File Title
1 Rumor: Production of Apple's 33% lighter fifth-gen iPad to begin in July
2 Yahoo to acquire Tumblr for $1.1B, 'promises not to screw it up'
3 Looking to pull even with Apple, Samsung to pay developers for Galaxy-specific apps
4 Rumor: Apple testing 1.5" OLED displays for wearable 'iWatch'
5 Prime minister visits Apple HQ as Turkey ponders 10.6M-tablet buy for education
6 Apple's retail stores now earn record $58 per visitor
7 Domestic Mac sales flat in April, viewed as slight positive for Apple
8 Apple debuts new iPhone discounts, subsidies to gain ground in India
9 Apple details 'extraordinary amount' of taxes it pays in testimony to US Senate
10 Inside Apple's push for comprehensive corporate tax reform
11 AT&T to bring FaceTime over cellular to all customers by end of year
12 Apple created offshore subsidiaries to avoid paying billions in US taxes, Senate panel says
13 Yahoo announces 1TB Flickr accounts, new UI with high-resolution photos
14 Facebook's Share Dialog for connected iOS apps promises enhanced usability, easy coding
15 Briefly: South Australia's first Apple Store to open Saturday in Adelaide
16 AT&T waives voice, data and text overage fees for Oklahoma tornado victims
17 Ireland says it's not responsible for Apple's low international tax rate
18 Apple's tax strategy portrayed by Senate subcommittee as a unique 'absurdity'
19 Apple still by far the world's most valuable brand name
20 Tim Cook testifies: Apple pays all of the US taxes it owes
21 Possible wireless cards for next-gen Macs show 802.11ac connectivity
22 Microsoft unveils 'Xbox One,' a voice-controlled all-in-one entertainment hub
23 Apple CEO Tim Cook says America's IP environment needs more work
24 Apple publishes execs' opening statements from US Senate testimony
25 Google's Chrome team developing app launcher for Mac
26 Vudu Player for iOS update brings movie and TV show download support
27 Popular game engine Unity drops licensing fees for iOS app developers
28 N/A
29 Sony to consider spinning off its entertainment division
30 Samsung Galaxy S4 & Google Now accused of violating Apple patents for Siri
31 Penguin agrees to $75M settlement in Apple iBooks price fixing lawsuit
32 Apple's iPad dominates online shopping traffic & revenue generation
33 Former Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg joins Apple marketing
34 With spotlight on it & Apple, Ireland calls for worldwide tax crackdown
35 Google to activate voice search in Chrome iOS app
36 Google's new 3D Maps destroy Manhattan in the wake of Apple's Flyover
37 Apple's 'iWatch' to come in late 2014 with focus on biometrics, analyst says
38 Corning touts Gorilla Glass 3's advantages over sapphire in side-by-side tests
39 New Microsoft Windows 8 ad turns Apple's Siri against her maker
40 OtterBox buys rival case maker LifeProof, drops ongoing patent suit
41 Twitter unveils two-factor authentication, updates Mac app with Notification Center support
42 Apple investigating advanced AirPlay system with device-specific UIs
43 Apple invention adjusts audio based on a display's orientation, user positioning
44 Mailbox for iOS gains native iPad compatibility
45 Apple on pace to double lobbying spending on taxes, other issues
46 Apple granted patents on push-to-talk, double-sided touch panel
47 Half of Apple's MacBook Air lineup now sold out at Amazon ahead of WWDC
48 Apple announces WWDC 2013 keynote for Monday, June 10
49 Evernote gains reminders, Telltale's poker comes to iOS & Angry Birds Space goes free
50 Dubai hotel provides guests with iMacs, 24-karat gold iPad
51 Apple's iAd first major mobile ad-network to get Media Ratings Council accreditation
52 Microsoft caught lying about tablet size in comparison to Apple's iPad
53 Apple's fifth-gen iPad rumored to debut after 'iPhone 5S,' feature rear mic
54 Rumor: Apple to vastly expand color options with this year's 'iPhone 5S' & low-cost iPhone
55 Apple: Samsung shirked FRAND obligations, filed suit before making a licensing offer
56 Rumor: Apple outlines new in-house repair policy in note to Brazilian AASPs
57 Apple expands iOS Maps' 3D Flyover coverage of California
58 Google reportedly mulling $1B Waze bid, could spark bidding war with Facebook
59 Apple airs new iPhone ad, continues brilliant 'quiet' TV campaign
60 AT&T to reportedly add Apple's iPhone to GoPhone prepaid lineup
61 Judge says evidence will likely show Apple culpable in e-book price fixing case
62 Steve Jobs's family has been giving money away anonymously for more than 2 decades
63 New service delivers passes for Apple's Passbook via text message
64 Verizon Cloud iPhone backup software launches on Apple's App Store
65 Haswell chips could bring 50% more battery life to Apple's next-gen MacBooks
66 Rains once more cause damage at Apple's Fifth Avenue NY store
67 Best Buy to offer $50 off all iPhone 5 & 4S models starting Sunday
68 South Australia's first Apple Store draws line hours ahead of opening [update: photos and video]
69 iPhone urinalysis app draws scrutiny from FDA
70 Google's Motorola issues second appeal of dismissed ITC case against Apple
71 Google's Motorola issues second appeal of dismissed ITC case against Apple
72 iPad shipments could see first ever year-on-year decline in Q2, analyst says
73 Apple CEO Tim Cook: U.S. court system is too slow to adequately protect tech firms' intellectual property
74 Tim Cook: Apple's 'Made in the U.S.A.' Mac will be built in Texas
75 Apple share buyback--the numbers talk
76 Apple tells court: Samsung's Galaxy S4 infringes on 5 patents
77 Why this whole iOS 'Flat Design' thing is being blown out of proportion
78 Apple CEO Tim Cook charms Capitol Hill
79 AT&T has fastest LTE service, T-Mobile USA off to strong start
80 Apple CEO Cook makes no apology for company's tax strategy
81 Apple Store Online launches Father's Day promotions, subtly updates Web site look
82 Tech industry analyst Michael Gartenberg leaves Gartner to join Apple
83 Apple iPad dominates website traffic tablet share
84 Apple's iAd becomes first major mobile ad network fully accredited by Media Ratings Council
85 Apple CEO Tim Cook pounds another nail into the Keynesian coffin
86 WWDC: iCloud--big changes ahead
87 If Apple paid more tax, we might pay less or something
88 Court rules NSA doesn't have to reveal its semi-secret relationship with Google
89 Google's new 3D Maps destroy Manhattan with melting buildings and buckled streets
90 Analyst: Apple's iWatch may not launch until late 2014, use biometrics and iPod nano tech
91 Apple specifies 5 patents allegedly infringed by Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Now app
92 New York Times columnist Joe Nocera calls Apple CEO Tim Cook a liar
93 Apple patent application reveals new two-way 'AirPlay' interactivity and hints of 'iTV'
94 EU regulatory chief wants country-by-country tax reporting from large corporations
95 Microsoft's cheap shot at Apple's iPad actually spotlights exactly why Windows 8 tablets suck (with video)
96 Did Samsung bamboozle Consumer Reports?
97 First look at Apple Store Rundle Place in Adelaide; first official store in South Australia
98 Microsoft's Windows 8.1 timing is all wrong
99 Meet the man who sold the month-old Mailbox app to Dropbox for $100 million
100 Android's market share is literally a joke; Apple is winning the smartphone wars and winning them handily
101 Apple has operated nearly tax-free in Ireland since 1980
102 Jon Stewart covers U.S. Senate committee's Apple hearing, envisions 'taxcode nano' (with video)
103 Apple supplier Cirrus Logic plummets as pricing pressure grows
104 Penguin to pay $75 million in e-book settlement with US State Attorneys General
105 Xbox One might not be the game changer Microsoft claims
106 Doug Kass goes long with Apple Inc. stock
107 Google, like Facebook, in talks to buy Waze for $1 billion; Apple not part of discussions
108 In pretrial view, judge says leaning toward U.S. DOJ over Apple in e-books case
109 Apple debuts new iPhone 5 TV ad: 'Music Every Day' (with video)
110 Apple steps up lobbying efforts in Washington D.C.
111 Jony Ive's remade iOS 7: 'black, white, and flat all over,' sources say
112 AT&T Mobility adds $0.61 per month administrative fee to all users
113 Asymco's Horace Dediu's questions for Tim Cook
114 Gundlach: 'We own Apple'
115 Don't tax Apple, tax its shareholders
116 Steve Jobs and family have been donating to charity for more than two decades
117 Why Apple's next-gen Macs will go to waste
118 Why Waze is a hot takeover target
119 Tim Cook: Apple's quiet leader
120 Apple unlikely to settle U.S. e-book price-fixing case
121 Taxing Apple just taxes you
122 Digging in on the Church of Market Share
123 Mysterious Minoans Were European, DNA Finds
124 Brain Structure, Not the Frontal Lobe, Responsible for Advanced Human Intelligence, Say Evolutionist Researchers
125 Prehistoric ear bones could lead to evolutionary answers
126 Ancient Mayan pyramid destroyed for road fill
127 Mysterious Mounds: Uncovering Matagalpa Archaeology in Central Nicaragua
128 Neanderthal culture: Old masters
129 Archaeologists begin salvage operation at historic fort site in Wyoming
130 Underwater archeologists helping tell story of Louisbourg siege
131 The Ancient Burmese City of Bagan Struggles for International Recognition
132 Light cast on lifestyle and diet of first New Zealanders
133 Boys Killed Pets to Become Warriors in Early Russia
134 Have archaeologists discovered the mysterious lost city of gold, Ciudad Blanca?
135 Relics from Lord Buddha's period found from excavation
136 Fine for destruction of ancient Mayan pyramid? $5,000
137 Cemetery Reveals Baby-Making Season in Ancient Egypt
138 Isle of Iona may be ancient burial site
139 Remains of Nubian soldier who lived 1,400 years ago found in Egypt
140 New Epoch Dawning, Say Scientists
141 Protests halt excavation on ancient mausoleum
142 Archaeology's Hidden Secrets
143 Coins key to rewriting the history of Australia
144 Did Japanese Fishermen Discover America 5,000 Years Ago?
145 Studies examine clues of transoceanic contact
146 New archaeological 'high definition' sourcing sharpens understanding of the past
147 Prehistoric Dog Lovers Liked Seafood, Jewelry, Spirituality
148 Climate change boosted human development: study
149 Neanderthal Greek Paradise Found
150 Villagers discover ancient ball game statue in Mexico
151 Archaeologists denounce the "disgraceful" plundering of the city, built by emperor Hadrian
152 Comprehensive analysis of impact spherules supports theory of cosmic impact 12,800 years ago
153 Caltrans dig near Novato unearths Miwok artifacts
154 X marks the spot: The find that could rewrite Australian history
155 Who invented clothes? A Palaeolithic archaeologist answers
156 When Did Humans Begin Hurling Spears?
157 Archaeology dig near Helena searches for ancient pollen
158 Archaeologist treats guests to 1,000-year-old recipes
159 Are Human Evolutionists Confusing Cause and Effect?
160 King Richard III Buried in Hasty Grave
161 Rare Finding of Ancient Greek Warrior
162 Ponce De Leon Never Searched for the Fountain of Youth
163 Archaeologists uncover nearly 5,000 cave paintings in Burgos, Mexico
164 Submerged structure stumps Israeli archaeologists
165 Baby Neanderthal Breast-Fed for 7 Months