File Title
1 Earth generates its own solar wind
2 Higgs evidence mounts one year on
3 Learning risk from IVF 'extremely small'
4 Climate extremes are 'unprecedented'
5 Maps offer insight into UK bat distribution
6 Blue and beaked whales affected by simulated navy sonar
7 Bone marrow 'frees men of HIV drugs'
8 Herbal stimulant khat to be banned
9 Pluto moons get mythical new names
10 Sabretooth killing power depended on thick neck
11 Future cops: How technology is set to change policing
12 Egypt awaits army statement after deadline passes
13 Snowden case: Bolivia condemns jet 'aggression'
14 US delays introduction of key healthcare provision
15 Texas abortion bill advances after limited testimony
16 Pirate trial reveals brutality on high seas
17 Now You See Me: Magic makes a return to the movies
18 The boy killed for an off-hand remark about Muhammad--Sharia spreads in Syria
19 Belgium's King Albert II 'to abdicate'
20 New York teacher's remains found behind wall 27 years on
21 Mass protests planned over web NSA spying revelations
22 Foreigners face more charges to access NHS
23 SR-71 Blackbird: The Cold War's ultimate spy plane
24 India launches huge cheap food programme ahead of election
25 Can propaganda be great art?
26 Tracey Emin on her life and work at 50
27 The inimitable style of Mick Jagger
28 Ariel Castro ruled competent for 'kidnap den' trial
29 Talking train window adverts tested by Sky Deutschland
30 Authorities 'use analytics tool that recognises sarcasm'
31 Ubisoft warns millions of video gamers of hack attack
32 Teenage tech entrepreneurs honoured
33 How to get away from everyday technology
34 The Bitcoin believers
35 Tech tonic: Reboot your profits with a digital makeover
36 Why you think your phone is vibrating when it is not
37 Yahoo acquires moviemaking app Qwiki
38 RSS apps face teething troubles post-Google Reader
39 Olympus scandal: Former executives sentenced
40 New York City gets .nyc domain name approval
41 The Last of Us sex chat lines patch released
42 Bebo social network sold to founder for $1m
43 Winklevoss twins plan $20m Bitcoin trust fund
44 Zynga appoints Microsoft Xbox chief Don Mattrick to top job
45 Buttercup the Duck gets prosthetic 3D-printed foot
46 Tiny stem-cell livers grown in laboratory
47 British Asians set lower BMI target
48 Good night's sleep 'protects heart'
49 New Knowledge About Early Galaxies
50 Epigenetic Changes to Fat Cells Following Exercise
51 Greenhouse Gas Likely Altering Ocean Foodchain: Atmospheric CO2 Has Big Consequences for Tiny Bacteria
52 Cluster Spacecraft Detects Elusive Space Wind
53 Croc Supersense: Multi-Sensory Organs in Crocodylian Skin Sensitive to Touch, Heat, Cold, Environment
54 Scientists Help Explain Visual System's Remarkable Ability to Recognize Complex Objects
55 Astronomer Uncovers the Hidden Identity of an Exoplanet
56 Cloud Behavior Expands Habitable Zone of Alien Planets
57 Improving Crop Yields in a World of Extreme Weather Events
58 Curious Mix of Precision and Brawn in a Pouched Super-Predator
59 Military Sonar Can Alter Blue Whale Behavior: Human-Made Noises Cause Ocean Giants to Move Away from Feeding Spots
60 New Mechanism for Human Gene Expression Discovered
61 Insecticide Causes Changes in Honeybee Genes, Research Finds
62 New Catalyst Could Cut Cost of Making Hydrogen Fuel
63 Solar Dynamic Loops Reveal a Simultaneous Explosion and Implosion, Plus Evidence for Magnetic Reconnection
64 Names for New Pluto Moons Accepted
65 Teens' Self-Consciousness Linked With Specific Brain, Physiological Responses
66 Protocells May Have Formed in a Salty Soup
67 Hearing Loss from Loud Blasts May Be Treatable
68 Inactivation of Taste Genes Causes Male Sterility
69 New Way Discovered to Block Inflammation
70 Cattle Flatulence Doesn't Stink With Biotechnology: Farmers Could Improve Air Quality by Using Hormones
71 Shape-Shifting Disease Proteins May Explain Neurodegenerative Variation
72 Long-Held Assumption of Gene Expression in Embryonic Stem Cells Challenged
73 Gene That Controls Aggressiveness in Breast Cancer Cells Identified
74 Banned Fountain of Youth Drug May Be Making a Comeback
75 Smart Anticancer 'Nanofiber Mesh'
76 Alternative Energy: A Cooler Way to Clean Hydrogen
77 Computer Programs Improve Fingerprint Grading
78 Thin-Film Diamonds: Applying Diamond Coatings at Lower Temperatures Expands Options for Electronic Devices
79 World Record in Silicon Integrated Nanophotonics: More Energy Efficiency in the Data Communication
80 Graphene Provides Efficient Electronics Cooling
81 Remarkable 32 New Wasp Species from the Distinctive Odontacolus and Cyphacolus Genera
82 Seeing Cilia: Lighting the Dark
83 Bat Maps: The Conservation Crusade
84 Surviving Fasting in the Cold
85 Why Do We Gesticulate?
86 Moms Often Talk to Children About the Results of Cancer Genetic Testing
87 Sulfur from Yeast Helps to Track Animal Protein Pathways
88 Gateway for Metastases
89 New Clue to Cause of Human Narcolepsy
90 Happily Married Means a Healthier Ever After
91 Inflammation Links Social Adversity and Diabetes
92 Listening to Blood Cells: Simple Test Could Use Sound Waves for Diagnosing Blood-Related Diseases
93 Salsalate Lowers Blood Glucose in Type 2 Diabetes, Study Suggests
94 Treating TB: What Needs to Be Done to Improve Treatment Rates
95 Hijacking Stress Response in Cancer
96 Semantics On the Basis of Words' Connectivity
97 Dissecting the Distinctive Walk of Disease
98 Drug Improves Cognitive Function in Mouse Model of Down Syndrome
99 Gene's Key Role in Building the Developing Brain's Scaffolding Discovered
100 People Show More Humorous Creativity When Primed With Thoughts of Death
101 Knowing the End Goal Increases Productivity
102 Comet ISON Brings Holiday Fireworks
103 Neighborhood Residents With Lowest Incomes Most Likely to Care About Their Communities
104 Long Term Night Shifts Linked to Doubling of Breast Cancer Risk
105 New Generation Electronic Games Boosts Kids' Physical Activity at Home
106 Fishing in the Sea of Proteins: Composition of Splicing Complex in Chloroplasts Identified for the First Time
107 Pre-Pregnancy Diabetes Increases Risk of MRSA Among New Mothers
108 The Ribosome: New Target for Antiprion Medicines
109 A Tick's Spit Leads to an Entire Lesson in Blood Clotting
110 Vitamin C Helps Control Gene Activity in Stem Cells
111 Environmental Policy: Tallying the Wins and Losses of Policy
112 Mapping the Benefits of Our Ecosystems
113 Altitude Sickness May Hinder Ethnic Integration in the World's Highest Places
114 Breakthrough in El Nino Forecasting
115 Identifying Climate Impact Hotspots Across Sectors
116 Cancer Is a Result of a Default Cellular 'Safe Mode,' Physicist Proposes
117 How 'Parrot Dinosaur' Switched from Four Feet to Two as It Grew
118 Sao Miguel Scops Owl Was Wiped out After Arrival of Humans in the Azores
119 A Stepping-Stone for Oxygen On Earth
120 Archaeologists Unearth Tuscaloosa's Early History
121 Mars Rover Opportunity Passes Half-Way Point to Next Destination
122 Dark Energy Survey Set to Seek out Supernovae
123 Inseparable Galactic Twins
124 NASA Decommissions Its Galaxy Hunter Spacecraft
125 Intergalactic Magnifying Glasses Could Help Astronomers Map Galaxy Centers
126 Designing a Cleaner Future: Bicyclean Helps Recycle E-Waste in Developing Nations
127 Surprise Superconductor
128 Nuke Test Radiation Can Fight Poachers Who Kill Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos
129 The Quantum Secret to Alcohol Reactions in Space
130 Diamond Catalyst Shows Promise in Breaching Age-Old Barrier
131 Device Physics: Simulating Electronic Smog
132 New Hardware Design Protects Data in the Cloud
133 Psychology Influences Markets
134 Superconductor Created from Solvent
135 Teaching a Computer to Play Concentration Advances Security, Understanding of the Mind