File Title
1 Hopping marsupials are super-athletes
2 Infertility linked to missing immune cells
3 Pregnancy date may influence baby's health
4 New idea tackles Earth core puzzle
5 Choir singers 'synchronise their heartbeats'
6 ESA selects Ariane 6 basic design
7 China free coal policy in the north 'cut lifespans'
8 Energy firm E.On's 3m pounds penalty for light bulb saga
9 Mexico unveils stone-age etchings
10 Urine odour test for bladder cancer
11 Rust promises hydrogen power boost
12 Doing the Macarena for science
13 Predicting earthquakes and saving lives--with smartphones
14 Why do we love the drama of Man versus Machine?
15 Essex University uses 'zombies' in evacuation study
16 Curiosity Mars rover hits the road
17 Egypt unrest: Brotherhood rejects Mansour poll decree
18 Cleveland kidnaps: Women thank public for support
19 Late nights 'sap children's brain power'
20 Leaked Bin Laden report reveals Pakistan failures
21 Car bomb rocks south Beirut suburbs
22 Justin Carter case: Should online jokes be criminal?
23 30 tips for first-time parents
24 Viewpoint: Could one man have shortened the Vietnam War?
25 US Facebook death threats troll: Reece Elliott jailed
26 Around the world: Where saving big matters less
27 Can a recruiter help you snag a dream job?
28 Modern desire: What would Carl Faberge make today?
29 Vivian Maier: lost art of an urban photographer
30 The Royal Academy and the Hangmen
31 Interview: Andrew Graham-Dixon
32 Norman Ackroyd: Artist At Work
33 Spain Barcenas affair: Documents 'implicate PM Rajoy'
34 Emergency broadcasts can be hacked, US researchers say
35 UK flights affected by computer problems
36 Solar headphones that charge mobiles seek funding
37 Smartphone becomes in-car head-up display
38 Wimbledon causes surge in social media
39 Vodafone under fire over per-minute charges change
40 Unmasking organised crime networks with data
41 Is Egypt heading for holy war?
42 Toronto rainstorm leaves 300,000 without power
43 Brazil unveils plan to hire 10,000 doctors for poor areas
44 Box ticking: Dubious benefits of midges and ticks explored
45 Organ donation plea from heart transplant girl
46 E-cigarettes: Is a smoking alternative being choked by regulation?
47 Rate of Aging May Be Determined in the Womb and Linked to Birthweight, Study Reveals
48 Scientists Image Vast Subglacial Water System Underpinning West Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier
49 The Origin of the Turtle Shell: Mystery Solved
50 Breakthrough Could Lead to 'Artificial Skin' That Senses Touch, Humidity and Temperature
51 Deserts 'Greening' from Rising Carbon Dioxide: Green Foliage Boosted Across the World's Arid Regions
52 Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry: Using the Sun to Illuminate a Basic Mystery of Matter
53 How the Brain Creates the 'Buzz' That Helps Ideas Spread
54 Cosmic Radio Bursts Point to Cataclysmic Origins
55 Seeing Sea Stars: The Missing Link in Eye Evolution?
56 Feeding Galaxy Caught in Distant Searchlight
57 H7N9 Influenza: History of Similar Viruses Gives Cause for Concern
58 Melody Modulates Choir Members' Heart Rate
59 Moths Talk About Sex in Many Ways
60 Glimpse Into the Future of Acidic Oceans Shows Ecosystems Transformed
61 Innovative Study Estimates Extent to Which Air Pollution in China Shortens Human Lives
62 Corals Cozy Up With Bacterial Buddies
63 Buckling Up to Turn: Marine Microbes Change Swimming Direction Via a High-Speed Mechanical Instability
64 135-Year-Old Meteorite Mystery Solved? Chondrules May Have Formed from High-Pressure Collisions in Early Solar System
65 Even Slight Temperature Increases Causing Tropical Forests to Blossom
66 Deep Sea Isolation: Hypersaline 'Islands' Harbor Unique Life
67 Light Transistor: Efficient Transistor for Light Could Lead to Optical Computers
68 How Some Unusual RNA Molecules Home in On Targets
69 Sleepless Nights Can Turn Lovers Into Fighters
70 Bird Vaccine for West Nile Virus
71 What Warring Couples Want: Power, Not Apologies, Study Shows
72 Women Who Give Birth to Multiple Babies After IVF Are at Higher Risk of Breast Cancer
73 Women Working Shifts Are at Greater Risk of Miscarriage, Menstrual Disruption and Subfertility
74 Brain and Eye Combined Monitoring Breakthrough Could Lead to Fewer Road Accidents
75 Not-Weak Knots Bolster Carbon Fiber
76 Scientists Solve Titanic Puzzle of Popular Photocatalyst
77 NASA's Polar Robotic Ranger Passes First Greenland Test
78 Nano-Tool for Designing the Next Big Battery: Eavesdropping On Lithium Ions
79 Finding the Goldilocks Sites to Store Carbon Dioxide Underground
80 Sydney's Urban Areas to Be Hit Hardest by Global Warming
81 Plant Molecular Biologist Are Getting to the Root of the Matter
82 'Dead Zone' Impacts Chesapeake Bay Fishes
83 Researchers Warn of Legacy Mercury in the Environment
84 Nearly Half of Sarcoma Surgeries Done by Nonsurgical Oncology Specialists
85 Denormalizing Smoking: Making the Case for Banning Cigarettes in Parks and On Beaches
86 Ethical Quandary About Vaccinations Sparked by Tension Between Parental Rights and Protecting Public Health
87 Research Points to Biomarker That Could Track Huntington's Disease Progression
88 People With Depression Tend to Pursue Generalized Goals
89 Large UK Population Study Finds No Increased Cancer Risk in Children Born After Assisted Conception
90 In Baseball, Bigger Still Better: Elite Pitchers Continue to Be Taller and Thus Throw Faster
91 Could Diet While Growing Up Affect Our Offspring's Vitality?
92 Cancer-Linked FAM190A Gene Found to Regulate Cell Division
93 Novel Research Model for Study of Auto-Immune Diseases Developed
94 Researchers Investigate Mechanism of Alzheimer's Therapy
95 Experts Spot Early Signs of Alzheimer's
96 People Gambling Less During the Economic Crisis
97 Gunning for Trouble: Guns and Aggression in Young Assault Victims
98 News Coverage of Female Politicians Focuses On Personality, Males On the Issues
99 Fewer Men Become Dads, Norwegian Study Shows
100 Why Some Women Don't Have Enough Breastmilk for Baby: Important Role of Insulin in Making Breast Milk Identified
101 Legal Performance Enhancer Discovered in the Nutrient Betaine
102 Timing Tells Bots, People and Companies Apart
103 Violent Video Games Don't Always Reduce Subsequent Helpfulness
104 Peering Into the Protein Pathways of a Cell
105 Flipping Fish Adapt to Land Living
106 Genetic Factors Shaping Salamander Tails Determine Regeneration Pace
107 Newly Developed Medium May Be Useful for Human Health, Biofuel Production, More
108 Genetic Signals Reflect the Evolutionary Impact of Cholera
109 Less Haze in Singapore as the Cause Becomes Clearer and More Complex
110 Muscle Power: Bats Power Take-Off Using Recycled Energy
111 Jump for Your Life: Bipedal Rodents Survive in the Desert With a Hop, a Skip and a Jump
112 New Concept for Biofuel Cells: Tree Fungus Lets Current Flow
113 New Gasification Method Turns Forest Residues to Biofuel With Less Than a Euro Per Liter
114 The Evolution of Fins to Limbs in the Land Invasion Race
115 Farming Started in Several Places at Once: Origins of Agriculture in the Fertile Crescent
116 Earliest Evidence of Using Flower Beds for Burial Found in Raqefet Cave in Mt. Carmel
117 Fossil Insect Traces Reveal Ancient Climate, Entrapment, and Fossilization at La Brea Tar Pits
118 Study of Mitochondrial DNA Ties Ancient Remains to Living Descendants
119 Space Study Opens Up New Opportunities to Explore Exotic Energy
120 Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Research Network Launched
121 Variation Between Hot Extrasolar Planet Atmospheres Revealed
122 Solar Prominences Put On Strange and Beautiful Show in the Sun's Sky
123 Mysterious Radio Flashes May Be Farewell Greetings from Massive Stars Collapsing Into Black Holes
124 Fit Check Sets Stage for Orion Recovery Test
125 Biomedical Uses for Hydrogels Explored
126 Treating Oil Spills With Chemical Dispersants: Is the Cure Worse Than the Ailment?
127 Designer Droplets Open New Possibilities
128 Clarification of Dynamical Process of Aluminum Surface Oxidation
129 All About It--Twitter Can't Replace Newswires, Study Shows
130 Radically Better Smarphones May Be Possible Using System Inspired by Bird Migration: Molecular Chains Hypersensitive to Magnetic Fields
131 Infectious Disease Research Gets a Boost from Websites, Blogs, and Social Media
132 Device Physics: Simulating Electronic Smog
133 Computer Programs Improve Fingerprint Grading