File Title
1 Exoplanets in doubt after study finds gaps in theory
2 Sharks slap fish to death
3 Omega-3 raises prostate cancer risk
4 Americans Exercising More But Still Getting Fatter
5 Fish Oil Tied to Prostate Risk but Some Experts Are Skeptical
6 Mass. Bill Aims to Boost Compounded Drug Safety
7 Mexico Gains on America to Top 'Globesity' List
8 Obama's Favorite Food Quip Rekindles Broccoli Debate
9 7 Facts About Delivering With a Midwife
10 Widowed in Their 20s, Couple Finds Love Again
11 Smartphone Synced Diapers Hope to Help Babies
12 MERS Coronavirus: Tracking the Outbreak
13 HPV Vaccines Working Despite Limited Use
14 Alabama Mystery Illness Solved, Chalked Up to Cold and Flu
15 Popular Antibacterial Soap Ingredient Draws FDA Scrutiny
16 Bird Flu Crosses Strait to Taiwan
17 Sleep and Relationships: An Inside Look
18 Randy Travis Suffers Stroke at Hospital
19 The World Is Getting More Corrupt, and These Are the 5 Worst Offenders
20 China's 'Leftover Women' Desperate to Find Mr. Right
21 'Pothole Robin Hood' Steals Asphalt, Fixes Potholes
22 Microsoft Makes Changes to Get Its Products, Services to Sync Better
23 Oops. Japanese Government Shares Internal E-Mails on Google
24 Students Build a Solar Car to Race in the Australian Outback
25 Upgrade Your Phone Twice a Year with T-Mobile's New JUMP Program
26 First Hovercraft Golf Carts Are Ready to Fly
27 Instagram Videos Now Embeddable on Websites
28 The Birth of a New York City-Sized Iceberg
29 Five Years Ago Apple's App Store Changed How We Used Phones
30 Cockatoos Smart Enough to Undo Complicated Locks
31 'God Particle': The Higgs Boson One Year Later
32 Taste Receptors Found in Mouse Testicles Linked to Fertility
33 Watching an Avatar Can Help With Weight Loss, Study Finds
34 Olloclip's Telephoto iPhone Lens Is a Gift for the Pros
35 14 Google Tools You Didn't Know Existed
36 Microsoft Reshuffles Company Structure
37 Nokia Unveils Phone With Powerful Camera
38 Norway Mulls Broadband Coverage in Arctic
39 EU Raids Telecoms Firms in Internet Probe
40 NY Judge: Apple Colluded to Raise E-Book Prices
41 NASA Astronauts' Eyesight Damaged by Long Space Flights
42 Glass rain may give planet blue hue
43 US unmanned drone jet makes first carrier landing
44 Clue to why cat virus turns deadly
45 Scientists building the world's first synthetic yeast
46 Over-90s 'defying mental decline'
47 Next NASA Mars rover to hunt ancient life
48 DNA confirms ancient Asian origin for American dogs
49 China stone axes 'display ancient writing'
50 Speedy tsunami seen on Sun's surface
51 Thresher sharks stun prey with tail slaps
52 Battle over wind turbines in the land of Sleeping Beauty
53 Computational photography: the snap is only the start
54 Egypt: Morsi loyalists vow to keep up 'peaceful' protest
55 Canada train disaster: Blast missing 'probably dead'
56 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 'asked to design' vacuum cleaner
57 Florida braces for George Zimmerman trial verdict
58 Russia finds Magnitsky posthumously guilty of fraud
59 On the run, Snowden turns to lawyers for help
60 Malala Yousafzai: Battling for an education in Pakistan
61 Egypt unrest: US to go ahead with F-16 jets delivery
62 'Virtual Lolita' aims to trap chatroom paedophiles
63 Asiana 214: Plane evacuated 90 seconds after crash
64 US allies Mexico, Chile and Brazil seek spying answers
65 Nokia's Lumia 1020 features 41 megapixel camera
66 Microsoft unveils reorganisation
67 Michael Jackson 'frightened me' director tells US court
68 PC sales see 'longest decline' in history
69 4D printing: buildings that can change over time
70 Why can't Generation X get ahead at work?
71 The surprising science behind the plane trip
72 Global transformers: What if a pandemic strikes?
73 Turning modern art's faces into real-life portraits
74 Sydney Opera House: 'An architectural marvel'
75 Is Spotify good for classical music?
76 Feds asked to avoid Def Con hacker meeting
77 The weather apps battling for your business
78 India is 'ready to use' Blackberry message intercept system
79 GlaxoSmithKline executives face China bribery probe
80 Greece's life-saving austerity medics
81 Sam Mendes to direct next James Bond film
82 Special group to be set up for inspecting production of Proton-M carrier rockets
83 Most reliable rockets are the oldest ones
84 Analysis of telemetry data of crashed Proton rocket flight completed
85 Premature launch said likely cause of Russian rocket failure
86 Mars Rover Curiosity Begins Trek Toward Mount Sharp
87 Billion-Pixel View of Mars Comes From Curiosity Rover
88 SciTechTalk: Mars rover readies for 'road trip' on the Red Planet
89 Science Team Outlines Goals for NASA's 2020 Mars Rover
90 Registration Opens for NASA Night Rover Energy Challenge
91 Stanford researchers develop acrobatic space rovers to explore moons and asteroids
92 'Spiky' rovers could explore martian moon
93 Station Astronauts Complete First of Two July Spacewalks
94 ROI of Satellites and Space Technologies to be discussed at the International Space Commerce Summit
95 Issues with satellite knocked out channels to 117M Russians
96 Armenia to Launch Its First Satellite
97 Is Mars mission Indian rocket's silver jubilee flight?
98 NASA's next Mars rover will advance hunt for past life
99 Dry run for the 2020 Mars Mission
100 Mars had oxygen-rich atmosphere 4,000 million years ago
101 ExoMars 2016 Set To Complete Construction
102 First woman in space ready for 'one-way flight to Mars'
103 India to have five rocket launches, including Mars mission, in 2013
104 Dream of Mars exploration achievable, experts say
105 Specialists unrelated to Khrunichev to check Proton-M rocket production
106 Increasing the Speed of Deep Space Communications
107 Inmarsat's First Fully Assembled Global Xpress Satellite Achieves Significant Testing Milestone
108 e2v releases the first space qualified GHz-class microprocessor
109 Radio Bursts Discovered From Beyond our Galaxy
110 Cosmic radio bursts point to cataclysmic origins
111 Astronomers puzzled by strange intergalactic radio bursts
112 Inseparable Galactic Twins
113 Astronomers spy on galaxies in the raw
114 Unusual supernova is doubly unusual for being perfectly normal
115 Two Rockets Launched From Wallops
116 Molecular chains hypersensitive to magnetic fields
117 Designer droplets open new possibilities
118 Saarland University scientists reveal structure of a supercooled liquid
119 Study refutes claims world is running out of copper
120 Making hydrogenation greener
121 EU approves compromise on 'shipbreaking' in South Asian countries
122 Major rethink needed if chemical industry is to meet greenhouse gas targets
123 Ames Laboratory scientists solve riddle of strangely behaving magnetic material
124 Unexpected behavior of well-known catalysts
125 'Chemical architects' build materials with potential applications in drug delivery and gas storage
126 Working backward: Computer-aided design of zeolite templates
127 Discovery of new material state counterintuitive to laws of physics
128 Filmmaking magic with polymers
129 Chilean, U.S. firms join effort to expand e-waste recycling
130 Whispering light hears liquids talk
131 Dutch duo peddle old bikes as fashion, furniture
132 To improve today's concrete, do as the Romans did
133 Dense hydrogen in a new light
134 Atom by atom, bond by bond, a chemical reaction caught in the act
135 The formula for turning cement into metal
136 New Catalyst replaceable platinum for electric-automobiles
137 Dongfeng, Renault to set up $1.8bn JV: media
138 Vote against EU carbon limit saved auto jobs: Merkel
139 Study: Electric cars no greener than gasoline vehicles
140 Antifreeze, cheap materials may lead to low-cost solar energy
141 Solar Impulse lands in New York
142 Thin-film diamonds
143 Moving Iron in Antarctica
144 Questions rise about seeding for ocean CO2 sequestration
145 Even with defects, graphene is strongest material in the world
146 Climate: Carbon 'offsets' rise 4% in 2012
147 Fast-sinking jellyfish could boost the oceans' uptake of carbon dioxide
148 CO2 sequestration process produces supergreen hydrogen fuel, offsets ocean acidification
149 Catching graphene butterflies
150 Graphene joins the race to redefine the ampere
151 NIST researchers propose new old way to purify carbon nanotubes
152 Graphene's high-speed seesaw
153 'Black carbon' flowing from soil to oceans
154 Marine algae show resilience to carbon dioxide emissions
155 CO2 released from burning fuel today goes back into new fuels tomorrow
156 Soils in newly forested areas store substantial carbon that could help offset climate change
157 Laser and optical glass can store data for millions of years
158 New method to distinguish between neighbouring quantum bits
159 China supercomputer world's fastest: report
160 Study: Moving business software to cloud promises big energy savings
161 Magnetic monopoles erase data
162 Just how secure is quantum cryptography
163 Professor who once had to work at Subway makes math breakthrough
164 Iron-platinum alloys could be new-generation hard drives
165 Cloud computing is silver lining for Russian firms
166 The last survivors of the end of the world
167 In subglacial lake, surprising life goes on
168 British astronomers set up E.T. search network
169 Seeing starfish: The missing link in eye evolution
170 Evolution's toolkit seen in developing hands and arms
171 Study reveals ancient jigsaw puzzle of past supercontinent
172 Exploring dinosaur growth
173 A tandem-horned rhino from the Late Miocene of China reveals origin of the unicorn elasmothere
174 US drone lands on carrier deck in historic flight
175 Report reveals Pakistan-US 'understanding' on drones
176 US drone strike kills 17 in Pakistan: officials
177 France seeks $1.5B MQ-9 Reaper deal
178 Taiwan seeks to break isolation at UN aviation agency
179 Afghan peace talks won't bear fruit until 2015: EU envoy
180 Report of new pullout plans bares US-Afghan tensions
181 Contemplating the Brazilian dilemma: Abundant grain but inadequate storage
182 Mead Johnson to cut formula prices amid China probe
183 Wildfires may contribute more to global warming than previously predicted
184 Birds outpace climate change to avoid extinction
185 Kenya seizes three tons of ivory at port
186 Indonesians rescued after days trapped in tree by tigers
187 Scientist says Earth may once have been orbited by two moons
188 US missile defense test fails: Pentagon
189 U.S. space-based missile alert system moves forward
190 Israel gets sixth Iron Dome, awaits David's Sling
191 Raytheon awarded contract to keep Patriot capabilities ahead of evolving threats
192 US Missile Shield Threatens Balance in Asia-Pacific Region
193 Russia developing counter-measures for European anti-missile shield
194 US missile defense still plagued by technical doubts
195 GPS maker Garmin unveils heads-up traffic display for cars
196 Europe prepares mission to penetrate 'dark' universe
197 Cosmic Giants Shed New Light on Dark Matter
198 Simple theory may explain mysterious dark matter
199 Quest for Dark Matter Begins With a Few Tiny Bubbles
200 New dark matter detector begins search for invisible particles
201 Fish, other animals, may live in Antarctic lake below 2 miles of ice
202 Space seeds could "benefit" traditional Chinese medicines