File Title
1 Nuclear fallout helps track illegal ivory
2 Microbes may inherit the Earth
3 New forecast may predict El Nino earlier
4 Antarctic flood produces 'ice crater'
5 Microbes to be 'last survivors' on future Earth
6 Carbon from nuclear tests could help fight poachers
7 Unmanned Russian rocket crashes in Kazakhstan
8 Dead fish fill Mexico reservoir
9 Exotic animals seized at Heathrow and Gatwick airports
10 Microsoft develops 3D touchscreen with tactile feedback
11 Contact lenses bestow telescopic vision
12 Richard III site in Leicester to be excavated again
13 Edward Snowden's asylum options narrow
14 Egypt President Morsi warns of army ultimatum 'confusion'
15 Palestinian teenager killed in West Bank clashes
16 Live streaming of child sex abuse an 'emerging threat'
17 James Buchanan: Worst US president?
18 The post-tennis arm-wrestle handshake
19 Can the Irish help reform US immigration?
20 English rude word enters German language
21 Vatican confirms Catholic priest was killed in Syria
22 Pierce Brosnan's daughter dies of ovarian cancer age 41
23 Putin critic Lebedev convicted but escapes jail
24 Apple stores raided by French competition regulator
25 SR-71 Blackbird: How to fly the world's fastest plane
26 Texas abortion battle resumes amid mass protest
27 Thousands of protesters as Texas lawmakers meet
28 Texas lawmakers reconvene for new abortion fight
29 Texas abortion fight, Round 2: Why a filibuster won't work again
30 Wendy Davis warns 'eyes of America are watching' as Texas renews abortion battle
31 Qatari doctor held and 'beaten' in unknown UAE jail
32 Lung cancer warning: 'Don't ignore persistent cough'
33 Babies to be offered vomiting bug vaccine
34 Hungary's tobacco law: Leaked tape causes outrage
35 Where are the missing 90-year-olds?
36 Russia spy couple jailed in Germany
37 China sex film mistakenly shown on big screen in Jilin
38 Banned porn film slips on to big screen in China after worker error
39 Connected to a public giant TV sceeen, unaware man watches porn
40 Porn Film Accidentally Broadcast To Chinese Commuters On Train Station Screens
41 Diseased Meat That Tested Positive For Bovine TB Sold For Food, Defra Confirms
42 Brief encounter for porn film at China station
43 Yarnell fire hotshot deaths: Investigation begins
44 Ancient sabretooth killer's hunting modelled
45 Some like it hot: The role of heat in sea lampreys' sex lives
46 Bioeconomy as a solution for the declining forest industry of South Australia
47 Survival of the Galapagos sea lion
48 Boat noise stops fish finding home
49 Interplay of Ecology, Infectious Disease, Wildlife and Human Health Featured at Annual Conference
50 Major changes needed for coral reef survival
51 Diamond catalyst shows promise in breaching age-old barrier
52 Genomic atlas of gene switches in plants provides roadmap for crop research
53 El Nino unusually active in the late 20th century
54 Inactivation of taste genes causes male sterility
55 Improving crop yields in a world of extreme weather events
56 Climate change: Diseqilibrium will become the norm in the plant communities of the future
57 Identifying climate impact hotspots across sectors
58 Insecticide causes changes in honeybee genes, research finds
59 Caterpillars attracted to plant SOS
60 Bioengineering fungi for biofuels and chemicals production
61 Cattle flatulence doesn't stink with biotechnology
62 Mapping the benefits of our ecosystems
63 Breakthrough: Sensors monitor cells at work
64 Balancing food security and environmental quality in China
65 Corn yield prediction model uses simple measurements at a specific growth stage
66 Climate tug of war disrupting Australian atmospheric circulation patterns
67 A 700,000 year old horse gets its genome sequenced
68 What Is the Fastest Articulated Motion a Human Can Execute?
69 Curious mix of precision and brawn in a pouched super-predator
70 Researchers call for rethinking efforts to prevent interplanetary contamination
71 Researchers discover global warming may affect microbe survival
72 Power for seaports may be the next job for hydrogen fuel cells
73 Humans play role in Australia's 'angry' hot summer
74 Shields to Maximum, Mr. Scott
75 Declining fortunes of Yellowstone's migratory elk
76 Climate change threatens forest survival on drier, low-elevation sites
77 Nuke test radiation can fight poachers
78 New forensic technique may help track illegal ivory
79 Breakthrough in El Nino forecasting
80 GPM Spreads Its Wings in Solar Array Deployment Test
81 Greenhouse gas likely altering ocean foodchain
82 Nerve Cells Can Work in Different Ways with Same Result, Says MU Researcher
83 Listening to blood cells: Simple test could use sound waves for diagnosing blood-related diseases
84 Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Helps Stroke Patients Gain Prolonged Language Recovery
85 Genomes of cholera bacteria from Haiti confirm epidemic originated from single source
86 Brown fat responsible for from heart disease-related deaths in winter
87 Solving electron transfer
88 Low levels of toxic proteins linked to brain diseases, study suggests
89 A potentially life-saving protein takes shape
90 Genome Institute of Singapore scientists discover molecular communication network in human stem cells
91 Fishing in the sea of proteins
92 The ribosome--a new target for antiprion medicines
93 Gene therapy cures a severe paediatric neurodegenerative disease in animal models
94 UNC researchers discover a gene's key role in building the developing brain's scaffolding
95 Are thoughts of death conducive to humor?
96 Dissecting the Distinctive Walk of Disease
97 Joslin scientists find that salsalate lowers blood glucose in type 2 diabetes
98 Hijacking Stress Response in Cancer
99 Don't judge by the looks: Molecular analysis reveals a new species of white toothed shrew
100 Weekly yoga class yields similar lower back pain relief as 2 classes
101 23andMe And ALSPAC Identify 16 New Genetic Associations For Pollen, Dust-Mite and Cat Allergies
102 Scientists Identify Promising Antiviral Compounds
103 Efficacy of acupressure to relieve migraine nausea presented at International Headache Congress
104 Exaggeration, exaggeration, exaggeration: Parties over-egg claims on education
105 Crabgrass' secret: The despised weed makes herbicide to kill neighboring plants
106 Impact of iPad on radiology residents' daily clinical duties is limited, study suggests
107 New Data Support Community-Wide Approach to Addressing Child Obesity
108 Can home-culture images impair second-language skills?
109 People Prefer 'Carrots' to 'Sticks' When It Comes to Healthcare Incentives
110 Research from Boston University and USC promises breakthrough in internet bandwidth
111 Researchers Track Facial Expressions To Improve Teaching Software
112 Big Givers Get Punished for Being Nonconformists, Baylor Research Shows
113 Rice U. Portraits of American Life Study: Americans more respectful of religious traditions
114 Large-scale quantum chip validated
115 AAO-HNSF clinical practice guideline: Tympanostomy tubes in children
116 Can watching an avatar translate to real-life weight loss?
117 Senior moment? Stereotypes about aging can hurt older adults' memory, but there's an easy fix
118 Psychology influences markets
119 Children with delayed motor skills struggle more socially
120 Climbing the social ladder is strongly influenced by your grandparents' class
121 Poor planning skills found to contribute to income-achievement gap
122 Companies Look at Wrong Things When Using Facebook to Screen Job Applicants
123 Neighborhood Residents with Lowest Incomes Most Likely to Care about their Communities, MU Researcher Finds
124 More Americans want government to stay out of international affairs
125 Potential gene therapy for Sickle cell disease
126 Yale team finds protein essential for cognition--and mental health
127 WSU researchers create superconductor from solvent
128 UCLA discovery sheds light on why Alzheimer's meds rarely help
129 New treatment for schizophrenia discovered in Finland
130 Surprise superconductor
131 UCSB astronomer uncovers the hidden identity of an exoplanet
132 Doctor-patient communication about dietary supplements could use a vitamin boost
133 International Space Station technology to 'hear' potential leaks
134 Exploring dinosaur growth
135 Different neuronal groups govern right-left alternation when walking
136 Altitude sickness may hinder ethnic integration in the world's highest places
137 Forensic Biologist Discovers New Fly Species in Indiana
138 Penn Psychologists Show that Quality Matters More Than Quantity for Word Learning
139 Kids' Reading Success Boosted by Long-Term Individualized Instruction
140 Immunohistochemistry effectively detects ALK rearrangement
141 Continued research needed on treatment for women with lung cancer who are never smokers
142 PET-CT improves care of limited-stage small-cell lung cancer patients
143 One in five students in Grades 7-12 say they have had a traumatic brain injury in their lifetime
144 Researchers use immunocytochemistry to determine ALK status
145 Researchers find 2 new methods to determine ALK status
146 Study shows SBRT for stage I NSCLC safe and effective
147 Study ranks social contacts by job and social group in bid to fight infectious diseases
148 NREL Reports 31.1% Efficiency for III-V Solar Cell
149 New dispatch system could save money for trucking industry, make life easier for drivers
150 Keeping networks under control
151 Complex activity patterns emerge from simple underlying laws
152 Disney Research automates analysis of field hockey team behaviors
153 Growth in cerebral aneurysms increases risk of rupture
154 New study describes imaging findings in H7N9 influenza
155 Mental disorders in 13.5% of Canadian Forces personnel deployed to Afghanistan
156 Drug improves cognitive function in mouse model of Down syndrome, Stanford study says
157 Irreversible tissue loss seen within 40 days of spinal cord injury
158 Teens' self-consciousness linked with specific brain, physiological responses
159 Music to a gambler's ears
160 How cancer spreads: Metastatic tumor a hybrid of cancer cell and white blood cell
161 Vaginal delivery ups risk of pelvic organ prolapse
162 Directed police patrols reduce gun crime
163 Transporting Diluted Bitumen Through Pipelines Does Not Increase Likelihood of Release, New Report Says
164 Calcium and vitamin D help hormones help bones
165 Imagination can change what we hear and see
166 APS issues statement on NIH implementation of recommendations for chimpanzee research
167 Tobacco control policies stop people from smoking and save lives
168 New guidelines pave the road for achieving an AIDS-free generation
169 Tallying the wins and losses of policy
170 Thyroid cancer--rising most rapidly among insured patients
171 New hardware design protects data in the cloud
172 Age affects how married couples handle conflict
173 Teaching a Computer to Play 'Concentration' Advances Security, Understanding of the Human Mind
174 A calculator to estimate the likelihood of antidepressant response
175 Gene mutations caused by a father's lifestyle can be inherited by multiple generations
176 After the shooting, political violence lives on in kids' behavior problems
177 CWRU researchers trace inner-city women's health issues to childhood traumas
178 Getting Kids to Eat Their Veggies: A New Approach to an Age-Old Problem
179 'Modern slavery' in England is a prevalent problem
180 Motivations for gambling, sexual motivation and satisfaction, and impulsive shoppers
181 Astronomers find three 'super-Earths' in nearby star's habitable zone
182 3 planets in habitable zone of nearby star
183 First Transiting Planets in a Star Cluster Discovered
184 Spiral galaxies like Milky Way bigger than thought, says CU-Boulder study
185 Astronomers Detect Three 'Super-Earths' in Nearby Star's Habitable Zone
186 Gas-Giant Exoplanets Cling Close to Their Parent Stars
187 The quantum secret to alcohol reactions in space
188 Cloud behavior expands habitable zone of alien planets
189 Cluster spacecraft detects elusive space wind
190 ACRG and BGI report new evidence for the genetic bases of liver cancer
191 Photos on social media used to measure aesthetic value of Cornish landscape
192 Biomedical research revealing secrets of cell behavior