File Title
1 Woolly mammoth goes on view in Japan
2 Mars 2020: NASA's going bold--on a budget
3 NASA findings reveal solar system's tail
4 NASA's IBEX maps solar system's tail for the first time
5 Alien planet's mysterious blue color leaves scientists wondering
6 Iceberg: Antarctica loses Chicago-sized chunk of ice
7 Predatory lionfish now a confirmed invader in the deep Atlantic
8 Malala and fellow teenage girls struggle not to stall out in school
9 Colin Flahive opened a restaurant in China that's a beacon of enlightened management
10 Rebuilding Iraq: Final report card on US efforts highlights massive waste
11 Cocaine use: Will the factors behind its steady decline continue?
12 1,200 miles by bus through Mexico? Bring your laptop.
13 George Zimmerman verdict: 'Not guilty' in death of Trayvon Martin
14 Trayvon Martin case: How Rachel Jeantel went from star witness to 'train wreck' (+video)
15 Police in Florida warn against riots in wake of a George Zimmerman verdict
16 Asiana pilot names: KTVU apologizes for racist prank, but lawsuit possible
17 Asiana crash investigation criticized for giving too much information (+video)
18 'Boston Strangler' case: Will new DNA evidence finally bring resolution? (+video)
19 Arsenic in apple juice: FDA proposes a lower limit, amid consumer concern
20 Janet Napolitano steps down at DHS: Who will replace her? (+video)
21 Grazing slugs hinder grassland restoration
22 Why do we enjoy listening to sad music?
23 IBEX spacecraft images the heliotail, revealing an unexpected structure
24 Huge iceberg breaks away from the Pine Island glacier in the Antarctic
25 Evolution too slow to keep up with climate change, study says
26 Sharks stun sardine prey with tail-slaps
27 Kids' allergies may correlate with omega-3, omega-6 lipid levels in cord blood
28 Researchers estimate over 2 million deaths annually from air pollution
29 Hippo pathway to better cancer treatment?
30 Study reveals early financial arguments are a predictor of divorce
31 As ice cover disappears, life in the frigid Antarctic moves fast
32 York Nanocentre researchers image individual atoms in a living catalytic reaction
33 Geothermal power facility induces earthquakes, study finds
34 Study finds surprising benefits about dairy cow inflammation
35 Daydreaming simulated by computer model
36 Stem cell clues uncovered
37 Lionfish expedition: Down deep is where the big, scary ones live
38 Distant quakes trigger tremors at US waste-injection sites, says study
39 Sculpting flow
40 Young job seekers, check your privacy settings!
41 NASA Hubble finds a true blue planet
42 Protesters of Zimmerman acquittal march in Calif.
43 Historic whaling ship launched in Connecticut after $7M overhaul
44 Nanomaterial to help reduce CO2 emissions
45 Research demonstrates the influence of temporal niches in maintaining biodiversity
46 Astronomers witness birth of Milky Way's most massive star
47 Cosmochemist discovers potential solution to meteorite mystery
48 Deal boosts blind's access to texts
49 Researchers lament destruction of ancient Peruvian pyramid
50 Precise atomic clock may redefine time
51 US research firms put under pressure to sell
52 Claims of Lake Vostok fish get frosty response
53 Senate bill would boost NIH budget to $31 billion in 2014
54 NASA's 2020 Mars rover would search for signs of past life
55 Outcry over plans for 'Japanese NIH'
56 Imaging hits noise barrier
57 Science media: Centre of attention
58 Teething troubles at huge telescope
59 Efforts to predict the near-term climate are taking off, but their record so far has been patchy
60 Proposed exoplanets may be just gas and dust
61 Sharks whip their tails to stun prey
62 First distant planet to be seen in color is blue
63 Energy production causes big US earthquakes
64 Nerve growth stimulates prostate cancer
65 A slippery slope to human germline modification
66 Trial and error
67 In the dark
68 Headline message
69 Internet health searches not private: US researcher
70 Report: Next Mars rover should gather rocks, soil
71 Distant seismic activity can trigger quakes at 'fracking' sites
72 Spread of DNA databases sparks ethical concerns
73 Sprint launches 'guarantee' for unlimited plans
74 Astronomers find blue planet outside solar system
75 In Caribbean, push to create no-take reserves
76 Next Mars mission should search for past microbial life: science panel
77 Illness Gives Student 'Whole New View' on Garden Designs
78 Could Diet While Growing Up Affect Our Offspring's Vitality?
79 Temperature Increases Causing Tropical Forests to Blossom, According to Study
80 Exposure to Stress Even Before Conception Causes Genetic Changes to Offspring
81 A Nano-Tool for Designing the Next Big Battery
82 Cosmochemist May Have Solved Meteorite Mystery
83 Blazeman Foundation Provides $200,000 to Produce Critical Protein Used in Lou Gehrig's Disease Research at Wake Forest Baptist
84 Epigenomic Map of the Developing Brain
85 Breakthrough Could Lead to "Artificial Skin" That Senses Touch, Humidity and Temperature
86 Salk Researchers Identify Potential Biomarker for Cancer Diagnosis
87 Nanomaterial to Help Reduce CO2 Emissions
88 Study Helps Understand How Nature Maintains Diversity
89 Tumor-Suppressor Protein Gives Up Its Secrets
90 Microparticles Create Localized Control of Stem Cells
91 SWiFT Commissioned to Study Wind Farm Optimization
92 ORNL Wins Six R&D 100s
93 New TMS Study Details How to Accelerate Development and Manufacture of Advanced Materials in the Near-Term
94 The Upside of Inflammation: Kansas State University Study Finds Surprising Benefits
95 Global Climate Trend Since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.14íC Per Decade
96 Iowa State's Iverson Leads International Team to Study Hills Exposed by Shrinking Glacier
97 Where Do Astronauts Go When They Need "To Go?"
98 Biceps Bulge, Calves Curve, 50-Year-Old Assumptions Muscled Aside
99 University of Tennessee Professor Jack Dongarra Announces New Supercomputer Benchmark
100 New Research Facility Will Address Wind Farm Underperformance, Turbine-to-Turbine Interaction
101 Researchers Identify New Source of Powerful Immunity Protein
102 Coastal Power Plant Records Reveal Decline in Key Southern California Fishes
103 A Fundamental Problem for Brain Mapping
104 Researchers Create Method to Rapidly Identify Specific Strains of Illness
105 Quebec Train Accident: @Unhscience Oil Spill Expert Says Prepare for More
106 'Bath Salts' Stimulant Could Be More Addictive than Meth
107 Tulane Researchers Receive Grant to Develop Food-Chain Friendly Dispersants
108 Wind Power Does Not Strongly Affect Greater Prairie Chickens, Seven-Year Study Finds
109 Researchers Identify Transformation in Low-Temperature Water
110 Study Puts Troubling Traits of H7N9 Avian Flu Virus on Display
111 US Ignite Recognizes RENCI and NC State for Innovative App for Monitoring Power Grids
112 Researchers Perform DNA Computation in Living Cells
113 University of Tennessee Professor Helps Design Software for the Next Generation of Supercomputer
114 CASL Milestone Validates Reactor Model Using TVA Data
115 Study Confirms Link Between High Blood Levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Increased Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer
116 Protein Targeted for Cancer Drug Development Is Essential for Normal Heart Function
117 UIC Research Flies High
118 One More Homo Species?
119 Trapping T-Rays for Better Security Scanners
120 Hubble Finds a True Blue Planet
121 Critical Pathway in Cell Cycle May Lead to Cancer Development
122 Nerves Play Key Role In Triggering Prostate Cancer And Influencing Its Spread
123 Oldest Use of Flowers in Grave Lining Identified
124 Daydreaming Simulated by Computer Model
125 App's Goal: Track Wildflower STD That Intrigued Darwin
126 Stress Fracture Risk May Be Modifiable
127 Shoulder Surgery May Make Sense for Young Patients
128 Acid Reflux Drug May Cause Heart Disease
129 Your Hair Style May Be Causing Hair Damage and Hair Loss
130 Marital Status Reduces Risk of Death From HIV/AIDS for Men
131 Penn Study Reveals Promise of "Human Computing Power" via Crowdsourcing to Speed Medical Research