File Title
1 Archaeologists Say 400 Animal Species Were Offered to Gods in Tenochtitlan
2 Archaeologists Uncover Magnificent Town of Emperor Diocletian in Bulgaria
3 Otzi the Iceman's Dark Secrets: Protein Investigation Supports Brain Injury Theory
4 2,500-year-old tombs in China suggest sun-worshiping culture
5 Kazakhstan archaeologists discover Saka princess tomb
6 Beheaded skeleton discovered next to Saka princess's tomb
7 Egypt's city of bean counters suffered flash floods
8 Volcanic eruption near Naples may have killed Neanderthals
9 Mysterious Monument Found Beneath the Sea of Galilee
10 19th Century Shipwreck Located Off Of Mexico
11 Archeological Find: A Thousand Year Old Church
12 Easter Island's 'Walking' Stone Heads Stir Debate
13 Last surviving German bomber could take years to preserve
14 European Music Archaeology Project
15 Artificial Sweetener a Potential Treatment for Parkinson's Disease
16 A Peptide to Protect Brain Function
17 Understanding the Heart's Rhythm
18 Manipulating Memory in the Hippocampus
19 Low Doses of THC Can Halt Brain Damage
20 Common Food Supplement Fights Degenerative Brain Disorders
21 Reversing Paralysis with a Restorative Gel
22 Scientists Uncover Clues to Pattern of Leprosy in Medieval Europe
23 Medici Children Suffered From Rickets
24 Study shows microblades connected with mobile adaptations in North-Central China
25 A mist-covered mountain in Cambodia gives up its treasure, writes Lindsay Murdoch.
26 Uncovering Canada's first industrial neighbourhood
27 Unique gold figurine of naked woman found in Denmark
28 Spoken Language Influenced by Elevation, Say Anthropologists
29 Ancient Siberians may have rarely hunted mammoths
30 Serbia: ancient tombs discovered from 2,500 years ago
31 Archaeology: Bulgaria's 2013 season underway with new discoveries
32 Department of Antiquities unearths Byzantine church in Jerash
33 Lost city of Mahendraparvata discovered in Cambodian jungles
34 Exciting rediscovery of lost medieval carved stone!
35 Egyptologist risks life, career to expose looting
36 Diving into the search for lost 17th-century ship
37 Archaeologists Unearth Roman Frontier Fort and Settlement in England
38 7 thousand years old chocolate flint mines discovered
39 Mexican Marine Archaeologists Identify Sunken Ships
40 The First Vikings
41 Guardians of Peru's Treasures Stake Out Post Office to Block Smuggling
42 Ancient Chinese Murals Saved From Tomb Robbers
43 Ancient Toilet Reveals Parasites in Crusader Poop
44 Polish scientists will examine how climate changed in Egypt thousands of years ago
45 Prehistoric rock art maps cosmological belief
46 Wooden beam in Lake Michigan appears to have been there for centuries
47 Extensive Maya city discovered in Campeche
48 Virginia site of Pocahontas rescue will be preserved
49 Stone Age technological and cultural innovation accelerated by climate
50 Excavation uncovers ancient Egyptian town in northern Egypt
51 Crews raise two cannons from QAR
52 A golden find: unique Iron Age figurine from Bornholm
53 Biggest Viking exhibition in 20 years opens--and this time they're angry
54 Snails Reveal Ancient Human Migration from France to Ireland
55 Pre-Hispanic Chiefs in Panama Were Born to Rule
56 Archaeologists Make Significant Find of Early 1800s Artifacts On University Campus
57 High-tech inspired insights into Japan's ancient 'Kofun' burial mounds
58 Egyptian customs seize smuggled artifacts from Peru, Ecuador
59 Excavations reveal remains of a Turkish bath in Aegean province
60 Aswan tombs attacked
61 Shellfish and the rise of modern human behaviour
62 Wine-tasting: it's junk science
63 Saudi Arabia shifts weekend to Friday-Saturday
64 'English Pompeii' a fragment of past frozen in time
65 'Sheep-eating' plant towers over English countryside. Oh my!
66 Rare giant catfish faces new threat in Southeast Asia's Mekong
67 Scientists design a potential drug compound that attacks Parkinson's disease on 2 fronts
68 Snail genetic tracks reveal ancient human migration
69 Current global food production trajectory won't meet 2050 needs
70 Why jumping genes don't send us into meltdown
71 2-week treatment found to prevent epilepsy in mice gives hope for drug development
72 Researchers discover how a mutated protein outwits evolution and fuels leukemia
73 The link between circadian rhythms and aging
74 Stress from 9/11 linked to nationwide resurgence in smoking among Americans who had quit
75 Cities are a new kind of complex system: Part social reactor, part network
76 Daily iron during pregnancy linked to improved birth weight
77 Particle accelerator that can fit on a tabletop opens new chapter for science research
78 Biologists identify the chemical behind cancer resistance in naked mole rats
79 Berkeley Lab confirms thirdhand smoke causes DNA damage
80 Study finds climate change to shrink bison, profit
81 How did a third radiation belt appear in the Earth's upper atmosphere?
82 Salk scientists discover previously unknown requirement for brain development
83 When green algae run out of air
84 Solar splashdown
85 Graphene-based system could lead to improved information processing
86 A cheaper drive to 'cool' fuels
87 BigBrain: An ultra-high resolution 3-D roadmap of the human brain
88 Online college classes, once aimed at advanced students, target the masses
89 Trip to Mars would likely exceed radiation limits for astronauts
90 China's latest 'sacred' manned space mission blasts off
91 Nobel contender sees multiple cosmic mysteries
92 Genomics and particle physics top the scientific charts
93 U.S. management of wild horses flawed, scientific report finds
94 ANALYSIS-After tech success, Israel seeks life sciences growth
95 Second rover finds hint of a life-friendly ancient Mars
96 Scientists make detailed 3-D map of human brain
97 Australia expects Japanese whaling ban this year
98 Report: UK hacking scandal went well beyond media
99 Tablets thrust Thai classrooms into digital era
100 Google to beam Internet from balloons
101 Asteroid-mining firm meets $1 million crowd-funding goal
102 AIRSHOW-Europe tests reusable spaceship
103 Beetles, housefly larvae open new frontier in animal feed sector
104 Gustatory Tug-of-War Key to Whether Salty Foods Taste Good
105 Research Identifies Scent of Melanoma
106 The Rensselaer IDEA: Harnessing the Power of Data to Change the World
107 Jammed Molecular Motors May Play Role in Development of ALS
108 Secure Food and Water Supply Depend on Phosphorus
109 Study of Oceans' Past Raises Worries About Their Future
110 Researchers Unearth Bioenergy Potential in Leaf-Cutter Ant Communities
111 Researchers Solve Mystery of X-Ray Light From Black Holes
112 Geisinger Health System Chief Scientific Officer Lauds Supreme Court Ruling on Human Gene Patenting
113 Does Including Parasites Upset Food Web Theory? Yes and No, Says New Paper
114 Coatings Could Help Medical Implants Function Better
115 NIH Fellowship Helps Researcher Fight Malaria, Understand Mosquito Immunity
116 Scientists Turn to the Streets for Help in Monitoring Waterways
117 Mice in "Big Brother" Setup Develop Social Structures
118 Wayne State Welcomes Undergraduates From Around the Country for Physics Research Experience
119 Quality of Waking Hours Determines Ease of Falling Sleep, Researchers Report in Mouse Study
120 Compound Kills Persistent and Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
121 MIT and UC Berkeley Launch Energy-Efficiency "E2e" Project
122 Stop Hyperventilating, Say Energy Efficiency Researchers
123 Smithsonian Genome Exhibition Unlocks 21st-Century Science of Life
124 Rice Blast Research Reveals Details on How a Fungus Invades Plants
125 The Science of Yellow Snow
126 Detour Ahead: Cities, Farms Reroute Animals Seeking Cooler Climes
127 New Research Backs Genetic 'Switches' in Human Evolution
128 BIOMASS, a Satellite to Monitor World's Forests, Set for 2020 Launch
129 Researchers Predict Possible Record-Setting Gulf of Mexico 'Dead Zone,' Modest Chesapeake Bay Oxygen-Starved Zone
130 New Solar Car From U-Michigan Has Sleek, Asymmetrical Design
131 Validating Maps of the Brain's Resting State
132 NCAR Joins Massive Field Campaign to Examine Summertime Air in Southeast
133 Structure from Disorder
134 Scientists Reach Milestone for Quantum Networks
135 Powerful New Technique to Reveal Protein Function
136 New Microfluidic Chip Can Help Identify Unwanted Particles in Water and Food
137 First Class of Nanoengineering Graduates Ready to Solve Technology's Most Challenging Problems
138 Potential Drug Compound Attacks Parkinson's on Two Fronts
139 User-Based Definition for Lamp Dimming
140 Found: Key Signaling Pathway That Makes Young Neurons Connect
141 Colliding Galaxy Pair Takes Flight
142 Researchers Discover How A Mutated Protein Outwits Evolution And Fuels Leukemia
143 The Sands of Time: What 30,000 Years of Sediment Can Teach US About the Changing Ocean
144 Building Operating System Provides Brain for Smarter Cities
145 Study Finds Climate Change to Shrink Bison, Profit
146 Salk Scientists Discover Previously Unknown Requirement for Brain Development
147 A Cheaper Drive to 'Cool' Fuels
148 Airborne Gut Action Primes Wild Chili Pepper Seeds
149 Solitary Mutation Destroys Key 'Window' of Brain Development
150 Sloth Bear Cub Debuts at the Smithsonian's National Zoo Hank Is the Zoo's First Sloth Bear Cub in Seven Years
151 Britain orders Google to destroy data collected in Street View work
152 Research suggests plants capable of employing quantum physics
153 'Sheep-eating' plant set to bloom in Britain in rare event
154 Thousands of bumblebees die in Oregon following pesticide spraying
155 Applause spreads through an audience like a virus
156 Electric car maker Tesla debuts quick battery swap system
157 Spanish authorities take action against Google over data privacy
158 Scientists develop tabletop particle accelerator
159 Ancient Maya city uncovered, was obscured by Mexican jungle
160 Invasive zebra mussels found in lake, part of water source for Dallas
161 Figures suggest Apple devices more up to date than Android equivalents
162 Facebook reveals inadvertent privacy breach
163 Apple connects CEO compensation to performance
164 Oregon bumblebee die-off surpasses 50,000
165 Taking a stab at that perfect 'vanity' email address?
166 Giant hogweed plant popping up causes burns, blindness
167 Voter ID repercussions could be vast
168 Abbas accepts prime minister's resignation
169 U.S. troops to remain in Jordan
170 Snowden in Moscow, may fly on to Havana, Venezuela or Ecuador
171 The Benefits of Taking Time Off
172 Sugar Molecule Helps Egg Capture Sperm
173 Oldest Fossils on Earth Discovered
174 Ancient Clams Yield New Information on Greenhouse Effect
175 California Students Get Engineering Experience at Energy Giant
176 STEM Heavily Featured in New 'No Child' Legislation
177 Florida Governor May Divert Taxes to STEM Majors
178 EPA's Proposed Ozone Regulation Could Cost $1 Trillion
179 Perry: Dismantle the EPA
180 Fewer Americans See Climate Change a Threat, Caused by Humans
181 Study: Global Warming is Real
182 Extensive ancient city unearthed by airborne laser
183 Scientists discuss new photo-taking satellite
184 'Dead zones' predicted for Gulf, Chesapeake Bay
185 Digital 3-D atlas of brain reveals tiny details
186 10 Ways to Pay for Retirement
187 Paula Deen's N-Word Accusations and Other Celebrity Chef Scandals
188 Christian Ministry Apologizes to LGBT Community, Announces Shutdown