File Title
1 Model reveals Gondwana jigsaw puzzle
2 Glucose screen could aid cancer diagnosis
3 Antarctic Lake Vostok 'might have fish'
4 Fewer bat sightings spark breeding fears
5 Solar Impulse plane completes US journey in New York
6 The 'cyber-attack' threat to London's Olympic ceremony
7 Green Deal 'could lead to deadly summer overheating'
8 UK astronomers to co-ordinate their search for alien signals
9 Life in super slow-motion
10 Christmas Island: In search of Britain's nuclear legacy
11 The sad life of a circus lion
12 Viewpoints: What does the future of IVF look like?
13 A dark magic: The rise of the robot traders
14 UK dips its toes into revised bathing water directive
15 Australia's beer can regatta
16 Egypt unrest: Tensions soar amid Cairo killings
17 San Francisco crash Boeing 'tried to abort landing'
18 Pope Francis visits Italy's migrant island of Lampedusa
19 Indonesia men safe after five-day Sumatran tiger ordeal
20 China ex-rail minister given suspended death sentence
21 Andy Murray: Is it really 77 years since Wimbledon was won by a British man?
22 Baby born using new IVF screening technique
23 Woman who took Stone of Destiny back to Scotland dies
24 Nigeria school massacre: Yobe secondary schools closed
25 Glasgow's 'Bridge to Nowhere' finally completed
26 John Kerry's wife in 'critical condition' in hospital
27 Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall expecting first baby
28 Lac-Megantic train blast: PM Harper visits 'war zone'
29 India's Secunderabad hotel collapse leaves 12 dead
30 Brazil referee decapitated after stabbing player
31 Nigeria school massacre: Yobe secondary schools closed
32 Space tourist's sick trip to 'bachelor pad' in space
33 Make it work on a single salary
34 Summer career boosters, fun included
35 Does digital currency have staying power?
36 Despicable Me 2 tops US box office chart
37 Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson to divorce
38 Egypt unrest: Interim leader Adly Mansour calls for calm
39 McAfee: Malware hunts for South Korean military secrets
40 World of Warcraft to test in-game payments
41 Microsoft to close MSN TV service
42 New curvaceous lorries aim to save cyclists' lives
43 IVF as cheap as 170 pound, doctors claim
44 SpaceX Tests Precision Landing Gear
45 Facebook pushes search feature to more users
46 Superbug poses danger in hospitals
47 WHO creates emergency committee to address MERS virus threat
48 Dash cams: Should you use one in your car?
49 Solar powered plane finishes journey, lands in NYC
50 Researchers create miniature human liver out of stem cells
51 Powering the future: Will algae fuel your next car?
52 Double Fine Production's "Broken Age" game over budget, delayed
53 Early galaxy may reveal answers about our own Milky Way
54 Teresa Heinz Kerry in critical condition at hospital
55 Coroner: Officials probing if rescuers ran over San Francisco plane crash victim
56 Asiana Airlines: Pilot was getting on-the-job training
57 Asiana Airlines Flight 214 tried to abort landing
58 Plane crash at San Francisco airport, 2 dead
59 NTSB: Air taxi crashes at Alaska airport, kills 10
60 Fla. mom gets 20 years for firing warning shots
61 Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signs bill requiring ultrasounds for women seeking abortions
62 On tour, Giffords' actions speak on gun control
63 Rick Perry: Late-term abortion ban "is going to pass"
64 Death toll in Quebec train explosion rises to 5
65 Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crew seemed surprised by crash in San Francisco
66 Asiana Airlines flight 214 crash victims were 16-year-old Chinese schoolgirls
67 Russian official: Venezuela is Snowden's "last chance"
68 Battling American Samoa's 75-percent obesity rate
69 U.S. aid to Egypt's military now a sticking point
70 Chesley Sullenberger: San Francisco airport a challenging place to land
71 Officials investigate why crashed S.F. jet flew too slow during its approach
72 High-school students at risk for dropping out find direction at Georgia factory
73 Calif. fireworks explosion deemed "industrial accident"
74 New study sheds light on exercise's impact on brain
75 Parasailing company issues statement after freak accident leaves teen girls in critical condition
76 Best seat to be sitting in during plane crash
77 Baby gorilla Gladys has a new mom, fresh start on life
78 Best reads for your summer vacation
79 Did Andy Murray's self-esteem win Wimbledon?
80 Target founder Douglas Dayton dead at 88
81 Scientists explain marijuana short-term memory loss
82 Solar powered plane finishes journey, lands in NYC
83 The 25 most common passwords of 2012
84 Google Reader shut down: Try these RSS feed alternatives
85 Disgraced ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer re-enters politics in NYC comptroller bid
86 On immigration reform, lawmakers racing to beat the 2014 clock
87 George W. Bush: Immigration reform "has a chance to pass"
88 John Kerry on his boat during Egypt upheaval, State Dept. concedes
89 Liz Cheney's Senate ambition causes grief for Wyoming GOP
90 What will the House do on immigration reform?
91 Republicans want to talk to Col. George Bristol about Benghazi
92 Asiana Airlines president apologizes for crash that killed 2
93 Bin Laden raid records secreted away from Pentagon
94 The "Godfather of Heroin" dies in Burma
95 Why companies hate geniuses
96 Koch brothers' group launches ad raising questions about Obamacare
97 Social Networking Animal Style
98 New Look at What Lies Beneath Hawaii
99 How Spiderweb's Shocking Charge Captures Prey
100 The Surprising Cause of Most 'Spider Bites'
101 Evidence of Ancient Farming in Iran Discovered
102 How Guillemot Eggs Clean Themselves
103 Ice Pops May Lead to False Positive Fungal Test
104 China Must Avoid Overreliance on Cars (Op-Ed)
105 Reef Parasites: Predator or Scapegoat
106 Mysterious Toe Rings Found on Ancient Egyptian Skeletons
107 Secret Feeding Habits of Galaxies Revealed
108 Giant Algae Bloom Swamps Chinese Beaches
109 High Achievers More Prone to Jealousy on Facebook
110 Stroke of Genius: Artist Dazzles with 3D-Printed Paintings
111 Gathering Gondwana: New Look at an Ancient Puzzle
112 Boxee Lesson: You Can Neither Give Up Nor Count On the Cloud
113 Can Facebook Predict Suicide Risks?
114 Is Your Olive Oil As Healthy As You Think? (Op-Ed)
115 Solar Plane Makes Dramatic Landing in NYC to End Cross-Country Flight