best Time to Act Against Potential West Nile Virus Outbreaks
90 Steering Stem Cells With Magnets
91 New Technology Will Improve Neuron Activation Induced by Cochlear Implants
92 The Right Snack May Aid Satiety, Weight Loss
93 Exercising During Pregnancy Reduces the Risk of High Birth Weight Newborns and of Caesarean Delivery, Study Suggests
94 Step Forward in Understanding Arterial Disease
95 Chinese People May Be at Higher Risk for Stroke Than Caucasians
96 People With Impaired Glucose Tolerance Can Show Cognitive Dysfunction
97 Vitamins and Minerals Can Boost Energy and Enhance Mood
98 Habits, Not Cravings, Drive Food Choice During Times of Stress
99 High Blood Pressure Patients: Non-Adherence to Medication Greatly Increases Risk of Fatal and Non-Fatal Strokes
100 Updated Results from Phase 3 Trial of IVIG for Alzheimer's Disease
101 Taste Rules for Kids and Healthy Food Choices
102 Spicing Up Food Can Make Up for Missing Fat
103 Music Decreases Perceived Pain for Kids in Pediatric ER
104 Elevated Blood Pressure Increasing Among Children, Adolescents
105 How Cranberries Impact Infection-Causing Bacteria
106 Bias Pervades the Scientific Reporting of Animal Studies, Research Suggests
107 Findings Offer Alternative Approach to Creating a Universal Influenza Vaccine
108 Scientists Construct Visual of Intracellular 'Zip Code' Signaling Linked to Learning, Memory
109 Black-Legged Ticks Linked to Encephalitis in New York State
110 Biochemists Uphold Law of Physics
111 GOES-R Improvements to Provide Stunning, Continuous Full-Disk Imagery
112 Drought Response Identified in Potential Biofuel Plant
113 Fiji's Largest Marine Reserve Swarming With Sharks
114 Share Robotic Frogs Help Turn a Boring Mating Call Into a Serenade
115 Attractive and Successful: In Bonobos, Attractive Females Are More Likely to Win Conflicts Against Males
116 Great Exaptations: Most Traits Emerge for No Crucial Reason, Scientists Find
117 Scientists Solve a 14,000-Year-Old Ocean Mystery
118 Boldly Illuminating Biology's 'Dark Matter'
119 New Theory Uncovers Cancer's Deep Evolutionary Roots
120 Insect Discovery Sheds Light On Climate Change
121 Lunar Cycle Affects Cardiac Patients Undergoing Acute Aortic Dissection: Waning and Full Moon Cycles Impact Length of Stay, Mortality
122 Hubble Finds New Neptune Moon: Smallest Known Moon in the Neptunian System
123 Disks Don't Need Planets to Make Patterns, NASA Study Shows
124 NASA's OPALS to Beam Data from Space Via Laser
125 Solar Tsunami Used to Measure Sun's Magnetic Field
126 Using Bacteria Batteries to Make Electricity
127 NASA Technology May Breathe Life, Safety Into Mines
128 Finding the Keys to Boiling Heat Transfer
129 Long-Buried Seawall Protected Homes from Hurricane Sandy's Record Storm Surge
130 Distorted GPS Signals Reveal Hurricane Wind Speeds
131 Order of Events Taking Place in Complex Networks May Dramatically Alter the Way Diffusion Occurs
132 Solving DNA Puzzles Is Overwhelming Computer Systems, Researchers Warn
133 Taking the 'Random' out of a Random Laser
134 Early Spatial Reasoning Predicts Later Creativity and Innovation, Especially in STEM Fields
135 The Universe or the Brain: Where Does Math Originate?