File Title
1 Apple takes popular iOS apps free as App Store 5th anniversary approaches
2 Apple rumored to launch fifth-gen iPad in Sept., new iPad mini to follow
3 T-Mobile launch helps iPhone cut Android lead in US by 3.5%
4 Apple releases third beta of iOS 7 with fixes for Messages, iCloud & AirPlay
5 Exclusive: First large structures going up at Apple's Reno iCloud data center
6 iOS 7 beta: Safari ditches '.com' button, dots return in Calendar
7 Twitter gets cross-platform direct message syncing and enhanced mobile search in update
8 Tim Cook expected to attend Sun Valley conference this week
9 Apple seeds OS X 10.9 Mavericks Developer Preview 3 with minor changes
10 Pandora iOS app update brings auto-mute, improved stream buffering
11 Hidden iOS 7 beta option points to 'iOS in the Car' AirPlay support over Wi-Fi
12 Apple's safe automotive telematics patent mates touchscreen with tactile controls
13 Microsoft eyed as potential buyer of Nook business as Barnes & Noble CEO resigns
14 Apple's Haswell-powered 15" MacBook Pro revealed in benchmark test
15 Samsung calls for new trial on Apple's 'rubber banding' patent
16 Apple I computer fetches $387K in Christie's auction
17 iOS 7 hints at 120fps support in future iPhone for super-slow-mo video
18 Apple drops 'App Store' lawsuit against Amazon, says no need to pursue case
19 Path update brings comment stickers, Yelp for iOS adds in-app ordering
20 Dropbox announces 'Dropbox Platform,' aims to sync everything in the cloud
21 iMessage outage leaves 30% of users without service for over 30 minutes
22 Touting Windows 8, Microsoft pokes Apple's iPad again over multitasking
23 Reported Foxconn hiring spree could signal 'iPhone 5S' mass production
24 Apple files for stay on ITC ban for legacy iPhones and iPads
25 Yahoo updates Mail app with multi-login support, Tumblr with refined search
26 Latest alleged 'iPhone Lite' plastic backs show different color shades
27 US court finds Apple guilty of conspiring to raise e-book prices
28 Costume designer used around 60 pairs of Levi's 501 jeans for 'Jobs' movie
29 Apple to appeal e-book decision, maintains company did 'nothing wrong'
30 Samsung passes Apple's iPhone in smartphone Web usage--report
31 T-Mobile USA's 'Jump' program allows 2 smartphone upgrades a year for $10/month
32 PC shipments dropped 11% worldwide in Q2, Apple's US growth slows 4.3%
33 Apple's rumored switch to IGZO displays could boost MacBook battery life
34 Reportedly leaked Bluetooth roadmap hints at future iPhone, 'iWatch' features
35 Facebook updates iOS app with verified celebrity check marks, introduces Instagram Web embeds
36 Deals: Free $50 Target Gift Cards with iPads, 2TB WD Portable Drive for $99, more
37 Remains of 15th-century hospital uncovered during construction of Madrid Apple Store
38 Sprint now officially under SoftBank control after $21.6B deal
39 Apple looks to patent hybrid input device that uses motion, touch for next-level control
40 New IFTTT app launches with iPhone-only photo, reminder and contacts recipes
41 Apple's loss in e-book antitrust case likely to give advantage to Amazon
42 'One Microsoft' realignment focuses on devices and services
43 Verizon could owe Apple $14 billion off iPhone sales shortfall
44 Windows 8.1, Intel's Haswell not expected to reverse sliding PC sales
45 Pebble smart watch preorders hit 275,000 ahead of Best Buy debut
46 Nokia bets on photography to boost sales with 41MP Lumia 1020
47 New Deux Ex game for iOS hobbles gameplay if device is jailbroken
48 Apple looks to expand iOS device supply chain beyond Foxconn, Pegatron in 2014
49 Apple addresses concerns over products using illegally mined tin
50 Sprint debuts 'Unlimited Guarantee,' promises to lock in plan rates for life
51 Best Buy offering $200 gift cards for iPad trade-ins in two-day promotion
52 Google's Schmidt: Apple and Google holding 'lots and lots' of meetings
53 Infinity Blade: Dungeons axed, Worms 3 an iOS exclusive, KOTOR 50% off
54 Rumor: Apple buys into chip fab, plans to build its own silicon
55 Latest Retina iPad mini rumor says Apple eyeing early 2014 launch
56 iOS 7 Maps go full screen, navigation gets night mode, new Siri options
57 Smash & grab iPhone thief caught after leaving his Samsung Galaxy behind
58 Time Inc. brings free article previews to iPad magazines in bid for new subscribers
59 eBay debuts store for 3D printed objects with 'Exact' iOS app
60 Owners of new MacBook Air complain of volume fluctuation issues
61 Nokia Lumia 1020 hardware 'lags behind' while Microsoft struggles to update Windows Phone
62 AT&T to acquire prepaid carrier Leap Wireless for $15 per share
63 Square Enix changes stance, will remove 'Deus Ex: The Fall' jailbreak restriction
64 The Inquirer: iOS 7 is a major step forward for Apple
65 Apple unearths 15th-century ruins constructing Madrid flagship store
66 Apple to report Q313 earnings results on July 23rd amid drastically lowered expectations
67 Judge Denise Cote likely wrote most of her U.S.A. v. Apple ebooks case decision before the trial
68 Why Google's Android is losing the war to Apple's iOS
69 U.S.A. v. Apple ruling could allow U.S. government to monitor, interfere with future Apple negotiations
70 Gartner: Q213 PC shipments drop 11% YOY as post-PC decline continues
71 Where's the proof that Apple conspired with publishers on ebook pricing?
72 For Apple, much to gain in fighting U.S. DOJ in ebooks case
73 iPhone and iPad assembler Hon Hai's second-quarter sales beat forecasts
74 Apple patent application reveals mysterious unibody MacBook lid with magnetic coating
75 The view from the courtroom gallery at U.S.A. v. Apple ebook trial, round one
76 U.S. DOJ unwittingly causes further consolidation, strengthens Amazon's domination of ebook industry
77 Why Apple's autumn releases are make or break for the company
78 U.S.A. v. Apple verdict could end the book as we know it
79 iPhone sales shortfall could leave Verizon owing Apple $14 billion
80 Freeware: Apple should give away iWork and iLife suites for iOS for free
81 Apple faces triple damages, longshot appeal over ebook conspiracy claim
82 iPad roadkill: Microsoft's Surface flops despite relentless advertising
83 Axes to grind: Why Apple is attacked
84 Steve Ballmer's reorganization email: 'One Strategy, One Microsoft' or something
85 A 360TB disc that holds data for over 1 million years?
86 Google to spend up to half a billion dollars to advertise 'Moto X' Android phone
87 U.S. DOJ's court victory over Apple may turn out to be pyrrhic
88 IGZO displays could boost MacBook Pro battery life to 24 hours
89 U.S. feds find a judge to rubber-stamp their anti-Apple antitrust claims
90 How Microsoft handed U.S. NSA, FBI, CIA access to users' encrypted video, audio, and text communications
91 Microsoft slashes price of its moribund Surface RT tablet
92 Best Buy two-day promotion: $200 and up gift cards for Apple iPad trade-ins
93 5 years on, Apple's App Store has forever changed the face of software; a defining moment in personal computing history
94 Edward Snowden seen as whistle-blower by majority of U.S. registered voters
95 Microsoft's beleaguered Nokia tries high-resolution camera to create demand for also-ran phone
96 Social media study: Apple dominates tech chatter, doesn't do enough to control it
97 Microsoft is the new Apple
98 So, how many Macs did Apple sell last quarter?
99 Apple could be turning carrier strategy into a liability
100 Steve Ballmer's Jobsian 'vision' is for Microsoft to work like Apple
101 Apple buys into chip fab, plans to build its own silicon, report claims
102 Facebook to clone Flipboard next with 'Reader'
103 Apple sued because its devices can display porn
104 Environmental group says Apple is using illegally mined tin in products
105 Apple CEO Tim Cook will prove the naysayers wrong
106 Ballmer tightens death grip on Microsoft with major revamp
107 Thief breaks into wireless store, steals several iPhones, leaves his own Samsung Galaxy behind
108 Microsoft Steve Ballmer's latest labyrinthine reorg doomed by contradictions
109 Microsoft sues U.S. Customs for failing to enforce Google phone ban
110 Best Buy slashes price on beleaguered BlackBerry's Z10 phone flop
111 AT&T to acquire Leap Wireless for $1.2 billion
112 Pixar and Lucasfilm settle Silicon Valley anti-poaching lawsuit
113 So, how many iPhones did Apple sell last quarter?