File Title
1 High sodium diet linked to early star death
2 Modified mozzies no longer prefer humans
3 Scientific eyes may drop the ball
4 Archaeopteryx restored in fossil reshuffle
5 Ape tantrums: Chimps and bonobos emotional about choice
6 Cheap coal 'threatens UK pollution targets'
7 Spring will be coldest in 50 years, Met Office says
8 UN mulls ethics of 'killer robots'
9 Niger Delta pollution: Fishermen at risk amidst the oil
10 The Mary Rose: A Tudor ship's secrets revealed
11 India village gets electricity after 65 years
12 April Jones trial: Mark Bridger guilty of murder
13 Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebowale in court
14 EU warns Spain over hospitals' rejection of EU health card
15 Georgia Williams disappearance: Man in murder arrest
16 UK faces European Court over benefits for EU nationals
17 10 reasons why so many people are moving to Texas
18 How the Coronation kick-started the love of television
19 Denmark's 'naked lady' TV show causes furore
20 Languages of love: 10 unusual terms of endearment
21 The secret button at pedestrian crossings
22 Microsoft 'U-turn' sees Start button back on Windows 8
23 Morrisons worker reinstated after Help for Heroes row
24 Engine problems sparked Heathrow emergency
25 British Airways passengers sleep at Venice airport
26 Samsung launches Galaxy S4 Mini ahead of June event
27 Liberty Reserve arrests are causing 'pain' to criminals
28 HTML5 webpage locks 'would stifle innovation'
29 UK's official digital games chart is 'world's first'
30 Snapchat leaked photos page closed over bullying claims
31 Hackers post 'EDL members' contact details' online
32 Sprint-Softbank gets US national security clearance
33 Common painkillers 'pose heart risk'
34 New bid to find HIV vaccine begins in London hospital
35 War on drugs 'driving hepatitis C pandemic'
36 El Salvador court denies seriously ill woman abortion
37 China's Shuanghui to buy US pork producer for $4.7bn
38 Syrian president says army 'has balance of power'
39 Bon Jovi waive concert fee in crisis-hit Spain
40 James Comey to be nominated as next FBI director
41 US GDP growth revised down slightly
42 Women entrepreneurs: Starting out in your forties
43 Nano-engineering boosts efficiency of materials that convert waste heat to electrical energy
44 An electrical switch for magnetism (w/ Video)
45 Stretchable, transparent graphene-metal nanowire electrode
46 Invention allows clear photos in dim light
47 Hybrid carbon nanotube yarn muscle
48 New light-controlled gel makes big strides in soft robotics (w/ Video)
49 CNT wrap-gate transistors could extend transistor performance scaling
50 Organic polymers show sunny potential
51 Taking the fight into the enemy's territory
52 Nanomedicines' impact on patients under the microscope
53 Human scabs serve as inspiration for new bandage to speed healing
54 Metallic-to-semiconducting nanotube conversion greatly improves transistor performance
55 Fast or superfast water transport?
56 Shape-shifting nanoparticles flip from sphere to net in response to tumor signal
57 Diamonds, nanotubes find common ground in graphene
58 Coming round to stable self-assembly
59 Formation of functionalized nanowires by control of self-assembly using multiple modified amyloid peptides
60 Research team finds that the ratio of component atoms vital to performance
61 Researchers extend galvanic replacement reactions to metal oxide nanocrystals
62 Sensor on a chip: New technology holds potential for monitoring ecosystem, human health
63 Nano-needles can force medicine into cells, even when they resist taking it
64 Observation of skyrmions in a ferromagnet with centrosymmetry
65 Gold nanocrystal vibration captured on billion-frames-per-second film (w/ video)
66 Weird science: Crystals melt when they're cooled
67 Scientists develop cheaper, more efficient fuel cells
68 More precision from less predictability: A new quantum trade-off
69 Physics team entangles photons that never coexisted in time
70 Uncertainty revisited: Novel tradeoffs in quantum measurement
71 Researchers test quantum encryption hacking risk
72 Experiment investigates how classical physics may emerge from quantum physics
73 A quantum simulator for magnetic materials
74 Researchers forward quest for quantum computing
75 Hydrogen atoms under the magnifying glass
76 Making quantum encryption practical
77 Lab sets a new record for creating heralded photons
78 Competition in the quantum world
79 Superfluids: Observation of 'second sound' in a quantum gas
80 New principle may help explain why nature is quantum
81 Researchers extend electron spin in diamond for incredibly tiny magnetic detectors
82 The changing phase of quantum materials: Theoretical model could aid search for ideal material for quantum computers
83 New temporal filtering technique improves solid-state single photon sources
84 Study finds semiclassical gravity counterintuitive, but on the horizon of testability
85 In first head-to-head speed test with conventional computing, quantum computer wins
86 Quantum optics with microwaves
87 Cold atoms for quantum technology
88 Engineers using quantum nature of light to boost Internet security
89 Los Alamos reveals it's been running quantum network for two and a half years
90 Creating time crystals with a rotating ion ring
91 16 atomic ions simulate a quantum antiferromagnet
92 Intriguing state of matter previously predicted in graphene-like materials might not exist after all
93 Another amazing ALMA result
94 NASA sees Hurricane Barbara quickly weaken to a depression
95 Ancient Egyptians accessorized with meteorites
96 Gemini captures Comet ISON hurtling toward uncertain destiny with the Sun
97 NASA image: Farmland fires in Angola
98 WISE mission finds lost asteroid family members
99 Forest and soil carbon is important but does not offset fossil fuel emissions
100 Why are dying stars in 47 Tucanae cooling off so slowly?
101 Cassini finds hints of activity at Saturn moon Dione
102 Finding a safe perch: New research on white perch has implications for consumption advisories
103 Deep refuges 'can help save our reefs'
104 Road block: Fixing aquatic ecosystem connectivity doesn't end with dams
105 Expert points to need for baselines in climate change research
106 New ET detection method leads to quest for world's largest telescope
107 Estonia eager to teach world about oil shale
108 Discovery of subfossil wood opens new research avenues
109 Cosmic glitch: Super-dense star is first ever found suddenly slowing its spin
110 Low-sodium diet key to a stellar old age, astronomers find
111 42 million km saved Earth from dry, Venus-like fate, study reports
112 Arctic current flowed under deep freeze of last ice age, study says
113 Company seeking money to build space telescope
114 NASA IRIS: Improving our view of the sun
115 NASA's HS3 mission may target Cape Verde Island hurricanes in 2013
116 US vs. European hurricane model: Which is better?
117 Improving 'crop per drop' could boost global food security and water sustainability
118 Review: BlackBerry Z10's slick design keeps company relevant
119 UN expert urges moratorium on 'killer robots' (Update)
120 Samsung unveils new Galaxy S4 'Mini'
121 Apple chief sees computers on wrists, not in glasses
122 Use of quantum dots with LCD screens in consumer devices edging closer to reality
123 Linkbot learners can build robots on all levels
124 Beer-pouring robot programmed to anticipate human actions (w/ Video)
125 Review: Toshiba brings high-res screen to Windows
126 Vintage Apple computer auctioned off for $668,000
127 Intel's Haswell to extend battery life, set for Taipei launch
128 Medical robot lets doctors beam in to check on patients
129 Review: HP Sleekbook 15 combines size, style
130 Amazon expands Kindle tablet sale to 170 countries (Update)
131 First Look: New Xbox elegant, but much unknown
132 Microsoft touts Xbox One as all-in-one entertainment (Update 4)
133 NFL, Xbox enhancing interactive television viewing
134 Toyota starts traffic data service for businesses
135 Kitchen drawers, nano-capsules scoop invention awards
136 Brainpainting via computer frees expression for the paralyzed
137 Neurotech industry puts its mind to video games
138 Conductive paint lands in pens and pots for creatives
139 Inventor creates Card Beams with 3D printer
140 Researchers build curved insect-sized artificial compound eye (w/ video)
141 Game system castAR debuts at Maker Faire
142 With high-tech guns, users could disable remotely
143 A new kind of chemical 'glue'
144 New single virus detection techniques for faster disease diagnosis
145 Microwaves make for faster, greener pharma manufacturing
146 Innovative solutions for urban mining
147 Flexible polymer opals
148 Re-creating the original colors of treasured ivory carvings from the ancient past
149 Advanced paper could be foundation for inexpensive biomedical and diagnostic devices
150 Chemical engineers discover 'ultraselective' process to make valuable chemical from biomass
151 Science devises ways to recycle crustacean shells
152 Colorfast pigments made from amorphous arrays of silicon dioxide and carbon black
153 Polysilane rings: Selective cyclopolymerization using transition metals
154 Charge your mobile phone with formic acid?
155 Salmonella uses protective switch during infection, research finds
156 Can plastic be made from algae?
157 Neurotransmitter protein structure and operation principle identified
158 Scientists determine activation barrier in ammonia-sulfuric acid clusters that could lead to cloud formation
159 Scientists develop advanced biological computer
160 Research aims to fix long-held, inaccurate insect model
161 Researchers working to develop insecticide to target malaria-carrying mosquitoes
162 Biofilms move electrons long distances across two distinct layers, even under starving conditions
163 Molecular modelling to help create better, safer drugs
164 Explainer: What are chemical weapons?
165 New filtration material could make petroleum refining cheaper, more efficient
166 Cradle turns smartphone into handheld biosensor
167 Chemists find new compounds to curb staph infection
168 Of grains and graphite: Simulating interstellar hydrogen formation
169 Uncertainty revisited: Novel tradeoffs in quantum measurement
170 Metallic-to-semiconducting nanotube conversion greatly improves transistor performance
171 CNT wrap-gate transistors could extend transistor performance scaling
172 Meta-transmitarray offers unprecedented control of light on subwavelength scales
173 Evolutionary origin of the turtle shell
174 Researchers find similarities in the way birds and babies learn to 'talk'
175 Scientists found evidence why female loggerhead sea turtles always return to their place of birth
176 Genome offers clues to amphibian-killing fungus
177 New visualization reveals virus particles have more individuality than thought
178 New artificial bait could reduce number of horseshoe crabs used to catch eel, whelk
179 Grey seal's travels hint at animal's unknown habits
180 Shedding light on moths: Whiter street lighting attracts more moths, but some like it more than others
181 Big feet preference in rural Indonesia defies one-size-fits-all theory of attractiveness
182 EU officials, lawmakers agree fisheries reform
183 UN warns of jellyfish 'vicious circle' in Med
184 Selective breeding and diet changes could produce low methane cows
185 'Ulmus laevis' pallas, an endangered native elm
186 Dairy study in top agriculture journal
187 Team finds gene that helps honey bees find flowers (and get back home)
188 Apes get emotional over games of chance
189 Thermal limit for animal life redefined by first lab study of deep-sea vent worms
190 More at-risk bird species in Brazilian forest than previously thought, study says
191 Scientists find chemical that causes 'kidney' failure in mosquitoes
192 USDA: Unapproved modified wheat in Oregon field (Update)
193 Recovery of Hawaiian green sea turtles still short of historic levels, study suggests
194 Genetic engineering alters mosquitoes' sense of smell
195 Study helps threatened wheat crops in Asia, Africa
196 Pigeons use touch screens to solve challenging problems
197 Study of salamanders in ponds demonstrates 'invisible finger of evolution'
198 Migration patterns reveal much about US population, research finds
199 Parent input ignored in school closings
200 Young people are overwhelmingly the victims of sexual assaults
201 Labor union decline, not computerization, main cause of rising corporate profits
202 Africa can rapidly close the economic gap with the West
203 Ethnic diversity is good for your health, reveal researchers
204 20 million year-old dwarf koala named after Dick Smith
205 Putting the brakes on distracted driving
206 Bird ancestor reclaims its branch on tree of life
207 Russian scientists make rare find of 'blood' in mammoth
208 Want to move up at work? Be a true believer
209 Twitter may become less interactive and more an advertising broadcast medium like TV or radio
210 Stone artifacts unearthed from the early Paleolithic site of Danjiangkou reservoir area, China
211 Study finds implementing new ways of charitable giving could see donations triple
212 Statistical model predicts number of goals for each footballer
213 400-year-old Rubens sketch discovered at Uni
214 Crowd wisdom economics: The bad news
215 Immigration status affects educational achievement
216 Pupil well-being falls foul of testing 'obsession'
217 Samoan dictionary: A much needed update
218 Einstein's 'spooky action' common in large quantum systems, mathematicians find
219 When perks don't work: Unearned upgrades embarrassing for consumers
220 Women deterred from registering as architects
221 Study indicates college students prefer casual dress
222 Researcher finds solution to problem in 19th-century theory of meromorphic functions
223 Research identifies links between genetic variants and educational attainment
224 Brain makes its own version of Valium, researchers find
225 Women may have natural defense against common STD
226 Omega-3 fatty acids may help heal a broken heart
227 Study suggests gut metagenome link to Type 2 diabetes
228 Malaria's severity reset by mosquito
229 Neuroscientists get yes-no answers via brain activity
230 Study shows link between weight gain during infancy and risk factors for heart disease
231 Healthy lifestyle choices mean fewer memory complaints, poll finds
232 Gene sequencing project finds new mutations to blame for a majority of brain tumor subtype
233 Researchers find dying cells essential to muscle development and repair
234 Gene therapy gives mice broad protection to pandemic flu strains, including 1918 flu
235 Artificial sweeteners may do more than sweeten
236 Even short bouts of high intensity training improve fitness in inactive men
237 Early brain responses to words predict developmental outcomes in children with autism
238 From trauma to tau: Researchers tie brain injury to toxic form of protein
239 Are children who take Ritalin for ADHD at greater risk of future drug abuse?
240 Adult stem cells could hold key to curing Type 1 diabetes
241 New possibilities for prostate cancer treatment revealed
242 Neuroscientists discover new phase of synaptic development
243 BPA affects sex-based behavior in mice
244 A little less protein may be the answer in neurodegenerative disorders
245 Hormone levels may provide key to understanding psychological disorders in women
246 Controlling ventricular volume through ciliary beat frequency
247 Family studies suggest rare genetic mutations team up to cause schizophrenia
248 Wit, grit and a supercomputer yield chemical structure of HIV capsid
249 Cholesterol sets off chaotic blood vessel growth
250 People can 'beat' guilt detection tests by suppressing incriminating memories
251 'Junk DNA' plays active role in cancer progression, researchers find
252 To stop MERS, longer quarantines may be necessary
253 Researchers find immune cells may play previously unrecognized role in inflammation in HIV/AIDS
254 Study uncovers key to development of peripheral nervous system
255 New approach could lead to blood test to diagnose Alzheimer's in earliest stage
256 Averting the devastating effects of stroke
257 Latinos disproportionately sterilized for decades in California
258 New agent inhibits HCV replication in mouse models--no resistance seen
259 A newly discovered hormone makes ovaries grow
260 New discovery permits rapid diagnosis and treatment of sepsis
261 Immune system to fight brain tumors
262 Fast-food restaurants near schools affect black and Hispanic students more than white and Asian ones
263 Low doses of marijuana component can protect brain against injury