File Title
1 Mice, gerbils perish in Russia space flight
2 Vitamin C kills tuberculosis in accidental discovery
3 Errors acknowledged in "rushed" stem cell paper
4 Charles Darwin wrong about coral reef formation?
5 Blue crabs in Maine? Something fishy about global warming.
6 Why do planets farthest from sun have highest winds? Team closes in on answer
7 Crazy ants vs. Fire ants: Who's winning? (+video)
8 Moon hit by boulder-size meteoroid, causing 'explosion' visible from Earth (+video)
9 Kepler epitaph? Eight most intriguing finds of troubled telescope.
10 Moon explosion as humongous rock strikes lunar surface
11 Gerbil, mouse astronauts perish on Russian spaceflight
12 Tornado season off to a late but deadly start
13 East Rutherford Sinkhole? How a forklift saved a man.
14 Oklahoma tornado was a monster, but it wasn't a record-breaker (+video)
15 NASA funds 3-D pizza (and chocolate) printer
16 Oklahoma tornado was stronger than Hiroshima bomb: How?
17 Dinosaur chomped like a bird of prey, say scientists
18 How cockroaches are evolving to avoid sweets
19 A vacation to the moon: Worth the splurge?
20 Why did our ancestors start walking upright? Ancient terrain may hold clue.
21 Space station astronauts snap amazing photos of Alaskan volcanic eruption
22 New filtration material could make petroleum refining cheaper, more efficient
23 Monkey teeth help reveal Neanderthal weaning
24 Accurate distance measurement resolves major astronomical mystery
25 Reforestation study shows trade-offs between water, carbon and timber
26 Scientists develop powerful new method for finding therapeutic antibodies
27 Multiple research teams unable to confirm high-profile Alzheimer's study
28 Mosquito behavior may be immune response, not parasite manipulation
29 A quantum simulator for magnetic materials
30 UBC engineer helps pioneer flat spray-on optical lens
31 NIH scientists discover molecule triggers sensation of itch
32 Scientists announce Top 10 New Species
33 Cradle turns smartphone into handheld biosensor
34 Baby's life saved with groundbreaking 3-D printed device that restored his breathing
35 White tiger mystery solved
36 Hubble reveals the Ring Nebula's true shape
37 Novel approach for influenza vaccination shows promise in early animal testing
38 Heart healthy lifestyle may cut kidney disease patients' risk of kidney failure
39 Facial-recognition technology proves its mettle
40 King Richard III found in 'untidy lozenge-shaped grave'
41 Detection of the cosmic gamma ray horizon: Measures all the light in the universe since the Big Bang
42 Understanding the past and predicting the future by looking across space and time
43 Bittersweet: Bait-averse cockroaches shudder at sugar
44 California stem-cell agency discloses grant-review conflict
45 Voyager: Outward bound
46 Multimillion-dollar biotech project buys out former pharma site in Geneva
47 The big fat truth
48 Financial blow for Alaskan volcano monitoring
49 'Universal' flu vaccine effective in animals
50 Infant tooth reveals Neanderthal breastfeeding habits
51 Refurbished Alvin submersible returns to sea
52 Stem-cell cloner acknowledges errors in groundbreaking paper
53 Patients leave a microbial mark on hospitals
54 Studies cast doubt on cancer drug as Alzheimer's treatment
55 Scientists discover molecular trigger for itch
56 Chinese academy gets second chance to elect eminent biologist
57 New avian flu readily transmits in key animal model
58 Strapped Texas cancer centre built pricey office suite for president's wife--UPDATED
59 Quake off eastern Russia may be biggest-ever deep temblor
60 Ultrashort laser pulses squeezed out of graphene
61 Uncertain times
62 Double vision
63 Shades of grey
64 Experimental volcanoes make a blast
65 Lasers, microwave deployed in high-speed trading arms race
66 Big drugmakers think small with nanomedicine deals
67 San Francisco surrenders in fight over cell phone warnings
68 Power of US tornado dwarfs Hiroshima bomb
69 WHO: Scientific red tape mars efforts vs. virus
70 US space chief updates on asteroid lasso mission
71 Cockroaches quickly lose sweet tooth--to survive
72 Protesters march against Monsanto
73 In Early Earth, Iron Helped RNA Catalyze Electron Transfer
74 New Theory on Genesis of Osteoarthritis Comes with Successful Therapy in Mice
75 Plea for a Correct Use of Stem Cells in Therapy
76 Reports from the Central African Republic Indicate Security Has Returned to Dzanga-Sangha National Park
77 Out of This World Space Stethoscope Valuable on Earth, Too
78 Not Just Blowing in the Wind: Compressing Air for Renewable Energy Storage
79 Amazon River Exhales Virtually All Carbon Taken Up by Rain Forest
80 Ant Study Could Help Future Robot Teams Work Underground
81 Protein Study Suggests Drug Side Effects are Inevitable
82 High Fiber Diets May Increase Susceptibility to E. coli Infection
83 Gym Class Reduces Probability of Obesity, Study Finds for First Time
84 WCS Informs Discussion of Responses to a Changing Arctic
85 Soft Matter Offers New Ways to Study How Materials Arrange
86 U-M Water Center Awards $570k in Great Lakes Restoration Grants
87 Army Ground Combat Systems Adopts Sandia Tool for Choosing Future Warfighting Vehicles
88 Binghamton University Putting Smart Energy Principles Into Action
89 New DNA Profiling Technique Beefs Up Cattle Genomics
90 Boise State University Geochemist Aids Development of Geologic Time Scale for Study of Earth's History
91 Study Finds Vitamin C Can Kill Drug-Resistant TB
92 Waiting for a Sign? Researchers Find Potential Brain 'Switch' for New Behavior
93 Nation Equipped to Grow Serious Pond Scum for Fuel
94 Study Provides Better Understanding of Water's Freezing Behavior at Nanoscale
95 Conservationists Release Manual on Protecting Great Apes in Forest Concessions
96 New Center Targets Ocean Contaminants and Human Health
97 Team Sets Upper Limit for Atmospheric Depth on Uranus and Neptune
98 Gates Fellowship Addresses Parasite Infection in the Developing World
99 Fish Oil May Help the Heart Beat Mental Stress
100 Scientists Uncover Molecular Roots Of Cocaine Addiction In The Brain And Reveal A Promising New Anti-Addiction Drug
101 Atlantic Research Expedition Uncovers Vast Methane-Based Ecosystem
102 Researchers Explain Magnetic Field Misbehavior in Solar Flares: The Culprit Is Turbulence
103 Migraine and Depression Together May Be Linked with Brain Size
104 Scientists Announce Top 10 New Species
105 U. Va. Library, Mountain Lake Tap Crowds to Digitize Records of Bugs, Plants and Birds
106 A Hidden Population of Exotic Neutron Stars
107 Stitching Defects Into World's Thinnest Semiconductor
108 Bacterium From Canadian High Arctic Offers Clues to Possible Life on Mars
109 Space@Virginia Tech to Lead New NSF Satellite Study to Improve Communications
110 Thinking 'Big' May Not Be Best Approach to Saving Large-River Fish
111 Slow and Steady, Turtles Gain Ground
112 Powerful New Method iDs Therapeutic Antibodies
113 Bittersweet: Bait-Averse Cockroaches Shudder at Sugar
114 Multiple Research Teams Unable to Confirm High-Profile Alzheimer's Study
115 Accurate Distance Measurement Resolves Major Astronomical Mystery
116 Reforestation Study Shows Trade-Offs Between Water, Carbon and Timbe
117 Fastest Measurements Ever Made of Ion Channel Proteins
118 Technion Scientists Develop Advanced Biological Computer
119 Atomic-Scale Investigations Solve Key Puzzle of LED Efficiency
120 When Oxygen Is Short, EGFR Prevents Maturation of Cancer-Fighting miRNAs
121 Eight New Distinguished Visiting Research Chairs Appointed at Perimeter Institute
122 Research Aims for Insecticide That Targets Malaria Mosquitoes
123 Researcher Evaluates How Playing Surfaces Affect Athletic Performance, Injury Potential
124 Research Effort Deep Underground Could Sort Out Cosmic-Scale Mysteries
125 Understanding the Past and Predicting the Future by Looking Across Space and Time
126 Newly Understood Circuits Add Finesse to Nerve Signals
127 Invasive Asian stink bugs threaten fruit crops in Michigan
128 Rodents' space capsule returns to Russia
129 Glitch raises issue of validity of lie detector tests
130 Hack at Yahoo! Japan may have exposed 22 million log-in names
131 Piece of martian meteor up for auction expected to bring $160,000
132 Program to repopulate Britain with cranes yields first egg
133 Finland's Jolla introduces new smartphone with interchangeable backs
134 Older twin of sun may foretell Earth's future
135 LG to introduce flexible smartphone display at Canada exhibition
136 Blue whales making comeback in New Zealand waters
137 Young scientist wins $50,000 for quick phone-charging invention
138 European Space Agency names first Briton for space station mission
139 British school takes lecture classes to new depths--60 feet down
140 Apple rumored to be testing hardware for smart 'iWatch'
141 Security experts identify hacking group operating out of India
142 Mars rover Curiosity drills second hole to gather samples for analysis
143 Report: Japan, India set to resume nuclear cooperation talks
144 Milwaukee Zoo says death of young orangutan caused by tapeworm
145 Prehistoric crocodiles ruled the roost in South America, study finds
146 Scientists use DNA to finger culprit in historic Irish potato famine
147 New fabric can wick away sweat while staying dry and breathable
148 Extensive gold reserves discovered in northwest China
149 Study: 'Practice makes perfect' no guarantee of achieving skills
150 Study: Penguins made evolutionary 'choice' of swimming over flying
151 Climate change could bring more heatwave deaths to New York City
152 Salamanders' regenerative abilities could bring human therapies
153 Microsoft unveils Xbox One, aims to be center of home entertainment
154 Apple CEO: Offshore units not a 'tax gimmick'
155 NASA releases satellite images of storm that spawned Oklahoma tornado
156 U.S. said well-positioned to grow pond scum as fuel source
157 Images in smartphone software raise rumors of fingerprint security
158 Immigration reform legislation sent to Senate floor
159 Family's walk-out from son's inquest termed 'regrettable'
160 Device like Star Trek 'tricorder' can quickly scan body vital signs
161 Facebook falling out of favor with teens, survey finds
162 Forecast calls for stormy weather on Saturn's moon Titan
163 Report highlights species decline in Britain
164 European center to coordinate hunt for asteroids near Earth
165 Colliding galaxies create 'missing link' mega-galaxy
166 Apple picks Texas for $100 million plant
167 Rare Scottish wildcats said at risk of extinction
168 Russia designs reusable spacecraft good for as many as five missions
169 Most U.S. hospitals and doctors use electronic health records
170 Saudi researchers say drones could warn of desert flash floods
171 Twitter rolls out two-factor authentication for more account security
172 Genetic study focuses on human autoimmune diseases
173 New 'fleet of foot' plant-eating dinosaur fossil found in Canada
174 Moon being pushed away from Earth faster than ever
175 World's largest undersea methane seep harbors variety of life
176 Arctic bacteria found living in Mars-like environment
177 Girl expelled from school for exploding experiment going to space camp
178 Spray-on technology creates revolutionary flat optical lens
179 Telescope anniversary celebrated with release of dramatic cosmic image
180 Genetic study solves puzzle of white tigers
181 Solar-powered plane lands in Texas after record-breaking flight
182 Iceland upgrading volcano eruption warning system
183 Ecuador's only satellite may have been damaged in space collision
184 Soil Atlas of Africa created to help farmers, land managers
185 Archaeologists in Mexico discover thousands of ancient cave paintings
186 Hubble telescope gives new view of iconic cosmic object
187 Roaches quickly evolved to learn to avoid sweet-tasting poison baits
188 Space Station captures dramatic image of erupting Alaska volcano
189 Richard III reportedly dumped in sloppy grave
190 Apple-1 going once, twice, sold for...a lot
191 Group issues health report card for Southern California beaches
192 Professor who once had to work at Subway makes math breakthrough
193 Russian 'Facebook' inadvertently put on Internet blacklist registry
194 Swiss nanotechnology pioneer Heinrich Rohrer dies
195 Scientists wants bats threatened by disease declared endangered
196 Montreal lifts boil-water advisory, says tap water safe to drink
197 Siberian polar bear going to new zoo to find a mate
198 Launch of HTC 'Facebook' phone put on hold in Europe
199 FDA says maker of urine analysis app needs federal approval
200 Yahoo! joins six others in pursuit of Hulu
201 Dutch scientists say food supplement helps with heart disease
202 Original Apple-1 computer goes for record $671,000 at auction
203 Can Xbox One be the 'one box to rule them all?'