File Title
1 After crowning Samsung as Apple's heir, analysts now rethinking their math
2 Apple issues rare public comment on its 'commitment to customer privacy'
3 Inside iOS 7: Apple adds Instagram-like filters, square capture to Camera app
4 Photo shows prototype Logitech 'Made for iPhone' gaming controller
5 Purported 'iPhone 5S' logic board has tweaked screw placement, lacks CPU
6 Apple defense to take over in final days of e-book antitrust case
7 Paperback edition of Walter Isaacon's 'Steve Jobs' coming Sept. 10 with new cover
8 Emulator screenshots show what iOS 7 may look like on iPad
9 Images of supposed 'iPhone 5S' display match with 'leaked' logic board
10 iPad crashes Windows 8 launch party as Asus cuts its PC, tablet forecasts by 10%
11 DOJ e-books trial: Apple's Cue explains 'agency' contracts and pricing, denies culpability
12 Apple TV gets iTunes Radio, Conference Room display option in beta update
13 Briefly: Jony Ive's title at Apple shortened to 'SVP of Design'
14 AT&T starts nationwide FaceTime over cellular rollout
15 Inside iOS 7: Calendar app comes with sterilized UI, few feature changes
16 Adobe releases major update to Creative Cloud desktop apps
17 OS X Mavericks' new App Nap, Timer Coalescing features target battery efficiency
18 Case intended for Apple's low-cost iPhone shows thicker, rounded design
19 Microsoft undercuts Apple in education, selling Surface RT for $199
20 Solar charging stations with Apple Lightning & 30-pin connectors come to New York
21 Inside iOS 7: Apple's Weather app gets animated
22 Apple tweaks Siri responses to help prevent suicides
23 Lack of Voice Memos app in iOS 7 beta could leave space for third-party alternatives
24 Rumor: Russian video shows iPad version of iOS 7 beta
25 Google's Nexus 7 tablets dying early, possibly due to cheap memory
26 Facebook for iOS adds privacy options and status icons in update
27 Briefly: Sprint LTE service expands to 22 more areas
28 Steve Jobs discusses his legacy in rare 1994 video interview
29 High resolution images claim to show 'iPhone 5S' and iPhone 5 display assemblies side-by-side
30 Inside iOS 7: iBeacons enhance apps' location awareness via Bluetooth LE
31 Leaked schematics reveal what case makers expect Apple's low-cost iPhone & 'iPhone 5S' will look like
32 Apple TV update adds HBO Go, WatchESPN & more channels
33 Apple patent chief departs amid major ongoing IP lawsuits
34 Apple wins $30 million iPad contract from LA school district
35 Researchers crack default iPhone Personal Hotspot passwords in under a minute
36 Parallels Desktop 8 updated to support Apple's OS X Mavericks
37 New patent lawsuit targets Apple over iPhone 5's call forwarding
38 Apple releases first OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion beta to developers
39 Judge says 'issues have shifted' for DOJ e-book trial against Apple
40 Report: Microsoft almost bought Nokia's hardware division, talks broke down in June
41 IDC gives Apple 9% of Chinese smartphone market, double the prevailing growth rate
42 Twitter heat map shows iPhone use by the affluent, Android by the poor
43 Best Buy recalls 5,100 third-party MacBook batteries for fire risk
44 First benchmarks for redesigned Mac Pro reportedly appear online
45 Analyst recants claim that Apple will add Retina display to iPad mini before 2014
46 Pegatron CEO: Apple's 'low-cost iPhone' will not be cheap
47 Apple's fingerprint sensor encapsulation tech could be headed for future iPhone
48 Inside iOS 7: Safari gains portrait fullscreen, unified search bar, visual tabs
49 Benchmarks may reveal Haswell-powered gains in Apple's next 13" MacBook Pro
50 Apple, Amazon can't settle 'Appstore' issue as August trial looms
51 Users report Wi-Fi connectivity issues with Apple's new 802.11ac MacBook Airs
52 Rumor: Samsung slashes smartphone part orders for first time in company history
53 Sonte's smart 'digital shades' will let iPhone users control natural light levels
54 Facebook adds video sharing to Instagram, similar to Vine, Lightt apps
55 Samsung shows off range of new Android phones, hedges bets with Windows 8 devices
56 Best Buy's free iPhone 5 trade-in offer to return on Friday
57 Apple's iTunes accounts for 75% of global digital music market, worth $6.9B a year
58 Cable providers still leery of Apple TV, some refuse to authenticate 'HBO Go' app
59 Apple now charting App Store iOS fragmentation just like Google's Android
60 Apple and DOJ present closing arguments in e-books antitrust trial
61 Photos claim to show assembled 'iPhone 5S' chassis, possibly early prototype
62 Tokyo court finds Samsung infringed on Apple's 'rubber-banding' patent
63 Apple's Sprite Kit framework targets games on iOS 7, OS X Mavericks & potentially Apple TV
64 Apple's iPhone 5 headed to Virgin Mobile USA next week for $550 off-contract
65 Rare Apple I projected to fetch $500K in Christie's auction
66 New 3D renderings show expected design of Apple's low-cost iPhone
67 FAA rules to change, may allow iPad, e-reader use pre-flight
68 Theatrical trailer for 'Jobs' movie starring Ashton Kutcher debuts
69 Sony teases new smart watch as Apple 'iWatch' speculation lingers
70 Facebook bug exposes personal information of 6M users
71 Cook incentivizes his 1M restricted stock unit payout as top brass net $86.5M in share selloff
72 Apple's iPad mini to finally reach Brazil on June 25
73 Deals: Nine new MacBook Air models in stock at discount, tax-free in mosts states
74 NPD analyst: New non-Retina iPad mini, next-gen iPad due 2H13; no iPad mini with Retina display until 2014
75 U.S.A. v. Apple judge: 'The issues have shifted'
76 Apple's new Apple TV SDK could completely revolutionize home gaming; Sony and Microsoft should be very afraid
77 Over 92% of Maine educators choose Apple MacBooks, iPads over HP laptops
78 Twitter heat map shows iPhone use by the affluent, Android by the poor
79 Apple patent application details fingerprint scanner hidden within bezel of iOS devices, MacBooks and beyond
80 Facebook to unveil Instagram video-sharing service, source says
81 Pegatron CEO: Apple's 'low-cost iPhone' won't be cheap
82 U.S.A. v. Apple: Things are looking up for Apple as e-book trial concludes
83 Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud already cracked and pirated in just one day
84 The U.S. federal prosecution of Apple Inc. is pointless and harmful
85 Real world speed tests: 2013 MacBook Air vs. 2012 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display
86 The slow, inexorable growth of Apple TV
87 Samsung slashes parts orders for plastic Galaxy S4 phone
88 IDC: Apple grew iPhone 4 sales 211% in China as company grabs 9% market share
89 Apple wins Cannes Grand Prix award for iPad mini print campaign
90 Apple, Amazon fail to settle 'Appstore' dispute ahead of August trial
91 Apple e-books trial defense: A guilty verdict would send chills across Internet industry
92 Samsung unveils hybrid tablet that runs both Android and Windows 8 apps
93 Comparing the market share of Android phones to Apple's iPhone is a damned lie
94 DuckDuckGo search engine surges 33% in wake of PRISM scandal
95 Apple says U.S. DOJ's e-book accusations are 'misguided'
96 Apple's iTunes Store holds 75% share of worldwide digital music market
97 Facebook reveals Video for Instagram with filters, image stabilization (with video)
98 Best Buy relaunching iPhone 4/4S trade-in offer for 'free' iPhone 5
99 Apple wins another one: Tokyo court rules Samsung infringed on Apple 'bounce-back' patent
100 Los Angeles schools $30 million iPad deal; LAUSD board voted unanimously for Apple because iPad rated the best
101 Apple's new Sprite Kit framework targets gaming on iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and--shh!--maybe even Apple TV
102 Apple's next-gen 'iPhone 5S' revealed in new photos
103 Watch Apple co-founder Woz on CNN's Piers Morgan Live (with video)
104 Virgin Mobile to launch iPhone 5 next Friday for $549.99 with unlimited plans starting at $30/month
105 40 OS X Terminal tips and tricks you never thought you needed
106 HBO built the Apple TV app entirely in-house for the first time ever
107 Apple-1 computer could fetch $500,000 or more at Christie's auction
108 Why is Apple Inc. on trial? For good behavior, it turns out
109 U.S. FAA to finally relax rules for gadgets in flight
110 Investors hit hard as Apple bonds tank
111 13 surprise features we've discovered in iOS 7 beta
112 'Jobs' theatrical trailer released (with video)
113 U.S.A. v. Apple e-book antitrust case: The closing arguments
114 More nonsense about OS X from the pundits
115 Apple's plan to take over the living room while destroying Microsoft and Sony
116 Apple heats up competition in key emerging market
117 After precipitous stock slide, Apple Board puts 40% of Tim Cook's pay package at risk
118 Facebook: Oops, technical flaw exposed 6 million users' phone numbers and e-mail addresses
119 School district allows handful of students to pick Dell Latitude 10 over Apple iPad as official tablet
120 Apple iPhone helps save injured, hypothermic New Zealand man
121 Band releases original song using Apple iPhone's 'Marimba' ringtone (with music video)
122 Walmart permanently lowers iPhone 4S price by $50, iPhone 5 by $60 starting today