File Title
1 New nano-coating from plant chemical
2 Earthquakes may trigger fracking tremors
3 Glass sponges take advantage of clear 'skies'
4 British space penetrator passes icy test
5 Greece jellyfish warning for UK tourists
6 Who, What, Why: Why are we plagued by jellyfish?
7 Distant quakes 'can trigger wastewater-site temblors'
8 German tariffs make green energy too expensive to store
9 Will synthetic biology become a GM-style battleground?
10 Mini guide to Sicily's beaches
11 Edward Snowden re-emerges for Moscow airport meeting
12 Key Free Syria Army rebel 'killed by Islamist group'
13 Shot Pakistan schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai addresses UN
14 George Zimmerman defense begins closing arguments
15 Israel 'secretly holds second Prisoner X' in jail
16 The Templers: German settlers who left their mark on Palestine
17 Will Egypt's post-Morsi era be safer for women?
18 'Flying Sikh': Indian sprinter Milkha Singh biopic set for release
19 Ireland's parliament approves 'life-saving' abortion
20 Kremlin security agency to buy typewriters 'to avoid leaks'
21 Saudi princess Meshael Alayban charged with trafficking
22 Brazil row over topless fan ban in Maracana stadium
23 Lee Rigby: Military funeral for killed soldier
24 NSA's access to Microsoft's services detailed
25 Secrets behind the sophisticated spam scams
26 Should chief executives focus on the next 100 years?
27 Egypt prepares for rival Ramadan protests
28 The worst video game ever made
29 The 'extra something special' employers seek
30 US unveils 'Atlas' humanoid robot test bed
31 Twitter hands over data to ID racist users
32 Brave new work: Making the 9-5 somewhere you want to be
33 Gang violence cause of high levels of mental disorders
34 Gene therapy trial 'cures children'
35 Government rejects Labour's cigarette 'U-turn' claim
36 Late nights 'sap children's brain power'
37 Little Mix's Perrie Edwards: I have no sense of smell
38 Why do Vietnam's patients bribe their doctors?
39 Caffeine nation--Am I an addict?
40 JP Morgan and Wells Fargo post big jump in profits
41 Heathrow shut after Boeing Dreamliner 787 fire
42 Deadly French train crash at Bretigny-sur-Orge
43 Report: Microsoft gave NSA access to encrypted messages
44 Planet discovery: Color comes from "blow-torched atmosphere"
45 FDA proposes arsenic standards for apple juice
46 Ireland approves abortions in life-threatening cases
47 Microsoft denies providing NSA widespread access to users
48 Moon bill would create national park to protect Apollo landing sites
49 China discovers primitive, 5,000-year-old writing
50 Yahoo seeks to declassify NSA court documents
51 Unused oil rig becomes underwater Garden of Eden
52 Rare "corpse flower" blooms in Belgium
53 Apple store built on 15th century ruins
54 Bacteria in space grow in strange ways
55 Storms will be more intense, more frequent: MIT climatologist
56 George Zimmerman trial: In closing arguments, defense attorney asks jury not to "fill in gaps" in state's case
57 Firing of attractive assistant is legal, Iowa top court rules
58 Justin Bieber apologizes to Bill Clinton
59 George Zimmerman trial: Prosecutor blasts Zimmerman's self-defense claim during closing arguments
60 George Zimmerman trial: Zimmerman was a "wannabe cop" who profiled Trayvon Martin, prosecutor says in closing argument
61 Tarra and Bella: Elephant loses man's best friend
62 Drug smugglers set free for lack of money to prosecute
63 George Zimmerman trial: Jury may consider lesser charge of manslaughter, judge rules
64 Personal attacks make Palin "cheery"
65 Edward Snowden emerges, wants asylum in Russia
66 Drone technology myths, facts and future feats
67 Primeval forest discovered deep off Alabama coast
68 Report: Climate change threatens U.S. energy sources
69 Penn State ex-president files libel lawsuit papers
70 Smoke billows from Asiana Flight 214 overnight as crews remove wreckage
71 NTSB: Asiana plane's flight controls worked normally
72 Sylvie Cachay Update: Nicholas Brooks convicted of murder in death of NYC swimsuit designer
73 George Zimmerman trial: Fla. cities on guard for potential post-Zimmerman verdict unrest, report says
74 George Simpson Jr., N.J. bus driver, accused of committing lewd act behind the wheel
75 Terry Dewayne Smith Jr. Update: Half brother is suspect in death of 11-yr.-old autistic Calif. boy, source says
76 Terry DeWayne Smith Jr. Update: Psychic's visions led authorities to missing Calif. boy's body, detective says
77 Saudi princess, Meshael Alayban, held in Calif. on human trafficking charges, $5 million bail
78 China's slow economy forces college grads to live in "ant colonies"
79 Boston Strangler DNA revelation provides some closure for victim's family
80 More than 200 years later, George Washington will get his library
81 Rights groups say they'll try to meet Edward Snowden in Moscow airport
82 Mexico village's new mayor a certified "dead" guy
83 U.S., China trade barbs about Snowden case
84 At Ramadan meals, Egypt weighs split in society
85 Gene therapy using part of HIV virus treats two rare childhood diseases
86 Randy Travis: How strokes can be side effect of heart problems
87 Viral cardiomyopathy leads Randy Travis to get heart device
88 90-year-olds mentally sharper today than recent generations
89 Not cutting umbilical cord immediately may boost baby's health
90 Omega-3 fatty acids may raise prostate cancer risk
91 Discovery that cancer may protect against Alzheimer's could lead to new treatments
92 Study: Drunk men described as "wasted" while women considered "tipsy"
93 Smart Diaper with QR code may track tots' urinary health
94 Artificial sweeteners could lead to obesity, diabetes
95 Motion sensors in seniors' homes may be tracked by loved ones, nurses
96 Pollution linked to lung cancer, heart failure increases
97 U.S. health "mediocre" compared to other wealthy countries
98 Dry eyes and technology: What you need to know to protect your vision
99 Hospital errors lead to "dead" patient opening eyes during organ harvesting
100 Kinky! Hawkmoths Rub Genitals to Ward Off Bats
101 Primeval Underwater Forest Discovered in Gulf of Mexico
102 NYC Heat Wave Prompts Record Electricity Use
103 How One Weird Fish Jumps on Land
104 Obama Calls for Tech Expertise in Government
105 Interns Find Medieval Pottery at Richard III Dig
106 New Space Engine Could Turn Tiny CubeSats into Interplanetary Explorers
107 How to Survive a Plane Crash
108 Ancient City of Angkor Much Bigger Than Thought
109 More Major Hurricanes Coming This Century
110 Solar Plane Pilots Hope Historic Flight Ushers In Clean Energy Era
111 Spring Conception Ups Risk of Preterm Birth
112 Disease Prevention Celebrated but Rarely Practiced
113 Citizen Scientists Enlisted to Map Ancient Hillforts
114 Egypt's National Treasures Threatened by Political Unrest (Op-Ed)
115 Ice Above Lake Vostok Includes DNA From Animals
116 How Much Liberty Must We Trade for Security? (Op-Ed)
117 Bacteria In Space Grows in Strange Ways
118 South Africa Wants to Sell Its Rhino Horns
119 Living on 'Gasland:' Q&A with Documentary Filmmaker Josh Fox
120 Women Who Freeze Eggs Wish They Had Done It Sooner
121 The Science of Miracles: How the Vatican Decides
122 New Metallic Bubble Wrap Out-Pops Plastic
123 Can You Get Electrocuted by Peeing?
124 Are Guns Safe in Homes of Seniors & Mentally Ill? Docs Weigh In
125 Unraveling PTSD: New Look Reveals How Disorder May Progress
126 Science of Summer: What Causes Sunburns?
127 Why People Don't Learn from Natural Disasters
128 Solar Flares Fire Off Antimatter Particles
129 Pharaoh's Sphinx Paws Found in Israel
130 NYC Releasing Gases to Track Air Flow
131 Cat Poop Parasite Is Dangerously Widespread
132 Can Acupuncture Help Women Get Pregnant?
133 Original Apple-1 Computer Auctioned for $387,750
134 Why Toronto Was Drenched by Record Rainfall
135 Death Valley: 100 Years As Earth's Hottest Spot
136 Murder Mystery: Is Lead Ban Reason for Fewer Killings? (Op-Ed)
137 Un-Sex: Bacteria Reveal New Type of Reproduction
138 15 Surprising Things That Can Be 3D Printed
139 Reference: What is Magnetism?
140 American Dogs Come From Asia
141 Preemie Study Triggers Debate Over Informed Consent
142 Reference: Who Are the Millennials?
143 How Sun Could Shed Light on ADHD (Op-Ed)
144 Reference: What is Tai Chi?
145 Nanotubes Could Help To Detect Lyme Disease Earlier
146 The Job Benefits Workers Want Most
147 The Vacation Request Workers Don't Like
148 The Right and Wrong Moves of Cell Migration
149 Weird Quantum Tunneling Enables 'Impossible' Space Chemistry
150 Space-Time Loops May Explain Black Holes
151 Physical Activity and Obesity: Both Rising
152 Giant Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctic Glacier
153 Ancient Inscription From King Solomon's Time Unearthed
154 How Singing Together Can Affect Your Health
155 Earth's 6-Year Twitch Changes Day Length
156 Dolphins May 'See' Pregnant Women's Fetuses
157 Evidence of Alien Planets? No, It's Just Gas
158 Richard III Grave Reconstructed in 3D
159 Swamplike Waterways Found Under Antarctic Glacier
160 Alzheimer's Disease & Cancer: Each May Lower Risk of the Other
161 Will Your Toddler Be a Drinker? Personality May Tell
162 Are Aquariums Ruining Coral Reef Biodiversity? (Op-Ed)
163 GMOs Are a Grand Experiment on Health, Environment (Op-Ed)
164 College Drinking: Guys Get 'Wasted'; Women Become 'Tipsy'
165 Baby Boy or Girl? Mammals Can 'Choose'
166 Shocking! Thresher Shark Stuns Prey With Tail Slap
167 Navy Drone Makes First Aircraft Carrier Landing
168 Worm Named After Physicist Max Planck
169 55-Carat Diamond Dazzles at NYC Museum
170 The 10 Strangest Visa Requests Revealed
171 Got Science? Pushing Back Against Corporate 'Counterfeit Science' (Op-Ed)
172 Reference: The Titanic: Facts About the 'Unsinkable' Ship
173 When Animals Suffer, the Country Pays a Price (Op-Ed)
174 Tiny Modems & Routers Can Be Big Energy Hogs (Op-Ed)
175 Why Americans Need Social Media 'Vacation'
176 Cedric Stallworth: Choose What Will Have the Biggest Impact
177 'Anthropocene' Period Would Recognize Humanity's Impact on Earth
178 Why the Southwest Keeps Seeing Droughts
179 'Monster Star' Baby Photos Captured by Giant Telescope
180 Newfound Alien Planet Is Blue!
181 MRI Scans May Get Sweeter
182 Mysterious New Virus Found in Sick Dolphin
183 Homicide Rate of Young People Dropped to 30-Year Low
184 Antarctic Ice Shelf Melt Sparks Seafloor Sponge Boom
185 Gun Safety App Draws Fire
186 6 Children with Rare Disorders Helped by Gene Therapy
187 Early Warning Signs of Injection-Well Earthquakes Found
188 NASA's Quest for Green Rocket Fuel Passes Big Test
189 Toxins in the Home: Why Aren't We Doing More? (Op-Ed)
190 Underwater Sounds of Shattering Icebergs Revealed
191 Reference: Science Fair Projects: How to Choose a Topic
192 Calories Count Only When Accurately Counted
193 Reference: Facts About Promethium
194 Reference: High School Science Fair Projects
195 2 Million Deaths Yearly Worldwide Linked with Air Pollution