File Title
1 Apple applies for 'iWatch' trademark ownership in Japan
2 Apple's French headquarters raided by government competition authority
3 Apple retail: Latest New Jersey store opens, construction underway for new Portland shop
4 Rumor: Apple's 'iPhone 5S' will feature 150Mbps LTE-Advanced support
5 Apple faces scrutiny again after paying no 2012 corporate taxes in UK
6 Microsoft's Xbox chief departs for Zynga after used game controversy
7 Windows 8 install base surpasses Vista, still trails all Mac OS X installs
8 Most popular Android app caught harvesting users contacts: Facebook
9 NPD: Apple's MacBook Air most popular thin-and-light notebook with 56% share of market
10 Microsoft updates OneNote for iOS with more consistent syncing, iPhone 5 display support
11 Apple's quarterly conference call for Q3 2013 scheduled for July 23
12 Apple to reportedly build giant 20 Megawatt solar farm for Reno datacenter
13 Apple applies for 'iWatch' trademark in Mexico and Taiwan
14 Apple launches annual 'Back to School' promotion, iPhone now a qualifying purchase
15 Apple's 'smart bezel' hides portions of a device display until needed, acts as secondary input
16 Dutch 'Steve Jobs schools' to use Apple's iPad for entire education experience
17 Apple partner Foxconn continues to diversify, now bidding for Taiwan 4G spectrum
18 Spotify for iOS adds 'Discover' feature, Reeder gains Feedly support
19 Pebble smart watch hits Best Buy online, coming to retail this Sunday
20 Apple now No. 1 in customer satisfaction on Samsung's home turf of South Korea
21 AT&T expands 4G LTE connectivity to 35 new markets
22 Apple nears Time Warner deal for Apple TV, hires Hulu VP to aid in future content negotiation
23 iOS ad share continues to grow, accounts for almost two-thirds of market
24 Apple hires Paul Deneve of French fashion house YSL
25 More pictures of purported 'iPhone Lite' shell surface with new blue color
26 Samsung Galaxy S4 reaches shipments of 20 million--report
27 Boston University patent suit over Apple's iPhone 5 could net $75M
28 Skyhook accuses Google of disparaging its technology to Apple
29 'Jobs' movie poster shows Kutcher as technicolor vision of Apple founder
30 Apple touts App Store milestones for 5th anniversary
31 Apple's iPad beats Samsung in South Korea tablet ranking, third year in a row
32 Samsung buys Apple TV competitor Boxee for $30 million
33 Apple rolls out iWork for iCloud beta, brings productivity suite to the Web
34 Vine video sharing app adds Channels, new discovery options in update
35 Security flaw opens all modern Android devices to "zombie botnet" takeover
36 Apple looking into self-adjusting earbud headphones with noise cancellation tech
37 Apple's Waze-like navigation system creates routes based on user ratings, real-time accident reporting
38 Inventor of the computer mouse dies at 88
39 Samsung earnings disappoint amidst concerns of slowing smartphone growth
40 Pressure mounts on Japan's largest carrier as it still refuses to carry Apple's iPhone
41 Irish government votes to not question Apple, Google over tax practices
42 Samsung's "free" Jay Z album delivered via Android spyware app
43 Apple's iPhone 5 estimated to have sold more than 2X faster at launch than Galaxy S4
44 New Samsung ad knocks iPhone language limitations, features goats
45 Instagram update brings landscape image capture support, Cinema for front-facing camera
46 FCC clears way for SoftBank to buy Sprint, Sprint to buy Clearwire
47 Apple's Peter Oppenheimer takes lead in CFO pay
48 Eleven new 'Steve Jobs' schools will use Apple iPads instead of books and blackboards
49 iOS 7 beta usage shows interest in Apple pre-release software on the rise
50 Google's Motorola ad: 'Designed by You. Assembled in the USA.'
51 Apple hires former Yves Saint Laurent CEO for 'special projects'
52 Apple close to deal with Time Warner Cable for TV programs, sources say
53 Skyhook: Google co-founder Sergey Brin sabotaged our relationship with Apple
54 UBS: Low-cost iPhones tricky, iOS 7 to restore innovation aura for Apple
55 French regulators raid Apple offices over claims of starving resellers of new products
56 Apple releases Security Update 2013-003 for Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion
57 Apple's iOS winning more mobile ad share as Android ad share 'continues to shrink'
58 Apple granted 29 patents covering Multi-Touch, 3D gaming, an iPhone cooling system and more
59 Blindfold Jony: Apple's low-cost iPhone needs to look hideous
60 Behind the 'Apple ads flop' story
61 How an Apple iPad and a generous stranger changed a boy's life
62 Apple grabs a high-fashion exec, but its next big moves are very mainstream
63 Beleaguered BlackBerry fades in fight to be number 3 in mobile phones
64 Hands on: Apple's Pages for iCloud beta
65 Samsung Electronics buys Boxee
66 Douglas C. Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse, dead at 88
67 More pictures of purported 'iPhone Lite' shell surface with new blue color
68 Why Apple just made a huge mistake by signing with TSMC
69 Florian Muller: It's time for Google to stop its trollish enforcement of a bogus patent against Apple in Germany
70 Tim Cook heralds sweeping changes to Apple retail leadership; expect 'an army of new products this fall,' say sources
71 So, why did Apple hire a Paris fashion executive?
72 It's not the iWatch, former Saint Laurent Paris CEO Deneve may have other designs on Apple
73 Samsung Electronics' second quarter misses forecast as worries over its smartphone sales deepen
74 'Master key' to Android phones found; can give attackers access to almost any Android phone
75 Apple has its eyes on automakers with 'iOS in the Car'
76 Irish parliament's finance committee votes not to grill Apple over tax affairs
77 Japan's DoCoMo paying heavily for not carrying Apple iPhone
78 Apple patent application reveals Apple's Waze-like navigation system that creates routes based on user ratings, real-time accident reporting
79 Why Apple's new 'Designed in California' ads are strategic for the USA
80 Apple's 2013 MacBook Air: Core i5-4250U vs. Core i7-4650U
81 Computerworld first look: Apple's iWork for iCloud beta is super-speedy
82 Cook's plan: Grab iPhone sales share from resellers
83 Should you buy a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?
84 Woz: Apple seeking 'next big direction'
85 Is Apple's magic wand 'the simplest interface' that Steve Jobs envisioned for iTV?
86 Apple may face obstacles with 'iWatch' trademark in US, UK, China
87 Apple really doesn't need a shopkeeper to lead its retail chain, it needs an evangelist
88 Apple's new Numbers for iCloud excels; it's beautiful, elegant and simple to use
89 Apple can't innovate anymore, my a$$
90 Apple's latest move worries Windows PC assemblers
91 Samsung's 'free' Jay Z album delivered via Android spyware app
92 Apple patent details flexible battery shape for future devices
93 FCC approves SoftBank's investment in Sprint and Sprint's acquisition of Clearwire
94 Beleaguered Dell shares crumble
95 Apple files for more iOS 7 icon trademarks and wins design patent in China
96 Loch Ness monster: Geology tries, but doesn't explain mystery
97 Pluto's craters could get Star Trek names
98 How hawkmoths jam the sonar signals from bats
99 Da Vinci-code, bird-style: Cockatoos can solve complex puzzles
100 Study of mitochondrial DNA ties ancient remains to living descendants
101 A route for steeper, cheaper, and deeper roots
102 New insights concerning the early bombardment history on Mercury
103 Molecular chains hypersensitive to magnetic fields
104 Laser system allows determination of atomic binding energy of the rarest element on earth
105 University of Akron researchers explore biomedical uses for hydrogels
106 Seeing starfish: The missing link in eye evolution?
107 Archaeologists unearth carved head of Roman god in ancient rubbish dump
108 Jumping snails leap over global warming
109 The balancing act of producing more food sustainably
110 Study reveals ancient jigsaw puzzle of past supercontinent
111 Hubble Telescope reveals variation between hot extrasolar planet atmospheres
112 New knowledge about early galaxies
113 Toronto team ID proteins key in stem cell production
114 Australian physicists cast new light on spin-bowling
115 Spider webs more effective at ensnaring charged insects
116 Cosmic radio bursts point to cataclysmic origins
117 Designer droplets with 'pupils' open a world of possibilities
118 To feed the future, we must mine the wealth of the world's seed banks today
119 Treating oil spills with chemical dispersants: Is the cure worse than the ailment?
120 Jump for your life! Bipedal rodents survive in the desert with a hop, a skip and a jump
121 In subglacial lake, surprising life goes on
122 Explosion in Number of Potentially Habitable Worlds
123 5 Natural Air-Conditioning Designs Inspired by Nature
124 How Should We Respond When Humans and Sharks Collide?
125 The Physics Behind waterslides
126 The Egyptian Military's Huge Historical Role
127 Despite Heat, Earth Is Farthest From Sun on Friday
128 China's Last Gunslingers
129 Solar Impulse's U.S. Mission Ends This Weekend
130 Farming Sea Cucumbers in Madagascar...for Economic Hope and Conservation
131 Tar Sands Tour: Boomtown, Scarecrows, and Spin; "We Have Met the Enemy, and He is Us"
132 Mysterious Pair Buried With Flowers--Oldest Example Yet
133 Too Much Wind Energy? Save it Underground in Volcanic Rock Reservoirs
134 Pluto's Newly Discovered Moons Get Official Names
135 Russian Meteor Shockwave Circled Globe Twice
136 New Firefighting Technologies: Drones, Super Shelters
137 Cold War Radioactivity Can Date Illegal Elephant Ivory
138 Lonesome George to Be Stuffed, Displayed at NYC Museum
139 Sabertooths Had Weak Bites, Used Neck Muscles to Kill
140 Frankenstein Bog Mummies Discovered in Scotland