File Title
1 European deal cuts red tape
2 NIH sees surge in open-access manuscripts
3 Italian stem-cell trial based on flawed data
4 Stem-cell transplants may purge HIV
5 China gears up to tackle tainted water
6 Bioengineers look beyond patents
7 Evolution makes the grade
8 Management row threatens to blow Sahara solar dream
9 Hawkmoths zap bats with sonic blasts from their genitals
10 US Senate backs immigration plan
11 Tissue engineering: How to build a heart
12 Europe's politicians vote to resuscitate carbon market
13 Miniature human liver grown in mice
14 German cardiologist's stem cell papers attacked
15 Mystery extra-galactic radio bursts could solve cosmic puzzle
16 Crowdsourcing may open up ocean science
17 Anger as Spanish funder claws back science money
18 Biology must develop its own big-data systems
19 Russian roulette
20 More than hot air
21 Presumed consent
22 Medical research: Cell division
23 First horses arose 4 million years ago
24 Proof mooted for quantum uncertainty
25 Baseball players reveal how humans evolved to throw so well
26 Father's genetic quest pays off
27 Brain blast
28 Blocking boozy memories reduces risk of relapse
29 Silver makes antibiotics thousands of times more effective
30 California bill poised to lift restrictions on egg donation
31 Square roots? Scientists say plants are good at math
32 Scientists find neighbor star with three planets in life-friendly orbits
33 Father of the Web scolds "hypocritical" West over spying
34 Calif.'s Sierra a 'living lab' for climate change
35 Ocean satellite dies after 11-1/2-year mission
36 US researchers make 'bionic ear' with 3-D printer
37 Chicago's Field Museum reorganizes amid money woes
38 Experts: Expect bigger, fierce wildfire in US West
39 Strong earthquake hits western Indonesia
40 PayPal launches quest for intergalactic currency
41 Discovery could boost Internet bandwidth
42 US online child privacy get stricter
43 Scientists make wire of carbon, may sometime rival copper
44 NASA probe finds new zone at doorstep to interstellar space
45 Leading light in science, Italy's 'lady of the stars' Hack dies
46 Scientists create human liver from stem cells
47 Study Shows Rate of Temperature Change Along World's Coastlines has Itself Changed Dramatically Over the Past Three Decades
48 Study Finds Biochemical Role of Crucial TonB Protein in Bacterial Iron Transport and Pathogenesis
49 Johns Hopkins APL Releases Open Source Electronic Disease Surveillance Software
50 Changing the Channel
51 Cloud Behavior Expands Habitable Zone of Alien Planets
52 Archivists Race Technology to Save Past Research, Records
53 The Flight of the Albatross
54 New Materials, Potential Anti-Plague Drugs, Progress Toward an HIV Vaccine, and More at Meeting of Crystallographers
55 Nuke Test Radiation Can Fight Poachers
56 Inactivation of Taste Genes Causes Male Sterility
57 Study Identifies Priorities for Improving Global Conservation Funding
58 Mapping the Benefits of Our Ecosystems
59 South Sudan Expands Efforts to Protect Remaining Elephants
60 Low-Cost, Nano Test Strips for Drinking Water Tests
61 Scientists Help Explain Visual System's Remarkable Ability to Recognize Complex Objects
62 Balancing Food Security and Environmental Quality in China
63 Corn Yield Prediction Model Uses Simple Measurements at a Specific Growth Stage
64 Scientists Undertake Effort to Launch Video Data-Sharing Library for Developmental Science
65 Comet ISON Brings Holiday Fireworks
66 Exploring Exoplanets and an Extreme Earth Environment
67 New Catalyst Could Cut Cost of Making Hydrogen Fuel
68 Workers at Industrial Farms Carry Drug-Resistant Bacteria Associated with Livestock
69 Can Virtual Reality Help Losing Weight?
70 Novel Chemistry for New Class of Antibiotic
71 New Mechanism for Human Gene Expression Discovered
72 Study Challenges Long-Held Assumption of Gene Expression in Embryonic Stem Cells
73 Blaze Bioscience and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Enter Into Collaboration and Option Agreement in Support of Optides Discovery Program
74 First Comprehensive Regulatory Map Is a Blueprint for How to Defeat Tuberculosis
75 Powerful Animal Tracking System Helps Research Take Flight
76 New Tool to Help Define Role of Mystery Appendage in Everything From Development to Obesity
77 Maintaining Immune Balance Involves an Unconventional Mechanism of T Cell Regulation
78 Danger in the Sky--Altitude Chamber Trains Pilots to Deal with Decompression and Hypoxia
79 Researcher Shows Hawkmoths Use Ultrasound to Combat Bats
80 Diving Into Data
81 New Approaches to Understanding Infection May Uncover Novel Therapies Against Influenza
82 Earliest Evidence of Using Flower Beds for Burial Found in Raqefet Cave in Mt. Carmel
83 N/A
84 Astronomer Tolbert Wins Emmons Award for Excellence in Teaching
85 In Subglacial Lake, Surprising Life Goes On
86 N/A
87 To Feed the Future, Mine the Wealth of the World's Seed Banks Today
88 Eating Right, Exercise May Help Prostate Cancer Patients Reduce Risk of Aggressive Tumors
89 Fat Grafting Techniques for Breast Reconstruction Are Commonly Used by U.S. Plastic Surgeons
90 Big Ten Universities Form Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium
91 Researchers Find New Approach to Battling Tuberculosis
92 UH Case Medical Center Among First to Enroll Patients for Global Carotid Artery Trial
93 Shut Down of Cell Survival Process Found to Influence Fate of Lung Cancer Tumors
94 Unique Epigenomic Code Identified During Human Brain Development
95 New Papers Identify a Micro RNA That Drives Both Cancer Onset and Metastasis
96 Legal Performance Enhancer Discovered in the Nutrient Betaine
97 Lessons From Across the Pond: Should Radiologists Be the Gatekeepers of Medical Imaging?
98 Airborne Scientists Search Distant Stars for Complex Organic Molecules
99 The 411 on 511
100 When Oxygen Is Short, EGFR Prevents Maturation of Cancer-Fighting miRNAs
101 Researchers Predict Possible Record-Setting Gulf of Mexico 'Dead Zone,' Modest Chesapeake Bay Oxygen-Starved Zone
102 Cancer Drug Labels Missing Key Information About Patients' Symptoms
103 Cancer-Linked FAM190A Gene Found to Regulate Cell Division
104 Scientists Identify Gene That Controls Aggressiveness in Breast Cancer Cells
105 Gene Variants Predict Response to Breast Cancer Drugs
106 National Cancer Institute Designated Cancer Center Featured Article: 'Promising Target' Found in Treating Deadly Brain Cancer at UVA
107 Biomarker Predicts Heart Attack Risk Based on Response to Aspirin Therapy
108 Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Helps Stroke Patients Gain Prolonged Language Recovery
109 UNC is First in N.C. to Use New Minimally-Invasive Procedure to Reduce the Risk for Stroke
110 Have a Brain Injury? You May Be at Higher Risk for Stroke
111 UCLA Stem Cell Gene Therapy for Sickle Cell Disease Advances Toward Clinical Trials
112 UH Case Medical Center Among First to Enroll Patients for Global Carotid Artery Trial
113 Weight Loss Trend
114 Researchers Discover A New Liver Cell that Shows Promise for Cellular Therapy for Liver Regeneration
115 Crowd Funding for Medical Research? New Concept Wins US Prize
116 Exploring Exoplanets and an Extreme Earth Environment
117 Tourist-Fed Stingrays Change Their Ways
118 Injured at the Beach
119 For a Unique Summer Experience, Enjoy the Cornell Weed Garden
120 Help Time Off Help You--Stress Less with These Tips
121 AACI Calls on Congress to Make Medical Research Funding a National Priority
122 Study Demonstrates Accuracy and Reliability of ECG Interpretation by Physicians is Limited
123 N/A
124 University Hospitals Case Medical Center Launches Novel Clinical Trial Using Stem Cells to Prevent Amputation
125 Researchers Solve Mystery of X-Ray Light From Black Holes