File Title
1 Sex weakens pantry pests' immune system
2 Leaping lizards, no it's a koala
3 Oyster mushrooms may reduce inflammation
4 GM salmon can breed with wild fish and pass on genes
5 Soyuz takes new crew to International Space Station
6 'World's oldest Torah' scroll found in Italy
7 Hand, foot and mouth disease: First vaccine
8 Surgery 'has growing death risk through the week'
9 Ethiopia diverts Blue Nile for controversial dam build
10 Isle of Wight wesserpeton amphibian discovered
11 Europe honours LCD screen pioneer Martin Schadt
12 India's ancient university returns to life
13 How the heart reacts at 200mph
14 Welcome to the new Toronto
15 Stepping back in time in Socotra
16 Sardinia, land and sea
17 Inside the Kremlin walls
18 Pakistan Taliban: Senior leader 'killed in US drone strike'
19 Chinese baby 'fell into sewage pipe accidentally'
20 UK 'ready to hand over Afghan detainees'
21 First gay couple to wed in France amid tight security
22 OECD cuts eurozone growth forecasts
23 Global flight-path maps: Five interpretations
24 Why do England fans sing No Surrender?
25 Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo's Kenya links
26 US embassy staff hurt in Caracas strip club shooting
27 Facebook bows to campaign groups over 'hate speech'
28 Comfort women: South Korea's survivors of Japanese brothels
29 Suspect 'admits soldier knife attack in Paris'
30 Michele Bachmann will not seek re-election to Congress
31 Why everyone must understand science
32 Skylab: Why don't we live in space yet?
33 Richard Feynman on flowers, artists and scientists
34 Why is cancer so common?
35 DNA: the 'smartest' molecule in existence?
36 The Great British Class Survey--Results
37 How do telescopes let us see so far into space?
38 How much sugar is hiding in your food?
39 How do we know the Big Bang happened?
40 Sugar: The family that gave it up
41 Stratfor hacker faces jail after admitting cyber-attack
42 US prosecutes '$6bn money-laundering hub'
43 Cuba 'to offer' limited public internet access
44 Avatars ease voices for schizophrenia patients
45 Mega genomes of spruce species decoded
46 The Norway spruce genome sequenced
47 Researchers identify new target to boost plant resistance to insects and pathogens
48 The world's favorite fruit only better-tasting and longer-lasting
49 Scientists announce top 10 new species
50 Scientists offer first definitive proof of bacteria-feeding behavior in green algae
51 Reforestation study shows trade-offs between water, carbon and timber
52 A majority on Earth face severe self-inflicted water woes within 2 generations: Scientists
53 New research shows that potatoes provide one of the best nutritional values per penny
54 KISS ME DEADLY proteins may help improve crop yields
55 Even farm animal diversity is declining as accelerating species loss threatens humanity
56 Salmonella uses protective switch during infection
57 The Antarctic polar icecap is 33.6 million years old
58 Scientists explain mechanism behind phototropism
59 Scientists pave the way for vaccine to combat devastating avian disease
60 Microplastic pollution prevalent in lakes too
61 Dealing with 'crap' to improve water quality
62 Decoding the Genome of the Camel
63 Colorado's new alga may be a source of biofuel production
64 Study explores 100 year increase in forestry diseases
65 Fast-sinking jellyfish could boost the oceans' uptake of carbon dioxide
66 Saturated fats do not yield better bacon
67 Scientists Find Possible Solution to an Ancient Enigma
68 14 closely related crocodiles existed around 5 million years ago
69 Comprehensive analysis of impact spherules supports theory of cosmic impact 12,800 years ago
70 New archaeological 'high definition' sourcing sharpens understanding of the past
71 King Richard III found in 'untidy lozenge-shaped grave'
72 Monkey teeth help reveal Neanderthal weaning
73 The ascent of man: Why our early ancestors took to 2 feet
74 Understanding the past and predicting the future by looking across space and time
75 Re-creating the original colors of treasured ivory carvings from the ancient past
76 The tropical upper atmosphere 'fingerprint' of global warming
77 Volcanoes Cause Climate Gas Concentrations to Vary
78 Drought makes Borneo's trees flower at the same time
79 More emphasis needed on recycling and reuse of Li-ion batteries
80 Footwear's (carbon) footprint
81 UAF researchers contribute to global glacier study
82 Cradle turns smartphone into handheld biosensor
83 Climate researchers discover new rhythm for El Nio
84 Scientists narrow global warming range
85 Study explores atmospheric impact of declining Arctic sea ice
86 Livermore scientists develop CO2 sequestration technique that produces 'supergreen' hydrogen fuel, offsets ocean acidification
87 Penn-led Research Maps Historic Sea-level Change on the New Jersey Coastline
88 Arctic current flowed under deep freeze of last ice age, study says
89 Malaria protection in chimpanzees
90 Researchers identify novel class of drugs for prostate cancers
91 Researchers provide rationale for use of targeted immunotherapy in sarcomatoid lung carcinomas
92 New ruthenium complexes target cancer cells without typical side effects
93 Preventing 'traffic jams' in brain cells
94 Small molecule could have big impact on cancer
95 OHSU scientists advance understanding of brain receptor; may help fight neurological disorders
96 Team describes molecular detail of HIV's inner coat, pointing the way to new therapies
97 Thyroid conditions raise risk of pregnancy complications
98 A little less protein may be the answer in neurodegenerative disorders
99 New chemical approach to treat Alzheimer's
100 Nanomedicines' impact on patients under the microscope
101 Nordic diet lowers cholesterol, study finds
102 Human scabs serve as inspiration for new bandage to speed healing
103 Genetic engineering alters mosquitoes' sense of smell
104 People can 'beat' guilt detection tests by suppressing incriminating memories
105 Pigeons peck for computerized treat
106 Recovery of Hawaiian green sea turtles still short of historic levels, Stanford-led study suggests
107 Multiple research teams unable to confirm high-profile Alzheimer's study
108 Economic incentives increase blood donation without negative consequences
109 Anxious Men Fare Worse During Job Interviews, Study Finds
110 Schools Should Provide Opportunities for 60 Minutes of Daily Physical Activity to All Students
111 Schools should provide students with daily physical activity, IOM recommends
112 UC Irvine study may point to new treatments for liver diseases
113 Understanding job committment may lead to better correctional employees
114 The long road to the 2000-watt society
115 Preterm birth affects ability to solve complex cognitive tasks
116 Reproductive Health Matters announces publication of its latest themed issue
117 When perks don't work: Unearned upgrades embarrassing for consumers
118 White Mountains hikers often underprepared
119 For pundits, it's better to be confident than correct
120 Diamonds, nanotubes find common ground in graphene
121 Women donate less to charity than men in some contexts
122 Immigration status affects educational achievement
123 Want to move up at work? Be a true believer
124 Twitter May Become Less Interactive and More an Advertising Broadcast Medium Like TV or Radio, Says Pitt Business Professor
125 Researchers help threatened wheat crops in Asia
126 Einstein's 'spooky action' common in large quantum systems
127 Just how secure is quantum cryptography?
128 Shape-shifting nanoparticles flip from sphere to net in response to tumor signal
129 Wit, grit and a supercomputer yield chemical structure of HIV capsid
130 Low sodium diet key to old age for stars
131 A new kind of cosmic glitch
132 Low-sodium 'diet' key to a stellar old age
133 Super-dense star is first ever found suddenly slowing its spin
134 Flexible opals
135 NRL Geochemistry Survey at Chatham Rise Reveals Absence of Modern Day Greenhouse Gas Emissions
136 Coupled particles cross energy wall
137 Charred micro-bunny sculpture shows promise of new material for 3-D shaping
138 Despite safety and other concerns, nuclear power saves lives, greenhouse gas emissions
139 NASA, Researchers Use Weightlessness of Space to Design Better Materials for Earth
140 Evolution in the blink of an eye
141 Bees tell birds to buzz off
142 Improving 'crop per drop' could boost global food security and water sustainability
143 Team finds gene that helps honey bees find flowers (and get back home)
144 Germ-fighting vaccine system makes great strides in delivery
145 Gym class reduces probability of obesity, study finds for first time
146 Aggressive behavior linked specifically to secondhand smoke exposure in childhood
147 Solar and Lithium Ion Car Race Winners Announced
148 Minus environment, patterns still emerge
149 Survey points out deficiencies in addictions training for medical residents
150 Children of married parents less likely to be obese
151 U-M study challenges notion that umpires call more strikes for pitchers of same race
152 Boys will be boys in U.S., but not in Asia
153 Future doctors unaware of their obesity bias
154 Driving and hands-free talking lead to spike in errors: UAlberta study
155 Digital chest tomosynthesis possible lung cancer screening tool
156 Mexican American mothers' immigration status affects children, grandchildren
157 Predicting infectious influenza
158 CosmosID unveils new tool for faster, specific and accurate testing of probiotics products
159 Soft matter offers new ways to study how ordered materials arrange themselves
160 Researchers reveal model of Sun's magnetic field
161 Making chaos visible
162 Researchers Explain Magnetic Field Misbehavior in Solar Flares: The Culprit is Turbulence
163 Detection of the cosmic gamma ray horizon: Measures all the light in the universe since the Big Bang
164 How do cold ions slide?
165 Models from Big Molecules Captured in a Flash
166 Beer-pouring robot programmed to anticipate human actions
167 A statistical model predicts the number of goals for each footballer
168 Cholesterol sets off chaotic blood vessel growth
169 Systematic analysis: High global burden of oral conditions--3.9 billion affected
170 Physicians insufficiently informed of the side effects of drugs.
171 EORTC led intergroup trial investigates Imatinib failure-free survival in patients with GIST
172 New research finds hernia surgery offers value for money
173 Walking or bicycling to work influenced by others
174 A molecular chain reaction in Alzheimer's disease
175 Childhood abuse linked with food addiction in adult women
176 International Study Shows Improved Survival Rates through Longer Treatment for Children with Langerhans Cell Hystiocytosis
177 Study finds that radiation oncology research is critically underfunded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
178 'Junk DNA' plays active role in cancer progression, researchers find
179 Gene therapies for regenerative surgery are getting closer, says review in PRS
180 Study looks at sports-related facial fractures in kids, reports Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
181 Safe for stroke patients to continue blood thinners before minor surgical procedures
182 Father and son to present their respective cancer research at ASCO
183 Carnegie Mellon Neuroscientists Discover New Phase of Synaptic Development
184 Weight of tissue flaps affects complication risk after breast reconstruction
185 New method to sensitize human ovarian cancer cells to a targeted cytotoxic drug
186 Breakup of physician, drug company relationship could improve health care, cut cost
187 Study: Empathy plays a key role in moral judgments
188 Why the Super Bowl's location matters: Local ties still bind corporations in globalized era, says new study on philanthropy. Giving is also affected by natural disasters.
189 Alleviating hunger in the US--researcher says, it's a SNAP
190 Giving blood donors a good reason to give
191 Are There Atheists in Foxholes? Combat Intensity and Religious Behavior
192 Surge in children accidentally eating marijuana-laced foods
193 Putting the brakes on distracted driving
194 Tobacco companies are not public health stakeholders
195 Psychotherapy's benefits for depression
196 Domestic violence and perinatal mental health
197 UC Research Highlights the Increasing Problem of Prescription Drug Abuse Among Youth
198 Picking Up a Second Language Is Predicted by Ability to Learn Patterns
199 Disabled patients who can't afford their meds come to the ER more
200 Meditation, stretching ease PTSD symptoms in nurses
201 Is YouTube an effective research tool?
202 Change, conflict cue memories of life's milestones: Study
203 Researchers shed new light on egg freezing success rates
204 Fragile mega-galaxy is missing link in history of cosmos
205 Astronomers team up with the public to solve decade old puzzle
206 Accurate distance measurement resolves major astronomical mystery
207 ESO's Very Large Telescope celebrates 15 years of success
208 U Alberta teams with citizen researchers 370 light years from Earth
209 Bacterium from Canadian High Arctic and life on Mars
210 A Hidden Population of Exotic Neutron Stars
211 Hubble reveals the Ring Nebula's true shape
212 Astronomers measure the elusive extragalactic background light
213 New safety test predicts reactions to novel drugs and cosmetics
214 The formula for turning cement into metal
215 Intelligent street lights adapt to conditions in Finland
216 Cold climate wind energy showing huge potential
217 The analysis of medical images is improved to facilitate the study of psychotic disorders
218 Stanford scientists develop high-efficiency zinc-air battery
219 Organic polymers show sunny potential